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Villas of Holly Brook Having Breakfast for First Responders

The Villas of Holly Brook are ready for the Fourth of July festivities and ready to support first responders that work on the holiday.


Erica Linn is the new Executive Director for the Villas of Holly Brook. She says all first responders from Shelby and Christian County to come and get some breakfast.



Linn says there is no RSVP and the residents from the Villas of Holly Brook look forward to having the first responders visit.



Linn appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Christian County Sheriff's Office Releases Report on June 23 Injury Accident

The Christian County Sherriff’s Office today released details on an injury accident that occurred June 23rd on Illinois Route 48 near 198 North,  just past 11:30 at night. Deputies report that vehicles driven by 24-year-old Kaleb Abernathy and 25-year-old Gale Mulvaney were involved.
The reports states that when the deputy arrived, Mulvaney’s car on the north side of Illinois Route 48 with the front end of the car resting against the passenger side door of Abernathy’s vehicle.  Abernathy was en route to the hospital by ambulance upon the deputy’s arrival. Mulvaney refused medical treatment, but he had minor injuries according to the accident report. The report further states that the deputy also noticed an odor of alcohol from Mulavney.
A witness who talked to the deputy, stated that Mulvaney had crossed the center line into Illinois Route 48 following Abernathy, and thereafter the collision between both cars occured.
The deputy observed skid marks starting in the Northeast bound lane of Illinois Route 48 and crossing into the Southwest bound lane. Illinois State Police crash reconstructionist have been brought into the investigation.
21-year-old Aryanna Marston was a passenger in Abernathy’s car and was sent to the Memorial Medical Center in Springfield via Dunn’s Ambulance.

Taylorville Memorial Hospital Breaks Ground on $60 Million Project


A cool breeze greeted the over 100 people that attended the ground breaking ceremony of the 60-million dollar "Advancing Care by Design" building project at Taylorville Memorial Hospital this morning.
The new building will be complete by early 2021, covering some 97-thousand square feet.  The new structure will replace the 65-year-old structure built in 1953.
T-M-H C-E-O Kim Bourne emceed the event, and told the crowd how important this day was.


Taylorville mayor Bruce Barry told the ground breaking ceremony crowd, that Taylorville Memorial Hospital is an important asset in the community.


Memorial Health Systems President and C-E-O Ed Curtis spoke about the relationship M-H-S has had with Taylorville since taking over the former Saint Vincent Memorial Hospital in 1995.


The T-M-H ground breaking ceremony was broadcast live on NEWSTALK WTIM.


Bohannon Talks Huckabee Sanders Situation

Sarah Huckabee Sanders recently was asked to leave a restaurant when the owner said Sanders was not welcome.


Jim Bohannon is the host of the Jim Bohannon show that airs on WTIM weeknights from 9 to midnight. Bohannon says after the Sanders were asked to leave the restaurant the owner followed them across the street and continued to harass them.



Bohannon says now Homeland Security has issued a memo to its employees that they stay out of restaurants with badges on.



Bohannon appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Farmers Market Moving for a Weekend

The Farmers Market can normally be found Saturdays on Taylorville Square from 9-1, this weekend the are having a venue change.


Ed Downs is the Co-President of the Farmers Market. He says due to an active shooter drill this weekend plans have been slightly changed.



Downs says there is still good reason to come out as the CalhounCounty Peaches will be at the Farmers Market for the first time this season.



The Farmers Market will return to Taylorville Square next Saturday from 9 am till 1 pm.


NEWSTALK WTIM to Broadcast Taylorville Memorial Hospital Ground Breaking Ceremony Live

Taylorville Memorial Hospital will officially break ground on their 60-million dollar modernization project, Friday at 10 o'clock in the morning, in a ceremony near the Jesus statue on the south side of the hospital.

Several dignataries from T-M-H, its parent hospital Memorial Medical Center, and the community, will speak.

The public is invited to come and witness the ground breaking.  NEWSTALK WTIM will also provide LIVE coverage from the ceremony at 10 o'clock.  The broadcast is expected to last about an hour.

Severe Weather Downs Power Lines, Trees Thursday Afternoon

Severe thunderstorms hit Central Illinois late Thursday afternoon into Thursday evening, causing some damage but apparently no injuries.

The National Weather Service received these storm damage reports Thursday evening:

At 3:48, law enforcement officials reported tree limbs and power lines down in Beardstown.

Trained spotters reported numerous trees town in Morgan and Sangamon counties during the 3 o'clock hour.

Taylorville Airport reported a 53 mile an hour wind gust at 5:09.

At 5:35, tree limbs were reported down in Kitchell Park in Pana.

At 5:23, thunderstorms brought down tree limbs that were blocking a street in Blue Mound.

Lightning from a severe thunderstorm took 3 of the Miller Media Group radio stations off the air at 5:20 Thursday afternoon.  WTIM, WRAN, and NEW Country 104-point-1 were off until just before 6 o'clock.

The line of severe thunderstorms moved out of the Regional Radio listening area by 7 o'clock Thursday night.

Fire Destroys Home in Langleyville Early Wednesday Morning

On Wednesday, June 27th, there was a fire on Langleyville road. Andy Goodall, Assistant Fire Chief of the Taylorville Fire Department, spoke about the condition of the house when they arrived on scene.



The house was completely burnt down because the fire escalated so quickly before help was able to arrive. Their is no current answer to how the fire started, but Goodall mentioned that it is being investigated.



At this time, Goodall was not able to share information on the family affected by the fire, but they will not need additional shelter.

Active Shooter Drill This Saturday on the Taylorville Square

This Saturday morning at the Taylorville square, there is going to be an active shooter drill. Rohn Burke of the Christian County Sheriffs Office spoke on what the public can expect, as well as what time the drill will take place.

Burke also mentioned that multiple agencies will be involved in the active shooter drill to receive the proper training in case an event like this ever does happen. He mentioned the importance of having different agencies on the scene for training, and how that can make a difference.

During the event, no streets around the square will be shut down to ensure the event is as real as possible. Also, there will be people wearing makeup to look injured, but nobody will be in actual harm. 

Miller Media Group President Randal J. Miller Celebrates 45th Anniversary in Radio

Miller Media Group president Randal J. Miller celebrated his 45th anniversary in radio last Saturday, with a 4-hour show on NEWSTALK WTIM, talking with many people that have been a part of his career.

One of those was Danny Russell, who worked with Miller early in both of their careers at WTIM in 1981 and 82.  Russell visited with Miller about when they first worked together.

Russell told Miller that the variety of jobs he had at NEWSTALK WTIM and other radio stations, enabled him to learn many different things.

Russell has been the long-time voice of the Morning Show on Genuine Country 94-point-3 WMKR, he’s the group’s production director, and is also in demand in the community as a musician.

Optimists Club Getting Ready for Fireworks

Every year on the fourth of July residents in Taylorville look forward to the fireworks at dusk, it is the perfect ending to a great holiday.


Steve Switzer is with the Optimists Club responsible for the fireworks on the holiday. He says the Optimists Club has been around for years and strive to bring out the best in people.



Switzer says the Optimists club has been responsible for the fireworks on the fourth of July in Taylorville for over 30 years.



Switzer says the fireworks show is the biggest event the Optimists Club handles. The second biggest is Christmas for Kids.



Switzer appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Solar Meeting at LLCC in Taylorville Goes Well

On Wednesday at Lincoln Land Community College in Taylorville residents gathered to hear about how solar is coming to town.


Scott Allen with Citizens Utility Board says the idea of the program was to spread the knowledge of solar and prepare Taylorville residents for what is coming.



Allen says that individual residents can get involved with solar on their own home as well.



Allen says the reception at the event was excellent and plenty of people had questions and wanted to know more.



Taylorville residents should be seeing areas adjusting to the potential incoming of solar panels around town.


Social Security Administration Using Social Media

The Social Security Administration is trying to keep up with technology advancing in order to keep getting their message across.


Public Affairs Specialist with the Social Security Administration Jack Myers says one of the things the SSA is trying to strive for is to help people learn about programs long before retirement.



Myers says one of the newest ways you can see the SSA is when they do their Facebook Live events.



Myers says a common question received at the SSA is what does the future hold for Social Security.



Myers appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Heat Wave Coming Through Central Illinois

Christian County residents have been battling the heat all summer and after some cool days it looks like the heat is set to return.


Executive Director of the American Red Cross serving South Central Illinois Bryce Goff says with the weather getting warm it is important to stay safe.



Goff says there is plenty of advice for residents on how to have a fun but safe summer in this heat.



Goff reminds residents working outside to take plenty of breaks and stay hydrated.



This weekend temperatures are expected to rise into the 90’s again and the American Red Cross advises residents to be wary of the heat.


Solar Coming to Taylorville

Solar energy is making its way to Taylorville and city officials are hoping it can help the city be more efficient.


Program Director with the Illinois BlueGreen Alliance Dick Breckenridge says it starts with the Christian County Board has adopted some solar ordinances.



On June 27th at Lincoln Land Community College in Talyorville there is a solar event that will take place from nine to noon. Breckenridge says Scott Allen with the Citizens Utility Board will get things started.



Breckenridge says there are a lot of entities that make up the Illinois BlueGreen Alliance.



Breckenridge appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Assumption Fest Begins Thursday

With the summer upon us it means it is time for another Assumption fest.


Angie Masters is the President of Assumption Fest. She says Assumption Fest kicks off on Thursday, June 28th and will take over downtown Assumption.



Masters says Saturday will get started with a parade and the day is full and will not completely wrap up until late that night.



Masters says this year the can’t miss event is a live show coming from Florida and shows will be going on all throughout Assumption Fest.



Assumption Fest begins Thursday, June 28th and lasts till Sunday, July 1st.


Taylorville Public Library Having Busy Summer

Taylorville Public Library is looking for ways to get more Taylorville residents through the doors.


Library Director Steven Ward says once a month they put on an event called Friends at the Library.



Ward says last week Sue Ade was kind enough to stop by and talk about her books and visit with those who came out.



Ward says turnout varies on the popularity of the speaker, one that is always popular is Judge Ron Spears.



August 16th Don Chamberlain will visit Taylorville Public Library for Wildlife Photography in Illinois.


Taylorville Kiwanis Hears About Holy Land Trip at Weekly Luncheon

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club heard about a recent Holy Land trip taken by a local resident, during their weekly luncheon Tuesday.

Frank Patino related to the Kiwanis Club, his experiences during a 15-day trip to several Middle Eastern countries with 3 other local men.

Among the cities they visited included Amman, Jordan; Cairo, Egypt; Nazareth, Jerusalem, Gethsemane, and Bethlehem, all in Israel.

The highlight of the trip, says Patino, was being baptized in the Jordan River.

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Memorial Hospital auditorium.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.


CAPTION TO PICTURE:  Taylorville resident Frank Patino (center) talked about his recent Holy Land trip, to the Taylorville Kiwanis Club on Tuesday.  Program chair Reverend Michael Evanchek is at the left; Kiwanis president Martin Vota is at the right.


Accident Grabs Attention of ISP and Christian County Sheriff

Christian County Sheriff's Office and the Illinois State Police are teaming up to try to get to the bottom of what happened at an accident June 24th that involved a woman being struck by a drunk driver..


Sean Ramsey is with the Illinois State Police he says they are handling the reconstruction of the crash.



Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettlekamp says the officer that would have handled the report has been out for three days, and an accident report should be made available soon.



The woman involved in the crash remains in critical condition but is stable. Stay tuned to Miller Media Group of stations as we will provide updates.


Villas of Holly Brook Welcoming New Guests

The Villas of Holly Brook know that caring for a loved one advanced in age can be challenging. They want residents to know that rooms are available at their facility.


Erica Linn is the new Executive Director at the Villas of Holly Brook. She says in Shelbyville they really try to separate themselves from the pack.



Linn says it is never easy to put a loved one in an assisted living facility but there are signs you can see that may lead you to do so.



Linn says residents of Holly Brook in Shelbyville still have the ability to get outside and enjoy their lives.



Linn appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Mayor Barry Excited for 4th of July

The 4th of July is a time that brings our country together to celebrate our independence and remember why we are so free.


There was concern about the fueling station on Lake Taylorville after the storms flipped it over. Mayor Barry assures Taylorville residents that the fueling station will be back to normal by the holiday.



Mayor Barry says he is also excited to get out and walk in the 4th of July Parade in the morning to kick off the festivities.



Mayor Barry says though that the fireworks put on at dusk cannot be missed, he says if you do miss the show you will be missing out.



Mayor Bruce Barry appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Taylorville VFW Ready to Help with 4th of July Parade

Every year Taylorville Residents look forward to the 4th of July Parade to see the community gathered as one celebrating the holiday.


Ken Koches is the Vice President of the Taylorville VFW Riders. He says the VFW Riders will be helping this year with the 4th of July Parade.



Koches says getting involved in this event is a no-brainer in terms of trying to help the community and veterans.



Koches says seeing as this is the first time the VFW Riders have been involved in this event they are really just trying to do everything the can to help and get things right.


Taylorville Park Board Hears Easement Request From Taylorville Sanitary District Monday Night

It was a short 45-minute monthly meeting of the Taylorville Park Board Monday night at the Manners Park Office.

Most of the meeting considered a request by Taylorville Sanitary District board member Frankie Blanchfield, and Jeff Large, project manager with Crawford, Murphy and Tilly, the Sanitary District's consulting engineers, for an easement to install a replacement sanitary line that now goes thru Manners Park.  The new P-V-C line will replace a cast iron line installed under the park pond and pool parking lot in the 1970's, and be on a new easement that's being requested, that won't disturb any structures, ponds or parking lots in the park.

Large outlined to the Park Board, the Sanitary District's timeline.

Large added the old line will be filled with concrete once the new line is installed and working.

Park Board members tabled the easement request, so they could study the maps provided by Large, and also to arrange a meeting between Park Board attorney Quinn Broverman and Sanitary District attorney Dennis Atteberry to work out details.

The Taylorville Park Board Monday night heard about concerns regarding the Manners Park pool bottom, which will need repairs after the season is over; and they heard Recreation Director Bailey Hancock report that the pool's May attendance numbers from opening day thru May 31st, were almost 14-hundred, which was a new record.

Richard Waller Wins Weber Grill

Last week the Miller Media Group and Taylorville Home Source teamed up to give away a Weber Grill to one lucky resident.


Vicki Gregg is the Sales Manager for Taylorville Home Source. She says the company really wanted to get involved with this promotion.



Richard Waller was lucky enough to have his name drawn as the winner of a new Weber Grill. He says he was out doing errands, saw the box, and thought what could it hurt.



Waller says he has won a few contests like this before but he was surprised to get the call for this grill.



Waller takes home a Weber Grill valued at 399 dollars.


Christian County Ag Group Free Lunch at Christian County Fair

The Christian County Ag Group does a lot of great things to further advance agriculture in Christian County.


CEO of the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Patty Hornbuckle is a member of the Christian County Ag Group, she is excited to welcome residents to the annual lunch at the Christian County Fair.



Residents need a ticket to enter the free lunch at the fair. Hornbuckle says there are multiple ways to get these tickets.



As for whats on the menu Hornbuckle says it is still being finalized but it will not be a lunch residents want to miss.



Hornbuckle appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Taylorville Public Library Summer Reading Program

With the registration for Taylorville Public Library Summer Reading Program officially past the library is excited to start the program.


Sarah Zogotta is an Assistant Librarian it Taylorville Public Library. She says the program has been going on for over 20 years but the goal remains the same of keeping kids reading.



Zagotta says the program is all about reaching the daily reading goal, which varies from child to child.



Zagotta says there are plenty of great prizes for children that take the program seriously and accomplish their reading goals.



The Taylorville Public Library still has programs available for children not in the Summer Reading Program, including Story Time on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 10:30.


HSHS Good Shepherd New Vision Serivce

HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital in Shelbyville has a program designed to help addicts to take the first step on the road to recovery.


Caroline Reynolds is the Service Coordinator for the New Vision Service at HSHS. She says many times the first person they hear from is a loved one trying to help an addict.



Reynolds says they help with the detox to get addicts ready for the hardest step in the process, going to rehab.



Reynolds urges parents and grandparents to keep track of their medications so that they do not fall into the hands of the child or grandchild.



Reynolds appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Former Shelbyville Police Chief Dies

The vice-chairman of the Shelby County Democratic Central Committee, and a former police chief in the City of Shelbyville, has died.  64-year-old Jim Miller of Shelbyville passed away at his home last week, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

Miller worked in the Shelbyville Police Department from 1987 until 1995, and served as the city’s police chief from 1991 until 1994.

Miller was active in the Democratic Party, and served as the facilitator in Shelby County for Senator Dick Durbin, attended the Democratic National Committee meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and met President Obama when he was in Springfield, Illinois.

Miller is survived by a sister, several nieces, nephews, and cousins, including Miller Media Group president Randal J. Miller.

Central Illinois Public Transit Deals

Central Illinois Public Transit has gotten a reputation as being a way for old people to get around town.


Nathan Nicols is the Mobility Manager for CIPT, he says this is not the case as they are available for residents of all ages.



Nicols reminds residents that the CIPT has different passes to try to accommodate anyone who might need to use their services.



Nicols appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Garden Walk a Success

Last weekend the Master Gardeners of Christian County had their annual Garden Walk involving seven locations across Christian County.


Gwen Podeschi is a Master Gardener of Christian County. She says even though the temperatures were high the turnout of the event was everything they could have hoped for.



Podeschi says while the event is only a week in the rear view mirror they are already thinking about next years Garden Walk.



Residents interested in being on the Garden Walk next year can contact the Master Gardeners of Christian County through Facebook, or call (217) 287-7246.


Montgomery County Fair Continues thru Sunday

The Montgomery County Fair started on Wednesday. Residents that have yet to make it to the fair still have time as the last day is Sunday.


Danny Russell was on site at the Montgomery County Fair and had a chance to talk to Marty Benning, who says there is plenty of buzz this year around the drone races.



Benning says this event is open to the public starting at then with the finale at 3.



Benning appeared on Genuine Country WMKR with Danny Russell live from the Montgomery County Fair.


Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Sending Survey

The summer months have been busy for the Greater Taylorville Chamber or commerce whether it is a ribbon cutting ceremony, picking up a new member, or the always popular Business After Hours.


CEO of the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Patty Hornbuckle says she is curious how Chamber members think the Chamber is doing and if there is room to grow they are open to suggestions.



Hornbuckle says the survey will be a good barometer of how the Chamber is doing as they do not often receive feedback.



Hornbuckle is unsure if every Chamber member will get a survey or just a few.



Hornbuckle appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


This Fourth of July Sheriff Kettlekamp Urges Safety

The Fourth of July is right around the corner and Christian County residents are excited and ready to celebrate.


Sheriff Bruce Kettlekamp says that there were four deaths caused by fireworks in 2016 and over 11,000 people were injured and needed immediate medical attention.



Kettlekamp says his best advice for residents this Fourth of July is to leave the fireworks to the professionals so relax and enjoy the show.



Kettlekamp mentions the sparklers being dangerous and he has seen that first hand at weddings.



Kettlekamp appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Lincoln Trails Conservancy Awaits Word From State on Bike Trail

The Lincoln Trails Conservancy has been working for months to fix the bike trail.


Bud Altman is with the Lincoln Trails Conservancy, he says at the moment the Conservancy is awaiting word from the state to complete the environmental studies before the project gets handed over to the engineers.



There were some concerns early on which city would have to pay for the bike trail. A grant has been received to cover 80% of costs. The cities of Taylorville and Pana will split the remaining 20%.



Altman says at this point it is out of the Conservancy’s hands as they have to wait for the news like everyone else.



The Lincoln Trails Conservancy is hoping this process can speed up as they want to get the bike trail open while the weather is still permitting.


Tax Season is Upon Us

Illinois residents should be receiving their tax bills in the mail soon if they have not already.


Tax bills were mailed out for Christian County residents on June 5th and the due date is the 10th of July and September.



Residents who went through escrow for their mortgage are reminded that it is on them to review the tax bill and get it to the mortgage company.



Christian County Treasurer Betty Asmussen wants residents that have not received the tax bill to contact her office.



The Christian County Treasurer Office is located at 101 S Main in Taylorville. The phone number to contact Betty is (217) 824-4889.


Christian County Economic Development Corporation Executive Committee Meets Thursday; Briefed on Multiple Projects

The Christian County Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors Executive Committee met Thursday afternoon in the Greater Taylorville Chamber board office, to review ongoing economic development efforts.

Executive director Mary Renner reported to the committee on several ongoing projects she's involved in.

She reported that the project engineer for the proposed Taylorville Commercial and Industrial Park on the city's west side, has submitted to the City of Taylorville, a request for variances and drainage computations for the site.  Those plans must be approved by the city council's Street and Sewer Committee, Planning Commission, then the City Council as a whole.  A mandatory traffic study has been submitted to the Illinois Department of Transportation.  The new industrial park will be built with over 500-thousand dollars of local funds raised, plus another 500-thousand dollars from the federal government's Economic Development Administration.

Renner reported that the City of Taylorville has completed the necessary steps to allow a Business District inside the Tax Increment Financing, or TIF, area number one, to benefit the proposed Steak and Shake project on Taylorville's northwest side.  The City is awaiting further information from the developer before finalizing the Business District, which would provide incentive funds to Steak and Shake for infrastructure that will be needed for the restaurant.

Renner added that TIF area # 2, which will include the former Tenaska property northeast of Taylorville, has interest from EmberClear, to possibly build a gas to electricity power plant at that location.  Talks between Renner and EmberClear continue.

Clearwater Organic Farms has closed on the purchase of the former Buckley Greenhouse west of Taylorville on Illinois Route 104, to grow organic vegetables.  Renner says they're expecting to begin production in August.  3 people have already been hired at the new plant.

Renner told the committee that 3 different alternative energy companies, are interested in locating in Christian County.   2 of them—Next Era Energy and Invenergy—are looking at building solar farms in an area south of Taylorville, while Tradewind Energy is looking at building a wind turbine farm east of Oweneco.  All 3 projects would lease farm land from owners, on long-term leases.  Electricity generated would be placed on the nation's electric grid, which has feeder lines thru the county.  All 3 projects are awaiting formal policies from C-C-E-D-C, the City of Taylorville and Christian County, on such things as extending the county's Enterprise Zone and any other tax incentives that could be offered.

The committee set Friday, October 19th, as its annual meeting date.  The annual board meeting takes place at 10:30, with lunch and a program following at noon.  A location is currently being worked on.


Dudley Smith Farm Testing New Possibilities

Dudley Smith Farm is located just north of Pana and is used to research the newest and latest ways to improve agriculture.


Ed Ballard has been working with Dudley Smith Farm for years and says this year is unlike any year he has ever seen.



Ballard talks about how when he started with the extension one of his first contacts was Dudley Smith Farm. He says there are a lot of innovative programs particularity the livestock raising program.



Ballard says he is interested in seeing the results of a study Dudley Smith Farm Started two years ago.



Ballard appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show live broadcast from the Dudley Farm.


Steve Henry Sees China Markets as Huge Opportunity

Steve Henry of CSH Investments is trying to look into the future to see what would be good stocks to get in on and bad stocks to avoid.


Steve Henry says there is a big story going on right now in the stock market that no one is talking about.



Henry says this is not a spur of the moment thing for China opening their markets to the US. This has been something that China has been working on for a decade if not more.



Henry says the fact that China is making their market available is a huge deal as they make up 35% of the worlds stock market.



Henry appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Sunkist Cleaners Hosts Greater Taylorville Chamber Ribbon Cutting, Business After Hours Wednesday Night


Sunkist Cleaners hosted a Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting and Business After Hours on Wednesday night.  Over 50 Chamber members attended the event, which was hosted by new owners Bryan and Kami Payne who purchased the business about 10 months ago.

Bryan Payne told Regional Radio News during the event, that he was fearful the business might close, which is why he purchased the dry cleaners.

Sunkist Cleaners co-owner Kami Payne above.


Chamber President Sarah Van Huss told Regional Radio News holding the Business After Hours outside Sunkist Cleaners Wednesday night was a nice change of pace.

Greater Taylorville Chamber C-E-O Patty Hornbuckle was very pleased with the turnout.

Sunkist Cleaners is at 413 North Cheney in Taylorville.

Davis and Thornberry Visit Scott Air Force Base

Recently Congressman Rodney Davis was in Decatur with Republican Mac Thornberry to have a round table discussion with military veterans and their families.


Mac Thornberry is from Texas and is the Chairman of the House of the Armed Services Committee. He says it is good to hear directly from the men and women effected.



Thornberry says one of the most common issues they hear from veterans and families is the lack of dental in the health plans.



Thornberry says these round tables always keep him up to date on issues veterans are dealing with. He says at this round table one of the new issues he heard was mental health concerns.



Thornberry appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


BBB Warns of Lottery Scams

The Better Business Bureau wants to warn residents of potential scams before they fall victim and lose their hard earned cash.


Mara Clingingsmith is with the BBB. She says last year they had over 110 million dollars that were reported lost. She thinks this number is only a fraction of the actual loss.



Clingingsmith shares a story of a St. Louis native that fell victim to the scam and lost big.



Clingingsmith warns residents to make sure they are not being scammed because once the payment is made residents will not see that money again.



Clingingsmith appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Christian County Board Looks at New Jail, Adoption Policy

The Christian County Board held their monthly meeting Tuesday night at the Christian County Courthouse in the Taylorville Square.


On the agenda for the month of June, was the swearing in of a new board member, looking at construction plans highways and a new correctional facility, and the consideration of a new adoption policy at the animal control shelter.


The Board heard from a potential architect of a new county correctional facility. The jail, to be built at a projected cost of 588,000 dollars would give the county 20 new beds to hold inmates and more storage area, which is crucial for the county. The board debated the qualities of the new facility and then decided to pass a motion to send the architectural plans to the State of Illinois Correctional Office for approval and comments.


The Board also got an update from Animal Control/Zoning Director Vince Harris. The role, which was merged at last month’s meeting following retirements, is unique to Christian County. Harris noted that the board might consider changes to the Animal Control Shelter adoption process, such as charging a 100 dollar fee, to cover necessary shots and care for the animals. The shelter currently has six dogs and three cats as guests.


The next Christian County Board Meeting is on July 17th at 6:30 p.m on the second floor of the Christian County Court House in Taylorville.

One Dead After Standoff in Nokomis

Illinois State Police are investigating one of their own, after a shooting turned deadly in Nokomis on Friday, June 7.


At the request of the Nokomis Police Department, Illinois State Police Zone 6 Investigations is conducting an independent investigation of an officer involved shooting that took place on or around 7:07 on June 7th, in the 100 block of Sherman Street in Nokomis.


According to the preliminary investigation, a Nokomis Police Officer was dispatched to a residence on Frederick Streeet for a disturbance call.  The officer arrived and made contact with the complaintant outside of the residence.  The subject causing the distrurbance, later identified as David L. Hicks, a 40-year-old resident of Nokomis, had left the residence on foot before officer arrived.


State Police say the officer then made contact with Hicks in the 100 block of Sherman Street.  The officer perceived actions by Hicks that caused the officer to fear for his life, discharging his duty weapon and striking Hicks.  Hicks was later pronounced dead by the Montgomery County Coroner.


Hicks was the only injury or fatality as all officers were unharmed.  Once completed, the results of the State Police investigation will be turned over to the Montgomery County State's Attorney's Office for review.  Stay tuned to Regional Radio and taylorvilledailynews.com for more details as this story develops.

Taylorville Kiwanis Discuss Community Efforts at Weekly Meeting

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club reviewed community efforts the club is putting forth, during their weekly luncheon Tuesday.

4 members of the Taylorville Kiwanis Club, attended the recent Interclub visit to the Virden-Girard Kiwanis Club recently.

The local Kiwanis Club's fund raising committee is working to have a booth at this year's Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chillifest, raising funds to fund local projects for children and youth.

And, the Taylorville club is working to establish a Kiwanis High School Key Club at Pana High School.

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Memorial Hospital auditorium.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.

State Treasurer Frerichs Wants to Give Money Back to Residents

The State Treasurers Office wants to get the money that Illinois residents are missing back in the right hands.


Mike Frerichs is the State Treasurer for the state of Illinois. He says his office is always trying to return money to Illinois residents.



Frerichs says the time frame of getting residents money can vary from case to case. It just depends on how residents are owed the money.



Frerichs says his office has created two ways to get residents money back to them in a quicker manner.



Frerichs appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


City Council Discusses K9, Marina Gas Pump

The Taylorville City Council held their bi-monthly meeting last night and several topics were discussed.


The City approved to implement a new gas pump at the Lake Taylorville Marina, a much needed change the city hopes can be implemented in time for the 4th of July festivities.


Another topic of concern was allowing the new K9 officer to bring his squad car to his home in order to be able to respond to emergencies quickly. Alderman Martin Vota believed this could be a slippery slope and lead to more spending and more problems for the city.



Other alderman believed that allowing the new K9 officer to take his squad care home improves response time and ultimately safety for residents.



The vote passed by a 5-2 margin in favor allowing the officer to bring his squad car home with him.


In other City Council news, the city has no official update on the status of the proposed Steak N’ Shake restaurant since last meeting.


The next City Council meeting will be on Monday July 2nd at 7 p.m at the Municipal Building in Taylorville.

Bourne Talks Budget

For the first time in her term as a Republican member of the Illinois House of Representatives Avery Bourne has seen a budget turned in on time and passed through the house.


Bourne represents the 95th district. She says there was concern that a bill would be voted on last minute and forced to be passed as there would be no other viable option on the table.



Bourne says the budgetary year was started this year with four priorities. One of the big ones was this bill needed to be balanced.



Bourne says this bill will get the job done, however in her mind she would have gone a slightly different way.



Bourne appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


SAIL Helping with Hearing and Visual Impairments

For residents who are dealing with visual or hearing loss there is help available through Soyland Access to Independent Living, or SAIL for short.


Richard Adams is with SAIL, he says that at first it can be tough to learn to use these aids but once you get them down it will make all the difference.



Adams says there is a new hearing gadget that is affordable and battery life is impressive.



Adams appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Senator Manar Trying to Stop Companies From Freezing Credit

Senator of the 48th District Andy Manar recently helped schools get funding thanks to the School Funding Reform.


Manar is not taking time to rest as now he is cosponsoring a bill that will stop companies from freezing credit reports due to questionable items that may be on it.



Manar says in some cases the companies would require payment for the freezing. Manar says he hopes Governor Rauner will sign this bill into law as it helps consumers.



Manar appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Miller Media Group President Celebrating 45 Years in Radio This Saturday

Miller Media Group president Randal J. Miller, will celebrate his 45th anniversary in the radio industry, on Saturday, June 23rd, with a live 4-hour show from 11am to 3pm on NEWSTALK WTIM THE BIG 870 across Central Illinois, 96-point-one FM in Christian County, and 107-point-5 FM in Shelby County.  The show will also be streamed live at taylorvilledailynews.com and on the WTIM mobile app.

Miller will visit with several people that have been of his career over the past 45 years.

Miller began his broadcasting career as a part-time announcer at the former WSHY AM and FM in Shelbyville.

Miller graduated from Shelbyville High School in 1973, and from Lake Land College in Mattoon in 1975 with an associate degree in applied science, majoring in radio and TV broadcasting.

After 9 years in the business, he built his first radio station, the former WRVI (FM) in Virden, in 1982.  Miller has built or bought 16 radio stations across northwest and central Illinois in his career, and currently owns 6 stations in the Taylorville/Pana/Shelbyville market, and 2 stations at Clinton.

Miller and his wife Cathy reside in Taylorville, where they've lived the last 26 years.

Battery Specialists Holds "Ride and Drive" Event Saturday; Miller Media Group Broadcasts Live

Battery Specialists Plus Golf Cars across from Taylorville High School, held a "Ride and Drive" Event, to showcase their street-legal golf cars, low speed vehicles and personal transportation vehicles, on Friday and Saturday.  Saturday's event included a live remote broadcast on Miller Media Group radio stations WTIM, WMKR, and WRAN.

Kyle Coker with Battery Specialists told Miller Media Group remote host Danny Russell, that street-legal golf cars are being allowed in more and more cities and towns across Illinois.

A drawing was held to give away 6 months' use of a street-legal vehicle inside the Taylorville city limits, or 500-dollars towards the purchase of a street-legal vehicle.  Taylorville mayor Bruce Barry drew the winning name live during the remote broadcast.

Battery Specialists Plus Golf Cars is located at 800 West Springfield Road, across from Taylorville High School.

Strasburg Boil Order Lifted

Strasburg Village Clerk Linda Oakley has informed Regional Radio News, that the boil order that was in effect for portions of the village, has been lifted.

The Ville Opens in Shelbyville

Saturday is the day that garden lovers have been looking forward to for weeks with the Garden Walk set to take place.


Steve Cekander is opening his new restaurant called The Ville in Shelbyville. Cekander says coming to Shelbyville was an easy decision with how great the community is.




Cekander says the menu at The Ville is great and they are getting some menu help from other local restaurants.



Cekander says the appetizers are a hot commodity at The Ville. The Philly Cheese-steak Fries are one of the top sellers.



Cekander appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Winner Drawn in Miller Media Group, Taylorville Home Source Gas Grill Giveaway

The Miller Media Group this afternoon, drew the winner in its Weber gas grill giveaway, which was co-sponsored by Taylorville Home Source.

The winner of a 399-dollar Weber gas grill is Richard Waller of Assumption.  Waller will be contacted by station officials to arrange a pickup date.

Participating sponsors registered those coming into their business, since mid-April.  They included Taylorville Home Source; Shelby Pro-Lube and Joe's Pizza, both in Shelbyville.

Thanks to all those who registered for the gas grill giveaway.

Shelby Electric Announces Planned Outage for Taylorville

UPDATE (1:17 PM): Shelby Electric Cooperative has announced that all repairs have been made and that power has been restored at it Taylorville Substation and to all Taylorville Residents.



Previously: The Taylorville Subsation of Shelby Electric Cooperative will be without power starting at 11 am due to a planned outage. This effects residents in and just outside of Taylorville. The planned outage, which is to make emergency repairs could last up to 2 hours.


According to Kevin Bernson, Media and Public Relations coordinator for Shelby Electric, the outage is necessary to make repairs caused by this week’s thunderstorms.



The emergency repairs should start around 11 am, Today, June 15th and last no more than 2 hours. If Taylorville residents have any comments or concerns, please contact the Shelby Electric Co-op at 800-677-2612.

Relay for Life on Friday

Relay for Life is tonight at Taylorville High School.


CEO of the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Patty Hornbuckle says Relay for Life is an event that residents will not want to miss with the Survivor Dinner starting at 4.



Hornbuckle says there is a ceremony that happens at Relay for Life that will stir emotions and bring everyone closer.



Hornbuckle appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Master Gardener Gets Sneak Peak at Garden Walk

Saturday is the day that garden lovers have been looking forward to for weeks with the Garden Walk set to take place.


Gwen Podeschi is a Master Gardener. She has been promoting the Garden Walk and says she got a preview of things to come last night during a walk through.



Residents coming out may be wondering how long they will be at each garden. Podeschi says it is easy to get lost in the beauty of the gardens.



When asked what was her favorite home to visit Podeschi says the question is unfair as all of the gardens are beautiful.




Podeschi appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Taylorville Looks to Expand STEM Opportunities for Students

The Taylorville Board of Education honored the Taylorville Junior High for their technological prowess at Monday night’s board meeting.


The Junior High recently received a nationwide award for its STEM lab, which focuses on providing junior high students with hands on technical experience with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


Taylorville Superintendent Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau credited the nationwide award to the hard work of students, faculty and the Junior High administration.



Fuerstenau explains that the STEM lab is just the beginning of STEM opportunities being afforded to Taylorville students, starting next year.



The Board of Education also approved several personal decisions, hiring of new staff, and turnover of departed staff in a closed session at Monday’s meeting. The next Board of Education meeting will be on July 9th.

Brian Thomas Named Resource Officer for Taylorville Schools

Taylorville schools are taking the necessary steps to make sure that their students are safe and come to school to learn instead of looking over their shoulders.


Superintendent of Taylorville Schools Dr. Gregg Firstenau says it is unfortunate what is happening to schools across the nation and he wants to take precautionary measures to make sure it does not happen in his schools.



Firstenau says at the administrative meeting they will discuss protocol. Firstenau hopes that students will feel free to speak directly to the Resource Officer if they see something wrong.



Firstenau appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


St. Louis Dairy Council Excited for National Dairy Month

June is National Dairy Month and the St. Louis Dairy Council is excited to spread some knowledge to residents about dairy.


Jill Williams with the St. Louis Dairy Council says Dairy Month is an exciting time around their company and says it is really a month to give thanks back to the farmers.




A healthy diet consists of three servings of dairy a day and most Americans are only getting two. Williams says there are some simple solutions to fixing this problem.



Williams appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Edinburg Issues Boil Order

A boil order has been issued for residents within the Village of Edinburg.


Edinburg Residents on Cook Street from Masonic to North Street and on Pleasant Street from Cook Street to Oakley and on North Street from Cook Street to Oakley.


Residents in the affected area are told to boil all water for drinking or culinary purposes for at least five minutes.


For more information, contact Mike Lebshier, Superintendent at (217) 623-5542.

AT&T Cell Service in Central Illinois Experiencing Outage Today

Regional Radio News has learned that A-T-and-T had problems with their cellular network in the Springfield area today.

It caused outages for those who have A-T-and-T cell service off of towers in and around Springfield.

Reported problems were mainly cell phone calls not being completed as dialed.

According to the web site "istheservicedown-dot-com", A-T-and-T's problems began around 6:30 local time this morning.  As of the noon hour today, the A-T-and-T problems persisted.

Strasburg Issues Another Boil Order

For the second time in less than a week, the Village of Strasburg in Shelby County has issued a boil order.


This is the Village of Strasburg’s third boil order since the start of the month of May.


According to Linda Oakley, Village Clerk for Strasburg, the Village is currently in the process of overhauling its old water system and replacing the old pipes with new, fresh pipes. However several times now, the construction crews tasked with putting in the new pipes have accidentally struck and caused a leak in the still in use water system. This has caused the Village to issue multiple Boil Orders to protect citizens while the leaks are fixed.


Oakley is hopeful the boil order could be lifted as soon as Thursday.


All residents of the village of Strasburg, and those residents in Shelby County who rely on the Village of Strasburg for their water supply, are urged to boil their water used for drinking and cooking purposes for five minutes before using.


For more information you can call Strasburg Village Hall at 217-644-3007. Stay tuned to the Miller Media Group of Stations for updates. 

Wedding Puts Exclamation Point on Problem Solving Court

On Friday, the Christian County Problem Solving Court honored their June graduating class of 5 residents who changed their lives and overcome addiction.


But it was a recent graduate who stole the show. Jason Domonousky was at the graduation ceremony as part of the 11 member December graduation class, who were expected to receive all criminal charges dropped against them for completing the six month post graduation program.


However instead he went down the aisle at Davis Memorial Church for a very different reason, a wedding. Presiding Judge over the Problem Solving Court, Brad Paisley explains how the secret wedding came together.



Jason and his bride Erin were legally wed by Judge Paisley at the ceremony with both of their children present. Jason also officially had his criminal charges dropped against him on Friday...quite the day.


YMCA Doing Sustaining Drive

Residents of Taylorville looking to a place to stay active can visit the local YMCA. For those who are unable to afford a membership there is still options available thanks to the sustaining drive.


Chris Wettenhiller is the Executive Director of the YMCA in Taylorville. He says the sustaining drive last year was a roaring success and this year he is expecting more of the same.



Wettenhiller says one of the big contibutors to the sustaining drive is the golf outing the YMCA puts together. This year the golf outing had a record turnout.



Wettenhiller appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Christian County Senior Citizens Variety Show June 15th

Friday June 15th marks the 31st Variety Show put on by the Christian County Senior Citizens Center.


Gerry Mahr with the Senior Citizens Center says this year the event will have plenty of old performers as well as some new ones.



Mahr says one of the talents has been performing at the Variety Show since its first year, 31 years ago.



Mahr says the event will start promptly at 6:30 but he advises residents get there early.



Residents are reminded to use the main entrance at the hospital as the auditorium entrance cannot be used.


Mahr appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.

Taylorville Kiwanis Induct New Member, Hear About Cooperative VBS at Weekly Luncheon

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club inducted their newest member, and heard about a cooperative church Vacation Bible School, during their weekly luncheon Tuesday.

Alex McClure was inducted as the newest member of the Kiwanis Club.  He was nominated by his grandfather and long-time Kiwanis member John McClure.

Cindy Diss from First United Methodist Church, was the program speaker, talking about the cooperative church Vacation Bible School that will be held from this coming Sunday, June 17th, thru Thursday, June 21st, at First United Methodist Church.  The effort is a cooperative one between her church, First Presbyterian Church, St. Mary's Catholic Church, and Davis Memorial Christian Church.

Diss feels like Vacation Bible School is important to communities.

Diss said the 4 churches have sponsored a joint Vacation Bible School in the community since 2011, with several hundred children attending in those years, and involving some 250 volunteers in that 7 year period.

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Memorial Hospital auditorium.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.


CAPTION TO PIX:  The Taylorville Kiwanis Club held their weekly luncheon on Tuesday at the Taylorville Memorial Hospital auditorium.  Those part of the day's events included Pastor Michael Evanchek, program chair for Tuesday's meeting; program speaker Cindy Diss talking about a cooperative church Vacation Bible School involving 4 local churches; newly-inducted Kiwanis member Alex McClure; Alex's grandfather, sponsor and long-time Kiwanis member John McClure; and Kiwanis president Martin Vota who presided at Tuesday's meeting.

The Rain Continues; Flash Flood Warning Continues


The rain continued across Central Illinois overnight, with some areas receiving as much as 8 inches since Saturday.  The National Weather Service has continued their Flash Flood Warning for the area.  


Crops were damaged as shown in the picture taken near Clarksdale.


This township road north of Clarksdale just off Illinois Route 48, was one of many that were flooded due to recent rains.




This field along Illinois Route 48 near Clarksdale, was among many fields flooded as a result of heavy rain the past few days.


The South Fork of the Sangamon River at the Illinois Route 48 bridge between Clarksdale and Taylorville, was also out of its banks Tuesday morning.

Budget, Construction On Board of Education Agenda

The Taylorville Board of Education held their monthly meeting Monday evening, and budget talks, nationwide awards and construction updates were on the agenda.


Taylorville Superintendent Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau explains that thanks to larger funding from the newly passed state budget, Taylorville actually pulled in more money than they spent this past year.



Fuerstenau says that the summer is a busy time for the school district even without students, renovations and repairs of the buildings and grounds become a main focus for the district.


The Board of Education also approved several personal decisions, hiring of new staff, and turnover of departed staff in a closed session at Monday’s meeting. The next Board of Education meeting will be on July 9th.

Christian County Historical Society and Museum Open Morrison House

The Morrison House had seen better days, is what residents used to be saying before the Morrison House got a renovation.


Maureen Bruns is with the Christian County Historical Society and Museum. She says the two story house is better than ever and ready for residents to come see it.



Bruns says if residents stop by to tour the new and improved Morrison House they will not be disappointed as this house has something for everyone.



Bruns advises residents coming in a bigger group to call ahead to schedule their tour.



Bruns appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Garden Walk This Saturday

This Saturday the Master Gardeners of Christian County are putting together an event that they know all gardeners will love.


Gwen Podeschi is with the Master Gardeners. She says their organization is buzzing with excitement with the Garden Walk taking place this Saturday.



Sharon Hill is also with the Master Gardeners. She wants residents to know where they can stop by to purchase their tickets.



Hill and Podeschi appeared as guests on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Limited Damage, Sporadic Flooding from Monday's Storm

No fatalities, minor damage and sporadic flooding is the report out of the Christian County Emergency Office for the Sunday night and Monday morning’s treacherous thunderstorms.


According to Christian County Emergency Management Office Director Mike Crews, while rain fall totaled 6 inches in some part of the county, it was nothing that Christian County was not ready for.


In times of crisis, emergency or inclement weather, you can reach the Christian County EMA at 217-287-7227. Please exercise caution on roadways throughout Monday evening and Tuesday morning, as roads still may be flooded.

Village of Strasburg Lifts Boil Order

The Village of Strasburg has lifted their boil order.


The Boil Order had been in effect since Friday afternoon.


All Village of Strasburg residents and Shelby County residents who rely on the village’s water supply are free to use as they wish as the Boil Order has been lifted.


For more information call Strasburg Village Hall at 217-644-3007.

Problem Solving Court Honors Graduates

5 local residents were honored for their work to improve their lives on Friday.


The Problem Solving court, which works to rehabilitate and give addicts the tools to improve their lives, announced their June graduation class on Friday. The 5 graduates, Nick Dyer, Kody Walters, Stephen Reiss, Nathan Cooper, and Bobbie Jo Abberely, completed the 24 month program and received their graduation diplomas at Davis Memorial Church.


Brad Paisley, presiding judge of the Problem Solving court, explains how the court attempts to intervene in resident’s lives.


Paisley, who also works as a circuit court judge in Christian County, says the best part of his job is graduation day for the problem solving court, because he has seen the progress made firsthand.



Also honored at Thursday’s ceremony was the 11 December graduates of the program, who all passed through the 6 month post treatment program, and had their drug charges officially dropped.

Shelbyville BBQ

Every year Shelbyville residents are invited to come out to the Shelby Fair Grounds to enjoy some of the best barbecue in town.


Danna Lewis is with the 4H group in Shelby county. She says there will be plenty of barbecue to go around.



Lewis says not only is there plenty to go around but there are two great deals that she encourages each resident to take advantage of.



Lewis appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show live from our downtown Shelbyville studios.


Central A&M Schools Renovating

In the last couple of months residents have seen news about all the money that Illinois school districts are getting from the school funding reform.


Deann Heck is the Superintendent for Central A&M Schools. She says with the money they are receiving they are planning on making some renovations to the district.



Heck says there is more than only problem to tackle when it comes to the renovations.



Heck appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Mostacholi Dinner at THS Sunday

On Sunday June 9th the Quarterbacks Club is hosting a mostacholi dinner in hopes to help raise money for the new turf field being installed on the football field.


Lee Mateer heads the Tornado Alley Turf Campaign. He says this is the perfect opportunity for residents that didn't want to be a bronze, silver, or gold sponsor but still wanted to contribute.



Mateer says residents can come to Taylorville High School starting at 11 in the morning.



Mateer says there is an auction and some raffles as well that residents should stop by and see as well.



Mateer appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


HSHS Good Shepherd Moving Physician services

HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital in Shelbyville is putting patients first with a change in out patient care.


The hospital will be moving its physician services to the ground floor of the hospital, allowing easier access for patients, Marketing Coordinator Glenda Plunkett says.



The move affects almost all major departments and is a positive change the hospital has been hoping to make for a long time says Plunkett.


The only service which will not be relocating is EMG, with Rana Mahmood, M.D. That office will still be located on the third floor.

Village of Strasburg Under Boil Order

The Village of Strasburg is under a boil order until further notice.


All residents of Strasburg are urged to boil water used for drinking and cooking purposes, for five minutes before using. For more information please call Strasburg Village Hall at 217-644-3007



Details will be updated as they become available.



Bob Ridings Makes Huge Donation to Help Veterans

Bob Ridings Car Dealerships made a major impact for local veterans on Thursday.


A giant, SUV sized impact.


Bob Ridings presented 10,500 dollar donation to Operation Honor Guard on Thursday. 6 Bob Ridings locations around Central Illinois, including the dealerships in Taylorville and Pana, donated a portion of each sale in the month of May to the charity organization which helps fund local veteran’s honor guard teams across the state.


Rich Darby, the founder of Operation Honor Guard says the donation is larger than he could have ever imagined.



Bob Ridings, owner of all 6 Bob Ridings dealerships, explains that he thought honor guards were funded by the government, and that he was shocked to find out the costs associated with the groups. That is when Ridings and his team decided to find a wat ro help.


Darby says seeing this type of donation reaffirms his belief that America supports and loves its veterans.


The donation will be split among 6 honor guards in Jacksonville, Pana, Decatur, Monticello, Lincoln and Taylorville, with each group receiving 1,750 dollars. To find out more information about Operation Honor Guard, visit their website at OperationHonorGuard.us

Relay For Life in Christian County

Relay for Life for Christian County has an event coming up soon, and all residents are invited and urged to attend this good cause.


CEO of the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Patty Hornbuckle says residents need to RSVP for the event.



Hornbuckle says for residents who are unable to attend the event but still want to offer a donation there are options available to make that contribution.



Hornbuckle appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


U of I Extension having Ag Workshop for Teachers

The University of Illinois Extension is putting on a Summer Agriculture Institute Educator Workshop in the coming weeks.


Charlotte Schuricht is the Agriculture Literacy Program Coordinator for the Extension. She says while most people see agriculture as a science this program invites teachers of all subjects to come and learn how to take this back to their classrooms.



Schuricht says the deadline to register is coming up and while they are already expecting a good turn out there is still room for more.



Schuricht appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Non-Food Craft Vendor Forms Available for 33rd Annual Greater Taylorville Chamber Chillifest

Non-food craft vendor forms are now available for the 2018 Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chillifest.

The fee to participate in the 2-day event is 60-dollars per booth, for non-food craft vendors, with an additional fee for electricity.
Food vendor registration forms will be released at a later date.

The completed registration form and fees, must arrive at the Chamber office on the 2nd floor of the U-S Bank building on the south side of the Taylorville square, by September 28th. 

The forms are available on-line at chillifest-dot-info, that's chillifest with 2-L's, or at the Chamber office.

The  33rd annual Greater Taylorville Chamber Chillifest takes place on the Square October 6th and 7th. 

Steak N' Shake Progress Continues

Plans for the new Steak N’ Shake restaurant continue to move forward, just on a slower pace than both parties would like.


Both the City of Taylorville and the prospective owners of the restaurant, set to be situated in the new TIFF district on Taylorville’s Northwest side, continue to gather more information. The new Steak N’ Shake is hoping for infrastructure repairs to be made in the area.


Mayor Bruce Barry says while the development process has been slow, progress is being made and the city is confident that Steak N Shake will be a reality, sooner rather than later.



The new Steak N Shake site was one of the topics discussed at Monday night’s city council meeting. The City Council’s next meeting is June 13th.

Bourne Weighs in on Governor's Race

Republican Governor Bruce Rauner will be a rare incumbent underdog come election day in November.


Rauner barely survived a difficult primary against State Representative Jeanne Ives, beating Ives by just two points, and now faces the task of fending off Billionaire Democratic candidate JB Pritzker for the Governor’s mansion.


However despite what some perceived to be as a difficult first term as Governor, and downstate republicans are fully supporting Rauner in the November election. 95th district representative Avery Bourne of Litchfield says she believes Rauner is still the right man for the job and blames democrats for not allowing Rauner to suceed.



Bourne says that despite her disagreements with the governor on certain issues, the stakes of this election are too high to let that dissuade her from supporting Rauner.



Election day is November 6th.

Doug Quick Comes Home

Pictures on the Prairie the First Ten Years of Mid-Illinois Television has been on the shelf for a couple of months.


Author and broadcaster Doug Quick got his start in the business in 1974 at WTIM, a Miller Media Group station. Quick says his passion for TV and history started at an early age.



Quick says the process of writing this book was a difficult one that spanned over 13 years, and included him having to bounce around on topics in the book. One chapter in the book had a 6 month break in writing from start to finish.



Quick appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Barry Believes Sanitary Contract is a Positive

The Taylorville City and the Taylorville Sanitary District have a new five year intergovernmental cooperation contract through 2023. But the deal came after a series of lengthy and intense discussion at Monday night’s Taylorville City Council meeting.


Mayor Bruce Barry was a major proponent of the deal, noting that as a former President of the Sanitary District, he thinks the current agreement, which sees the District pay the city 60,000 dollars a year for billing purposes is fair to both sides.


While some, including alderman Martin Vota wanted to have the city to have the leverage to review the contract after each year to see if the costs of the billing were rising beyond the 60,000 dollar payments. Barry sees the billing as an easy step that leads to government cooperation since the two organizations bill nearly all the same residents.



The new contract agreement passed 6-1 with only Vota voting against the measure at Monday’s City Council meeting.

Congressman Davis on Immigration

The Reagan Administration tried to deal with immigration in 1986. 32 years later congress is still trying to find a way to handle it.


Congressman Rodney Davis is the Representative for the 13th District of Illinois. He says first things first there needs to be a deterrent to stop immigration.



Davis says DACA kids also need to be kept in mind as well to give them every opportunity to legally become citizens.



Davis appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Central Illinois Foodbank Takeaways From Agency Conference

Central Illinois Foodbank is doing everything in their power to fight hunger throughout Illinois. In April they had the opportunity to gather with other foodbanks at the Agency Conference.


Ashley Earnest is the Public Relations Manager for the Central Illinois Foodbank. She says over the practice is a great way to network as well as pick up new ideas.



Earnest says one of her biggest takeaways from the event was just all of the people she was able to meet and learn from.



Earnest appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


Taylorville Kiwanis Review Committee Work for Children and Youth at Weekly Luncheon

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club held their monthly business meeting, during their weekly luncheon Tuesday.

Committee chairs reported on various projects taking place to benefit children and youth in the Taylorville community.

Maintenance work at Kiwanis Park continues, with the firepit the focus in coming days.

Several Taylorville Kiwanis members will be attending upcoming Kiwanis Interclub meetings in Raymond and Girard.

Kiwanis Spiritual Aims chair Dick Wamsley reported over 50 people attended the annual Kiwanis Prayer Luncheon in May.

And, the board approved a fund raiser at this year's Greater Taylorville Chamber Chillifest.  It'll be the first time in many years, that the club has worked to raise funds for Kiwanis projects at this event.

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Memorial Hospital auditorium.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.

City Council Talks Steak N' Shake, Sanitary District

The Taylorville City Council held their bi-monthly meeting on Monday June 4th and several topics were discussed.


Plans for the new Steak N’ Shake restaurant continue to be methodically move forward, as both the City and the prospective owners of the restaurant, set to be situated in the new TIFF district on Taylorville’s Northwest side, continue to gather more information. The new Steak N’ Shake is hoping for infrastructure repairs to be made in the area.


The Taylorville Sanitary District and the city have reached a new intergovernmental cooperation agreement, but only after major deliberations and negotiations between the two sides. The five year deal will run through 2023, and was the only measure on the night not to pass unanimously as alderman Martin Vota voted against the deal, noting his objection stemmed from the automatic renewal of the contract each year. Vota wanted the city the ability to look and decide on the renewal of the contract after each year.


In addition the city approved permits for the annual Chillifest and Taylorville High School homecoming parade in October.


The next City Council meeting will be on June 18th at 7 p.m at the Municipal Building in Taylorville.

Legalization of Marijuana a November Topic

The Legalization of Marijuana is a hot topic across the United States. The drug has currently been legalized for recreational use in 8 states and 22 states have legalized some form of cannabis for medical use.


In March, voters in Cook County overwhelming passed a non binding referendum in favor legalizing recreational marijuana. Since then discussions have taken place in Springfield about passing of a law, but no vote has taken place.


Republican State Representative Avery Bourne of Litchfield, says that she has not made up her mind on the issue, but wants the idea to be discussed as a policy issue, rather than a financial incentive.



Bourne believes the legalization of marijuana could be voted on during the next session in Springfield in November. Sitting Govenor Bruce Rauner has publicly said he is against legalization, while Democratic Candidate J.B Pritzker is openly campaigning on decriminalizing and legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Bourne says the discussion is one worth having with her constituents.


Election day is November 6th and the veto session will begin for 6 days on November 13th.

Moweaqua Pow Wow Starts June 7th

The Moweaqua Pow Wow kicks off a four day celebration Thursday, June 7th and lasts till Sunday night.


Cinda Villanueva is a promoter for the Pow Wow, she says she is most looking forward to a new event going on this year.



Villanueva says for while adults cannot participate in the doughnut eating contest there is a hot dog eating contest for those who wish to compete.



Villanueva appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.

Taylorville Hosts Blood Drive Today

The Taylorville community is looking to help those in need Today

Taylorville is hosting a blood drive Today, June 5th, from 4 to 7 pm at Fellowship Hall at 1500 West Franklin in Taylorville.

The blood drive is run by the Central Illinois Blood Center, which is the exclusive blood provider to both Taylorville Memorial and Pana Community Hospitals. In addition blood donated on Tuesday will help residents in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin.

Donating blood takes about 45 minutes to an hour, and those with diabetes or controlled high blood pressure may be accepted as donors. You must be of 17 years of age or older to donate.


A photo ID is required to donate blood at the Fellowship Hall location in Taylorville and the blood drive runs from 4 to 7 Today.


For more information, you can call the CICBC at 1-800-747-5401.

QB Club Excited for New Turf

The Quarterbacks Club has been raising money for a turf field for months. They are now finally seeing that work pay off as ground has been broken to renovate the field.


Lee Mateer is with the Quarterbacks Club and is in charge of the Tornado Alley Turf Campaign. He says it was crucial that the turf field be done by a local business.



Mateer says while it is the football field that is getting the turf, the impact is not limited to the football team.



Mateer appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.

Shelbyville Health Department Schedules Back to School Exams

Back to School physical check ups are right around the corner for Shelby County residents.


Boys and Girls’ physical examinations will be held on Thursday, June 21st at 9 a.m at Moulton Middle School in Shelbyville.


The examinations are required for all students entering Kindergarten, 6th grade and 9th grade. They also required for all students participating in school sponsored athletics. Kindergarten students are asked to bring their vaccination record to the physical exam.


The physical examinations will be performed by the Shelby County Health department, and there is a 20 dollar fee for the exam.


For more information call the Shelbyville County Health Department at 217-774-9955.

Bourne Approves Illinois Budget Passage

For the first time in Governor Bruce Rauner’s tenure, Illinois Lawmakers have sent a full, complete and on time budget to the governor's desk.


The budget passed through Springfield on Thursday with flying colors thanks to bipartisan compromise that saw both sides of the aisle working together to get an on time budget passed in the waning hours of the legislative session. It is the first on time budget since 2014 in the state of Illinois.


95th district state representative Avery Bourne of Litchfield says that while passing the budget on time is a good first step, passing a balanced budget is even more important to her.



Bourne says that while passing the budget on time for the first time in her legislative career is an accomplishment, it should be expected and not celebrated.

The budget now heads to the governor’s desk where Bourne says she is hopeful that Govenor Rauner will sign the budget into law.


The budget, totalling 38.5 billion of spending, passed by a 54-2 in the state senate and a 97-18 vote in the House.

Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Newest Member Helping Women and Children

The Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce is set to add yet another member this summer. That brings their total to three.


CEO of the Chamber Patty Hornbuckle says the newest member focuses on helping women and children in need.



Hornbuckle says this is not a place for people that need a warm bed for the night, the average stay in much longer than that.



Hornbuckle appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.

As the Weather Heats Up Drink Plenty of Water

After a harsh beginning to April residents of Christian and Shelby County are thinking that spring was skipped all together with how hot May has been.


Mike Queary is the Manager of the Emergency Department for HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital. He says one of the best things you can do when outside is drink plenty of water.



Queary says if residents should take a break from being outside and when they come inside steer clear of pop.



Queary appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show live from our downtown Shelbyville studios.

Bike Safety to be Promoted at Summer on the Square

Summer on Square is coming up this weekend and one local organization is looking to make an impact and keep people safe.


Bud Aldman is the Vice Chairman of the Lincoln Prairie Trail Conservatory. The non profit will be at Summer on the Square, and Aldman says the want to keep bike riders safe and hope that by setting up a tent and talking to parents and children in the community, they can.

Aldman says in addition to bike safety the group is also planning to give away a brand new custom built bicycle at the event.



Summer on the square takes place at the Taylorville Farmer’s market on June 2nd


Shelbyville has Fishing Competition for Kids

On Saturday the US Corps of Engineers is helping put on a fishing tournament in Shelbyville.


Natural Resources Specialist with the US Corps of Engineers Ashley Florey says the pond is ready for the kids to catch some fish.



Florey says to make the competition more fair the kids will be fishing in three different age groups.



Florey appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show live from our downtown Shelbyville studios.

Taylorville Gears Up for Pow Wow

The 17th Annual Taylorville Blackhorse Inter-tribal Pow Wow rolls into its second day on Saturday.

The annual event takes place at the Lake Marina in Taylorville starts at 9am on both Saturday and Sunday and features entertainment, authentic Sioux  food booth and dancing contests. The Pow Wow kicked off on Friday with an evening all you-can-eat chicken dinner.

The event is run by Fred “Blackhorse” Dubai , and features performers such as two time Native Academy Award winner musician Arvel Bird, who will play the fiddle, flute and sing for the guests, and singer Jim “Rosebud Sioux” Young.

The event will also include a drum circle, native dancers and, on Saturday, a free all-you-can eat feast. The event is family friendly and open to the public. Admission is free all weekend long.


Taylorville Baseball Makes Major League Memory

Students from Taylorville High School felt like big leaguers on Tuesday.


The Taylorville High School Tornadoes baseball team played their final game of the season at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, home of the St. Louis Cardinals.


The game was the product of years of hard work and organization according to Taylorville Athletic Director Paul Held says.



Held explains that the excitement to play at Busch Stadium was high among, players, parents and supporters, and to have the senior class play their final high school baseball game at a major league stadium was a truly memorable and amazing experience.



Taylorville dropped the game 11-1 to a 26 win Columbia Eagles team, but Held says that to see the Taylorville Purple and Gold spread across Busch Stadium is a memory he will hold for a lifetime.


Taylorville finishes the 2018 season at 6-24 but with a major league memory to remember.



Taylorville Jr. High School Wins Nationwide Award

Taylorville Jr. High School has received a major nationwide technology award.

District Administration Magazine is honoring 22 schools and districts nationwide for education technology initiatives as part of the Schools of TechXcellence program.


TechXcellence was created by District Administration Magazine, and sponsored by HP and Intel, to recognize schools that have implemented innovative, effective and replicable technology programs that contribute meaningfully to student or operational success. The June 2018 honorees were selected by the program’s judges from numerous nominations, and reflect programs that demonstrate effective and replicable success.

The STEM lab at Taylorville Jr. High allows students the opportunities to work on projects the way they would in a real world setting. The students are immersed in the sensation of what it is like to actually participate in activities, rather than read about them in a book.  Students have a deeper understanding of the concepts they are studying, while the tools available at TJHS encourage students to take the lead in the learning process and give them opportunities to learn how to use the latest technology in solving problems.  

The Taylorville Jr. High School initiative underscores the importance of embracing technology as part of the education process moving forward in the 21st century.


What these stories tell us is that students are excited to use the latest devices and applications as part of their education, which is fueled by the vision and drive of teachers, principals and district leaders,” says JD Solomon, editorial director at District Administration Magazine.


To view a full list of honorees and to learn how to apply for future rounds of TechXcellence, visit www.districtadministration.com/techx.


Two Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies Coming Soon

The Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce is always excited to get new members and in the coming weeks they will be having two separate ribbon cutting ceremonies to welcome two new members.


CEO of the Chamber Patty Hornbuckle says residents need to mark their calendar for the first ribbon cutting ceremony coming in the middle on June.



Hornbuckle says the second ribbon cutting ceremony should be one for the ages as the ceremony will take place the same time this business is hosting Business After Hours.



Hornbuckle appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.

Mayor Barry Feels Good Steak N' Shake Coming to Town

By the end of the year Taylorville residents are hoping to see a Steak N’ Shake in the new TIF District.


Mayor Barry has been a key player in possibly bringing the restaurant to Taylorvile. As of right now Barry says he is about 97% sure it will go through.



Barry says one reason for the hold up is the fact that Steak N’ Shake has never really gone into a smaller community not next to an interstate.



Barry appeared as a guest on the NewsTalk WTIM Morning Show.


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