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The Christian County Board held their monthly meeting Tuesday night at the Christian County Courthouse in the Taylorville Square.


On the agenda for the month of June, was the swearing in of a new board member, looking at construction plans highways and a new correctional facility, and the consideration of a new adoption policy at the animal control shelter.


The Board heard from a potential architect of a new county correctional facility. The jail, to be built at a projected cost of 588,000 dollars would give the county 20 new beds to hold inmates and more storage area, which is crucial for the county. The board debated the qualities of the new facility and then decided to pass a motion to send the architectural plans to the State of Illinois Correctional Office for approval and comments.


The Board also got an update from Animal Control/Zoning Director Vince Harris. The role, which was merged at last month’s meeting following retirements, is unique to Christian County. Harris noted that the board might consider changes to the Animal Control Shelter adoption process, such as charging a 100 dollar fee, to cover necessary shots and care for the animals. The shelter currently has six dogs and three cats as guests.


The next Christian County Board Meeting is on July 17th at 6:30 p.m on the second floor of the Christian County Court House in Taylorville.

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