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Record Lows Seen Across the State

This week, freezing temperatures swept through much of Illinois setting new records for wind chill lows. To put the cold into perspective, National Weather Service Meteorologist Chris Geelhart spoke with Regional Radio News.



Looking ahead at this weekend’s forecast, there could be a drastic change in temperatures across the state.



Much of Central Illinois was under a wind chill warning until Thursday.

Apply for Retirement Online

It can be stressful to think about retirement. The Social Security Administration is hoping to relieve some of that stress by helping you apply online.


Public Affairs Specialist with the Social Security Administration Jack Myers says applying online is quite easy to do and will take around half an hour to complete.



Myers says the same requirements apply whether you decide to apply online or in person.



Myers appeared as a guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

State Trooper Says Bring Essentials on Road

Illinois Residents have been dealing with the Polar Vortex, it has made travel extremely difficult. The Illinois State Police says if you are not prepared it could turn deadly.


State Trooper Sean Ramsey says it is extremely important that you do not forget the essentials for driving in cold weather at home.



Ramsey wants residents to be aware that if you are stranded on the side of the road do not be afraid to call 911, in fact it is the right thing to do.



Ramsey appeared as a guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Cars Could be Affected by Cold

Cold temperatures continue to make their way through much of the midwest, and many are feeling the effects. The cold can even slow down your car and its battery. Jay Ward of Bob Ridings in Taylorville says to have your battery, and cooling system tested.



Wind chills have plummeted to 30 below so far this week.

Big R in Taylorville Recently Completes Renovations

The Big R Store in Taylorville recently underwent renovations which has changed much of the layout of their new store. Manager Dan Crite says that one of the largest benefits of the new renovations is that customers won’t have to travel to Springfield to take a look at some of the bigger items such as zero turn lawn mowers.



The knew display at the front of the building shows multiple zero turn mowers, STIHL equipment, and much more. A look at some of the new renovations.



State of the Union Next Week

President Trump is waiting to give the State of the Union Address next week after a back and forth between he and Nancy Pelosi had it in jeopardy. 


Jim Bohannon, host of the Jim Bohannon show airing weeknights on Newstalk WTIM at 9, says giving the State of the Union fulfills Trump’s constitutional obligation. 



Bohannon says it is common now for the President of the United States to give a speech for the State of the Union, although that has not always been the case.



Bohannon appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Record Cold Hits Central Illinois; Mail Disrupted


Record cold hit Central Illinois this morning, with plunging temperatures and dangerous wind chills.


Today's record breaking cold weather is affecting the delivery of mail.  Officials with the Taylorville Post Office tell Regional Radio News that there will NOT be any delivery on city or rural routes today.

The Pana Post Office will not be delivering any city and rural mail today.

And, the Shelbyville Post Office says that there will NOT be any city or rural delivery of mail today, but packages that require delivery will be delivered.


Needless to say, if you have to be outside, bundle up and make sure all exposed skin is completely covered.  Central Illinois will remain in the deep freeze until mid-day on Thursday.


Stay tuned to Regional Radio and taylorvilledailynews.com for the latest weather information.  Click on the "Cancellations and delays" icon on taylorvilledailynews.com for the latest closings and cancellations.

Christian County Sheriff Recommends Drivers to Have Winter Safety Kit

Potential record breaking lows are in store for much of the Regional Radio News coverage area, and it is important to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp says if you are out on the roads, have the proper materials in case something goes wrong.



Kettelkamp strongly urges however, to stay off the roads as much as possible.



For residents within Christian County there are also two warming centers available at the Christian County Senior Citizens Center, and the Pana Community Hospital emergency room area.

Deer Harvest Numbers Up From Last Season

Deer season for 2018-19 has ended and the harvest results are higher than last season. A total of 151,577 deer were harvested which is roughly 4 thousand more than the previous season. Ed Cross with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources says despite higher numbers, the early December storms did bring the numbers down.



As far as what this years’ harvest means for Illinois hunters, Cross explains.



Deer hunting season concluded on January 20th.

Bohannon on Government Shutdown

The government is officially open, at least for now. President Trump has allowed a 21 day grace period in hopes that the Democrats and Republicans can work out their differences.


Jim Bohannon, host of the Jim Bohannon show airing weeknights on Newstalk WTIM at 9, says there is an opportunity for resolution in the upcoming weeks although he isn’t holding his breath.



Bohannon says Trump doesn’t want to go back to a government shutdown and he is not to blame as Trump was attempting to work on deals with the Democrats but they wouldn’t budge.



Bohannon appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Taylorville Kiwanis Hears About Salvage Dawgs Veteran Support Group at Weekly Luncheon

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club heard about the Salvage Dawgs Veteran Support Group, during their weekly luncheon Tuesday.


Phyllis Wilson and Dan Marron from the local Salvage Dawgs Veteran Support Group, spoke about their organization formed in 2016 to collect scrap metal and turn it into cash to support Christian County veterans.  Wilson told the group that a group of retirees founded the organization, and with volunteers, collects various scrap metal which they then sell to Mid-State Salvage.  Those dollars are then given either in cash, merchandise or service, to Christian County veterans, depending on their particular need.


Wilson added that in the going-on 3 years the Salvage Dawgs Veteran Support Group has existed, they’ve collected 169 tons of metal scrap and turned into nearly 24-thousand dollars which has been given to 83 Christian County veterans and their families.



The group will hold a fund-raiser at the Webster and Main Cross corner in Taylorville on April 19th and 20th.    


For more information on the group, contact Wilson at 561-6003.


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Memorial Hospital auditorium.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.

House of Representatives Ready to Work on Redistricting

The Illinois House of Representatives is back in session and ready to get back to work. At the top of the to do list is the redistricting bill.


Republican Representative for the 95th District Avery Bourne says this is one of the first first pieces of legislation that she decided to co-sign.



Bourne says in the past redistricting has been abused by some politicians to divide power unfairly.



Bourne says it is critical to get this right this time around as redistricting only happens once every ten years.



Bourne appeared as a guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Frigid Tempertures Expected Throughout the Week

Frigid temperatures are expected this week for much of the mid-west including Central Illinois. The Regional Radio Coverage area will be effected, and Meteorologist with the National Weather Service, Ed Shimon, shares why we’ll be feeling these cold temps this week.



The cold will continue throughout most of the week, but Shimon reassures that things will start to warm up in the future.



A Wind Chill Warning is in effect for much of the Regional Radio Coverage area beginning Tuesday evening through Thursday at noon.

U of I Extension to Hold Pruning Apples and More Workshop

The University of Illinois Extension is hosting another Horticulture Workshop for the month of February. Coming up on February 21st, Andrew Holsinger will host a Pruning Apples and More Workshop in Taylorville. Holsinger on what the class will offer.



Holsinger says the idea for the workshop was derived simply from the need of fruit tree pruning.



The workshop will be held at Manors Park from 1 to 4 in the afternoon.

New House Members Get Settled Into Springfield Yesterday

Today the Illinois House of Representatives is back in session in Springfield with all the new members of the House.


Avery Bourne represents the 95th District. She says there is plenty of excitement in Springfield as the new Representatives are getting settled in.



Bourne says this is a large incoming group, and it was good to get to Springfield a day early to get familiar with who is new.



Bourne appeared as a guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Taylorville Mayor Says City is Ready for Cold Week

Record colds are making their way through Illinois and Central Illinois will feel the freezing temps starting Tuesday night and lasting through Thursday afternoon.


Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry says there will be warming centers open in the Chrisitan County for those who need to get out of the cold.



Barry sees that the past few weeks have been rough weather starting with the 8 inches of snow from a couple weekends ago. He says this however has not slowed down the construction in the northwest corridor of Taylorville.



Barry appeared as a guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

National Weather Service Issues Wind Chill Warning Thru Thursday; Warming Centers Available


The National Weather Service in Lincoln has issued a wind chill warning for the Regional Radio listening area, from 9pm Tuesday until noon on Thursday.

The Weather Service says dangerously cold wind chills as low as 30 to 40 below, are expected during the next several days.

And, they add that with wind chills this cold, frostbite can occur in exposed skin in as little as 5 to 10 minutes.

Wear multiple layers of clothing, and pay close attention to your feet, fingers, and face.


Warming Centers are open in Christian County at the Christian County Senior Center, Stonington Fire House and Pana Community Hospital Emergency Room area.


In Shelby County, warming centers are availabe in almost any government building during business hours. If extra assistance is needed call 774-3941


Moultrie County has the East View Terrace and Mason Point Nursing homes open.


Montgomery does not have any centers open, but if help is needed call 532-9511.

Taylorville Parks Board Reports Solid Christmas in the Park Year

On Monday night, the Taylorville Park District held their monthly meeting. The board began the meeting with the treasurer’s report, and later approved it. Following that was the Lakeshore Golf Course Report from Jason Boldig, who mentioned that despite irrigation issues last summer, he is looking forward to the 2019 golf season. After his report, the board moved on to discuss that there are two different groups interested in the old playground equipment. However, the construction of the new playground may take longer than expected. Recreation Director Bailey Hancock says the board may consider bringing in some extra help.



Final numbers from Christmas in the Park came through as well. Hancock says that despite the tornado, there was a good turnout this year.



Following the comments on Christmas in the Park, the meeting was adjourned. The Taylorville Parks District meets on the fourth Monday of every month.

CEFS Making a Difference in Central Illinois

CEFS serves seven counties in Central Illinois and are doing their best provide for families in the counties they serve that may be struggling.


Coordinator of Outreach Monica Hankins with CEFS shares some of the main programs that they offer and how beneficial they are for the community.



Hankins says that there are also workshops that CEFS will put together, one of the more popular ones revolves around student loans.



Hankins appeared as a guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Shelbyville Senior Citizens Center Thankful for Volunteers

The Senior Citizens Center tries to have a variety of activities that can cater to a wide range of interests for those who stop by.


Mary Beth Massey is the Director of the Senior Citizens Center she says they would not be able to do all that they do without the help of volunteers and local businesses.



Massey says you can keep up to date on all activities by checking out their monthly calendar.



Massey appeared as a guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Christian County EMA Director Announces Opening Warming Centers in Taylorville and Pana


Christian County Emergency Management Agency Director Mike Crews Sunday night announced that the county will continue to have two warming centers available 24 hours as needed, during this week's pending extremely cold weather.  Those are located at the Christian County Senior Citizens Center and the Pana Community Hospital emergency room area.

Crews is urging residents who need transportation to either warming center, to call Taylorville police at 824-2211 or for a ride to the Pana Community Hospital emergency room, call 562-6232.

Crews added that both locations and phone numbers will accomodate all county communities with transportation provided by the Senior Citizens bus if needed.

Crews said these centers are rarely used but need to be established due to the risk associated with the colder temperatures.

Crews also said that for those needing food in Christian County this week, they can call the Salvation Army at area code 314, 620-8730, and your family is in need of hotel vouchers or food this week, contact the Red Cross Call Center toll-free at 844-319-6560.  

All these numbers are also posted as our "top story" on taylorvilledailynews-dot-com.

The National Weather Service in Lincoln is predicting air temperatures this week near or below zero.  Record air temps for this week according to Weather Service records, are in the eleven to 17-below zero range.











St. Mary's Catholic School Ready for Catholic Schools Week

After Mass on Sunday, Catholic Schools week will officially begin, and run through Friday, February 1st. Principal of St. Mary’s Catholic School Cathy Robertson talks about what the week means.



Events will take place all throughout the week for students and faculty to enjoy. A bowling field trip, and YMCA Swim Party are just a few, and students will also get the chance to have lunch with firefighters, police officers, and the sheriff’s office.



Also listen for the Kindergarten class on WTIM 96.1 as they recite the Pledge of Allegiance Monday through Friday at 7am.

Heating Center Coming to Taylorville With Frigid Temps

With the potential of record breaking lows throughout much of Central Illinois next week, Taylorville Fire Chief Mike Crews held a conference call with the weather service to be prepared.



With frigid temperatures likely, a heating shelter will be available.



Temperatures could stretch as low as 22 below 0 on Monday.

HSHS Good Shepherd Getting Ready for Red Event

HSHS Good Shepherd in Shelbyville wants to make the public aware that the 9th annual Red Event is coming up soon. Doors will open at 5pm on Thursday, February 21st at the Best Bet Event Center.


Manager of Health Information Lorrie Hayden says while this is a big winter event for the hospital she also wants people to know how laid back it is.



Jill Wells also with HSHS is looking forward to the event and shares what all the money will be going towards.



Hayden and Wells appeared as guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

None Injured in Langleyville House Fire

Friday morning, the Taylorville Fire Department responded to a house at 101 North Remier in Langleyville. Assistant Fire Chief Andy Goodall spoke with Regional Radio News about the call.



There were no injuries reported, and the cause of the fire is under investigation.



LEAD Program Finishes Colors Course

The Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce LEAD Program is off and running and they are looking forward to another exciting year.


CEO of the Chamber Patty Hornbuckle says they started a little different than years past but are adjusting and just wrapped up the colors course.



Hornbuckle always looks forward to the colors course and everything it teaches the LEAD Program every year.



Hornbuckle appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Crimestoppers Partnering with Missing Persons Awareness Network

The Christian County Crimestoppers are partnering with the Missing Persons Awareness Network. Taylorville Police Officer Alan Mills on what the partnership will offer in the future.



Mills goes on to further describe the partnership with the Missing Persons Awareness Network as a win-win for both sides.



Crimestoppers is provided a platform for spreading information about missing or wanted subjects, thereby assisting law enforcement in solving cases.

Recycling Center in Taylorville Closing its Doors

The Recycling Center in Taylorville had to close its doors on Wednesday. Pam Moses, who was running the recycling center, says that the center was unable to create a profit due to price drops in the world export markets.



Moses says that she reached out to the county for help, but to no avail.



The net cost to run the facility is $2,000 per month, but Moses would like to find a way to open the doors back up.

Homefield Energy Partnership with Taylorville Continues

Homefield Energy has once again been chosen as the retail electric supplier for Taylorville through March 2022. Mayor Bruce Barry on the process of Homefield Energy once again being selected.



Barry says that starting in March, the kilowatt per hour cost will go down.



Residents do have the option to opt out by filling out a yellow opt-out card, that has already been delivered to all households. However, it must be mailed before February 1st.

U of I Extension Brings on New 4H Youth Development Educator

The U of I Extension Office has gained a new member! Sara Marten has been the 4H Youth Development Educator for the past two months and has been loving the position.


Marten says her background has her well prepared for this job as she was in 4H growing up and has held similar positions in Indiana as well as Southern Illinois.



Marten explains her job and what all it entails, saying she is looking forward to being heavily involved in the schools.



Marten appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

TMH Foundation Growing Employee Emergency Fund Through Donation

The Taylorville Memorial Hospital Foundation received donations for its Employee Emergency Fund after the December 1st tornado that hit the city. The Employee Emergency Fund was put in place by the hospital to help fund Employees who may suffer losses during a catastrophic event according to Executive Director Raedena Ryan.



TMH Foundation received a donation for the fund from KSI Laboratories president David Brummer who was impressed by the hospital staff who worked through the night to help tornado victims. Ryan on the honor of receiving the donation.


The Employee Emergency Fund was put in place four years ago.

Village of Moweaqua Provided Help in Tornado Recovery for Stonington and Taylorville

Over a month ago, a catostrophic tornado went through both Stonington, and Taylorville. Nearby communities from all over central Illinois helped provide support to both towns, including Moweaqua. Louie Jordan, Moweaqua Water Superintendent, immediately spoke with Stonington to figure out how he could help.



Fire Chief, and Street Superintendent of Moweaqua Ramiro Estrada also assisted in Efforts both in Stonington, and Taylorville despite an early morning rise.



Estrada and Jordan were guests on the News Talk WTIM Morning Show live from Moweaqua Village Hall.

Lincoln Reenactment Coming to Moweaqua

DeAnne Heck, Superintendent of Central A&M Schools, is looking forward to an upcoming play. However, it is not put on by the students, but for the students. It’s coming up February 3rd, and its about Abraham Lincoln.



Heck says that it is a wonderful show, especially for someone who is a history buff. Also, its free to the public.



Heck was a guest on the News Talk WTIM Morning Show live from Moweaqua Village Hall.

Moultrie County Senior Center Needs Help in Thrift Shop

The Moultrie County Senior Citizens Center located in Sullivan is asking for your help, the thrift shop they operate is in need of assistance.


Cathy Garvey with the Center says this is the down period for the thrift shop they are asking for volunteers interested in lending a hand or donations as well.



Garvey says the tax referendum that was passed in 2010 has really made a difference for the center in terms of keeping them up and running for the foreseeable future.



Garvey appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

After Chamber Visits Travel Show Expect Spike in Tourism

The Sullivan Chamber of Commerce officially has their Christmas celebrations in the rear view and are looking ahead to a bright future for the community.


Executive Director Laurrie Minor says they always try to put their best foot forward for the holidays in Sullivan and this year was very successful.



Minor was recently in Chicago for the Travel Show meeting thousands of people and expects to see a spike in tourism in Sullivan as a result.



Minor appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Moweaqua Growing Through TIF District

The village of Moweaqua may be small, but they want people to know its a good place for local business. Moweaqua Mayor Boomer Neece says their TIF District makes the town very friendly towards local businesses.



A subdivision is what started the TIF District, and over the past few years, Neece says they added a lot.



Neece was a guest on the News Talk WTIM Morning Show live from Moweaqua Village Hall.

Moweaqua Police Chief Focusing on Community Outreach

Like many other departments, the Moweaqua Police Department is focusing its efforts on community outreach. Police Chief Roy Maki says with everything going on in the world today, outreach is a priority for him.



One thing that Maki did within the last year was open up a prescription drug box, a place where residents can dispose of old prescription drugs.



Maki has only been the Police Chief for a year in Moweaqua, but he said the job so far has been exactly what he expected.



Maki was a guest on the News Talk WTIM Morning Show live from Moweaqua Village Hall.

Central Illinois Foodbank Healthy Food Push

Central Illinois Foodbank is on a constant mission to try to drive hunger out of the state of Illinois.


Public Relations Manager Ashley Earnest says they are currently working on their healthy food push to ensure that Illinois natives are getting the nutrients they need.



Earnest shares how they are trying to take it up a notch after a successful 2018, she says partnerships will be critical to the success of 2019.



Earnest says distributions will start in the spring, these will be set up like a farmers market where individuals can stop by.



Earnest appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

New Water Treatment Plant Coming Along Nicely According to Mayor Barry at Latest Council Meeting

Tuesday night, the Taylorville City Council held their second monthly meeting at Taylorville City Hall. First, the committee re-appointed Don Farrimond to the Library Board, and then unanimously carried 6 motions. Following that was the Mayoral update from Mayor Bruce Barry who commented on the Taylorville’s progress on the new water treatment plant, Business Development District, and the new Steak N’ Shake and HSHS buildings. Barry says the new water treatment plant is coming along nicely.



The committee reports followed, and all motions were cleared from the Lake and Airport, Water and Environmental, Ordinance, and Finance committees. Before the public portion of the meeting closed, Barry address the need to do something with the flagpole that was bent from the December 1st tornado at the Oak Hill cemetery. In the coming weeks, he and the Alderman will come up with a plan as to what could be done to possibly preserve a flag pole that helps symbolize how Taylorville responded to the catastrophic storm. Barry would also like to get the public involved.



Following that, the meeting entered a close door session.


The Taylorville City Council meets on the first and third Monday on every month. However, this month was Tuesday due to Martin Luther King day on Monday.

New Fitness and Wellness Center at PCH

As the month of January is coming to an end residents might take the opportunity to look in the mirror and review those New Years resolutions.


John McQuillan knows that a common goal for the New Year is to get into better shape and shed a few pounds. McQuillan is the Manager of the Pana Community Hospital Fitness & Wellness Center. He says they are ready to help with this lifestyle change some might be trying to make.



McQuillan emphasizes the importance of goals and making them realistic and achievable. He knows that if a goal is set at 200 pounds that might seem steep at the beginning so start with 5 pounds or ten pounds and then try to add on to that.



McQuillan appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Bethany Mayor Proud of Small Close Knit Community

Bethany Mayor Williams Ashley knows despite being a small town, there is a large community. He grew up just outside of Bethany, and appreciates the close knit community that his town provides.



Also involved in the community is a group of volunteers who help make a difference all over town.



Ashley was a guest on the News Talk WTIM Morning Show.

Bethany Police Chief Using Facebook to Help Residents

Bethany may be a small down, but they are very active on social media, especially their police department. Bethany Police Chief Chris Nichols, says their department is able to use Facebook in multiple ways to help with the public.



Nichols says if there’s an emergency they still prefer calls, but most commonly their Facebook page is used to answer questions from local residents.



Nichols was a guest on the News Talk WTIM Morning Show live from Findlay Village Hall.

Shelby County Fair Queen Places in top 15 in the State

The 2019 Miss Illinois County Fair Queen Pageant finished on Sunday evening, and Olivia Telgmann of Shelby County placed in the top 15. Sara Long, Director of Shelby County Pageants, is thrilled over the outcome.



Telgmann was also pleased with her finish, but at the end of the day she was proud to represent her county.



Telgmann is the first Shelby County Fair Queen to place in the top 15 in 20 years.

Hope House Resumes Capital Campaign

Every year approximately 600 children within a 100 miles radius of Taylorville pass away leaving the families and friends grieving while trying to find a light at the end of the tunnel. The Hope House is coming to Taylorville and while they realize things will never be the same for that family they are hoping to at least give them some time of peace.


Scott McClure is with the Hope House, he says they have recently started their capital campaign back up which was put on pause after the December 1st tornado.



McClure says their goal is to hit $350,000 in donations, this will cover all building expenses as well as get them through the first year of operations.



Michael St. Louis is helping with the building process he says realistically they are targeting next spring to have everything up and running for the Hope House.



McClure and St. Louis appeared as guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

HSHS Good Shepherd Receives $50,000 Donation from Shelby County State Bank

Shelby County Bank donated $50,000 to HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital Foundation’s centennial fundraising campaign. It is the largest contribution the hospital has received, and CEO Aaron Puchbauer is very thankful for the donation.



HSHS Good Shepherd is going to be able to use the donation towards new hospital technology helping with both patients, and employees.



Good Shepherd will be able to help fund new renovations, and technologies with the donation.

Making Jar in Freezer Meals Class

February is heart health month and the U of I Extension is offering a class on February 15th from 5:30 to 7:30 in the evening at the extension office in Taylorville to help teach how to freeze your meal the correct way.


Lisa Peterson is the instructor of the Making Jar in Freezer Meals class, she says this is a great way to eat a little healthier as well as save some money.



Peterson shares some examples of foods that do and do not freeze well, its her advice that you steer clear of freezing anything with noodles in it.



Peterson appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Davis Speaks in Boston on Bipartisanship

With each day that passes the government shut down extends its record of the longest shut down in United States history. It appears that bipartisanship has taken a back seat and the end is down the road.


Rodney Davis represents the 13th Congressional District of Illinois, he recently had the opportunity to head out to Boston to speak to local schools about bipartisanship.



Davis says he had the opportunity to speak at the Kennedy Institute, he was happy to participate in the Q&A for the participants in the crowd.



Davis appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Taylorville Police Department Hosting Presentation with Christian County TRIAD

The Taylorville Police Department and the Christian County TRIAD will be hosting a special presentation next Thursday January 24th. Taylorville Police Chief Brian Hile on what the presentation will hold.



Hile says he expects the presentation to last around an hour, with a question an answer scheduled as well.



The presentation starts at 9:30 in the morning, and will be held at the Taylorville Municipal Building.

Men Who Cook Postponed by TMH Auxiliary

Due to inclement weather this weekend, Men Who Cook has been postponed to a later date according to the TMH Auxiliary. Debbie Johnson with TMH Auxiliary explains more on the decision.



Johnson confirms that despite that change in date to March 2nd, the event will go on exactly like it was planned to originally.



Men Who Cook will be in the Janice Hopper Auditorium at Taylorville Memorial Hospital.

Snow and Wind to Cause Hazardous Road Conditions this Weekend

With potential of more hazardous winter weather headed towards the Regional Radio News coverage area, it is important to approach the roads with caution. Taylorville Fire Chief Mike Crews says get your driving out of the way before the snow could hit tonight.



Strong winds are expected with the storm as well, which means the roads can be tricky according to Crews.



Christian County is currently under a winter weather advisory.

Taylorville FFA to Represent Country in Scotland

Taylorville High school FFA has accomplished something that no other group has ever done at THS, they are national champions. Sue Schafer, FFA coach, talked about the accomplishment with Regional Radio News.



This was the first time that THS was able to compete at this particular contest, and Schafer described them as “underdogs”.



Next, they will get to represent America on a world stage by competing in Scotland this June. Schafer, and all the students are thrilled to take on the opportunity.



Taylorville Senior Citizens Center Offering Painting Courses

On the fourth Thursday of every month, the Taylorville Senior Citizens Center offers an oil painting class. Gerry Mahr of the Senior Citizens Center says its open for anyone to attend.



The instructor is a trained Bob Ross student, and is qualified according to Mahr.



Mahr encourages all residents to come out who are interested, even if they don’t have any painting experience.

Central Illinois Smiles Family Dentistry Shows Off New Renovations

Central Illinois Smiles Family Dentistry was the host for the most recent Business After Hours. One reason why they wanted to play host, was to show off their new renovations, which Dr. Amanda Lewis has been looking forward too for quite some time.



As far as being the host for Business After Hours, Lewis was more thankful for the community than anything else.


A ribbon cutting ceremony was also held during Business After Hours in honor of CI Smiles new renovations.

LEAD Program Attends First Event

The Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce is very proud of their LEAD program. The LEAD program is designed to have 15-20 residents in the class and help them grow as individuals.


Patty Hornbuckle is the CEO of the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce, she says recently the LEAD program attended their first event.



Hornbuckle says the good times are just getting started as next week they will be attending a colors class to find out their strengths and weaknesses.



Hornbuckle appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Serve it Safely Class Coming to the U of I Extension Office in Taylorville

You cannot have a great company event with out some food being served, the U of I Extension Office wants to make sure that you are serving your food in the correct way.


Lisa Peterson is the Nutrition and Wellness Educator with the U of I Extension. Peterson is teaching a class on February 27th about serving food safely.



Peterson this class is really gonna help with your company’s next big fund raiser.



Peterson appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Snow and High Winds Expected this Weekend According to NWS

More winter weather could be on its way this weekend for much of the Regional Radio News coverage area. Meteorologist with the National Weather Service, Chuck Schaffer shares what he is keeping an eye on as this storm develops.



Schaffer says that there is potential for several inches of snowfall, but contrary to last weekends storm, high winds could play a factor during the storm.



It is still too early to know exactly what this weekends storm will bring, but it is best to be prepared.

Assumption Appoints New Mayor

After their last Mayor John Kehl retired, assumption appointed their new Mayor on Monday night. Don Dust was voted unanimously by the city council to take the position, and he is honored to be filling the role.



Kehl played a major role in the community before he retired last Thursday, and Dust recognizes that all while looking toward the future of Assumption.



In particular, Dust is looking forward to a new sewer project that the city will be working on.



Dist was appointed by the council on Monday night.

Taylorville FFA Wins National Award

Last Monday the Taylorville School Board met at their regular time, however the meeting was unlike any before it.


Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau is the Superintendent of Taylorville Schools, he says they started the meeting by announcing the Taylorville FFA Livestock Team being National Champions.



Fuerstenau explains what criteria the team had to beat to be National Champions, and mentions there were some individual honors to go around.



Fuerstenau appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Missions for Taylorville Handing Out Vouchers

Tuesday night Missions for Taylorville handed out their round of vouchers to tornado relief victims in their effort to help fight back.


Bill Kerns with Missions for Taylorville says with these vouchers they are giving out they will be doing so to those who need it most.



Kerns says these vouchers essentially work like a gift card that will keep all the money local in businesses located in Taylorville.


Kerns wants to make residents aware of where and how to sign up for these Missions for Taylorville vouchers.



Missions for Taylorville is still accepting monetary donations at Taylorville City Hall located at 115 N Main Street, or donate on the Missions for Taylorville Facebook page.

Taylorville Kiwanis Hears About SBA Disaster Loans, Lincoln Land Community College Programs, at Weekly Luncheon

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club heard about federal disaster loans, as well as Lincoln Land Community College, during their weekly luncheon Tuesday.  


Julie Garrett, a Disaster Assistance Representative with the Small Business Administration, spoke about both residences and businesses affected by the December 1 tornado, being able to apply for SBA Disaster Loans.  Loans can be applied for in person daily thru this Thursday at the Taylorville Fire Department.  These loans are low interest and variable loan terms.  Loans can also be applied for online at disasterloan.sba.gov. 


Dee Krueger, Director of Lincoln Land Community College’s Taylorville campus, spoke about the history of Lincoln Land’s Taylorville locations, starting on the square and currently at 800 South Spresser Street. She spoke about the diversity of classes available for many different ages.  Approximately 45% of the students are in Health Care and second on the list was Criminal Justice.


Krueger added that Lincoln Land has a program called “College Now.”  The Taylorville campus will hold an informational meeting on the program, including content, qualifications, and cost, for area high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors, their parents and guardians on January 22, from 6 to 7 p.m, in the South Building Room 1126.


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Memorial Hospital auditorium.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.


Kiwanis President Michael Evanchek, U.S. Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance Representative Julie Garrett


LLCC’s Tisha Miller, Kiwanis President Michael Evanchek, LLCC Director Dee Krueger

Christian County CEO Now Accepting Applications for Next School Year

The Christian County C-E-O, or “Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities” program, is now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year.


The on-line application can be accessed by going to “christiancountyC-E-O-dot-com”, and click on the “apply now” icon on the top of the page.  Applications are being accepted from Christian County high school students that will be juniors or seniors next school year.


The Christian County C-E-O program guides each team member through starting and running their own functioning business, all while cultivating essential skills and an expansive, long-lasting network of community members and business owners. 


It is not funded by the local schools, though, students do receive school credit for their time commitment. 


The application process begins with asking for the applicant’s cell phone number, so that the application can be verified.  The application will then accept the student agreement, take a personal survey, write a short personal narrative, enter parent or guardian information, and then review the application before it’s submitted.

Once it’s submitted, the applicant will received a text and e-mail with a link for parents or guardians, and personal references to use to submit their information.


Applications are being accepted until March 1, 2019.  A committee of the Christian County C-E-O board, will review all applications and make the final determination on what students will be enrolled in next year’s program.


Questions on the application process can be directed to Joe Curvey, board president, at 824-4996.

State Trooper Sean Ramsey Urges Caution while Driving in Winter Weather

With freezing rain, and snow hitting much of central Illinois, State Trooper Sean Ramsey wants to remind drivers to play it safe.



For those who need to travel on the roads, Ramsey has some advice, and mentions a way to check road conditions before getting in the car.



Freezing rain is a possibility overnight on Wednesday, and more snow could be on the way this weekend.

SIU and TMH Begin Partnership in Primary Care Clinic

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine is opening up a Center for Family Medicine Clinic inside Taylorville Memorial Hospital. Dr. Janet Albers with SIU is looking forward to bringing primary care services to the Taylorville community.



As far as why SIU wants to come to Taylorville, Albers says that they have a history working with Memorial Health Systems.



TMH CEO Kim Bourne is looking forward to the upcoming partnership.



The new Primary Care Clinic is located in the Specialty Clinic space near the hospitals Laboratory and Rehab Services departments.

CSH Investments

Steve Henry with CSH Investments is the go to guy in Taylorville for investment advice on the stock market and bonds.


Henry has been a certified financial planner since 1998 and explains what sets CSH Investments apart from the rest.



Henry says at CSH Investments they will cater to an individuals needs in their portfolio for long term profits.



Henry appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Davis Wants to See Border Security Resolved

Democrats and Republicans are at ends in Washington in terms of border security and there does not appear to be a compromise in sight.


Congressman Rodney Davis represents the 13th Congressional District of Illinois in Washington. He is in full support of stronger border security, saying the biggest issue is drugs coming across the border.



Davis says Senator Chuck Schumer as recently as 2013 voted for 700 miles of border fencing up. It seems as what might have changes his mind is the new President



Davis appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

College Grad Student Helping Assumption in Community Development

Community development is an important aspect in all cities, and Assumption wants to continue their growth into the future. They have even received help from a Graduate Student from Western Illinois, Pape Cisse, who has come in to find ways for the small town of Assumption to grow. Cisse explains why he chose to come to assumption.



Cisse has already starting multiple projects in Assumption, and he even hopes to add new real estate in the future.



Cisse was a guest on the News Talk WTIM Morning show live from Assumption City Hall.

Assumption Police Department Connecting with Local Community

The Police Department in Assumption is constantly looking for ways to connect with its local community, especially local schools. Assumption Police Chief Brian Wade says one of his favorite events is “Beef with the Chief”.



Wade says that the police department prides themselves on making difference in the community, and he looks forward to doing more of that in 2019.



Wade was a guest on the News Talk WTIM Morning Show live from Assumption City Hall.

Assumption Community Pride Growing Locally

Assumption Community Pride is helping propel the city of Assumption forward by finding new opportunities to grow. Phile Corzine with Assumption Community Pride says Whether it is business, realestate, or community events, they are promoting community development in every way they can.



There are multiple committes a part of Assumption Community Pride who focus their efforts on different parts of the city. Corzine works with real estate, and it has helped him take on some new business ventures.



Corzine was a guest on the News Talk WTIM Morning Show live from Assumption City Hall.

Assumption Mayor Sees Bright Future Before Retiring

Last Thursday, Assumption Mayor John Kehl announced his retirement as Mayor of Assumption. Despite his departure as Mayor, Kehl is looking forward to the future of Assumption including a Dollar General coming to town.



With Kehls last day being Monday, he believes that Assumption is in a good place moving forward.



Kehl was a guest on News Talk WTIM’s Morning Show live from Assumption City Hall.

CI Smiles Ready for Business After Hours

The Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce has been waiting all year for this event, it is the first Business After Hours of 2019.


Patty Hornbuckle is The CEO for the Chamber. She says CI Smiles is plenty excited to show off their new renovations.



Hornbuckle shares if you choose to attend this event expect a good time and this event will be special as there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony as well.



Podeschi appeared as guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Master Gardeners Online Classes Start Next Week

Next week the online course for the next potential wave of Master Gardeners of Christian County begins.


Gwen Podeschi says the course lasts for a couple of months but it is at your own pace for how quickly you get through the modules.



Michael Hady is a recent graduate of the online course he explains how beneficial it was for him to be able to complete the course online at home.



Podeschi and Hady appeared as guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Molton Middle School Helping Students Grow Academically and Socially

Molton Middle School in Shelbyville wants to give its students the best experience possible and prepare them for the road ahead.
Principal Russell Tomlin says in order to be a well rounded individual he feels that students need to grow not just academically but also socially.


Tomlin says they learned a lot from the book The Formidable Five, which talks about five success skills for life.


Tomlin appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Shelbyville Manor Bounce Back Program

Shelbyville Manor is proud to offer the finest in retirement lifestyles with the many levels of care to meet all specific needs .


Kim Wiley is the Director of Marketing for Shelbyville Manor, she explains what they offer and some programs including their bounce back program.



Wiley says the staff at Shelbyville Manor is second to none, of the multiple therapists on staff many of them have been there for years.



Wiley appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Office of Tourism Working on Lake Shelbyville Guide

With a new year means a new Lake Shelbyville Guide to keep people up to date on all things Lake Shelbyville.


Freddie Fry with the Shelby County Office of Tourism says this is one of their biggest projects of the year, and it is important to start off on the right foot.



Fry says it may be getting late in the game but there is still a little bit of time to contact the Office of Tourism and get your business in the guide.



Fry shares who the guide is available to as well as how they get into your hands.



Fry appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

JB Pritzker Sworn in Today

Today is the day that JB Pritzker will officially be handed the keys to the governors mansion as he is prepared to be sworn in.


State Senator Andy Manar represents the 48th district of Illinois, in his mind this is a great time to hit the reset button.



Manar says he believes Prtizker is the right man to get this state back on track but he says it could take some time with the mess the previous administration left, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.



One of the first reminders on Pritzker’s agenda will be dealing with the budget as he has a new budget due in February. Manar shares how this should be handled.



Manar appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Weather Service Says Central Illinois Got a Lot of Snow


The National Weather Service in Lincoln has released snowfall totals from this weekend's storm.


The area shaded in orange received between 12 and 18 inches of snow.  That area included portions of Christian, Shelby, Moultrie, and Sangamon counties in the Regional Radio listening area.


Areas shaded in yellow received around to 11 inches.


The area shaded in red, in western Missouri, received the brunt of the snow, with between 18 and 24 inches falling.


By early Sunday afternoon, Illinois road conditions on interstates from I-80 to I-70 were still covered with ice and snow.







SBA Not in Taylorville Much Longer

The Small Business Administration has been in Taylorville for nearly a week to help provide assistance to those who suffered damage from the December tornado. The SBA is stationed at the Taylorville Fire Department, and they will only be in town until Thursday, January 17th. Julie Garrett with SBA wants to remind residents about the loans that they are providing.



For those who do come in looking for assistance, Garrett says that they won’t take too much of your time. She also reminds about the friendly interest rates they provide.



The SBA will be open Saturday from 9 in the morning until 1, and on the weekdays from 8 in the morning until 5.

TMH Holding Mental Health First Aid Training

TMH is hosting a Mental Health First Aid Training for Youth course to help teach how to handle those struggling with mental health issues. Suzy Trauthber, Mental Health First Aid Instructor, describes it as CPR for mental health.



Trauthber says that there is a lot to learn in the 8 hour course, especially with importance of mental health in today’s world.



The training is recommended for those who regularly are in contact with young people between the ages of 12 and 18. The training is scheduled for January 15th from 8am-5pm on the 4th floor classroom at TMH.

Lame Duck Session

The Illinois Senate was back in session this week for what is referred to as Lame Duck Session, this window is sometimes used to pass laws that are on the fringe.


State Senator Andy Manar represents the 48th District of Illinois. He says this year was a pretty quite year for Lame Duck Session which he sees as a good thing.



Manar credits the incoming administration for already getting off on the right foot, in Manar’s mind this is a reason for hope for a better Illinois.



Manar appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Meteorologist Predicts Possible 8 inches of Snowfall

With snow headed toward much of southern and central Illinois, the question remains, what can be expected from this winter storm? Meteorologist, Ed Shimon, says it won’t take long for this snow to accumulate. 



Taylorville is under a winter storm warning from 6 in the afternoon Friday until 6 in the morning on Sunday.

Slippery Road Conditions Expected with Snow Storm on its Way

With a snow storm on its way towards much of southern and central Illinois, road conditions will be hazardous. Taylorville Assistant Fire Chief Andy Goodall says plan accordingly when conditions like this are on the way.



If you do have to be out on the road remember to be cautious as road conditions will not be safe. Also, have materials in your car in case of emergency.



Goodall also reminds residents to try and stay off the roads no matter what.

TMH Auxiliary Hosting 10th Annual Men Who Cook

Taylorville Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is getting ready to host their annual event “Men who Cook” to help fund raise for the Auxiliary. Debbie Johnson with TMH Auxiliary says the menu looks great this year, and they’re some other events worth looking forward too.



In the past, chefs have cooked some delicious food, and Johnson is looking forward to that returning this year.



Men who Cook is scheduled for January 19th in the hospital auditorium. Tickets can be purchased in the hospital gift shop.

5th Annual Scholarship Awareness Day Coming Up

During the second semester of their senior year high school students start to really narrow down their list of potential colleges.


CEO of the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Patty Hornbuckle says there is an event coming up that can help college students pay for their education.



Hornbuckle encourages anyone with scholarship opportunities to contact her so she can get you on the list and have you attend as well to let the students know all of the options.



Hornbuckle appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Dudley Smith Farm Winter Meetings Set for Feb 6

It is time once again for the Dudley Smith Farm Winter Meetings in Central Illinois the U of I Extension Office is plenty excited about their lineup this year.


Ashley Belle is the Environmental and Energy Stewardship Educator with the Extension Office, she says for the event coming up next month there is still time to register and reserve your seat.



Belle says they love hearing from the guests about what they liked about the program as well as what they can do to improve next year.



Belle appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Government Shutdown Reaches 21 Days

With the government shutdown reaching its 21st day it has now tied for the longest government shutdown in United States history.


State Senator Andy Manar represents the 48th District of Illinois in Springfield. He has noticed a spike in the number of calls to his office from concerned citizens.



Manar says the government being shutdown is going to start having an impact on Springfield soon, he is hoping that bipartisanship can prevail in Washington.



Manar appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Habitat for Humanity in Moultrie County

Habitat for Humanity has been in Moultrie County for over 20 years making a difference in the community any way they can.


Gary Smith is on the Board for Habitat for Humanity in Moultrie County, he recalls the day he decided to join saying that he was referred by a friend.



Smith says it was a process applying to be an affiliate with it taking nearly two years. Since becoming an affiliate Smith says they have built around 30 homes for those in need.



Smith appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

THS to Host Blood Drive January 18th

Taylorville High School is hosting a blood drive next Friday, January 18th. Sara Palacio with the Central Illinois Community Blood Center says that not only is it beneficial to donate blood, but it goes toward local hospitals.



Palacio knows that Taylorville has gone through a lot recently, and she says it is another great way to come together as a community.



Potential donors must be at least 17 years old, and photo ID is required. The blood drive will be held from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, and all donors will receive a free t-shirt.

Taylorville Police Department Looking Forward to New Year

With 2019 off and running, Taylorville Police Chief Brian Hile is looking forward to what the new year will bring to local law enforcement. Hile says there are a couple projects they are already working on for the new year.



Hile mentions that those new projects are needed for the department, and he hopes they can get them done moving forward.



Hile was a guest on the News Talk WTIM Morning Show.

Loving Arms Crisis Pregnancy Center Adds New Program

Loving Arms Crisis Pregnancy Center is a local organization determined to help young men and women who are with child and wondering what steps need to be taken.


Cathy Coker is with Loving Arms she says they offer many wonderful programs. One of the more popular programs is the earn as you learn program.



Coker says they love all of their programs and are always looking to see if there is more they could be doing. They are going to be offering a new program that will be for young women who have lost a child.



Coker appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Taylorville Public Library Hosting Family STEM Night

The Taylorville Public Library is hosting a family STEM Night January 10th. Assistant Librarian Jessica Green says normally the Library does a family fun night, but they are changing things up this time around.



With this being a firs time event, Green expects to see a lot of similar faces from past family fun nights, and she reminds that all ages are welcome.



Family STEM Night starts at 6:30 Thursday evening.

Second Semester Underway in Taylorville School District

Second semester started on Monday in the Taylorville School District. Superintendent Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau says that over break while everyone is out of the building, it gives the district a chance to clean up their buildings.


One of the biggest stories being closely monitored this year is the addition of the STEM lab at Taylorville High School. The new lab has given students, and teachers, a brand new way of learning. 



Fuerstenau also mentioned some new equipment coming in to the high school as well.



Fuerstenau was a guest on the News Talk WTIM Morning Show.

Taylorville Fire Chief and Assistant Chief Reflect on Tornado Response

Taylorville has come along way since an early December tornado devastated the city. Taylorville fire Chief Mike Crews and Assistant Fire Chief Andy Goodall reflect on the day the tornado hit, and why they had to break protocol.



After the tornado hit, a commad center was put together at the Taylorville Fire Station. Crews from all over central Illinois came to assist in search and rescue, clean-up, and power lines. It was a chaotic scene from the outside, but Goodall was prepared to manage the situation.



Crews and Goodall were both guests on the News Talk WTIM Morning Show.

SBA in Taylorville

The Small Business Administration has set up a Disaster Assistance Office at the Taylorville Fire Department to help in tornado relief.


Julie Garrett is a Public Affairs Specialist with the Office of Disaster Assistance through the United States Small Business Administration. Garrett says these loans are not just for small business owners but for all Taylorville residents who might need some help.


Garrett says these loans are highly recommended for the under-insured as well as the uninsured, these loans can even get in your hands before the insurance company handles your settlement.



The Small Business Administration will be at the Taylorville Fire Department until January 17th. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm and Saturdays from 9am-1pm.


Garrett appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Time to Start Thinking About Ship

2019 is officially here an if you are a Christian County resident about to turn 65 this year the Christian County Senior Citizens Center is here to help you out.


Gerry Mahr with the Senior Citizens Center says they are ready to lend a hand for those needing to sign up for SHIP.



Mahr says a common misconception is residents thinking that they do not need to sign up for SHIP. He warns if you do not sign up you will start receiving penalties.



Mahr appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Taylorville Steak N' Shake on Schedule for Opening Day

With an opening day scheduled for the end of March, Taylorville’s new Steak N’ Shake is progressing well, according to David Bruno with Stuller Incorporated.



Bruno says at this point, the only thing that could cause the opening date to delay would be weather.



There were no set backs in the building’s construction from the December tornado according to Bruno. 

Taylorville City Council Rings in New Year at Council Meeting

On Monday night, the Taylorville City Council met to discuss items regarding Taylorville. It was a quick meeting to start 2019, but Mayor Bruce Barry had some things to address during his Mayoral Update. The first thing he mentioned was that, weather pending, he has put together a volunteer day to help continue tornado cleanup efforts.



Barry also mentioned that Walmart is beggining their renovations, and both Steak N’ Shake and HSHS are coming along well. He looks forward to what those new businesses will add to the city.



After the mayoral update were the committee reports from the Personnel and Emergency Services Committees. All of their motions cleared unanimously.


The Taylorville City Council meets on the first and third Monday of every month.

Taylorville Park District Rejects Bid for Manners Park Pool

On Monday afternoon, the Taylorville Parks District held a special meeting. The major part of the meeting was making a decision on the Manners Park Pool and Resurfacing project bid. After a discussion among the board members, they came to a final decision to reject the current bid for a new pool. Recreation Director Baily Hancock explains why the decision was made.



In the meantime, the pool’s cracks will be patched up, and the board will work on a 5-year plan says Hancock.



Monday was a special meeting for the Taylorville Parks District, they normally meet on the fourth Monday of every month.

Anxiety Grows in the Winter Months

Anxiety is an emotion that everybody deals with to some extent. While flowers blossom in spring anxiety seems to blossom in the fall and winter months.


Ed Lacheta is with Shelby County Community Services, he says once anxiety starts to grow it can be tough to slow down and can create quite the negative energy.



Lacheta makes not of the culture we live in today where we have a tendency to suppress our emotions. He says this is not a good practice and to help identify how someone is feeling he recommends carrying around a journal.



Lacheta appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

NFPA Encourages Disposal of Old Christmas Trees

Now that the Holiday Season is over, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends recycling your Christmas Trees. Susan McKelvey, communications manager at NFPA says keep your old tree is a fire hazard.



When it comes to disposing of your tree, there are proper ways to do that.



Also remember to be careful while taking down tree decorations during the removal process of your old Christmas tree.

TMH Auxiliary to Host Baby Sitting Clinic in January

Taylorville Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is hosting a baby sitting clinic this January. The clinic is to help children learn how to care for an infant while they babysit. Melissa Thomas with TMH Auxiliary shares some of what the class will cover.


Thomas reflects and says that multiple students who have taken the course in the past have benefited greatly.



The class will be held January 21st, and those interested in attending should call 824-1601.

New Program Available Through Greater Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce has been growing rapidly in the past few months and Jodi McCormick has been swamped running the Chamber attempting to juggle everything as the CEO. Schryll Brenson is a member of the Chamber she is happy to announce a new Ambassador Program through the Chamber.



The Greater Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce would love to hear from any of their members as to how they can better your experience. Brenson also says if your business has yet to join the Chamber, there is no time like the present.



Brenson appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

US Army Corps of Engineers Recycling Christmas Trees

Now that the holidays are over it is time to start thinking about what to do with that Christmas tree.


The US Army Corps of Engineers has you covered on that front with their annual Christmas tree recycling program at Lake Shelbyville, Sarah Haslett says they in fact have two drop off locations.



Haslett says come March the Corps of Engineers will be putting the recycled Christmas trees to good use.



Haslett appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

New Business District Tax in Effect

When the calendar moved over to 2019, the new Business District tax in Taylorville was put into effect. Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry shared with Regional Radio News the new 1% tax, and where it is going to be included.



The tax is only in effect in the Business Development District, and Barry outlines exactly where that is.



It has taken quite some time for the BDD to begin to take place as well as the new sales tax, but Barry explains his reasons on why the city will benefit.



The tax was put into effect January 1st.

SBA Doors Officially Open in Taylorville

It has been over a month since an EF3 tornado touchdown southwest of Taylorville and made its way up 48 and through the city.


CEO of the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Patty Hornbuckle says the SBA Federal Level is in Taylorville and are ready and willing to help with loans for tornado victims.



While some might think they are out of luck as they are not a small business Hornbuckle assures this is not the case, the SBA is offering residential loans up to $200,000 with minimal interest.



The doors to the SBA are now open and Hornbuckle encourages those struggling to stop by as the SBA tries to make this process as easy as possible.



The SBA will be at the Taylorville Fire Department unitl January 17th. Hours are weekdays from 8-5 and weekends 9-1.


Hornbuckle appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Gagne Building Hours Change Again

That Gagne Building, providing supplies for those affected by the December tornado, is changing its hours. The new hours will be Tuesday and Thursday from 10 in the morning until 2, and Saturdays from 8 in the morning until 2. Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry says that if those times don’t work for some residents, they can contact his office. Barry also says there are plenty of supplies available.



Monetary donations are still being accepted as well by Missions for Taylorville.

Pana Fire Department Responds to Thursday Night House Fire

On Thursday night, the Pana fire department responded to a house fire at 111 South Spruse. Pana Fire Chief Rod Bland on what the scene looked like when they arrived.



Bland was able to report the cause of the fire, and also that there were no injuries.



Authorities Performing Forensic Audit in YMCA Embezzlement Investigation

The Taylorville Police Department is continuing its investigation into the possible embezzlement case with the Christian County YMCA according to Police Chief Brian Hile. Currently, they are conducting a Forensic Audit of all current and previous accounts held by the YMCA, says Hile.



According to Hile they will continue to interview different people as the investigation continues.



Hile mentioned that these types of investigations can take some time.



The Taylorville Police Department is being assisted by the Christian County State’s Attorneys Office and the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. Talks with Federal authorities are ongoing concerning the additional assistance with the investigation as well as prosecution.

CI Smiles Kicks off Business After Hours

2019 is officially here and the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce is excited to see plenty of familiar smiling faces once again at their local business after hours.


CEO of the Chamber Patty Hornbuckle says she first put word out last November that she was starting to fill slots for 2019. She is excited to announce that 2019 business after hours will kick off from a familiar location.



Hornbuckle knows that these events are for Chamber members but says they will not shy away from anyone. For instance any residents who want to come out and check out what the event is all about are more than welcome.



Hornbuckle appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

People's Bank and Trust Contributes $12,000 to Christian County YMCA

People’s Bank & Trust recently donated $12,000 to the Christian County YMCA to be used for variouis projects. Jennifer Nagle, Vice President in Consumer Banking for People’s Bank and Trust says they have always been involved with the YMCA, and this is just another way for them to show their support.



Christian County YMCA Executive Director Chris Weittenhiller mentions how thankful he is for the continued support.



Weittenhiller also mentions their plan on how to distribute the $12,000 donation.



Weittenhiller and the Christian County YMCA continue to be thankful for the constant community support they continue to receive.

TMH Finishes 33rd Session of Lose to Win Challenge

Taylorville Memorial Hospital recently completed its 33rd session of their Lose to Win challenge. The challenge pushes residents to achieve a healthier life style by dieting, and becoming more physically active. TMH Dietitian Janelle Cornell says that it is exciting to see people imporving their health.



As far as the incentives that Cornell mentions, she says there are multiple ways to win some money.



TMH has already started their next session of the Lose to Win Challenge, but Cornell encourages residents who want to get involved to contact her at the hospital.

January Named Radon Awareness Month in Illinois

January is Radon Awareness Month in Illinois. Patrick Daniels, Radon Program Manager for IEMA says that it is the leading cause of death in private homes.



Daniels says that the only way to know if your home is exposed to radon is to test.



Radon test kits can be purchased at your local hardware store, or you could have professionals test your home for you.

Eating Healthier in 2019

A common new year resolution is to try and shed a few pounds, there if often a spike in gym memberships around this time of the year. The real secret however is eating healthy in 2019 if you are wanting to lose some weight.


Jill Williams is with the St. Louis Dairy Council she advises using a slow cooker to prepare your meals to live a healthier lifestyle.



Williams urges residents, whether using a slow cooker or not, to do their best to prepare what she sees as a balanced meal.


Williams appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Sessions Resume for the House Next Week

State Representatives in the State of Illinois realize that their time off is coming to an end as next week sessions will resume.


Bill Halbrook represents the 102nd District of Illinois in the House. He says the 102nd district is unique in terms of what all is covered.



Due to the wide range that Halbrook has to cover in the state he in fact has two offices where residents can stop by to voice their concerns.



Halbrook appeared as guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

SBA Opening Disaster Loan Outreach Center in Taylorville

The U.S. Small Business Administration is opening a disaster Loan Outreach Center in Taylorville today at the Taylorville Fire Department. The purpose of the outreach is to help those affected by the December 1st tornado. Julie Garrett of the SBA says don’t let their name fool you, in times like these the SBA can provide loans for more than just small businesses. 



Also, Garrett mentions that the interests rates on the loans are incredibly low, not to mention flexible.



Also, the loans through the SBA can put the money in your account in a just a matter of 3 to 5 business days according to Garrett.



The Small Business Association is hoping to reach out, and help those in Taylorville who saw their homes or businesses damaged during the December tornado. The Disaster Loan Outreach Center will be open from weekdays from 8 in the morning until 5, and weekends from 9 until 1 in the afternoon until January 17th. 

William Burger Wants to be the Next Mayor of Sullivan

Running for political office is often easier said than done, once your name is on the ballot you are subject to have your life go under a microscope for inspection.


This potential scrutiny is not scaring off William “Bill” Burger off the ticket. This military veteran was born in Western Pennsylvania and has been in Sullivan since 2010.



Burger knows that being the mayor is no joke and a very serious position. His campaign hinges on two words, change and transparency.



Billburger appeared as guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Sullivan Freshman Modeling in New York

A young man attending Sullivan High School is working his way from the stage at his school to the big apple.


Oliver Adanson is a freshman at Sullivan High School and over the summer he signed with a modeling agency in New York City.



Adanson says admittedly he was concerned when trying to send out material to the agencies with copyright issues through the school.



Kim Adanson is the mother of Oliver she says at first she was concerned that it all might be a haux but upon doing her research it turned out to be the real deal.



Oliver and Kim Adanson appeared as guests on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Two Opportunities Through U of I Extension Office

As the calendar flips to 2019 the U of I Extension Office is already excited to kick off another year, and they are wasting no time as there are two events coming up in January in Taylorville


Rebecca Livingston is the 4H and Ag Literacy Coordinator with the Extension Office. She credits her intern for coming up with the idea for a crafts workshop.



Livingston says she is expecting a full turnout on January 12th for the Teen Teacher Training. While this course has been in Christian County in the past, this year it will be in Montgomery County.



Livingston appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Salvation Army in Shelbyville Fundraising Going Well

The Salvation Army in Shelby County hopes that you and your loved ones had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


Don Jefferies is heavily involved with the Salvation Army in Shelbyville and Shelby County, he gives a process of how the Salvation Army came to Shelby County.



CEFS and the Salvation Army often work hand in hand. Jefferies says that while CEFS has their main office in Effingham there is a local office in the county.



The Salvation Army Bell Ringing is one of the biggest fundraisers that the organization has, he says this year the bell ringing went very well and they had some communities that went above and beyond with donations as well.



Jefferies says that while he is pleased with how the fundraising has gone he understands that there will always be a need.



Jefferies appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

HSHS Good Shepherd Construction Going Well

It is no secret what has been going on at HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital in Shelbyville. Construction crews are constantly making their way in and out of the building.


Aaron Puchbauer is the President and CEO of HSHS Good Shepherd in Shelbyville he says one major improvement to the grounds will be the front desk in the emergency department to make it more patient friendly.



Another upgrade to the hospital will be the new consultation room, which now will be more accessible for those who need it and are seeking guidance for a tough decision.



Puchbauer wants to welcome some new providers and physicians that will be joining the team at HSHS Good Shepherd in Shelbyville. Puchbauer thinks all of the new hires will be great additions.



Puchbauer appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.

Museum on Main Street Popular in Shelbyville

There is good and bad everywhere you look. One Shelbyville resident is doing her best to try and make a difference and help the good outweigh the bad.


Brenda Elder is heavily involved in the Shelbyville areas as she wears many hats, one thing constantly on her mind is how to strike down poverty.



Elder is helping with the Museum on Main Street in Shelbyville, she explains how the museum was brought to town.



Elder says there is also a national museum that travels all around the United States that she thinks is worth checking out as this year it feeds off the bicentennial for the state of Illinois.



Elder appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


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