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The Legalization of Marijuana is a hot topic across the United States. The drug has currently been legalized for recreational use in 8 states and 22 states have legalized some form of cannabis for medical use.


In March, voters in Cook County overwhelming passed a non binding referendum in favor legalizing recreational marijuana. Since then discussions have taken place in Springfield about passing of a law, but no vote has taken place.


Republican State Representative Avery Bourne of Litchfield, says that she has not made up her mind on the issue, but wants the idea to be discussed as a policy issue, rather than a financial incentive.



Bourne believes the legalization of marijuana could be voted on during the next session in Springfield in November. Sitting Govenor Bruce Rauner has publicly said he is against legalization, while Democratic Candidate J.B Pritzker is openly campaigning on decriminalizing and legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Bourne says the discussion is one worth having with her constituents.


Election day is November 6th and the veto session will begin for 6 days on November 13th.

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