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The Christian County Sherriff’s Office today released details on an injury accident that occurred June 23rd on Illinois Route 48 near 198 North,  just past 11:30 at night. Deputies report that vehicles driven by 24-year-old Kaleb Abernathy and 25-year-old Gale Mulvaney were involved.
The reports states that when the deputy arrived, Mulvaney’s car on the north side of Illinois Route 48 with the front end of the car resting against the passenger side door of Abernathy’s vehicle.  Abernathy was en route to the hospital by ambulance upon the deputy’s arrival. Mulvaney refused medical treatment, but he had minor injuries according to the accident report. The report further states that the deputy also noticed an odor of alcohol from Mulavney.
A witness who talked to the deputy, stated that Mulvaney had crossed the center line into Illinois Route 48 following Abernathy, and thereafter the collision between both cars occured.
The deputy observed skid marks starting in the Northeast bound lane of Illinois Route 48 and crossing into the Southwest bound lane. Illinois State Police crash reconstructionist have been brought into the investigation.
21-year-old Aryanna Marston was a passenger in Abernathy’s car and was sent to the Memorial Medical Center in Springfield via Dunn’s Ambulance.

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