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ZBA Continues Deliberations

The Zoning Board of Appeals met to continue their hearing on the text amendments concerning wind turbines. Among the focus on Wednesday night’s meeting, severe weather, setbacks, shadow flicker, and codes. 


Jim Griffiths, Attorney for City of Roses Wind Energy was asked about what the standard procedure is during storms and whether or not the Lincoln radar would be affected by the turbines. Griffiths said that it wouldn’t affect it. 



The board discussed heights and setbacks and talked about setback from districts whether they are incorporated or corporated. 


Shadow flicker was another big topic at the meeting and Griffiths was asked about how to adjust to control shadow flicker.


ZBA chairman Steve Sipes asked whether or not shadow flicker was controlled by the blades or the direction that the turbines faced. Griffiths said it was part of the turbine location design.


The next ZBA meeting is slated for Thursday evening.



US Representative Rodney Davis Tests Positive For COVID

US Representative Rodney Davis has tested positive for COVID-19.  The Representative made a post on social media with the announcement. Representative Davis says that he and his wife received tests on Wednesday morning.


Representative Davis says that he was running a fever this morning. After being tested, the staff was tested as well.  His staff received negative tests as did his wife, but Rodney’s test came back positive.


The US Representative said that other than the high temperature he feels fine. 


Below is the complete statement from Representative Rodney Davis via his Facebook page.




“This morning, I tested positive for COVID-19. Since the beginning of this pandemic, I have taken my temperature twice daily because serving in Congress means I interact with many people, and it’s my duty to protect the health of those I serve. This morning, my temperature clocked in at 99 degrees Fahrenheit, which is higher than normal for me.


Because of the high temperature, my wife and I received a test this morning. While my test came back positive, my wife’s test came back negative. My staff who I’ve worked with in-person this week have received negative tests as well. Other than a higher-than-normal temperature, I am showing no symptoms at this time and feel fine.


Having consulted with the Office of the Attending Physician (OAP) of Congress and local county health officials, our office is contacting constituents I have met with in-person within the previous 48 hours, per CDC guidelines.


My staff and I take COVID-19 very seriously. My wife is a nurse and a cancer survivor, which puts her in an at-risk category like so many Americans. My office and I have always followed and will continue to follow CDC guidelines, use social distancing, and wear masks or face coverings when social distancing cannot be maintained. 


I will postpone public events our office has planned for the coming days until I receive a negative test. I will continue to serve my constituents virtually from home while I quarantine. Our district offices throughout central and southwestern Illinois remain open for constituents as well.


During these challenging times, protecting the public health is my highest priority. If you’re out in public, use social distancing, and when you can’t social distance, please wear a mask. All of us must do our part. That’s what it will take to get through this pandemic.”

The Taylorville School District, according to Superintendent Dr. Chris Dougherty has made the difficult decision to start the school year fully remote.



The first day of remote learning for students will be on Wednesday, August 19th.



The remote learning plan will be reviewed quarterly, but unlike the Spring there will be some limited in-person opportunities for students.



Dr. Dougherty says that she understands that this decision causes significant disruption for families, but staff and student safety must come first. 



Remote learning will be vastly different than it was in the spring. Grading will be done, attendance will be taken, and material will be sent to families on a weekly basis. 



To hear the full interview with Taylorville Superintendent Dr. Chris Dougherty, please click here. To view the letter that the Taylorville School District sent to families please click here. Dr. Chris Dougherty was a guest on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing a lot of uncertainty in Sullivan, according to Mayor Richard Glazebrook. The most important thing according to Mayor Glazebrook is to keep everyone safe by wearing a face mask.



The one thing we can’t afford, according to Mayor Glazebrook, is to be shut down once again. 



Mayor Glazebrook has talked to various small business owners and a number of them will not be able to shut down once again.  



Sullivan Mayor Richard Glazebrook was a guest on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.

Liability protection is crucial for schools to be able to safely reopen during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Congressman Rodney Davis.


The decision to reopen schools should be done on a local level and not at the state or federal level.



With some schools starting the school year remotely, child care is on the minds of parents everywhere and with schools deciding to work remotely that puts a huge burden on families and child care providers, according to Congressman Davis.  


Congressman Rodney Davis was a guest on the NEWSTALK WTIM Morning Show.

State Eclipses $1 Billion Mark For Unclaimed Property Returned

The Illinois Treasurer’s Office under the care of Treasurer Michael Frerichs has now hit a historic landmark.  Frerich’s announced that the state has now returned over 1 billion dollars worth of unclaimed property to owners, businesses, and non-profits.


Frerichs says that unclaimed property is more than just property and accounts.


Frerich’s says it wasn’t easy at first to get to where we’re at now. The whole system needed to be revamped.



Find out more on unclaimed property and how you can search for it by clicking here.

COVID Update: August 5th

August 5th COVID-19 numbers look like this around the Regional Radio listening area.


The Christ-Mont Emergency Management Agency reports that on Tuesday in Christian County, 4 new cases were reported making the positive total 131.  6,010 people in Christian County have tested negative. There have been 4 deaths and 86 people are in isolation.


In Montgomery County, Christ-Mont reports 1 new case making the positive total 157.  Just over 67-hundred tested negative in Montgomery County, where there have been 7 deaths. 14 people are in isolation.


In Shelby County, the health department is reporting 1 new case making the positive total 62. Just over 2,100 tested negative in the county where there has been 1 death and 15 people are in isolation.


In Moultrie County, the health department is reporting 4 new cases making the positive total 64. There have been 2,087 negative test results reported with no deaths and 22 people in isolation.


Sangamon County is reporting 15 new cases making the positive total 1081. There have been 34 deaths with 469 in isolation.


In Fayette County they’re reporting 0 new cases keeping the positive total at 58. 2,350 have tested negative with 12 in isolation.


And, in Macon County, they're reporting 15 new COVID-19 cases making the positive total 503. There have been 13,704 negative tests with 184 in isolation. 


The Illinois Department of Public Health reports that Region 3, that encompasses the counties of Christian, Montgomery, and Sangamon in the Regional Radio listening area and counties to the west, shows a positivity rate of 4.7% as of July 31st.  Region 6, includes Shelby, Macon, Moultrie, Fayette, and counties to the east, shows a positivity rate of 3.1% as of July 31st. 


For a complete breakdown of statistics by county, click the "Current Coronavirus Numbers by County" icon at taylorvilledailynews-dot-com. 

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