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Christian County Court Cases 12/28/18

17CF183 - Benedict, Pamela K - Aggravated battery of police officer. Defendant waived arraignment, denied the allegations in petition to revoke. Pre-trial hearing scheduled for 1/14/19.


17CF136 - Demascal, Jesse W - Criminal damage to property, aggravated assault with deadly weapon. Pre-trial hearing continued to 1/3/19.


18CF336 - Gibson, Vance L - Aggravated possession of stolen firearms. Preliminary hearing scheduled for 1/10/19.


16CF196 - Hayes, Gary R Jr. - Retail theft. Defendant admitted to petition to revoke probation. Probation was terminated and he was sentenced to 20 days in jail with credit for 10 days served. All Fines and fees were turned over to collections.


18CF286 & 18CF310 - Kyles, Derrick L - Aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and delivery of methamphetamine. Preliminary hearing continued to 12/31/18.

Christian County Court Cases 12/21/18

18CF302 - Beard, Jeremy J - Possession of methamphetamine. Preliminary hearing scheduled without objection to 1/11/19.


18CF2 - Clutter, Zachary P - Domestic battery. Possible plea set for 1/25/19


18CF31 - Cohan, Shawn E - Methamphetamine trafficking, delivery of methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine. Possible plea set for 2/8/19.


18CF288 - Jeter, Cynthia N - Defendant failed to appear. Warrant was issued and bond was set at $5000 or 10%


17CF100 - Morrissey, Quinton L - Aggravated battery/great bodily harm, murder. Pre- trial was continued to 1/11/19.


18CF303 - Ralston, Michael J - Burglary, residential burglary. Defendant waived preliminary hearing, waived arraignment, plead not guilty and requested trial by jury. Pre trial set for 1/15/19 and jury trial set for 2/25/19

Christian County Court Cases 12/20/18

18CF304 - Akins, Amelia - Residential burglary. Case continued for January 14th.


18CF307 - Bottoms, Wade - Violation of sex offender registration. Case dismissed. 


18CF206 - Crompton, Eric - Possession of methamphetamine, and methamphetamine delivery. Pre-trial scheduled for January 22nd.


17CF077 - Felton, Donald - Methamphetamine delivery, and possession of methamphetamine. Case continued to February 6th. Pre-trial scheduled for March 19th.


15CF201 - Jenkins, Nicole - Possession of methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance, and failure to notify damaged vehicle. 


17CF250 - Shadwell, Darien - Aggravated battery, methamphetamine trafficking, and methamphetamine delivery. Case continued to February 7th. 


16CF133 - Smith, Lorna - Possession of controlled substance, and driving under the influence of drugs. Case continued to January 4th. 


18CF283 - Weaver, Patrick - Aggravated battery. Status hearing scheduled for December 21st. 

Christian County Court Cases 12/17/18

18CF118 - Davis, Daniel - Possession of methamphetamine, and burglary. Pre-trial scheduled for February 4th. Jury trial scheduled for February 25th.


18CF144 - Duncan, Rachel - Driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to return from furlough, and possession of methamphetamine. Pre-trial scheduled for January 15th.


17CF289 - Emmerling, Patrick - Theft control intent, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of a controlled substance. Case continued to January 4th. 


18CF305 - Fortner, Eric - Methamphetamine delivery, and possession of methamphetamine. Enter a plea of not guilty, and speedy trial. Pre-trial scheduled for January 17th. Jury trial scheduled for February 25th.


18CF312 - Harshani, Michael - Possession of methamphetamine, and burglary. Case continued to January 3rd. 


15CF201 - Jenkins, Nicole - Possession of methamphetamine. Case continued to December 20th.


18CF107 - Mahone, Melinda - Burglary, and driving under the influence. Cae continued to January 15th.

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