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Christian County Sheriff's Office Seeking Other Routes Following Safety Tax Not Passing

There was a vote that failed on the most recent ballot for the Safety Tax. This would’ve been a small tax that helped fund improvements to the Christian County Jail. Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp was pushing for this to pass and wants to thank those who did vote for it.



Sheriff Kettelkamp says this is an issue of space. The issues won’t resolve themselves, and there will need to be something done at some point.



The voting down of the Safety Tax is not the end. Sheriff Kettelkamp and the rest of his team are working on finding other routes to make the upgrades needed.



The county board and the sheriff’s office work very closely. However, Sheriff Kettelkamp wants it to be known that he was the one pushing the tax on the ballot, not them.




Sheriff Kettelkamp appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


U Of I Extension Promotes Physical Activity During Move More Month

April is Move More Month and the University of Illinois Extension is shedding light on the importance of exercise. Especially with the weather being more cooperative, it’s easier to be more active now. Lisa Peterson shares the recommended amount of physical activity for peak health.



Getting the heart rate going and being considered moderately active varies from person to person. Since no two people are the same, Peterson suggests something called the talk test to measure if the activity is considered enough.



Finding motivation to be active might be the hardest part for some people. There are a lot of benefits to it, though, and Peterson says some of them can be seen in the short term.



The instant effects aren’t the only thing being physically active has to offer. Peterson shares some of the long term health benefits. 



Peterson appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Lincoln Land Community College Registration Is Open For Summer/Fall 2021

Registration is now open for Lincoln Land Community College and Dee Kruger, Director of Lincoln Land, says that you can register for both summer and fall 2021 classes. While COVID-19 isn’t completely behind us, things are getting back to normal, albeit very slowly.



As far as this summer, there are four class formats that will be offered: fully face-to-face, fully online, remote, and flex—which is a combination of online and remote. Hybrid classes will also be offered this fall. Hybrid provides mostly online with some face-to-face. 


Current students may register for classes via LoggerCentral or by phone. You are encouraged to talk to Kruger before you register though, unless you’ve already done so.



Students may call the Springfield campus at 786-2292, the Taylorville campus at 786-2754, or the Litchfield campus at 786-3401. In-person services are also available by appointment. You can also visit www.llcc.edu and search for Fall Schedule.


When Tired Is Too Tired

Tiredness can affect all aspects of your life whether it’s trying to work, spending time with your family, or doing chores around the house. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in three adults fail to get enough sleep and two out of five Americans report feeling wiped out most of the week. According to the CDC the amount of sleep for adults is seven to nine hours a night.  If you are feeling sluggish and tired and can’t figure out why, there may be something else going on. 


Amy Henderson, a Family Practice Physician’s Assistant with OSF Healthcare says that you should understand the situation you’re in, and if there’s something wrong get yourself checked out. 



Paying a visit to your doctor can make a world of difference as he can schedule an evaluation and order tests to determine what could be the problem. 



Some of the conditions that can affect tiredness include anemia, vitamin deficiency, sleep apnea, and depression. Anemia is a condition that can happen when you don’t have enough health red blood cells to carry oxygen to your body’s tissues. Vitamin D deficiency may be another reason you feel sluggish.  Low blood levels can cause fatigue. Sleep apnea can make normal sleep impossible, and cause severe daytime drowsiness. Depression can cause decreased energy, changes in sleeping patterns, loss of concentration, and feelings of hopelessness.



Working with you Doctor can help you determine the best solution for combating your fatigue. Henderson offers some tips on how to help your daily routine.



For more information, contact your local physician. 


Kathy Garst Sales Team at Real Estate Group Opens Taylorville Office


The Kathy Garst Sales Team at the Real Estate Group in Springfield, have opened a new office on the north side of the Taylorville square, with 2 familiar faces.


Jennifer Franklin and Brian Kiel are the 2 team members who now work out of the new location, which was several months in the making.




Kiel says being born and raised in Taylorville and felt the Taylorville office was a natural for the Garst Team.




The new Taylorville office for the Kathy Garst Sales Team at the Real Estate Group, invite the public to an Open House on Thursday, April 29th from 4:30 til 6:30 in the afternoon.  Franklin looks forward to hosting the event.




The Open House also highlights a change in real estate agency for both Franklin and Kiel.



Franklin and Kiel will have a third person in the Taylorville office starting today.



The Taylorville office of the Kathy Garst Sales Team will represent real estate buyers and sellers in a 50-mile radius.


Ducks Unlimited Relies On Volunteers To Save Local Habitats

In 1937, Ducks Unlimited was an organization put together to save the nesting grounds for waterfowl. Jim King Senior Regional Director with Ducks Unlimited got his start with Ducks Unlimited after he was invited to a committee meeting nearly 30 years ago. 



Ducks Unlimited is a nonprofit organization that does a lot of fundraising and King is very proud of all the volunteers that work hard on the fundraising efforts. it’s something that they are very proud of putting forth 82 cents for every dollar to the conservation mission.



The work of Ducks Unlimited is amazing with more than 15 million acres across the US protected and restored. 



Working at the local level volunteers can see the true benefits of working together. 



For more information visit www.ducks.org/illinois. King appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


FOID Cards Still Hot Button Issue

While there have been a ton of hot button debates that have been keeping legislation busy over the last few years, the FOID card is still something that is talked about quite heavily. State Representative Avery Bourne says that there could be even more pressure coming down based off of current events.



Representative Bourne says there has to be a better system that can be put into place.



Bourne says at the end of the day it has to either be fixed or done away with it.



To stay up on everything going on with State Representative Avery Bourne or to get a hold of her, visit www.repbourne.com.


Abraham Lincoln Museum Free Admission Monday

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum will be offering free admission on Monday to celebrate sixteen years of America’s 16th President. There will even be a drawing for a golden ticket that will mean one lucky person will win a gift basket filled with Lincoln goodies, from socks to a coffee mug and trivia game.  It has a retail value of $210.


The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum opened on April 19th, 2005. There have been more than 5 million people to visit the Museum. If you are wanting to go you are still asked to reserve a spot by going online to www.PresidentLincoln.Illinois.gov.  Guests are required to wear face masks, undergo screenings, and maintain social distance.  


Free admission is one day only for adults, but the museum is offering free admission for all Illinois students and college students (to the age of 21) through the end of May. The museum has over 12 million items pertaining to all aspects of Illinois history.  For more information find the Museum on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit www.PresidentLincoln.Illinois.gov. 


Local Supply Company Feeds Fast Food Chains In The Midwest

Fast food chains are a frequent stop for a meal close to home or on the road. Most people who stop there don’t think about anything else but what’s on the menu. The reality is those supplies need to come from somewhere. For a good portion of them around the Midwest, that place is McLane Foodservice in Taylorville. Lou Johnson is the General Manager there, and he explains what they do.



Johnson says McLane Foodservice covers a region of 16 states from the Taylorville location. So, a quick meal one or two states away can still have some home impact for Central Illinois residents.



Being an entity that supplies for bigger conglomerates didn’t make McLane Foodservice  immune to the economic shakiness caused by the pandemic. They saw a dip in numbers, but lately there has been a huge boom.


Because of the recent demand, Johnson says they are hiring. They will have an on site hiring event on Friday to find their next team players.



Johnson appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Demi's Diner In Nokomis Collapses Causing Road Closure

A partial building collapse has led to a road closure in Nokomis Wednesday morning. At 12:14 AM on Wednesday, the Nokomis Area Fire Protection District, Nokomis Police Department and Nokomis-Will Area Ambulance Service responded to the "Demi's Diner" building with major damage.  The collapse has led to the eastbound lane of Illinois Route 16 to be covered in debris. 


According to Nokomis Fire, there were no injuries to the occupants in the apartment above the diner. Demi's Diner has been a Nokomis landmark for several years and will be closed for the forseeable future. The building is an early 1900s masonry type building that has had a kitchen since the 1960s when it was known as the "Candy Kitchen" 


The department of transportation has closed Illinois Route 16 from State Street to Cedar Street.  Traffic is being re-routed to Central Street until the building integrity can be tested.


Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more on this story as it develops.


IDOC Resuming Visitations

The Illinois Department of Corrections is resuming in-person visitation at its correctional facilities.  This will allow incarcerated people to once again see their families.  Inmates have gone longer than a year between seeing their loved ones. One of the big reasons for the change has been the number of people that are in custody that have been vaccinated by the Illinois Department of Public Health. IDOC Spokesperson Lindsey Hess says that things have gotten to the point where they can reopen in a safe manner.



The Taylorville Illinois Department of Correction facility will first start taking visitors on April 19th. Vandalia Correctional Center will start seeing visitors on April 26th. IDOC is using an online system to schedule visits and limit the number of visitors inside at a time. Everyone who enters will be screened, temperatures checked and provided a mask. Plexiglass barriers have been installed on tables, and all tables are spaced for proper social distancing. Hess says going to the IDOC website is the best way to schedule your visits.



For more information and to visit the IDOC website click here.


Christian County Coal Mining Museum Will Be Opening In New Location

A small gem in Christian County is getting a new home. The Christian County Coal Mine Museum is moving to a permanent location with more space. An anonymous donor allowed them to get a 7,000 square foot building, and Executive Director Chuck Martin is looking forward to what this new location can do for the museum.



The remodel is moving along, and Martin says there will be a lot of features that celebrate and preserve the history of coal mines in Christian County.



Not all of the history is pretty. Martin explains there was something called Mine Wars, which they will have plenty of information on as well.



Mining was a dangerous job and there were disasters that occurred. That topic will be covered. Martin is very excited about a simulated underground coal mine that he is building.




Martin appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


CEFS Helping Those In Need

With the stress on Illinoisans from the COVID-19 pandemic, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBIL) is awarding a CEFS Economic Opportunity Corporation a $20,000 grant as part of the latest round of giving aimed at helping the helpers.  BCBSIL selected 175 organizations across Illinois whose main focus is on care, hunger, shelter, and behavioral health care. Blue Cross and Blue Shield recognize that the need for help is great, and the pandemic affected everyone. 


CEFS Economic Opportunity Corporation is a Community Action Agency helping economically and socially disadvantaged persons in the seven rural Illinois counties of Clay, Effingham, Fayette, Shelby, Moultrie, Montgomery, and Christian. The mission is to provide opportunities for people in communities through education and support to achieve and maintain stability. 


Johnson And Johnson Vaccine On Hold

Due to some issues with a rare and severe blood clot, the CDC along with the US Food and Drug Administration is pausing the distribution of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. There have been six reported US cases of a rare and severe type blood clot on individuals that have been receiving the vaccine.


Memorial Health System has immediately suspended Johnson and Johnson vaccines. The vaccine clinic scheduled for Friday, April 16th at Taylorville Memorial Hospital has been canceled. IDPH has notified all Illinois COVID-19 providers to stop the use of the J&J vaccine at this time and to continue to distribute the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.


In Illinois, Moderna and Pfizer make up the majority of vaccines with 483,720 doses for this week with only 5,800 expected to be J&J. If you have received the J&J vaccine, and you develop a severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain, or shortness of breath within three weeks of receiving the vaccine, contact your health care provider. 


IDPH will continue to monitor the situation and updates will be provided as they become available. 


Taylorville Kiwanis Hears From Local Connection to International Student Exchange Program at Weekly Meeting

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club heard about a local connection to an International Student Exchange Program, during their weekly meeting Tuesday at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.  


Kristy Waters of Taylorville, a former exchange student herself, spoke about her family’s involvement with the International Student Exchange Program, a non-profit organization that places 15 to 18-year-olds in some 30 countries across the world.  The organization strives for better understanding among countries and cultures.


Waters said although COVID last year reduced the number of students that traveled to foreign countries to stay, the program is rebounding.  


Her first experience in the process in 2017 started with a phone call from the area coordinator.



Herself, her husband and 3 boys have hosted a male student from Germany in the 2017-18 and 2019-20 school years, and are in the process of hosting a female student.


The club reminds the public of its April 24th Pancake and Sausage Breakfast at the Taylorville Moose Lodge from 6:30 til eleven in the morning.  Tickets are 7-dollars for adults and 4-dollars for children 12 and under.  Proceeds benefit local Kiwanis projects for children and youth.


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.


Printed Guide From Shelby County Office Of Tourism Is Available

There is always a lot going on in Shelbyville. Freddie Fry, Executive Director of the Shelby County Office of Tourism, has been in the midst of a lot of projects trying to get everything ready to share with the public. Those projects have finished up, and there’s an easy way to figure out everything going on in the area.


Everything in the program is locally sourced, even down to the pictures. Fry says they hold contests to get great local pictures to use.


Fry explains they’ve started to put it all together in house in order to maintain the most control possible and make sure the correct things are highlighted.


Fry appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from our studios in Downtown Shelbyville.


Christian County Master Gardeners To Hold Plant Sale In May

There will be a plant sale coming up on May 15th. The Christian County Master Gardeners will be hosting a plant sale in the University of Illinois Extension Office parking lot next month that will feature many different types of plants. Gwen Podeschi and Sharon Hill with the Master Gardeners are very excited, saying they were really waiting for the final details to come to light. And now, they have.



Plants are not the only thing that will be available. Podeschi and Hill say they are hoping to have the Plant Sale Plus, which would include tools needed for gardening.



This sale was not able to happen last year. Podeschi and Hill hope that means they have more to offer this year, especially for anyone who might’ve picked up gardening over the pandemic.



These plants being sold are coming right from the gardens of the Christian County Master Gardeners gardens, so it’s all local. Which Podeschi and Hill say is half the fun.



Podeschi and Hill appeared as guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Republicans Urge Bipartisan Redistricting

Redistricting is something that is heavily talked about and with the census, redistricting will be done soon. State Representative Avery Bourne and other Republicans including US Representative Rodney Davis held a press conference urging Governor JB Pritzker to have a nonpolitical group do the redistricting.


Representative Bourne wants an independent group to set the redistricting. State Representative Tim Butler says that this is something the citizens of Illinois want.



Over 500,000 Illinoisans asked for the question to be put on the ballot, but it never happened. US Representative Rodney Davis says that his district that he’s in was put together to elect a Democrat and Representative Davis had to work hard to overcome it.



Representative Bourne says that another good example of this is the Village of Stonington which has the line split down the middle.



To see the full press conference, visit this story at www.taylorvilledailynews.com. 


Taylorville School Board Meets; Recognizes Outgoing Board Members

The Taylorville School Board met on Monday evening to discuss old and new business and to review agendas and more at their monthly meeting at the Taylorville School District High School Cafeteria.  Superintendent Dr. Chris Dougherty says that the board will have a special reorganizational meeting on April 28th.



During consideration of personnel, Dr. Dougherty announced that Eric Bruder, Principal of Taylorville Elementary would be moving to Taylorville Junior High, and Jessica Miller, principal of Taylorville Junior High would be moving to District Tech Administrator. However, on a motion from the board,  the decision for those two moving would be tabled until the new board is sat in April when a decision could be made then.The motion was not seconded so the motion died. The personnel sheet was approved as presented with the changes in leadership approved. Dr. Dougherty gave a COVID update and says despite some minor setbacks things have gone well. Homecoming will be this Saturday along with the Football game against Charleston.



The board also discussed the consolidated district plan and went over school improvement plans. The School Board along with Dr. Dougherty recognized the outgoing board and especially Mr. Rick Bryan, Dr. George Freese, and Mr. Stephen Turner.



Dr. Dougherty also says that she was happy to see so many people running for School Board and discussed the voting as a district rather than the township. 



The next school board meeting is set for April 28th where the new Board of Education will be sat. 


State's Attorney Addresses Recent Charges From Fatal Crash

In light of many questions, rumors, and anger over the recent car accident in Taylorville Township on Thursday evening that killed two people and put one 19-year-old in the hospital, Christian County State’s Attorney Mike Havera went on record to explain the charges against Robert M. Hodson, and why the charges were filed the way that they were. Havera says that the aggravated DUI is tougher than what a vehicular homicide or manslaughter would be.



Havera says they haven’t treated this case any different than any other case.



Havera also informed Regional Radio News that yes, Hodson has posted his $200,000 bond. He had to pay $20,000 to be released. Havera says it’s everyone’s right to be able to post bond, but there are still conditions applied to it, and the bond was set higher due to the severity of the crime.



Hodson is facing multiple charges in the accident that occurred late Thursday evening on Illinois Route 48. Hodson is scheduled to appear in court on May 10th.


It's Been A Weird, But Successful Year For The Shelbyville School District

Perhaps the weirdest school year ever will be coming to a close very soon. From uncertainty in sports, to the potential for remote learning, anyone who said they anticipated what was to come is lying. With the end of the year in sight, Superintendent of Shelbyville Schools, Shane Schurict, can only say positive things for what happened in his district this school year.


According to Schurict, there were a number of changes and adjustments necessary in order to reach their goals for the school year.


Implementing those changes doesn’t come without a few warts. Schurict explains one of those is that the final school day for students will be later than it usually is.


School days may have been shorter for students, but teachers had a lot to do. Schurict explains that teachers had to prepare for much more than they probably anticipated.


Schurict appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from our studios in Downtown Shelbyville.


Taylorville School Board To Meet Tonight

The Taylorville School Board will meet on Monday night at 6 PM for their monthly board meeting to go over agendas, old business, and new business. Under old business, the board will give an update on COVID-19 along with a technology update. The board will also discuss a recommendation to approve HVAC work/performance contracting quotes for Memorial, Taylorville Junior High School, and Taylorville Senior High Schools. 


Under new business, the board will discuss a consideration of school improvement plans, while also talk about the consolidated district plan. The board will review the CTI Technology contract and go over summer school credit recovery information. Also under new business, the board will review approval of Go Solutions Renewal Agreement and the custodial supplies for 2021-2022. 


The board will recognize retiring board of education members Stephen Turner and Dr. George Freese along with a superintendent report from Dr. Chris Dougherty. The meeting will be held at the High School Cafeteria for Social Distancing.


Shelbyville Library Happy With Winter Reading Program

The Shelbyville Library is a busy place, the staff makes sure of it by planning many different events. Monica Cameron, Director of the Shelbyville Library, does quite a bit of that planning. She says they recently finished their Winter Reading Program, which was different this year than in past years.


There were a number of contributing factors, but Cameron is excited that there were more adults to sign up than children. Overall, she’s elated with how the program went.


Getting to teenagers through that program was not an easy task. Cameron explains there is just a lot going on in their life that makes them harder to reach because they simply don’t have the time.

With all the changes that’ve happened to families across the nation, getting some time alone, or simply doing something different, was an exciting idea for some of the adults in the Shelbyville community.

Cameron appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from our studios in Downtown Shelbyville.


People's Bank And Trust Off To Great Start In 2021

People’s Bank and Trust held their annual shareholder's meeting and reviewed performances over what has been a challenging year for the company. President and CEO John Gardner says that overcoming those challenges has made him proud. 



Despite dealing with COVID, People’s Bank and Trust was able to have quite a few accomplishments and Gardner says that despite restrictions, PB&T helped customers navigate through the pandemic.



PB&T also recognized and honored the retirement of four long-term officers in Marty Kerns, Judy Prasun, Ken Hart, and David Sprigg, while also recruiting two talented business bankers in Andrew Olson and Lance Vonderheide. 



Gardner says they hope to continue the path of success in 2021 and that PB&T is off to a great start.



For more information on People’s Bank and Trust visit www.bankpbt.com/ or call 888-728-1954.


Taylorville Estates Has New Executive Director

There is a new executive director at Taylorville Estates. Janet Dobson has been picked to lead the Assisted Living Home. Dobson who has been in Senior Care for a while now is excited for what the future presents for Taylorville Estates. She says that she really enjoys the business side of senior care. 



Dobson says she’s excited to be here and finds the families warm and inviting. She’s also proud of what the staff has done in the short time that she’s been there.


Toni Clark, Nurse Manager at Taylorville Estates says COVID has been difficult, but they have worked hard to navigate through the thick of it.



Clark also says that the residents and the resident's families have done a fantastic job of following protocol.  Visitor guidelines are still relatively tight, and Taylorville Estates wants you to set up an appointment before you come and visit, but so far there haven’t been any issues as families are just happy to be able to see their loved ones. Families can also meet outside.


Dobson says that she has goals for 2021, but she’s happy with how things are going right now at Taylorville Estates. She does want to enhance some activities that are already going on.



Dobson also wants to work with the VA to help veterans access their benefits better and work to make sure they are taken care of. 



For more information on Taylorville Estates call 217-824-2222 or visit www.taylorvilleestates.com. 



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