For the Record Archives for 2021-06

Christian County Court Cases 06/29/21

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Brad Paisley on June 29th:


Brian Callan appeared. Pretrial continued August 26th.


James Evrley appeared. Status on preliminary hearing set for August 26th.


Eric Merritt appeared. Case was called for a hearing on a post trial motion regarding the calculation of sentence. After arguments, the motion was denied. Appointment of counsel was asked for due to short time for appeal.


Richard Micheletta appeared. First appearance with counsel set for August 16th.


Jeremy Reiss appeared. PTR hearing to be held August 20th for possible plea.


Dylan Russell appeared. Pretrial continued August 26th.


Jake Tucker appeared. Pretrial continued for August 20th.


Kevin Wicker appeared. Status hearing set for August 19th.


Steven Wicks appeared. Case continued for August 17th for possible plea. 

Christian County Court Cases 06/28/21

The following court cases were heard in Christian County Court on June  28th.


Shalee Bayne appeared. Amended PTR explained. First appearance with public council set for August 12th. 


Skye Halleman appeared. Preliminary hearing set for July 19th. 


Christopher Herpstreith appeared. Possible plea set for August 19th. 

Christian County Court Cases 06/18/21

The following Court Cases were heard on Friday June 18th.


Dane Austin appeared. Further Pretrial (PT) set for August 16th.


Caleb T. Barrows appeared. Plea is set for July 15th.


James Coghlan appeared. PT continued July 12th.


Dean Ellis appeared. Plea presented and approved. 2.5 years IDO with 1 year parole. Credit for time served. Must pay all fines, fees, and assessments. 


Susan Fisher appeared. Petition to revoke hearing set for July 27th.


James Lunsford appeared. Final Pretrial set for July 27th and jury trial is set for August 2nd.


Quentin McKittrick appeared. First appearance reset for August 16th.


Robert Tobin appeared. Negotiations continue with further PT on July 30th.


Ryan Ward appeared. Pretrial continued July 30th. 

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