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Taylorville Jr. High School has received a major nationwide technology award.

District Administration Magazine is honoring 22 schools and districts nationwide for education technology initiatives as part of the Schools of TechXcellence program.


TechXcellence was created by District Administration Magazine, and sponsored by HP and Intel, to recognize schools that have implemented innovative, effective and replicable technology programs that contribute meaningfully to student or operational success. The June 2018 honorees were selected by the program’s judges from numerous nominations, and reflect programs that demonstrate effective and replicable success.

The STEM lab at Taylorville Jr. High allows students the opportunities to work on projects the way they would in a real world setting. The students are immersed in the sensation of what it is like to actually participate in activities, rather than read about them in a book.  Students have a deeper understanding of the concepts they are studying, while the tools available at TJHS encourage students to take the lead in the learning process and give them opportunities to learn how to use the latest technology in solving problems.  

The Taylorville Jr. High School initiative underscores the importance of embracing technology as part of the education process moving forward in the 21st century.


What these stories tell us is that students are excited to use the latest devices and applications as part of their education, which is fueled by the vision and drive of teachers, principals and district leaders,” says JD Solomon, editorial director at District Administration Magazine.


To view a full list of honorees and to learn how to apply for future rounds of TechXcellence, visit www.districtadministration.com/techx.


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