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UPDATE (1:17 PM): Shelby Electric Cooperative has announced that all repairs have been made and that power has been restored at it Taylorville Substation and to all Taylorville Residents.



Previously: The Taylorville Subsation of Shelby Electric Cooperative will be without power starting at 11 am due to a planned outage. This effects residents in and just outside of Taylorville. The planned outage, which is to make emergency repairs could last up to 2 hours.


According to Kevin Bernson, Media and Public Relations coordinator for Shelby Electric, the outage is necessary to make repairs caused by this week’s thunderstorms.



The emergency repairs should start around 11 am, Today, June 15th and last no more than 2 hours. If Taylorville residents have any comments or concerns, please contact the Shelby Electric Co-op at 800-677-2612.

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