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Battery Specialists Plus Golf Cars across from Taylorville High School, held a "Ride and Drive" Event, to showcase their street-legal golf cars, low speed vehicles and personal transportation vehicles, on Friday and Saturday.  Saturday's event included a live remote broadcast on Miller Media Group radio stations WTIM, WMKR, and WRAN.

Kyle Coker with Battery Specialists told Miller Media Group remote host Danny Russell, that street-legal golf cars are being allowed in more and more cities and towns across Illinois.

A drawing was held to give away 6 months' use of a street-legal vehicle inside the Taylorville city limits, or 500-dollars towards the purchase of a street-legal vehicle.  Taylorville mayor Bruce Barry drew the winning name live during the remote broadcast.

Battery Specialists Plus Golf Cars is located at 800 West Springfield Road, across from Taylorville High School.

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