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Christian County Court Cases 08/27/20

The following court cases were heard in front of Judge Christopher Matoush on August 27th.


James R. Coghlan appeared. Motion filed case continued until October 13th. State to prepare a video writ. 


Larry E. Skinner appeared. Preliminary hearing continued. New Date set for September 14th


Cody C. Hasquin appered. Case continued for October 29th.


Nikki Snow appeared. FAWPD set for September 29th.


Daniel Alumbaugh appeared. Waives preliminary hearing, waives arraignment, pleads not guilty, requests trial by jury. October 27th pretrial continued.

Christian County Court Cases 08/25/20

The following cases were heard in criminal court on Tuesday, August 25th in front of Judge Douglas L. Jarman.


Carolynn D. Campbell appeared. Pretrial continued September 28th. Jury trial set for November 2nd.


Kevin E. Dyke appeared. Pretrial continued for October 29th.


Russell C. Ishmael appeared. Pretrial continued for October 29th.


Michael Durbin appeared. State asks for $10,000 bond. Judge sets bond at $15,000. 10% to apply. Preliminary hearing set for September 14th.


Jacob L. Kirchhoff appeared. A motion hearing is set for September 29th.


Stephanie M. Knezevich appeared. PT continued September 21st.


Lisa M. Lake appeared. Possible plea set for October 2nd.


Cierra S. Little appeared. Pretrial continued October 23rd.


Alyshia M. Rightnowar fails to appear. No notice sent. Pretrial continued for September 15th.


Louis E. Sullivan appeared. Final pretrial set for September 21st.


Troy A. Trimble appeared. Pretrial continued October 16th.


Kaleb A. Vaughn appeared. Final pretrial september 3rd.


Jeremiah A, Webber Fails to appear. Bench warrant for 2500 issued over objection of Attorney.

Christian County Court Cases 08/04/20

The following cases were heard in Christian County Court on Tuesday, August 4th. 


Clarence D. Coghlan appeared remotely. Pretrial continued for September 22nd.


Matthew W Hoover appeared remotely. Bond hearing reset for August 13th.


Angela N. Pope appeared remotely. A bond hearing was held, and the motion was denied. Preliminary hearing set for August 24th.


Jordan A. Young appeared remotely. Pretrial set for September 25th. 

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