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A long-time Taylorville community leader has died.

95-year-old George Alfred Westrick, 95, of Taylorville, died on Friday at his residence.

He joined the Taylorville-based Sangamon Company, which was founded by his father, in 1946.  Westrick served as CEO of Sangamon from 1961 until his retirement in 2003.  
During his tenure, Westrick expanded Sangamon operations to include manufacturing and distribution facilities in Illinois, California, Missouri, and Georgia. 
He remained very active supporting local community services and faith-based charities. 
Services for 95-year-old George Westrick are scheduled for Friday evening at 6 at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Taylorville.

Four Power Plants Including Coffeen Power Plant To Close

A local coal power plant will be shutting its doors. Vistra Energy has announced the closure of four Illinois power plants in Coffeen, Canton, Havana, and Hennepin.  The Coffeen Power Plant is located south of the city near the Coffeen Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area in Montgomery County. State Representative Avery Bourne who represents the 95th District, says that this is a major blow to the community.



The plant in Coffeen was lauded as one of the cleanest coal companies in the entire nation. Bourne says that this closure is not just because of Vistra, but also has ties with Governor JB Pritzker’s agenda.



State Senator Andy Manar who represents the 48th District is confused as to why they are shutting down the plant and says it’s completely unnecessary.


Bourne wants to encourage Montgomery County residents that she’s continuing to fight for the community and that she will continue to look for answers from the Pritzker administration.



Over 300 people will lose their jobs at these power plants that are closing including 95 people in Coffeen. The plants are expected to close by the end of this year.

Taylorville is coming up on 10 months since the December 1st tornado and Missions for Taylorville is still hard at work in the community.


Bill Kerns with Missions for Taylorville compares where Taylorville is now to another town hit by a tornado. He says Taylorville seems to be ahead of schedule as of today in terms of tornado recovery.



Kerns does want to remind Taylorville residents that while Taylorville is ahead of schedule for recovery there is still a ways to go until Taylorville is back to full strength as it was before that tornado.



Kerns appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

No More Calhoun County Peaches at the Farmers Market

The Farmers Market can be found Saturdays on Taylorville Square starting at 9 with great products to fit any need.


Ed Downs is the Co-President of the Farmers Market. Downs knows that this news will be hard to hear but it is looking like the end for Calhoun County Peaches this year at the Farmers Market.



While the peaches may be gone Downs still expects to see plenty of smiling faces on the square on Saturdays as there are still plenty of great products at the market.



Downs encourages anyone who is interested to stop by and see them on the Taylorville Square Saturday’s from 9 to noon.

Annual Children's Health Fair at PCH

Pana Community Hospital has seen plenty of adults come in to try to live a healthier lifestyle and sees how difficult it can be to make that change. They know that it is much easier to implement living a healthy life at a younger age.


PCH Marketing Manager Melissa Rybolt wants to see plenty of parents with their kids at the Annual Children's Heath Fair on Saturday, October 26th to learn to live in good health.



Ryoblt knows that for the kids to get this information PCH is trying to share it comes down to the parents. The kids will eat what is put in front of them so parents should try to eat healthier for their kids.



Ryoblt shares when and where you need to be for this health fair, there is no registration required simply show up and enjoy learning about living healthy. Rybolt does say there is room for a few more vendors if interested.



Rybolt appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Local Campaign Urges Shopping At Farmers Markets In September

A local campaign is encouraging buying from your local Farmers Markets in September. The Buy Fresh Buy Local Central Illinois Campaign is in their 4th annual year, helping farmers as they generally see a slump in sales in September. Communications Director of the Illinois Stewardship Alliance, Molly Gleason says that September is a great time for buying warm season crops.



In order to encourage shopping locally, Gleason says that there will be a scavenger hunt photo challenge.


For those who complete the full scavenger hunt by September 30th, they’ll be entered into a raffle to win $200 to the Buy Fresh Buy Local farm or food venue of their choice. The app is called Scavify and for more information visit: bit.ly/SeptemberEatLocalChallenge. For more information on the Buy Fresh, Buy Local program visit: http://www.buyfreshbuylocalcentralillinois.org/ 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Not Always the Best Option

The trick to shedding some of that excess weight you may be carrying lies in your diet. It all depends on what is on your plate, the more nutritious it is the better off you will be.


Nutrition and Wellness Educator with the Christian County U of I Extension Office Lisa Peterson sees the fad of cooking with extra virgin olive oil as that is the healthiest option, she admits this is true for the most part but if cooking with it you don't want to let it get too hot.



Peterson sees olive oil heavily in the Mediterranean diet which she recommends but if you hit that smoke point it will become rancid.



Peterson appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

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