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Taylorville Park Board Discusses Pools

The Taylorville Park District met on Monday evening and pools were the big discussion as the Board heard from one of the groups’ presentations at the board meeting. Recreational Director Bailey Hancock, who has been handling a lot of the legwork for looking at pool updates says that it is a lot of work and a very long process.




Once the Board has decided what company they want to use, there are multiple directions the Board could go for revamping the pool.



Originally, the board was supposed to review all of the different pool options, but that was tabled for next month. Work on Christmas in the Park continues and Hancock is still looking for businesses who want to help donate towards their discount card. The next Park Board meeting is set for November 23rd.

Taylorville Memorial Hospital President and CEO Kim Bourne understands that people are sick and tired of hearing about COVID-19, but now is not the time to let your guard down when Christian County is seeing a surge in cases.



TMH is currently in the process of what Bourne calls surge planning. 



Construction is ongoing at TMH, according to Bourne and the building is on track to be complete by summer of 2021.



Bourne went on to remind everyone to please get your flu shot and that you will not get the flu from getting the flu shot.  



Kim Bourne was a guest on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.  

Bourne Co-Sponsoring Voting Bill

After finding out that DuPage County is investigating nine instances of voter fraud by mail that were submitted by people that are deceased, Representative Avery Bourne is fighting back. The State Rep is co-sponsoring a bill that would require county clerks to scrub voter rolls to remove people who are no longer living. The bill, which is HB 2513, will require county clerks to utilize certification of death records to update voter registration records. This would remove people who have passed away. Current law recommends it but it is not required.


The State’s Attorney’s Office in DuPage County announced that his office has been notified of nine separate instances where vote by mail applications were sent in by deceased individuals. Employees of the Clerk’s Office were able to identify the voter fraud and prevent any wrongdoing. 


Bourne says this is a common sense bill.

“It makes sense that when a death certificate is issued, other county records would be updated to reflect that death. HB 2513 makes a simple change to the Illinois Election Code, and says voter records ‘shall’ be updated rather than ‘may’ be updated. It’s common sense legislation that should have been adopted a long time ago.”

Bourne is hoping to see the bill get passed during the veto session in November.

With the 2020 election just one week away, Illinois State Senator Andy Manar says that it’s refreshing to see that voter turnout in Illinois could potentially be higher than it ever has been in the past.



When asked about the Fair Tax, Senator Manar says that he understands that it’s a tough sell for voters. 



Senator Manar says that there are three possibilities that could happen over the next six months. Taxes could be raised on everybody, spending could be drastically cut, or voters could pass the Fair Tax.



Senator Manar has a few different priorities in the upcoming veto session, including the budget and ethics reform.



Illinois State Senator Andy Manar was a guest on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.

Moultrie County Reporting 6th COVID-19 Death

Moultrie County is reporting a 6th COVID-19 death. The Moultrie County Health Department has confirmed that a Moultrie County female resident in her 50’s has passed away. Angela Hogan, who is the administrator for the MCHD, extends the department’s condolences and asks for privacy during this difficult time. 


To date, 411 Moultrie County residents have tested positive for COVID-19 including 6 deaths. Moultrie County is considered under a “warning level” due to the positivity rate sitting at 12.2%. The state would like to see the county at 8% or below.


The Moultrie County Health Department encourages you to watch physical distance, wear a mask when in public places, wash hands routinely, and above all else, stay home if ill. For more information visit www.moultriehealth.org.

Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry Tests Positive For COVID-19

Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry has COVID-19. The Mayor’s Office sent out a press release informing the public that the Mayor tested positive and is currently only experiencing fatigue as a symptom. Mayor Barry will be quarantined until November 1st but will be checking messages several times a day. Staff will be taking messages at City Hall as well and will notify Mayor Barry of any immediate needs.


The Municipal Building has been professionally disinfected and cleaned over the weekend. If you are entering City Hall, please wear a mask &/or practice social distancing of at least 6 feet apart. The cleaning routine has been increased and will be conducted several times a day throughout the building.


Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry encourages everyone to be safe and continue to be Taylorville Strong.

Taylorville Park District To Meet Monday Evening

The Taylorville Park District will meet on Monday evening to discuss old business, new business, and to go over committee reports. The board will be reviewing pool engineers as the group continues to move forward to looking at getting a new pool for the Park District. There will also be reports from Lisa Morillo, new office administrator, and from Bailey Hancock, Recreational Director. 


The meeting will be held at the Manner’s Park Dining Hall. Guests are invited but are asked to please follow COVID-19 guidelines by keeping a distance of 6 feet and wearing a mask. 


7:00 P.M.


    I. Call to Order
    II. Pledge of Allegiance
    III. Roll Call
    IV. Approval of September 28, 2020 Minutes
Approval of Special Meeting Minutes October 13, 2020
      Approval of Special Meeting Minutes October 14, 2020
      Approval of Special Meeting Minutes October 20, 2020
    V. Treasurer’s Report Correspondence and/or Guests    
A.  Review of pool engineers
    VIII. Reports
    A. Maintenance Superintendent
    B. Office Administrator/Secretary    
    C. Recreation Director
    IX. Committee Reports
    A.  Finance Committee – Approval for Payment of Bills
    X. Executive Session
    XI. Possible Action on Matters Discussed in Executive Session
    XII. Adjournment

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