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Christian County CEO Holds Annual Trade Show Saturday


The 2020-21 Christian County C-E-O Class climaxed their school year on Saturday when they presented the businesses they created during the annual C-E-O Trade Show.  This year, it was held at the Expo Building on the Christian County Fairgrounds.



C-E-O Facilitator Dick Adams said the word "adversity" would best describe what the C-E-O students went thru this year.



Adams added this year's class officially ends on Wednesday of this week.




Find out about this year's Christian County C-E-O Class, and a link for next year's high school seniors to apply, all at "christiancountyceo-dot-com."


Second Kiwanis Club Drive Thru Donation Day For Taylorville Food Pantry Sees Slow Start, Finishes Strong

The Miller Media Group and the Taylorville Kiwanis Club are teamed again to benefit the Taylorville Food Pantry by doing Drive Thru Donation Days through the month of May. The goal is to collect non-perishable food and monetary donations to be given to the Taylorville Food Pantry. The second Drive Thru Donation day started slow, but finished strong with $280 in donations and some food was collected. 


Kiwanis members Bill Kerns and Dick Wamsley donated their time for the Drive Thru Donation Day. Kerns says that any donation helps. 



Wamsley says that this is important because people have a need for it. 



The second Saturday Kiwanis Drive Thru Donation Day monetary and food donations will help the Taylorville Food Pantry. The Donation Days continue next Saturday, May 15th, from 9 until 1 pm. If you’d like information on how to donate, visit the Taylorville Food Pantry Facebook Page.


U Of I Extension Is Hosting A Virtual Tree Walk Next Week

The end of the pandemic may seem closer than ever, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. Things like the University of Illinois Tree Walk of Bremer Sanctuary in Hillsboro, run by Horticulture Educator Andrew Holsinger, are still going to be virtual. Holsinger says this free virtual event will be held on May 12th.



This tree walk will be done over Zoom and Holsinger will be providing pictures and video in place of walking around and seeing the trees.



For an event that focuses on identifying trees based on characteristics, a virtual experience might seem like it hinders the learning. Holsinger explains that he doesn’t believe that to be the case.



When it comes to deciphering which tree is which, Holsinger says the leaves and bark are very important.



Holsinger appeared as a guest on WTIM, Your Information Station.


Food Banks Working On Eliminating Stigma's

Food banks need to not just be a focus during COVID, but should be a focus at all times. With food banks letting people having choice is extremely important. Adam Handy, Partner Resource Coordinator with the Central Illinois Foodbank, says that choice can make people feel comfortable who have to use the food bank. 



Amy Hagen is the co-coordinator with the Taylorville Food Pantry and she says that people come at all times due to perception.



Hagen says you never know when you may need the food bank. She says you don’t have to come every month. If you need it, then you need it and that’s OK. 



Hagen says that they are there to meet those needs, whatever they are. Handy and Hagen appeared as a guest on WTIM, Your Information Station.


Angelo's And Greater Taylorville Chamber Of Commerce To Host New Event On Monday

In an attempt to continue to grow the business community in Taylorville, the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce and its members are constantly trying to come up with new ideas. Sarah Van Huss with the Chamber says one of those new ideas has become an actual plan. It’s called the Meet and Eat and it will be held on Monday at Angelo’s.



Owner of Angelo’s, J.I. McDowell couldn’t be more excited, not only hosting the event, but what might conversation might come out of putting business leaders into one room.



This is just the first week. McDowell is happy to be hosting, but he hopes other Chamber member restaurants will host this lunch event in the future.



Sharing ideas over food is the best way to do it, according to Van Huss.



Van Huss and McDowell appeared as guests on WTIM, Your Information Station.


Republicans Locked Out Of Redistricting

Republicans are being locked out of helping with legislative map-drawing when it comes to redistricting.  Redistricting, which occurs every ten years is based on the census and helps with voting. Republicans including State Representative Avery Bourne say that they are being kept out of the process which is another sign of corruption from state democrats. 



Despite the documented evidence from Illinois Democratic leaders including State Governor JB Pritzker and House Speaker Chris Welch asking for a fair process, they are still doing the map through partisanship. Representative Bourne asked Governor Pritzker where the fairness went.



House Republicans want transparency and say that they are being kept out of what should be a fair and open process.



Behind closed doors, Speaker Chris Welch is showing members one-by-one where the lines of their new districts could be drawn. 


State Recognizes National Nurses Week

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) along with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) is working with the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) to wish a thank you to Nurses in recognition of the start of National Nurses Week. There are currently more than 230,000 nurses who hold Illinois Licenses. 


Nurses have been fighting at the front lines of COVID-19 and have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic and Dr. Ngozi Ezike, Director of the IDPH says that the pandemic would have been very different without the hard work put forth by nurses all over the state. Illinois has taken proactive steps to increase the number of health care professionals in the workforce. In March IDFPR issued a variance allowing Illinois nurses whose licenses were inactive or expired to meet a set of criteria to restore their licenses temporarily during the pandemic.


IDFPR also allowed out-of-state nurses to provide care to Illinois residents affected by the pandemic and almost 9,500 additional nurses are now allowed to provide care in Illinois. National Nurses Week was first observed in 1954 and the week continues in 2021 with celebrating our nurses. You can help nurses in the battle against COVID by taking preventative steps like washing your hands and staying home when you’re sick, following state guidance regarding COVID-19 including face coverings, and schedule and receive your vaccine.


For more information on COVID-19 visit https://coronavirus.illinois.gov/s/. The Vaccine Appointment Call Center's phone number is 1-833-621-1284. 


Tornado Confirmed In Area; Damages To Kemmerer Village Reported

A tornado went through parts of Christian County and Shelby County damaging parts of Kemmerer Village in Assumption. Dawn Sabol, Director of Kemmerer Village tells Regional Radio News that there were windows blown out, big branches off trees, and a small uprooted tree. The tornado moved a couple of vehicles into each other and there was some roof damage as well. Sabol says there were no injuries from the tornado and the storm was over before the warnings even came in. The tornado touched down briefly around 2:10 PM. 


Boil Order Lifted For Edinburg

A boil order that was in effect for parts of the Village of Edinburg has been lifted.


Loving Arms Pregnancy Center Is A Resource For Those Who Need It

Pregnancy is something that instantly transforms lives, especially if it’s not planned. In those times, it’s good to know someone is there. Cathy Coker is the Executive Director of Loving Arms Pregnancy Center, and she explains they offer a lot of services to help those in need.



Loving Arms is able to offer all of their services for free because of donors and grant programs. Coker shares that they can help from the beginning with pregnancy tests. 



There are classes offered to help potential parents make informed decisions and Coker says they can earn something called ‘mommy and daddy bucks’ which can be very helpful down the road.



Coker shares there is also classes offered to teach abstinence, but it goes under a different name.



Coker appeared as a guest on WTIM, Your Information Station.


Nature Explorers Spin Club Being Offered Again By U of I Extension Office

Last month the University of Illinois Extension office offered what they call a Nature Explorers Spin Club activity. Sara Marten, 4-H Youth Development Educator, says that it was so popular in April, they are offering it again in May.



Marten explains this is a different kind of event than they usually do because this puts the timetable in the hands of the participants. 



Since the kids are tasked with completing this on their own there isn’t any obvious room for instructors to be involved. Marten says that is where technology comes in.



There will be a few differences in what supplies the U of I Extension Office can give out this time around. 



Marten appeared as a guest on WTIM, Your Information Station.


Redistricting In Illinois Is An Ongoing Battle

Illinois lost a seat in Congress once again following the census. Congressman Rodney Davis says this is not a new trend, but there isn’t much he can do. The power to draw the redistricting maps with the loss of that seat is in the hands of the majority party.



Even in his own district, Congressman Davis explains, it wasn’t drawn up for a Republican to win.



Governor JB Pritzker made a promise to not sign a gerrymandered map, a promise Congressman Davis says was broken last week. This is not a new issue, though. Congressman Davis has been fighting for fair maps for a long time.



Congressman Davis appeared as a guest on WTIM, Your Information Station.


Republicans Frustrated With Redistricting; Dems Looking For Public Input

Republicans continue to be frustrated with Governor JB Pritzker who has backtracked on a campaign promise not to impact legislative redistricting but to have an outside company do it. Republicans are accusing Pritzker of continuing the long line of corruption in Illinois politics. In 2018, when candidate JB Pritzker was running for office, he said he would veto any legislative redistricting map drawn by politicians.  


When asked about it, Governor Pritzker said he would pledge to veto, amending the constitution in order to create an independent commission to draw legislative maps and urging both Democrats and Republicans to agree to an independent commission to handle creating a new legislative map that reflected the gender, racial, and geographical diversities of Illinois. 


Last week, Governor Pritzker backed away from his campaign pledge saying that upon receiving a map drawn by the Democrats who control the General Assembly, that he would be looking to it for fairness. State Representative Avery Bourne says that she is disappointed.



Bourne also says that Governor Pritzker is still very angry that his tax proposal was defeated last November when Governor Pritzker blamed the loss on taxpayers for not trusting the government.



Meanwhile, Democrats are encouraging Illinois residents to provide their own input into redistricting by taking advantage of a new online map that people can submit proposed legislative boundaries in before May 10. The Public Drawing Portal can be accessed at www.ilsenateredistricting.com and www.ilhousedems.com/redistricting.  While each state has a unique process for redistricting, legislative districts must conform to several standards including the voting rights act of 1965. 


In Illinois, legislative redistricting maps must also meet four requirements including being substantially equal in population, provide adequate representation to minorities and other special interests, be compact and contiguous, and meet all legal requirements regarding political fairness.


Taylorville Kiwanis Review Efforts Benefiting Children and Youth at Weekly Meeting

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club reviewed their many efforts for children and youth in the Taylorville community, during their weekly meeting Tuesday at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.  


Club committee chairs reported on several fund raisers and other events.  Treasurer Blain Cornwell reported that the recent Pancake and Sausage Breakfast netted the club approximately 2-thousand dollars, and event committee member Dick Wamsley reported some 320 people either ate in or purchased drive-thru orders.  The club thanks the Taylorville community for the great turnout.  The Kiwanis Board decided at their Tuesday board meeting, to make the last Saturday in April, the annual event date for the breakfast after last month’s success.


The Kiwanis Club will again be providing volunteers for the upcoming July 17th Bike Rodeo, assisting the event’s organizer the Prairie Trail Bike Conservancy.


Club members Blain Cornwell and Dennis Barnard, are co-chairing a committee to secure club members to earn money for club projects, by working a day at one of the gates at this year’s Illinois State Fair.


Club Spiritual Aims chair Dick Wamsley told the club plans have been finalized for the annual Kiwanis Prayer Luncheon taking place Tuesday, May 25th at noon, in place of a weekly meeting.  An “Outstanding Spiritual Leader” in the Taylorville community, will be awarded that day by the Kiwanis Club.


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.       


Pana Man Leads Police/US Marshal's On Wild Chase

A man is in custody after a traffic stop led to a police chase in Pana. On Tuesday, US Marshals were in Pana to assist in locating a subject wanted for multiple warrants including an IDOC parole violation warrant. At 4:30 PM, the subject was identified leaving a location in Pana.  A Pana Police Officer attempted to make a traffic stop on the vehicle while assisting the Marshals. The vehicle failed to stop and fled out of Pana on 2500 East Road northbound.  The vehicle led Police on a chase and returned to Pana violating numerous traffic laws while failing to stop for police. 


At 4:39 PM the vehicle exited the roadway at Sheridan and Magnolia Street with the driver fleeing southbound on foot. US Marshals took both the driver and passenger into custody. 21-year-old Quentin J. McKittrick and 27-year-old Colby D. Coleman were taken into custody. McKittrick was charged with an IDOC parole warrant, a Christian County Warrant for FTA possession of meth, aggravated fleeing/eluding police, resisting arrest, no valid driver’s license, and other traffic-related violations. Coleman was taken into custody and later released after further investigation.


Additional charges were filed against McKittrick after the Pana Police Department investigated including theft/possession of a stolen vehicle, burglary, multiple counts of criminal damage to vehicle and criminal damage to property and battery. McKittrick is set to appear in court on Thursday for a pretrial hearing continuance. 


Boil Order In Effect For Parts Of Edinburg

The Village of Edinburg has issued a boil order at 5 AM on Wednesday. The public Water Supply issued the boil order for customers locatedWest Washington Street from Eaten Street to Cook Street. Water supply personnel will return the system to normal operation as soon as possible after bacteriological samples demonstrate that the water is safe for domestic use. Customers in the affected are encouraged to treat all water for drinking or culinary purposes by bringing it to a rolling boil for at least 5 minutes.  For more information contact Superintendent Mike Lebshier at 623-5542.


Man Involved In Deadly DUI Arrested; Held On No Bond

A man who killed two people in a DUI accident appeared in court on Wednesday after he was arrested on Tuesday on a warrant. Robert Hodson appeared in court Wednesday morning via zoom from the Christian County Jail. The state filed a petition to modify bond and a no bond warrant was issued which is the reason Hodson was arrested. The state is allowed to keep Hodson up to ten days without bond.  John Sharp, the attorney for Hodson, said that he wasn’t aware of the no bond warrant. Hodson’s next court appearance and first appearance in court and the hearing for the petition is set for 10:30 AM on Monday, May 10th. Hodson was arrested for aggravated DUI/death after a vehicle crash left two dead on April 8th on Route 48. 


CCQMA To Hold Arrive And Drive On Friday

Taylorville has a lot of really cool places that many people may not realize exist. One of those is a place for kids to race. President of the Christian County Quarter Midget Association, Andy Gregory, says they are one of the best secrets in the community.



Quarter Midgets are the type of racing vehicle used at their track. Gregory explains what that looks like. 



There are kids who start racing with the CCQMA at the age of 5, which Gregory thinks really helps them to learn things like decision making.



For anyone interested, Gregory says there is an Arrive and Drive event happening on Friday.



Gregory appeared as a guest on WTIM, Your Information Station.


Volunteering And Donating The Right Kind Of Food Is Very Important For The Central Illinois Foodbank

Food pantries have played a big role throughout the pandemic. With the grant programs winding down, the time to step up and donate is now. Adam Handy, Partner Resource Coordinator with the Central Illinois Foodbank, says that getting the right kind of food donated is very important.



Amy Hagen is the co-coordinator with the Taylorville Food Pantry says that getting the right food is something she sees at the local level.



Getting volunteers is very important for food pantries, just like getting donations are. Handy points out that it’s not a difficult process to become a volunteer.



Volunteering at the Taylorville Food Pantry is that easy. Hagen says they never turn away potential volunteers. 



Handy and Hagen appeared as a guest on WTIM, Your Information Station.


State Of Illinois Getting Caught Up On Debt

The state of Illinois is getting back on track when it comes to unpaid bills.  According to State comptroller, Susana Mendoza, the state’s backlog of nearly $17 billion dollars in 2017 of back-paid bills has been brought down to just $3.5 billion this week. Vouchers that are being paid to vendors and providers of goods and services are dated April 26th, and the state is paying it’s bills as they come in. This is a welcome sign for a state that has been absolutely reeling from a massive deficit and has struggled in the past to make payments on time.


$3.5 billion is still locked up, owed to other branches of government, group health insurance bills, and other invoices but Comptroller Mendoza says that’s pretty standard in the private industry. Comptroller Mendoza blamed the previous administration for the massive debt saying that under the Bruce Rauner administration, the State was paying nursing homes and hospice centers up to a year late. 


Comptroller Mendoza says one way that they have been able to get ahead on bills is by the monthly Debt Transparency Reports that was initiated in 2017. This has allowed the state to better manage its checkbook. She says that although the backlog of bills is pretty low, does not mean that the state has overcome fiscal challenges. 


Mendoza insists that the legislation must craft a balanced state budget for the fiscal year 2022 without depending on the federal government. You can find the most recent debt transparency report by clicking here.


Congressman Rodney Davis Pushes For Constituents To Get The Vaccine

Vaccination numbers seem to be plateauing for the time being. With the light at the end of the tunnel seemingly in sight the more who choose to get vaccinated, the more things in the community can open up. Congressman Rodney Davis’ message about it is simple: go get the vaccine.



When it comes to the Johnson and Johnson vaccine being momentarily paused, Congressman Davis believes it’s perfectly safe. He says if it were any other vaccine the reports wouldn’t have been given a second thought, let alone stop distribution.



It can seem like the requirements to open back up are changing constantly. Congressman Davis says at the end of the say, the science doesn’t lie. 



The reality is that the economies will have to open back up soon. Congressman Davis says there isn’t much of an option in that. 



Congressman Davis appeared as a guest on WTIM, Your Information Station.


Taylorville Man Shares His Story Of His Fight With COVID-19

A Taylorville man is sharing his story after dealing with COVID-19. Bill Jones of Taylorville was out hunting. Everything seemed to be fine. He was able to walk ½ mile to his stand, shoot a deer, haul the carcass back. However, in the days that followed, Jones started getting sick. He thought he had bronchitis feeling symptoms like shortness of breath, a cough, pressure in his chest, and feeling like a cold might be developing. A visit to the doctor confirmed his fears. He had COVID-19.


Jones would eventually spend ten days in the hospital at Taylorville Memorial Hospital. Jones's wife would also test positive for the virus and was admitted at the same time. She has since fully recovered. In the five months since Jones tested positive, he has been hospitalized twice with serious lung problems.  He is currently participating in pulmonary rehab therapy sessions and has been unable to return to his job of more than 20 years with the Street and Sewer Department.


He says that right now thanks to COVID he’s basically living on one lung and can walk 20 feet before his oxygen levels get super low. Because of what he’s been through, Jones has been very vocal about his fight and wants everyone to get vaccinated against the virus. He has convinced several members of his family to get the vaccine and hopes that his story will help persuade even more to get the shot. “Covid not only affected my health, it’s affected my quality of life, my livelihood, and my pocketbook. It’s serious, and people need to realize that,” Jones says.


For more information on getting the COVID vaccine, contact your local health department.


How To Handle Cholesterol

For a long time, not much was known about cholesterol and the effects on diet, heart disease, and stroke. Much more is known now about high cholesterol and what you can do to prevent issues. Dr. Mirza Ali Khan, a Family Physician with OSF Healthcare says that cholesterol has many different types of uses.



Cholesterol in your blood comes from two sources: the food you eat and the liver. There is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol and the bad cholesterol is made up of what are called low-density lipoproteins. Khan says that bad cholesterol can lead to heart attacks.



Among the risk factors that can lead to high cholesterol is obesity, poor diet, smoking, lack of exercise, diabetes, and age. The best way to treat high cholesterol is by changing risk factors and incorporating more exercise. Dr. Khan says to eat more fruits and vegetables and less red meat and processed foods.



High cholesterol has no symptoms. The best way to determine if you are suffering or at risk is to consult your doctor. They will be able to tell you the best way to address the problem if there is an issue.



For more information on cholesterol, click here.


Christian County Sheriff's Office Announces Scholarship Winner

Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp has announced the winner of one of the Illinois Sheriff’s Association Academic Scholarships. Shawn Goebel of Harvel has won the scholarship. Sheriff Kettelkamp says that Goebell was selected from a number of highly qualified applicants and the Sheriff commended them all for their participation. The Illinois Sheriff’s Association awarded 112 scholarships throughout Illinois to students wishing to pursue higher education during the 2021/2022 academic year. 


Christian County Master Gardener's Holding Spring Sale

The Master Gardeners of Christian County will be holding a spring plant sale that will be taking place on Saturday, May 15th at the U of I Extension office at 1120 North Webster Street in Taylorville from 9 AM until all plants are sold which is usually about noon. The event will take place rain or shine. Master Gardener Linda Smith says she’s just happy to be having a sale this year.


Smith says they will have something for everyone at the sale.



As far as things at the sale, there will be more than just plants. The Master Gardeners will also be there to give their tips, advice, and help.



Along with help from the Master Gardener’s will also be more information that will be included with the plants in every effort given to make your planting easier.



If you would like more information on the event, contact the Christian County Extension Office at 217-287-7246.


High School Students Can Take Advantage Of LLCC's College Now Program

Being in high school and knocking out college credits can happen simultaneously. It might not seem right, but Lincoln Land Community College offers a program called College Now. Director Dee Krueger says it allows high school students to earn college credits.



As of right now he remains nameless, but in two weeks Krueger says she’ll have a student graduate college before high school. 



Taking advantage of programs like College Now can help make sure students start their college career on the right track. LLCC also offers success coaches that meet with them to make sure things are heading in the right direction. As one of those success coaches, Krueger is excited to see students face to face again.



Krueger shares there are lots of ways to get more information about LLCC.



Krueger appeared as a guest on WTIM, Your Information Station.


Shelby County Health Department Offers Johnson and Johnson COVID Vaccine

The Shelby County Health Department has received a supply of Janssen Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines.  Clinics for adults age 18 and older have begun and are available from 8 until 11:30 AM and 1 to 3:30 PMat the health department.  You may call the Health Department at 774-9555 Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 4 PM for appointment times. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine is a single-dose shot. There is no charge for this vaccine. The Center for Disease Control recommends that all adults get a COVID-19 vaccination.


Galloway Named TMH Colleague For March

Taylorville Memorial Hospital has named the hospital’s Colleague of the Month for March. Barbara Galloway, a central scheduler for TMH has been instrumental in mass vaccination efforts at the hospital. One of the nominators for Galloway says that she makes everyone laugh and that if you listened to her, you’d think she knew each person personally. Galloway herself says every day is rewarding and that she feels blessed to help with all of the vaccination work.


Galloway lives in Edinburg with her husband and has three adult children and enjoys camping, crafting, and Jeep rides. We here at Regional Radio News salute you, Barbara Galloway.


Taylorville City Council Swear In New City Officials

The Taylorville City Council met on Monday evening and said goodbye to some outgoing Aldermen, all while welcoming new Aldermen. Doug Brown, Jeremy Wilson, and Steve Dorchinecz were sworn in as new Aldermen replacing outgoing Aldermen Lee Lanzotti, Ernie Dorchinecz, and Shawn Burtle. Alderman Larry Budd was also reelected.


Doug Brown says that he is excited to be on the board and is looking forward to helping his constituents.



Jeremy Wilson says that as far as goals go he is looking forward to continuing work on improving the streets.



Steve Dorchinecz says that he’s ready to give back to the community. 



Mayor Bruce Barry says that he still doesn’t have a replacement for City Treasurer yet, as elected treasurer Scott Alberssen had to step down due to health concerns. Mayor Barry says that he would like to set up a time each week to meet with all Aldermen to discuss concerns of the city.



The board approved an ordinance amending section 3-3-5 of the Taylorville City Code concerning liquor license fees for pour establishments. That motion passed 6-3. After some discussion, a motion concerning reimbursement for Ward 1 for $45,000 from the Drainage District was also passed 5-4 with the Mayor being the tiebreaker. 


To view the meeting in it's entirety, click here.






Tornado, 2-Inch Hail Hit Regional Radio Listening Area Monday Evening

2-inch size hail and a tornado were part of severe weather that pounded the Regional Radio listening area Monday evening.


Trained weather spotters tracked a tornado on the ground starting at Virginia, Illinois in Cass County at 5:05.  It traveled near Pleasant Plains, Dawson, then was at Mechanicsburg at 6:15.  It was confirmed still on the ground in the Niantic-Harristown area, and over Mount Zion during the 7 o'clock hour.


Hail, ranging from ping pong ball and golf ball size, and as large as 2-inches, fell with the leading edge of thunderstorms that moved thru our area.


No injuries or damage have been reported so far in the Regional Radio listening area.


IDPH Warning Of Ticks

The Illinois Department of Public Health is reminding the public to take precautions against tick bites to prevent contracting diseases that they may carry such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tularemia, Ehrlichiosis, and Babesiosis.  


Look here for more information.


You should check yourself often, along with your pets, and help children check themselves after spending time where ticks live such as wooded areas, tall grass, and brush.  Removing ticks within a 24 hour period greatly reduces the risk of transmission.


Learn about tick removal and symptom awareness, by visiting this story at www.taylorvilledailynews.com. You can also walk in the center of trails, wear light-colored clothing, tuck long pants into socks/boots. You can also apply an EPA-registered insect repellent that contains at least 20% DEET. Conduct full-body tick checks on family members by looking on underarms, ears, belly buttons, behind knees, between legs, the waist, hair, and scalp. 


Other tips include putting your clothes in the dryer for ten minutes on high or one hour for damp clothes to kill ticks, bathe or shower within two hours after coming indoors and if you find a tick on yourself, you should keep the tick for species identification.  You can do that by placing the tick in rubbing alcohol in a sealed bag and bring it to your local healthcare provider. If you do become ill, please contact your doctor as several tick-borne illnesses can be life-threatening if left alone. For more information click here.


Republicans Want Answers After Report On Veterans Home in LaSalle

The Illinois Department of Veteran Affairs released an independent report that was requested by the Governor’s Office in concern over a COVID-19 outbreak at the LaSalle Veterans home that took the lives of 36 veterans. The report says that those deaths could have been avoided. State Republican Leader Jim Durkin says that Governor JB Pritzker failed to follow guidelines in his hire of the former VA Director Linda Chapa L Via and that she left the Veterans home in charge of a non-medical chief of staff who took a hands-off approach.



With the new report, Durkin says there needs to be an investigation of criminal negligence.



Moving forward the VA says there will be correctional actions taken including developing outbreak drills and stress tests, educating staff on the importance of quality infection control, integrate the standards for long-term care facilities, develop an infection control task force, establish and communicate thresholds for IDPH, provide an outlet for escalating internal complaints, and create temporary positions to ensure essential positions do not remain unfilled.


The new acting director Terry Prince, a 31-year Navy veteran with deep experience in veterans’ medical care. 


Taylorville City Council To Meet Monday Evening

The Taylorville City Council will meet on Monday evening at 7 PM for their regular city council meeting. The board will appoint the new City Treasurer, Superintendents, City Attorney, City Engineer, and committee assignments. Judge Brad Paisley will be on hand for the oath of office. The board will also present awards to Alderman Ernie Dorchinecz, Shawn Burtle, Lee Lanzotti, and City Treasurer Jacque Nation. 


Under ordinances, business development district redevelopment agreements will be signed and there will be a look at a few ordinances amending Taylorville City Code. Under committee reports, the board will look at the annual maintenance agreement, approve a fuel bid, and look at some reimbursements over the drainage district. 


The board will also receive city attorney updates and Mayoral updates from Mayor Bruce Barry. Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for complete coverage on this event Monday evening.


First Kiwanis Drive Thru Donation Day Raises Money and Food for Taylorville Food Pantry

The Miller Media Group and the Taylorville Kiwanis Club are teamed again to benefit the Taylorville Food Pantry by doing Drive Thru Donation Days through the month of May. The goal was to collect non-perishable food and monetary donations to be given to the Taylorville Food Pantry. They were able to raise $160, as well as a truckful of food donations that was given to the Taylorville Food Pantry. 


Kiwanis members Dean Ray and Brenda Spurling kicked off the first Drive Thru Donation Day. Ray says this is very important. 



Spurling also stresses the importance of the Taylorville Drive Thru Donation Days.



The first Saturday Kiwanis Drive Thru Donation Day saw a fantastic amount of donations, both in terms of food and money. The Donation Days continue next Saturday, the 8th, from 9 until 1 pm. If you’d like information on how to donate, visit the Taylorville Food Pantry Facebook Page. 



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