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Republican Governor Bruce Rauner will be a rare incumbent underdog come election day in November.


Rauner barely survived a difficult primary against State Representative Jeanne Ives, beating Ives by just two points, and now faces the task of fending off Billionaire Democratic candidate JB Pritzker for the Governor’s mansion.


However despite what some perceived to be as a difficult first term as Governor, and downstate republicans are fully supporting Rauner in the November election. 95th district representative Avery Bourne of Litchfield says she believes Rauner is still the right man for the job and blames democrats for not allowing Rauner to suceed.



Bourne says that despite her disagreements with the governor on certain issues, the stakes of this election are too high to let that dissuade her from supporting Rauner.



Election day is November 6th.

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