For the Record Archives for 2018-11

Christian County Court Cases 11/27/18

16CF157 - Allen, Brandy - Possession of controlled substance. Sentencing hearing scheduled for January 22nd.


18CF209 - Beaty, Michael - Criminal damage to property, and 3 counts of domestic battery. Case continued to December 21st.


18CF275 - Collingwood, Alex - Domestic battery. Final pre-trial scheduled for February 11th. Jury trial scheduled for February 25th.


17CF077 - Felton, Donald - Possession of methamphetamine, methamphetamine delivery and driving 15-20 miles per hour over the limit. Plea continuance scheduled for December 20th. 


17CF106 - Hapner, Holly - Theft control intent, and possession of a controlled substance. Case continued to December 18th. 


17CF105 - Hapner, Nathan - Theft control intent. Case continued to December 18th.


17CF117 - Horn, Debbie - Theft of merchandise, burglary, and obstructing identification. Pre-trial scheduled for December 18th.


18CF072 - Motley, Patrick - Burglary, theft control intent, and burglary without causing damage. Pre-trial scheduled for December 20th.


18CF188 - Pitman, Michael - Possession of methamphetamine, possession of controlled substance, and driving on a suspended license. 


18CF287 - Zepin, Mark - Criminal sexual abuse. Pre-trial scheduled for January 8th.

Christian County Court Cases 11/26/18

18CF121 - Bolfing, Adam - Possession of methamphetamine 15<100 grams. Pre-trial continued to January 4th. 


17CF167 - Brilley, John - Methamphetamine precursor < 15 grams. Pre-trial scheduled for February 4th. 


17CF010 - Burke, Robert - 4 counts of burglary. Pre-trial continued to November 28th. 


18CF040 - Cantrell, Dakota - Possession of a controlled substance. Pre-trial scheduled for December 10th. 


18CF206 - Crompton, Eric - Possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial continued to December 20th.


18CF117 - Dodson, Michael - Criminal damage to government property, domestic battery, reckless driving, and violation of bail bond. Case continued to December 10th. 


15CF201 - Jenkins, Nicole - Possession of methamphetamine < 5 grams. Pre-trial continued to November 28.


18CF232 - Reiss, Jeremy - Theft of merchandise <$300. Case continued for January 7th.

Christian County Court Cases 11/13/18

18CF254 - Alberts, Ethan - Obstruction of justice/destroy evidence. Failed to appear. 


17CF277 - Delahunt, Sandra - Pre-trial continued to November 27th. 


17CF201 - Miles, Brandy - Burglary. Pre-trial continued to November 20th.


17CF194 - Scott, Larry - Murder, aggravated battery, reckless discharge of firearm, criminal damage to government property, and resisting officer. Sentencing hearing scheduled for December 13th.

Christian County Court Cases 11/09/18

17CF292 - Wyatt, Cody - Receive/possession/sell stolen vehicle, and unlicensed. Case continued to November 16th.


17CF289 - Emmerling, Patrick - Theft control intent, possession of controlled substance, and possession of methamphetamine. Case continued to November 26th.


17CF177 - Gibson, Vance - Possession of controlled substance, violate order of protection, operating uninsured motor vehicle. Pre-trial scheduled for November 16th.


18CF121 - Bolfing, Adam - Possession of methamphetamine, and operating uninsured motor vehicle. Case continued to November 20th.


18CF117 - Dodson, Michael - Criminal damage to government property, domestic battery, and violation of bail bond. Case continued to November 20th.


17CF236 - Morrissey, Michael Thomas - Burglary, driving on a suspended license, and theft. Case continued to December 13th.


18CF231 - Rockford, Shaylyn - Domestic battery. Failed to appear. 


13CF198 - Sparling, Lacey - Dealing cannabis. Case continued to November 20th.

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