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Abraham Lincoln Museum Free Admission Monday

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum will be offering free admission on Monday to celebrate sixteen years of America’s 16th President. There will even be a drawing for a golden ticket that will mean one lucky person will win a gift basket filled with Lincoln goodies, from socks to a coffee mug and trivia game.  It has a retail value of $210.


The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum opened on April 19th, 2005. There have been more than 5 million people to visit the Museum. If you are wanting to go you are still asked to reserve a spot by going online to www.PresidentLincoln.Illinois.gov.  Guests are required to wear face masks, undergo screenings, and maintain social distance.  


Free admission is one day only for adults, but the museum is offering free admission for all Illinois students and college students (to the age of 21) through the end of May. The museum has over 12 million items pertaining to all aspects of Illinois history.  For more information find the Museum on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit www.PresidentLincoln.Illinois.gov. 

There was a vote that failed on the most recent ballot for the Safety Tax. This would’ve been a small tax that helped fund improvements to the Christian County Jail. Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp was pushing for this to pass and wants to thank those who did vote for it.



Sheriff Kettelkamp says this is an issue of space. The issues won’t resolve themselves, and there will need to be something done at some point.



The voting down of the Safety Tax is not the end. Sheriff Kettelkamp and the rest of his team are working on finding other routes to make the upgrades needed.



The county board and the sheriff’s office work very closely. However, Sheriff Kettelkamp wants it to be known that he was the one pushing the tax on the ballot, not them.




Sheriff Kettelkamp appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.

April is Move More Month and the University of Illinois Extension is shedding light on the importance of exercise. Especially with the weather being more cooperative, it’s easier to be more active now. Lisa Peterson shares the recommended amount of physical activity for peak health.



Getting the heart rate going and being considered moderately active varies from person to person. Since no two people are the same, Peterson suggests something called the talk test to measure if the activity is considered enough.



Finding motivation to be active might be the hardest part for some people. There are a lot of benefits to it, though, and Peterson says some of them can be seen in the short term.



The instant effects aren’t the only thing being physically active has to offer. Peterson shares some of the long term health benefits. 



Peterson appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.

Registration is now open for Lincoln Land Community College and Dee Kruger, Director of Lincoln Land, says that you can register for both summer and fall 2021 classes. While COVID-19 isn’t completely behind us, things are getting back to normal, albeit very slowly.



As far as this summer, there are four class formats that will be offered: fully face-to-face, fully online, remote, and flex—which is a combination of online and remote. Hybrid classes will also be offered this fall. Hybrid provides mostly online with some face-to-face. 


Current students may register for classes via LoggerCentral or by phone. You are encouraged to talk to Kruger before you register though, unless you’ve already done so.



Students may call the Springfield campus at 786-2292, the Taylorville campus at 786-2754, or the Litchfield campus at 786-3401. In-person services are also available by appointment. You can also visit www.llcc.edu and search for Fall Schedule.

When Tired Is Too Tired

Tiredness can affect all aspects of your life whether it’s trying to work, spending time with your family, or doing chores around the house. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in three adults fail to get enough sleep and two out of five Americans report feeling wiped out most of the week. According to the CDC the amount of sleep for adults is seven to nine hours a night.  If you are feeling sluggish and tired and can’t figure out why, there may be something else going on. 


Amy Henderson, a Family Practice Physician’s Assistant with OSF Healthcare says that you should understand the situation you’re in, and if there’s something wrong get yourself checked out. 



Paying a visit to your doctor can make a world of difference as he can schedule an evaluation and order tests to determine what could be the problem. 



Some of the conditions that can affect tiredness include anemia, vitamin deficiency, sleep apnea, and depression. Anemia is a condition that can happen when you don’t have enough health red blood cells to carry oxygen to your body’s tissues. Vitamin D deficiency may be another reason you feel sluggish.  Low blood levels can cause fatigue. Sleep apnea can make normal sleep impossible, and cause severe daytime drowsiness. Depression can cause decreased energy, changes in sleeping patterns, loss of concentration, and feelings of hopelessness.



Working with you Doctor can help you determine the best solution for combating your fatigue. Henderson offers some tips on how to help your daily routine.



For more information, contact your local physician. 


The Kathy Garst Sales Team at the Real Estate Group in Springfield, have opened a new office on the north side of the Taylorville square, with 2 familiar faces.


Jennifer Franklin and Brian Kiel are the 2 team members who now work out of the new location, which was several months in the making.




Kiel says being born and raised in Taylorville and felt the Taylorville office was a natural for the Garst Team.




The new Taylorville office for the Kathy Garst Sales Team at the Real Estate Group, invite the public to an Open House on Thursday, April 29th from 4:30 til 6:30 in the afternoon.  Franklin looks forward to hosting the event.




The Open House also highlights a change in real estate agency for both Franklin and Kiel.



Franklin and Kiel will have a third person in the Taylorville office starting today.



The Taylorville office of the Kathy Garst Sales Team will represent real estate buyers and sellers in a 50-mile radius.

Ducks Unlimited Relies On Volunteers To Save Local Habitats

In 1937, Ducks Unlimited was an organization put together to save the nesting grounds for waterfowl. Jim King Senior Regional Director with Ducks Unlimited got his start with Ducks Unlimited after he was invited to a committee meeting nearly 30 years ago. 



Ducks Unlimited is a nonprofit organization that does a lot of fundraising and King is very proud of all the volunteers that work hard on the fundraising efforts. it’s something that they are very proud of putting forth 82 cents for every dollar to the conservation mission.



The work of Ducks Unlimited is amazing with more than 15 million acres across the US protected and restored. 



Working at the local level volunteers can see the true benefits of working together. 



For more information visit www.ducks.org/illinois. King appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

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