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THS Fall Choir Singing October 5th

The Taylorville High School Choirs will present the annual Fall Demonstration Concert on Thursday, Oct. 5 beginning at 7:00p in the THS Cafeteria..  This first concert of the year serves as a demonstration of the learning process that the students go through while preparing for the performance.  In addition to several finished songs, the combined THS Choirs will present some of the warm-up and vocal flexibility exercises that are used in the classroom.


The THS Choirs will be previewing several pieces of music from the Illinois Music Educators Association District 5 Music Festival, which will take place on November 18 on the campus of Eastern Illinois University.  These pieces include a gospel style song called “Sing Out My Soul”, a beautiful contemporary choral piece called “The Sun Never Says”, a mashup of two popular Broadway songs called “Found/Tonight”, and the traditional spiritual “Daniel, Daniel, Servant of the Lord”. 

Health Fair Coming To Shelbyville

Soyland Access to Independent Living has been dedicated to helping people with disabilities gain independence through their services. To further support their mission of independent living, SAIL will be hosting a health fair at the Shelby County Senior Center located at 325 East North 9th Street in Shelbyville, on Thursday, October 5th, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Betty Watkins has been working as the Out Reach Coordinator with SAIL for 17 years and has held true to their goals. Watkins explained that serving people with disabilities has been rewarding.


The health fair will include many different testing and screening sites and mobility testing. Watkins includes that blood pressure testing will be on site to alert anyone who may need attention.


Watkins said the two-hour fair will give attendees enough time to test for aspects of their health that are most beneficial or visit all the testing sites.


The health fair will be a free event, says Watkins. And information about the event can be found at decatursail.com/.

Betty Watkins appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show from Shelbyville.


Giannoulias Recommends Permanent Increase To Driving Test Age Requirement

Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias this week filed administrative rules that would increase the age at which a driver is required to pass a driving test when they renew their license, raising it from 75 to 79. The rules – proposed by Giannoulias to the legislative Joint Committee on Administrative Rules – would keep in place a state policy that went into effect during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, lawmakers in Springfield temporarily modified several requirements for driver's licenses to ease strain on the secretary of state’s office, which oversees driver services facilities. That included the age increase for required driver tests. 


But that policy was scheduled to expire on Oct. 1, so Giannoulias’ office filed emergency rules to extend it beyond that date, along with identical permanent rules. That rulemaking committee's next regular meeting is planned for Oct. 17 in Chicago, at which point it can determine whether to leave the rules in place, request changes or file an objection. Under the pandemic-era policy and the rules proposed by Giannoulias, all drivers aged 78 and younger must renew their licenses every four years. At age 79, drivers must complete a driving test as part of that process.


State policies for those aged 79 and older would not change under Giannoulias’ proposed rules. Drivers aged 81 to 86 must renew their license and take a vision and driving test every two years, and drivers aged 87 and older must renew their license and take those tests every year. Illinois is the only state in the country that has a driving test requirement for people over a certain age. Illinois also requires more frequent driver’s license renewals for people over age 80, something only 23 states require.


The change will affect approximately 3 percent of Illinois’ driving population, according to the secretary of state’s office. As part of the temporary change, the secretary of state’s office issued a report on driving safety among older drivers, which found that drivers aged 75 years and older were involved in fewer crashes – even after the temporary rule change went into effect – than those aged 16 to 69 years. Age-related requirements for drivers have been a longtime issue for AARP Illinois, an advocacy group that represents the interests of those over age 50.


Gruenenfelder said AARP receives complaints about age-related requirements for drivers, noting they make competent drivers feel “targeted” for their age. He said the organization will continue to work with the secretary of state’s office and advocate for using a person’s mobility or indicators of driving behavior to trigger possible driving test requirements, regardless of age. But Gruenenfelder said AARP commends Giannoulias for his recommendation this week. The group also approves of Giannoulias’ September action to move the state’s busiest driver services facilities to an appointment-based model, as well as this week’s announcement that two new facilities targeted to senior drivers will offer walk-in services. 

Shelbyville High School Students Of The Month For September Announced

The WSVZ and Family Drug-Shelbyville Students of the Month for September 2023 were presented with their awards recently. Pictured from left to right are. Lainey Lockart, Tessa Bowers, Adelyn Long and Abigail Tomlin. 

Freshman: Lainey Lockart, Sophomore: Tessa Bowers, Junior: Adelyn Long and Senior: Abigail Tomlin.

Pana High School Announces Students Of The Month

Genuine Country 94.3 WMKR along with People's Bank and Trust are recognizing the Pana Students of the Month for September. The September Pana Students of the Month are Bella Bennett, Kennedy Bowker, Bellea Anderson, Ryan Karbach, and Kyndall Jones. 



Taylorville High School Announces September Students Of The Month

WTIM and People’s Bank and Trust in Taylorville have announced their students of the month for September. The program recognizes one outstanding student from each of the four classes. Students of the Month for September are Sean Morrison, Haley Bliler, Hailey Brandt, Abigail Norris




Audrey Curtin Earns Junior Bronze And Silver Awards

Audrey Curtin, Blue Mound, Ill., has earned the National Junior Angus Association’s (NJAA) Bronze and Silver awards, according to Caitlyn Brandt, events and junior activities director of the American Angus Association® in Saint Joseph, Mo.


Curtin is the 17-year-old daughter of T.J. Curtin and attends Taylorville High School. She is a member of the NJAA and the Iowa Junior Angus Association, where she currently serves as royalty and a director.


She has participated in local, state and national shows and showmanship contests. At the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS), Curtin participated in the photography, graphic design, creative writing, livestock judging and stockman’s contests. She was also a participant in the 2021 and 2023 mentoring program. She participated in the Leaders Engaged in Angus Development (LEAD) conference in 2022-2023 and the Raising the Bar conference in 2022-2023.


The Bronze and Silver awards are the first two levels of the NJAA Recognition Program that began in 1972. Junior Angus breeders must apply for the awards, then meet point requirements in many areas of participation before receiving the honors. Applicants are evaluated in areas of junior Angus association activities and leadership, participation in showmanship, contests and shows, using performance testing to improve their herd and their progress in producing and merchandising Angus cattle.


The NJAA promotes the involvement of young people in raising Angus cattle, while also providing leadership and self-development opportunities for the nearly 4,500 active members nationwide.

Central Illinois Seeing Housing Revitalization

Central Illinois is seeing a revitalization.  That’s the message from State Senator Doris Turner, who recently applauded efforts to bring Decatur, Springfield, and Macon County a combined total of more than $1 million to support community revitalization efforts. Senator Turner says that revitalizing abandoned homes provides opportunities and brings more housing options to the area. 


The Illinois Housing Development Authority recently approved $19 million to support affordable housing and community revitalization efforts across the state.  The program is called the Strong Communities Program and will provide funding to 68 units of local governments and land bank authorities to acquire, maintain, rehab and demolish abandoned residential properties in their communities. 


The second round of Strong Communities Program awardees include Springfield, Decatur, and Macon County, with each receiving $337,000. The grants are funded by the Rebuild Illinois capital plan and will leverage IHDA’s existing funding to increase property values, create jobs, help reduce crime, generate additional tax revenue and attract further community investment in under-served communities around the state.  A total of $30 million in grant funding has been awarded through two application rounds. 


To learn more about the Stronger Communities Program visit https://ihda.org. 

West Nile Virus Testing Tanks Detect Positive Results

In an effort to identify and decrease the chances of the West Nile Virus spreading throughout communities, the Christian County Health Department has testing spots in many of the surrounding cities. Chemical components sit in a tank to attract mosquitoes so that experts can test those larvae for West Nile Virus.

Chad Anderson, Public Health Administrator for the CC Health Department says being proactive to fight the virus is beneficial to the community.


As the West Nile Virus is spotted, a process will take place to alert those near positive cases and larvicide can be administered.

Stagnant bodies of water are popular nesting areas for mosquito eggs. Anderson reminds citizens to dump out stagnant water. In an effort to have testing facilities equally dispersed throughout Christian County, Anderson says they are still looking for a body of water in Pana to undergo tests.


Anderson says West Nile Virus cases have returned positive in mosquitoes for Christian County and even in Taylorville.


For questions concerning West Nile Virus or testing tanks across the county, contact the Christian County Health Department at 217-824-4113.

Chad Anderson appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.


Spring Registration Nears For Lincoln Land Community College

It is never too early to begin the spring semester registration process for students attending Lincoln Land Community College, that's according to Dee Krueger, Director of Lincoln Land Community College-Taylorville.

Taking time to sit down with your Success Coach, who was once called an academic advisor, makes for a prepared student when heading into a new semester. Registration begins October 19th, but Krueger says many students already have a plan for their next classes. Krueger also sends the message out to graduating seniors, as getting an early start can make for a more relaxing summer.


Some majors will require prerequisites before taking courses that dive into that material. Krueger explains that LLCC offers six different degrees, while three of those degrees are transferable to a four-year university.


Krueger explains the utilization of Success Coaches and the benefits they bring to LLCC students.


For information on registration or any programs Lincoln Land Community College offers, visit their website at, https://www.llcc.edu/.

Dee Krueger appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Be On The Lookout For Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease

While colds, flu, RSV, and COVID take center stage when it comes to talking about winter and seasonal illnesses, one shouldn’t overlook HFMD or Hand, foot and mouth disease.  HFMD typically impacts young children, but adults and older children aren’t immune to it.  HMFD causes painful red blisters in the mouth and throat and on hands, feet, and the diaper area.  HFMD is most common in children who are in childcare because young children need frequent diaper changes and help using the bathroom.  They also tend to put their hands in their mouth.


Dr. Asma Khan, a pediatrician for OSF Healthcare says that it is most seen under the age of five. 



There are two main viruses that cause HFMD, coxsackie and enterovirus.  There is a three-to-five-day incubation period when patients are infected and spread the virus before the initial onset of symptoms. The virus spreads through saliva, stool, and respiratory droplets such as sneezing and coughing.  



According to Dr. Khan, treatment is usually supportive care at home. 



If your child has a high fever or shows no gradual improvement after a few days, you should call your physician. HFMD generally occurs during summer and fall, but Dr. Khan says outbreaks can still happen during the winter.  She says that the most questions she gets asked involve when the child can return back to school.  



For more information about HFMD, visit the OSF Healthcare website. 

Shipman Woman Charged With Misusing Village Funds

A Macoupin County village treasurer has been charged with misusing village funds by collecting pay she was not entitled to and spending funds on personal expenses. 45 year old Elizabeth Robinson of Shipman was charged with two counts of Class 1 felony theft, each punishable by up to 15 years in prison; one count of Class 2 felony theft, punishable by up to seven years in prison; one count of Class 3 felony forgery, punishable by up to five years in prison; and one count of Class 3 felony wire fraud, punishable by up to five years in prison. 


Attorney General Kwame Raoul also charged Robinson with ten counts of Class 3 felony official misconduct, each punishable by up to five years in prison. According to Raoul, Robinson used her position as Shipman village treasurer to pay herself payroll she was not entitled to by forging signatures on unauthorized village checks.  She also allegedly used village funds to pay personal bills including utility bills and rent on personal storage units, through electronic payments.  Raoul’s office alleges that Robinson misused between $10,000 and $65,000 in village funds through payments to herself and on personal costs. 


Attorney General Raoul said, “Government employees have an obligation to use government funds and property responsibly.  Taxpayers must be able to trust that those who serve on their behalf use their authority for the public good and not to enrich themselves.” 


The Illinois State Police led the investigation into Robinson’s alleged misconduct. Assistant Attorneys General Mara Somlo and Steven Sallerson are prosecuting the case for Attorney General Raoul’s office. Robinson’s next court date is set for October 16th. 

IDNR Prohibiting The Use Of Drones For Hunting Purposes

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) has issued a strong reminder to the public that the use of unmanned aircraft, commonly known as drones, for any aspect of hunting or wildlife recovery is strictly unlawful in the state. This announcement comes ahead of the fall hunting season, which begins on Sunday, October 1, with the commencement of archery deer and turkey seasons throughout Illinois.


Jed Whitchurch, the director of the IDNR Office of Law Enforcement, emphasized the illegality of using drones for hunting purposes in Illinois and underscored the importance of upholding fair chase principles and widely accepted hunting ethics. He stated, "The use of drones for hunting is unlawful in Illinois, but it also goes against the spirit of fair chase and widely accepted hunting ethics."


To ensure compliance with this regulation, the Illinois Conservation Police officers will actively monitor for any instances of drone use during the fall and winter hunting seasons. Hunters are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Illinois Wildlife Code, which governs the taking of wildlife and specifically addresses the use of unmanned aircraft in such scenarios (520 ILCS 5/2.33 (i) and 520 ILCS 5/1.20).


The IDNR and conservation police have received multiple inquiries from the public regarding the use of drones for scouting and tracking animals. To avoid potential enforcement actions, which may include the seizure and forfeiture of unlawfully used equipment, hunters are advised to adhere to the regulations outlined in the Wildlife Code.


In light of these reminders, the IDNR wishes all hunters a safe and successful hunting season, urging them to conduct their activities within the boundaries of the law and ethical hunting practices.

Christian County Health Department To Hold Flu Shot Clinics

As flu season approaches, the Christian County Health Department will be hosting drive-thru and appointment clinics throughout the month of October and into November.

The first stop for the flu shot clinics will be Thursday, October 12th, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the CC Health Department. The second flu shot stop will be Tuesday, October 24th, from 7:00 a.m. to noon at the Taylorville Fire Department. The third day will be Thursday, October 26th from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the CC Health Department. The final day on Thursday, November 2nd, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Pana Fire Department. Clinics located at the CC Health Department are by appointment only, while the fire department clinics require no registration.

Dr. Chad Anderson is the Public Health Administrator for the Christian County Health Department and says he and the health department give many thanks to the local fire departments for opening their doors for these important immunizations.


The CC Health Department utilizes the Medical Reserve Core (MRC), these are volunteers with medical backgrounds that assist in drive-thru flu shot clinics. Anderson also notes that volunteer spots are available with the CC Health Department.


For information about flu shot clinics visit the CC Health Department's website at, cchdil.org.

Dr. Chad Anderson appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Sparklight Accepting Applications For Charitable Giving Fund

Sparklight is opening its fall 2023 applications for the company’s Charitable Giving Fund.  This annually awards $250,000 in grants to nonprofit organizations.  Grants will be made available across communities served by Sparklight and the other Cable One family of brands including Fidelity, Hargray, and Valunet Fiber.  The focus will be Education and Digital Literacy, Hunger Relief and Food Insecurity, and Community Development. 


The company last year, awarded grants to nearly 60 nonprofits, including organizations serving the homeless, providing child advocacy, offering senior assistance, and supplying food to those in need.  The Charitable Giving Fund is an extension of the company’s existing social responsibility efforts.  This includes supporting national organizations dedicated to advancing education and diversity, supporting the mission of the Special Olympics, planting trees through the Arbor Day Foundation, Supporting the mission of Keep America Beautiful, and raising funds for the Feed My Starving Children organization. 


For more information about the Sparklight Charitable Giving Fund visit www.sparklight.com/charitablegiving. 

St. Louis Dairy Council Bringing Back Family Dinners

Dinners at home prove to be more beneficial for families nutritionally and emotionally. Research from the Food Marketing Institute shows that sharing a family meal is good for the spirit and emotional health of family members. Nutritionally, cooking dinner at home will often lead families to use fresh ingredients as opposed to the fast-food route.

The St. Louis Dairy Council is highlighting the importance of family meals this month in an effort to bring about the positive side of eating at home. Kelsey Bentlage, a Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Educator for the St. Louis Dairy Council says families could save nearly $50 a week per person by switching to at-home meals.


Bentlage says that eating at home will better meet the needs of the 2-3 servings of dairy daily. She added that cooking at home could inspire youngsters to start making food for themselves and have input on the nightly meal.


The St. Louis Dairy Council has many recipes on their website that are easy and nutritional for families to add to the menu. Bentlage mentions a Tuscan chicken mac and cheese recipe that only needs one pot to cook.


Prioritizing family dinners will not only benefit the health of the family unit but also bring members closer together. Bentlage and The St. Louis Dairy Council try to make it easy on families by providing easy, nutritional recipes to try at home.

For information on recipes or the St. Louis Dairy Council visit, www.stldairycoulcil.org

Kelsey Bentlage appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Illinois House Speaker Files Bill To Allow Legislative Staff To Unionize

House Speaker Emanuel “Chris” Welch, D-Hillside, has filed legislation that would, for the first time in Illinois, authorize legislative staff to form a union and engage in collective bargaining.


House Bill 4148, creating the Legislative Employee Labor Relations Act, comes in response to a monthslong effort by Democratic staff in the speaker’s office to unionize and negotiate wages, hours and other working conditions.


“For a while now, I had some staff approach my office seeking voluntary recognition as a union,” Welch said in an interview Wednesday. “And my legal advisors advised me that Illinois law currently specifically prohibits that. So as someone who believes in workers’ rights, this legislation is my attempt to create a legal path for them to have that right.”


Last year, a group of workers in the speaker’s office formed the Illinois Legislative Staff Association, which has been seeking recognition as a union. Brady Burden, a member of that group’s organizing committee, said in an email Wednesday that the committee was scheduled to meet with management in the speaker’s office office later that day.


“We are happy to see the Speaker file this bill,” Burden said in a statement after that meeting. “We look forward to working together in good faith and coming to an agreement.”


In Illinois, private-sector unions are governed by the National Labor Relations Board while public-sector unions are governed by the Illinois Labor Relations Board. But the law creating that board and outlining its powers specifically excludes employees of the General Assembly from the definition of “public employee.”


Last year, however, the General Assembly passed, and Illinois voters approved, a Workers’ Rights Amendment to the state constitution that that declares employees “shall have the fundamental right to organize and to bargain collectively through representatives of their own choosing for the purpose of negotiating wages, hours, and working conditions, and to protect their economic welfare and safety at work.”


But Michael LeRoy, a labor law expert at the University of Illinois, said earlier this month that the wording of that amendment could be construed as vague, and it wasn’t clear whether it would apply retroactively to public employees that were already legally barred from unionizing.


As a result, the Illinois Legislative Staff Association had been asking Welch’s office to voluntarily recognize their union. Welch’s comments Wednesday indicated his legal advisors did not believe that was authorized under law.


HB 4148, however, would specifically authorize legislative staff to unionize and it would give the ILRB jurisdiction over collective bargaining matters for staff unions, including authority to conduct elections within employee groups seeking to unionize.


It would establish an Office of State Legislative Labor Relations to represent the General Assembly in collective bargaining with legislative staff.. That office would have a director appointed by a Joint Committee on Legislative Support Services.


The bill provides that the General Assembly is not required to bargain over matters of “inherent managerial policy,” including the General Assembly’s budget, organizational structure, and hiring of new employees.


It also provides that any employee in a group represented by a union may be required to pay a “fair- share” fee to cover their proportionate share of the costs of collective bargaining, regardless of whether they choose to join the union.


Until 2018, Illinois government employees who benefitted from the bargaining of the AFSCME Council 31 public employee union were subject to such fair-share fees if they did not join the union. The state stopped collecting those fees in that year, however, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Janus v. AFSCME that the fees violated the First Amendment rights of individuals who did not want to join the union.


Welch said he intends to push for the bill’s passage in the upcoming fall veto session, which begins Oct. 24.


A spokesperson for Senate President Don Harmon, D-Oak Park, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Taylorville Kiwanis Raises $2472 During Annual Kids Days Fund-Raiser

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club held their annual Kids Days fund-raiser at the corner of West Main Cross and Webster last weekend.


Kiwanis members donning Kiwanis vests, stood on the street corner last Friday and Saturday asking motorists for cash donations to help the club in its efforts to provide programs and services for children and youth in the community.


The final tally when it was counted, was 24-hundred 72-dollars.  These dollars will go into the local Kiwanis Club Foundation to fund many Kiwanis programs like Coats for Kids, Kiwanis Park, YMCA and high school scholarships, supporting the local CEO program, and also providing funding to other local non-profits that also assist children and youth in the Taylorville community.


As Kiwanis Priority One chair, Bruce Blanshan again led this year’s Kiwanis Kids Days collection effort.


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club thanks the community for their continued generosity during this year’s fund-raiser.


The club is part of a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.

Golden Apple Accepting Applications

Golden Apple, a non-profit committed to preparing, supporting and mentoring aspiring teachers, is now accepting applications for both its Accelerators and Scholars programs.. Golden Apple seeks to provide a pathway for aspiring educators to enter the profession through these programs and fill crucial open teaching positions across the state. 


Illinois faces an ongoing teacher shortage crisis, leading to classrooms lacking the highly-effective, well-qualified educators our students deserve. According to the 2022 - 2023 Educator Shortage Report from the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents, 79% of school districts statewide reported having a teacher shortage problem in 2022, with more than 2700 open teacher, special education, and support staff positions remaining unfilled or filled with someone less than qualified. The teacher shortage crisis leads to teacher burnout, overcrowded classrooms, and a lack of educators in areas such as bilingual and special education and STEM.


The Accelerators program is a 15-month teacher residency and licensure program that expedites the preparation of highly-effective teachers in areas-of-need throughout the state. Geared toward career changers with a bachelor’s degree and current college students not already on a teaching path, program participants take courses at a partner university, receive instruction from established educators, and work with mentors who provide ongoing support throughout the school year and into their first years of teaching.. Accelerators receive a $10,000 stipend and have their University-based licensure tuition and fees funded by the program. 


The Scholars program focuses on teacher preparation and tuition assistance for high school seniors as well as freshman and sophomore college students in Illinois who have the determination and drive to teach. Scholars receive up to $23,000 in financial assistance, extensive classroom teaching experience, academic and social-emotional support, job placement assistance and mentoring from Golden Apple’s award-winning teaching faculty. Throughout the history of the program, 53% of Golden Apple Scholars have been Scholars of color and 97% of Scholars find employment within 90 days of graduation.


To learn more and apply for either the Accelerators or Scholars program, interested parties can visit www.goldenapple.org/accelerators and www.goldenapple.org/scholars. 

Garden Planning 101 With U of I Extension

Garden Planning 101 is a new event hosted by the University of Illinois Extension on October 4th from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Nokomis Public Library. Many factors must be taken into account when starting a new garden and U of I Extension is here to help.

Andrew Holsinger, Horticulture Educator for the University of Illinois Extension says planning a garden takes knowledge that local citizens may not know.


The type of plant, location, and landscape orientation will affect the success of your garden. Holsinger says there are many techniques to familiarize yourself with before taking on the garden planning task.


The Garden Planning 101 class will be in person only.

Registration can be found online at go.illinois.edu/cjmmevents.

Andrew Holsinger appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Social Security Administration Looking Out for Elderly Population

The elderly community has been vulnerable to different types of harm such as elder abuse, social media scams, and financial misdirection. The Social Security Administration is fighting back against these forms of violence by educating the community on how to recognize, report, and prevent further damage to the elderly population.

Jack Myers, Public Affairs Specialist with the Social Security Administration defines elder abuse as the physical, emotional, and financial mistreatment of an older person. He continued by saying that many instances of elder abuse go unreported.


Aspects such as behavior changes, unusual fear or anxiety, or intentional isolation are some personal characteristics that could prove one to be suffering from elder abuse says Myers. Physical abuse is more easily spotted as bruises, burns or unexplained injuries could be common signs of abuse.

Many of the signs to look out for would only be noticed by a caretaker or a close loved one, sometimes that close individual is the abuser themselves, Myers explains that's why it is always helpful to check in on neighbors and friends.


If one is suspected of being a victim of elder abuse, Myers directs these emergencies to the Illinois Adult Services phone number at 866-800-1409. The same number can be used to report cases of abuse to a person with a disability.

For more information on the Social Security Administration, visit their website at ssa.gov

Jack Myers appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Taylorville Kiwanis Club Honors Long-Time Spiritual Aims Chair, Hears from Interim Taylorville School Head at Weekly Meeting

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club honored the club’s Spiritual Aims chair, and heard from the interim Taylorville School Superintendent, their club’s weekly meeting on Tuesday at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.


Long-time Spiritual Aims chair Dick Wamsley (right) was presented a certificate of appreciation for his many years leading that committee.  Wamsley has planned the club’s annual Prayer Luncheon each May for over 30 years.  Kiwanis president Chuck Martin (left) made the presentation.



Program speaker for Tuesday’s meeting was interim Taylorville School Superintendent Deborah Philpot who talked about her career and the challenges all schools, including Taylorville, have experienced post-COVID.  Philpot shared with Kiwanis members that the district is being proactive by having social and emotional counselors in all buildings to help students cope with continued struggles in learning. 



She added that in the 2021-22 school year, of the just over 22-hundred students in the district, the absenteeism rate was 26-percent and they’re continuing to get that number down so more students can be in school to learn.


Philpot also that cell phones and bullying are other challenges the Taylorville School District is dealing with, as are most districts.  She wrapped up her remarks by saying she and the T-S-D staff work every day to make school a positive influence in kids’ lives.


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.   

Hornbuckle Appears In Christian County Court; Pleads Not Guilty

A preliminary hearing was held on Monday at the Christian County Court House as former CEO of the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce, Patty Hornbuckle had her first appearance in court for charges of Misappropriation of funds. The preliminary hearing began with State’s Attorney Brenda Mathis presenting questions to Christopher Adams, a Taylorville Detective, concerning funds moving in and out of chamber accounts.


During questioning, State’s Attorney Mathis inquired about funds totaling 146 thousand dollars meant to be paid as payroll and personal tax liability purposes. Both the State and Defense presented their cases concerning arguments over the amount of money and the location in which the money was transferred.


The sides deliberated for approximately 30 minutes with Judge Kibler reminding Defense Attorney Erickson that he was being more than reasonable with allowing the defense to present their side. Judge Kibler also stated that probable cause was found, Hornbuckle waved her arraignment and entered a plea of not guilty. Hornbuckle requested a trial by jury. 


A pre-trial hearing is set for November 27th at 11:30 a.m.



LLCC To Hold Haunted House

 Lincoln Land Community College invites the public to a haunted house called “Fear 101” on Fridays, Oct. 13, 20, and 27, and Saturday, Oct. 28 from 6:30-11 p.m. The evening haunted house is recommended for ages 13 and up. A special “lights on” version for those younger and less adventurous will be held on Oct. 28 from 4-6 p.m.


Fear 101 is sponsored by the LLCC Police Department. Students from construction and art classes assisted in building and decorating the haunted house, which is located on the lower level of Sangamon Hall South on the LLCC campus, 5250 Shepherd Rd in Springfield.


Admission is $5 and $2 for LLCC students.


“Visitors who dare to attend the Fear 101 haunted house will travel through multiple, themed rooms filled with ghosts, ghouls, and other scary sights,” said LLCC Police Chief Chris Russell. “Come see what our talented students, faculty, and staff have created to get you in the Halloween spirit.”

TMH To Help With Free Mammograms For Mammogram Monday

Taylorville Memorial Hospital along with the other hospitals in the Memorial Health System will be offering free breast cancer screenings for women aged 40 and older who are uninsured or under-insured during October as part of Mammogram Mondays. 


Appointments are required; no walk-ins are available.  Educational materials will be available, including information on general breast health and how to perform breast self-exams.  To schedule an appointment call 217-707-5550 for Taylorville Memorial Hospital.  The screenings are being provided free by the Taylorville Memorial Hospital. 


For Decatur Memorial Hospital call 217-876-2320, for Jacksonville, call 479-5696, for Lincoln call 217-605-5108, and for Springfield Memorial Hospital call 217-757-4211.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The American Cancer Society recommends all women 40 years of age or older have screening mammograms annually.  Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among women in the United States.

Sidcor Laser Engraving Looks To Employ Disabled Vets

A custom engravement can add personal value or unique characteristics that make that item stand out. Wallace Dandridge is the owner of Sidcor Laser Engraving and has been in business for about two years. It took some time for Dandridge to learn the tricks of the engraving trade and now produces custom-engraved pieces for just about anything and everyone.

From plastic to metal to even leather and denim, Sidcor Laser Engraving has been transforming normal objects like water bottles and tools into pieces that are meaningful. Dandridge spoke about his process of getting the business up and running.


Wallace Dandridge served in the US. Military and says that learning this trade has caused him to excel mentally. Now Dandridge looks to pay it forward by setting out to employ disabled veterans so they can find the same success that Dandridge has seen. Not only has this journey of engraving healed Dandridge, but he says that he learned a new skill, one that could be beneficial to any veteran looking to get back into the workforce.


Dandridge knows how difficult it can be for a disabled veteran to rejoin the workforce, especially when an employer may not be as knowledgeable about what that new worker is going through. Dandridge has seen both sides of the issue, from low self-esteem and not finding a true calling, to achieving success through trial and error with laser engraving.



Now that Dandridge is in a position to employ, he is looking to make a difference in a community that sometimes needs the extra help. Bringing aid to disabled veterans in the form of employment is something Dandridge is pleased to do.

To learn more about Sidcor Laser engraving or for opportunities with the business, you can contact Wallace Dandridge at 217-638-9159, or visit the website at sidcorlaserengraving.com/.

Wallace Dandridge appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Rochester Man Arrested For Dissemination And Possession Of Child Pornography

A Rochester man has been arrested for the possession and dissemination of child pornography. Illinois State Police Division of Criminal Investigation has announced that 22-year-old Jaycob V. White of Rochester was arrested. The ISP DCI initiated an investigation after learning a subject was distributing child pornography through an online platform.  The Office of the Illinois Attorney General Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) gathered digital evidence indicating that White either possessed or distributed child pornography at various locations throughout Sangamon County. 


On September 25th, the Sangamon County State’s Attorney’s Office charged White with six counts of Child Pornography (2 counts are a Class X Felony and four counts are a class Two felony).  Later that day, White turned himself in at the Sangamon County Jail.  White will be held pending a detention hearing. 


Anyone with information concerning this case is asked to contact ISP Zone 4 Investigations at (217)782-4750.  The Illinois State Police provide the following resources for parents, for the public to report crimes against children, and for victims to start their path towards healing and recovery. Anonymous tips of child pornography can also be reported through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's (NCMEC) cyber tip line at www.cybertipline.com. To keep kids safe online, learn more at: https://illinoisattorneygeneral.gov/onlinesafe/; www.cybertipline.org ; For resources for survivors of sexual abuse visit: https://www.missingkids.org/gethelpnow/csam-resources

Taylorville Park Board Meets for Monthly Meeting

The Taylorville Park Board met on Monday evening at the Manners Park Dining Hall for their regular monthly meeting. The board approved minutes and the Treasurer's Report.


The board then discussed a pool trespassing incident. Issues have arisen regarding pressing charges due to the new Safety Act, as explained by board member Roy Manasco.



The discussion then shifted to the skate park, where the park board received a bid for the concrete pouring required for its construction. The current fundraising efforts fall short of the estimate. There was talk about the park board adding funds to support the skate park, but this idea was quickly dismissed because the project was always meant to be non-park district funded.


Following that, the board reviewed reports, including one presented by Recreational Director Bailey Hancock. Hancock discussed the conclusion of youth football activities and outlined upcoming events for the holiday season.



Hancock also mentioned that the OSLAD grant had been submitted for the new pool. The board expects to learn the outcome of the grant application on December 15th, 2023.


The next park board meeting is scheduled for October 23rd.

Taylorville Park District to Meet Monday

The Taylorville Park Board is set to meet Monday evening at 7 p.m. at the Manners Park Dining Hall in Taylorville. After reviewing minutes and the treasurer’s report. The board will go over a trespassing incident at the pool, as well as discuss the skate park.
Under reports, the board will receive updates from the Maintenance Superintendent, Office Administrator, and Recreational Director. The board will approve the payment of bills and hold an executive session. 
Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more on this meeting after the conclusion.

Oconee Family Fall Festival Huge Hit

The Oconee Fall Festival started Sunday and will take place next Sunday and October 8th.  The festival runs from 11-4 on the next few Sundays and promises family fun for everyone. The Oconee Family Fall Festival features pumpkin painting, a corn pit, straw maze, kiddie play area, hay rides, putt-putt golf, water balloons, craft vendors, and fantastic food including ribeyes, ribbon fries, sweet potatoes and much more. 


The Miller Media Group broadcast the event on Sunday afternoon and were treated to some live music and the sights and sounds of the festival. The event is taking place at 201 Walnut Street, Oconee, IL, United States, Illinois.  For more information, visit the Oconee Family Fall Festival on their Facebook page or check out their website at oconeefallfestival.com. 

Taylorville Kiwanis Collects 7300+ Pounds of Food for Taylorville Food Pantry

The Taylorville Food Pantry just announced that the Taylorville Kiwanis Club collected some 7,383 pounds of food during its Drive-Thru Donation Days in May, July, and September in front of the Miller Media Group studios at 918 East Park.


2 Kiwanis members were set up in front of the studios for Saturdays in those months from 8:30am to noon to collect non-persishable food and monetary donations to benefit the food pantry.


This the fourth consecutive year that the Kiwanis Club and the Miller Media Group have partnered to collect food for the local food Pantry.


Find out more on all the Taylorville Kiwanis Club does for children and youth in the Taylorville community, on-line at taylorvillekiwanis.com.

US Army Corps of Engineers Announces Youth Deer Hunt

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will hold a youth deer hunt at Lake Shelbyville on October 7 & 8, 2023. The hunt will be conducted in portions of recreation areas previously closed for the season. As a safety precaution, Sullivan Beach, Whitley Creek Recreation Area, Coon Creek & Opossum Creek campgrounds, and the entire Wilborn Creek park will be closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic from
2:00 p.m. October 6, 2023, until 8:00 p.m. October 8, 2023.


These closings include boat ramps located within Opossum Creek, Coon Creek, and Wilborn Creek Recreation Areas. Ramps remaining open during this period include those in Dam West, Lone Point, Lithia Springs, Whitley Creek and Bo Wood Recreation Areas, Wolf Creek and Eagle Creek State Parks and all secondary ramps. For more information contact the Lake Shelbyville Environmental Stewardship Department at (217) 774-3951 ext. 7049

Local Law Enforcement Speaks On Safe-T Act

The Safe-T Act went into effect this week Monday, September 18th, this means that some operations for deputies will change, along with sentencing and holding for criminals. The no-cash bail system has been applied to ease the populations in jails, but some officials believe this will have adverse effects on smaller towns with different types of crime than in big cities, like Chicago.

Taylorville Chief of Police, Dwayne Wheeler says it is going to take some adapting for the officers. Wheeler continued, explaining that the relationship between the Taylorville Police Department, the state's attorney, and the county judges is strong. That relationship will come in handy when pleading a case for a crime that is detainable.


Now with the Safe-T Act in place, there is a backlog of cases that must be revisited. At the time of these crimes, the Safe-T Act was not in place, now these offenders are getting a second look at their case to determine if that crime is a detainable one now with the new legislation.

Chief Deputy of the Christian County Sheriff’s Office, Jim Baker says the state’s attorney, the public defender, the CCSD, and the judge will have a different take on each individual crime. Chief Deputy Baker describes what the court docket looks like in the wake of the Safe-T Act.


Pre-trial release allows the offender to walk out the doors of the jail with a court date that they must attend. The question for officers and deputies alike is will this person re-offend? Chief Wheeler says there is always the possibility of re-offending, which is why the TPD and the CCSO will work diligently to build these criminal profiles to serve proper justice.


Chief Wheeler concluded by saying the Taylorville Police Department and the members of the Community Action Team, which includes Stonington, Kincaid, Assumption, Morrisonville, and Edinburgh Police Departments will not give up, they will not surrender and are dedicated to keeping all local cities and towns safe.

Taylorville Chief of Police, Dwayne Wheeler, and Chief Deputy for the Christian County Sheriff’s Office Jim Baker both appeared as guests on the WTIM Morning Show.

Lake Shelbyville Announces General Dacey Hay Ride Dates

Join us on October 12th for the 2023 General Dacey Trail Hay Ride for People with Mobility Restrictions. This event features scenic hayride tours of the General Dacey Trail for all, young and old, who are physically unable to walk the trail on their own. The trailers used for the events are made to accommodate wheelchairs and sitting participants. 


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) staff will be on standby to assist any participants who may need assistance. Family or staff support are encouraged to ride along for the safety and enjoyment of all participants. Tours arrive and depart from the Shelbyville Aquatic Center parking lot in Shelbyville’s Forest Park. 


This event is made possible by Lake Shelbyville USACE, General Dacey Trail, and Sloan Implement of Shelbyville. Departure times are 11:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m., and 3:00 p.m. To reserve a seat and time slot, please contact the Lake Shelbyville Interpretive Services and Outreach Program Department at 217-774-3951 ext. 7047. 


Only a limited number of seats will be provided, RSVP to secure a spot on the hay ride. Walk-ups will be accommodated if space is available, but is not guaranteed.

Taylorville Kiwanis Club Holding Kids Day Collections at West Main Cross and Webster Today and Tomorrow

You're reminded that today and tomorrow are the annual Taylorville Kiwanis Club Kids' Days with Kiwanis members donning Kiwanis vests at the corner of West Main Cross and Webster Streets.

Kiwanis members will be collecting financial donations to continue funding their many programs for children and youth in the Taylorville community, including Coats for Kids, Kiwanis Park, high school and YMCA scholarships, the Christian County C-E-O program, and many others.

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club thanks the public for their continued support.

CNB Bank And Trust Donates To Food Pantry

A Commercial/Ag Officer for CNB Bank and Trust has made a great donation to the Taylorville Food Pantry.  Carl Goebel purchased a hog from the 4H Auction at the Christian County Ag Fair in July on behalf of the Bank.  Kelly Dulakis, Assistant Vice President and Retail Lending Officer along with Goebel took most of the processed pork to the Taylorville Food Pantry and the pantry truly appreciated the donation. 

Pictured left to right, Richard Breckenridge, Linda Baldock ( food pantry volunteers), Carl Goebel and Kelly Dulakis.  

Parish Fiesta At St. Mary's Catholic Church This Weekend

A family-friendly fiesta will be held this weekend at the St. Mary’s Parish Grounds. The St. Mary’s Parish Fiesta will be out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, September 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, with activities for the kiddos in the kid's tent, food offered every day of the event, live music, and a talent show on the final day.


Brenan Dennison, a Fiesta Committee member and a parent of two children at St. Mary’s School in Taylorville. The fiesta has been a drive-thru fiesta for the past years due to the pandemic. Dennison is excited to be back to in-person this year as there will be many things for families to enjoy.



Friday’s events will get started with the fish fry dinner from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., the kid's tent will be open with many activities like pumpkin painting, and an inflatable obstacle course will be out all three days. Rounding out night one will be the Colin Helton Band playing from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.



Saturday features a dodgeball tournament where registration will be open until the day of, a kids tent, and the Ambrosia Moon Band from 6:00 p.m to 10:00 p.m. Sunday will be a busy one as the day starts with a Holy Mass at 11:00 a.m., bocce ball and corn-hole tournament, and a talent show. A lunch of fried chicken will be served from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Saturday also features a raffle where various items like baskets and meats are given away, along with a 50/50 raffle.


Dennison notes that it is not too late to sign up for the talent show, continuing to say there is one show for the kids to compete and one for the adults. Dennison is happy to be part of the fiesta this year and thanks the volunteers who made it all possible.



All the events this weekend will be held on the grounds of St. Mary’s Parish located at 422 South Washington Street in Taylorville.


More information about St. Mary’s Parish Fiesta can be found on their Facebook page.


Brenan Dennison appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Taylorville Attorney Announces Run For Circuit Judge

A Taylorville attorney has announced he will be running for Circuit Judge.  Dennis Atteberry announced on Monday that he will be running for Circuit Judge for the Fourth Judicial Circuit.  The vacancy was created when Judge Mike McHaney was elected to the Appellate Court. Atteberry graduated from Taylorville High School in 1990 before obtaining a Bachelor’s degree from Blackburn College, a Masters from UIS, and a Juris Doctorate from SIU School of Law all while working as a teacher to put himself through grad and law school. 


Atteberry graduated from law school in 2001 and has worked extensively in criminal, civil, probate, juvenile, municipal, and appellate law.  Atteberry is outspoken about the new Illinois trial laws. “Illinois just passed the Pretrial Fairness Act that allows Defendants to remain in our communities without having to post any bail.  This law encourages Defendants to delay their cases to remain free.  There is no incentive to get to trial.  For those who only obtain a fine and probation, it literally just places crimes on a payment plan.  As judge, I will manage the docket to limit court continuations in order to bring swift justice for the victims and hold the criminals responsible for their crimes.”


Dennis Atteberry outlined his motivation for running for judge. “I believe in a safe community for my family and others.  The responsibility of a judge is to sit on the front line to make a difference in our communities.  I want to make an impact and I strongly believe that conservative values are necessary for the bench in order to make that happen.”


The Republican Primary is March 19th, 2024. 

Shelby Electric Coop Presents Checks To Autism And Movement Project

Shelby Electric Cooperative was on hand in Pana Tuesday morning along with CoBank’s Sharing Success Program for a check presentation.  Shelby Electric donated $20,000 broken down to three separate checks to help out the Autism Movement Project.  The Autism and Movement Project or AAMP/ Autism Movement Therapy (AMT) will receive $15,000. Brewin’ Hope Coffee House will receive $2,500.  The Pana Historical Society will also receive $2,500.   Faith Wheeler, Member Services Specialist with Shelby Electric says it’s all about concern for the community.


Aaron Johnson, Vice President of CoBank says that they have been helping match funds for a while and that this is a fantastic program.  He says 2022 was a great year for matching.



Erica Matthews, Owner and Lead Instructor for AAMP/AMT is a non-profit organization serving and providing outreach to the autism community. The classes benefit children diagnosed with autism and special needs or any child that needs help with speech, behavioral, motor, or social skills.  She thanked the community for the support for the  Brewin’ Hope Coffee House. 


For more information on Shelby Electric visit https://shelbyelectric.coop. For more information on CoBank visit https://www.cobank.com/. Check out the Pana Historical Society at http://panahistoricalsociety.org/. The AAMP Learning Center can be found at https://www.aamplearningcenter.org/. They are located at 11 South Locust Street in Pana. The Brewin’ Hope Coffee House is at 38 Oak Street in Pana. 



Taylorville Memorial Hospital Names August Colleague Of The Month

TMH has announced their August Colleague of the Month.  Spencer Rice, a customer support specialist with information systems, earned the August award. According to a press release, sent from the hospital, Rice is known for reliability and providing customer support with a positive attitude.  His patience and relaxed manner are appreciated by many. 


His nominator agreed saying “Spencer is the first person who comes to mind anytime a piece of IT equipment misbehaves.  He moves about the organization quietly assisting anyone and everyone.  He never makes us feel stupid if we aren’t technoogically savvy.  He keeps us productive!” 


Rice has worked for Taylorville Memorial Hospital since 2022. 

Upcoming Events With The Macon County Conservation District

The Macon County Conservation District will be hosting events full of family fun at the Rock Springs Nature Center in Decatur this weekend. Monarch Madness, an educational and hands-on experience will begin this Saturday, September 23rd from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Then a fundraiser titled the Prairie Pedal Fundraiser will feature a bike ride and lunch provided by the Macon County Conservation District to those that have registered.

Monarch Madness is a free event that will not only allow the kiddos to explore and see monarch butterflies but also naturalists to help capture and tag the live butterflies for identification. Crafts will be on site along with face painting, balloon animals, and more.

Alysia Callison, Program Director for the Macon County Conservation District talks about what you can experience during Monarch Madness.


This Sunday, September 24th, The Macon County Conservation holds their annual Prairie Pedal Fundraiser where funds will go towards the various events and operations that come to the district. Aspects like animal feeds, planting, and playgrounds will be supported by the fundraiser.

Callison says that it is not too late to register for the bike ride as many riders register on the day of. $40 per rider will provide options of a 20-mile ride, 40 miles, or 62 miles, a meal of chili, and adult beverages will also be on site.


A raffle will also be held on the day of the fundraiser to give attendees a chance to win some prizes.

Registration for the Prairie Pedal Fundraiser can be found at www.maconcountyconservationfoundation.org/prairie-pedal/.

Alysia Callison appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Illinois State Treasurer's Office Presents Illinois First Steps Program

The Illinois State Treasurer's Office has unveiled a new program that looks to invest in students early in their lives to ensure a successful journey through higher education. The Illinois First Steps Program works with college savings programs to put $50 of seed money into the account of newborns born after January 1st, 2024.

Illinois State Treasurer Mike Frerichs says that a student who knows they have a college saving fund is three times more likely to pursue a higher education of some degree. It does not matter whether the student chooses a four-year university, a community college, vocational, or technical school, Frerichs says that compounding interest plays its role in the account so that students will have funds to pay for materials that come with pursuing a profession.


Frerichs says that a student with a college savings fund is three times more likely to attend college. That number jumps to seven times more likely when that student is a first-generation college attendee. Frerichs explains that money in an account is not making a student smarter, it is showing that student that there is an investment in them, and that expectation produces more effort in the classroom.


The Illinois First Steps Program is available now for registration for Illinois Residents. This investment in students has been shown to produce successful outcomes when that student takes on the daunting years of higher education.
Find more information about the Illinois First Steps Program by visiting their website at, illinoisfirststeps.com/.

Mike Frerichs appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Christian County Mental Health Board Seeking Non-Profits

After being defunct for a few years, the Christian County Mental Health Board is back and working hard to get things going again. The organization, which was founded in the 1970s, is currently run by President Ray Koonce.  Koonce says that the past two years have been busy to get things back to what they were before.



Koonce says they are looking for nonprofit entities that deal with mental health.



Koonce says the state of Illinois has been a big help.



There are meetings held every month and Koonce invites everyone to attend.



Again, for more information contact Ray at 217-825-3353.

Christian County Economic Development Corporation Names Matt Hart New Executive Director

The Christian County Economic Development Corporation today announced the appointment of Matt Hart as its new Executive Director effective September 25th.


This comes following the retirement of its former Executive Director Dick Adams on August 31st.    Hart grew up in Taylorville and earned a Bachelor of Finance degree from the University of Illinois.


C-C-E-D-C President John Gardner said the selection was made after several hours of interviews and deliberation by the Corporation’s Search Committee, and added Hart will be a great proponent of economic development for all areas of the county.


Hart told Regional Radio News growing up in Taylorville gives him a unique perspective to his new job.



Hart has a wide background he'll bring to the C-C-E-D-C Executive Director position.



He told Regional Radio News he has specific goals, including a new web site for the organization.



Hart is looking forward to helping economic development in Christian County.



The Christian County Economic Development Corporation is a not for profit organization whose mission is to promote the creation and retention of jobs to increase the economic tax base including the development, establishment, and expansion of commerce and industry in the Christian County area.

County Board Meets; Approves Moving Central Commodity FS Anhydrous Plant

The Christian County Board met on Tuesday night and approved moving the Central Commodity FS Anhydrous Plant out of Kincaid. The motion, which was approved by the ZBA earlier, was voted on after a long session that saw nearly 20 people talk and a 45-minute closed session.  


The vote was 9-1 in favor of moving with yes votes from David Buckles, Timothy Carlson,  Linda Curtin, Clint Epley, Ken Franklin, Vicki McMahon, Denise McWard, Brian Sharp, Thomas Snyder Jr., Jean Vandenbergh, and Clayton Walter.  David Puccetti was the only No vote.  Chairman of the Christian County Board Bryan Sharp says this is a decision the board doesn’t take lightly.



Sharp continued by stressing that there was a lot of talking and weighing of pros and cons. 



Sharp says there are plenty of pros to moving the facility out of Kincaid and into the country including being in a safer place. 



The county approved Chillifest on the courthouse lawn, and work on drainage ditches, along with some other variances and ZBA approvals. It was announced by Sharp that Jeff Nolen and Seth Foster had resigned from their positions on the board.  Sharp said they were moving forward with names to replace them and thanked them for their time on the board. 


Under new business, the board said they would be taking a look at the rules to make sure that everything was being done the way that it should be.  The next County Board meeting is set for October 17th. 

Taylorville Kiwanis Club Inducts New Member, Installs Officers at Installation Ceremony

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club inducted a new member and installed officers for the new Kiwanis year that starts October First, their club’s weekly meeting on Tuesday at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.


Mike Assalley (right), owner of funeral homes in several communities including Taylorville, was inducted as the newest member of the Kiwanis Club.   Kiwanis new member chair Adam Jeffrey (left) presented Assalley with his Kiwanis membership certificate and pin.


President John Gardner then officiated during the ceremony recognizing committee chairs and inducting officers for the new Kiwanis year.   Committee chairs receiving certificates for their service to the club this past Kiwanis year included:



Kiwanis Park co-chairs Larry Kemner (right) and Duane Stock (who was unable to attend)


Interclub and Finance Committee chair Blain Cornwell


Membership chair Adam Jeffrey


Fund Raising Committee and Student Leadership Program chair Will Perkins


Program Committee chair Alec Myers



Funding and Public Relations Committee chair Randal J. Miller


Priority One and Kids Day chair Bruce Blanshan (right) who was also named “Kiwanian of the Year” with a plaque presented by Gardner.


Installation of officers for the new Kiwanis year starting October First then took place, with:



Blain Cornwell (center) and Jeff Grimmett (right) named co-treasurers



President elect Bill Assalley



Incoming Kiwanis president Chuck Martin.


Martin Vota, who has served as secretary of the club and was re-installed, was unable to attend.


Gardner was then presented with a certificate for his year of service as president of the club.  


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.     

Christian County YMCA Fights Back Against Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s Disease attacks the body's nervous system, resulting in tremors that progress into uncontrolled movements of the body, and eventually slowed, slurred speech patterns will follow. Parkinson's is a disease that can not be cured, but those living with Parkinson’s can step in and slow the effects of the disease through motion and endurance activity.

The Parkinson’s Outcomes Project says that physical activity is a vital component in maintaining balance, coordination, and mobility for everyday living. Not only will exercise keep one physically fit but symptoms that come with Parkinson's disease like lessened mobility, depression, and anxiety will be eased through physical activity.

That's why the Christian County YMCA is hosting Rock Steady Boxing Classes, a program fit to serve those with Parkinson’s Disease. Bruce Blanshan, Director of the Christian County YMCA, and his team have stuck by the science of sport to keep these citizens moving. Blanshan says the classes will include core strength, balance, rhythm, and all movements that provide nero-protective aspects.


The CC YMCA is well known for its youth programs that keep the kiddos active, but Blanshan is proud to be able to offer programs like the Rock Steady Boxing classes to include and inspire others in sports and healthy living practices.


Blanshan says that fatigue is the goal for the Rock Steady Boxing classes and the volunteers who get the attendees up and moving do a great job.


Rock Steady Boxing classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. CC YMCA members will pay a fee of $45 while non-member fees are $65. A $50 fee includes an initial assessment with a boxing coach.

Bruce Blanshan appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Christian County Board To Meet This Evening

The Christian County Board will meet on Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM. After approval of minutes, the board will approve minutes, ZBA issues, along with hearing from the public and other committees. Under committee reports, the board will look at the highway, building, grounds, environmental, zoning, and welfare.  The board will look at a request to use the courthouse lawn, zoning, solid waste, highway, animal control, and courthouse and building business. The board will also go over a proposed amendment to the zoning code concerning the danger to public health and welfare of property damage. 


Under executive, personnel, liquor, and legislative, the board will receive an EMA update, go over residency waiver requests, personnel and future planning,  and animal control ordinance amendments.  Under audit, finance, purchasing, and budget, the board will review budget hearings.  The audit, finance, purchasing, and budget committee will present moving funds from general to capital improvements, the sale of delinquent tax properties, and approve claims. 


There is nothing listed under new business or old business on the agenda Regional Radio News received.  The next county board meeting is set for October 17, 2023.  Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more on this story following the conclusion of the event. 

Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry Gives September Update

The Mayor of Taylorville, Bruce Barry has kept busy this month, appointing a new alderman, finalizing construction projects, and amending areas to Taylorville’s enterprise zone.

In the Monday night Taylorville City Council meeting, Randy Mitchelson was appointed to Ward 1 of the city council, filling retired Larry Budd's seat. Mayor Barry says that of the people considered, Mitchelson had the most knowledge and was the best fit to serve as the financial chair that Larry Budd sat in for 10 years.


The Lincoln Prairie Trail that carries attendees to Lake Taylorville and even all the way into Pana will soon be getting the renovations to the bridge that will allow that ride to be possible. Funding has been secured to demolish and replace the bike trail bridge. The bridge, once owned by the city of Pana will soon be the property of Taylorville upon the completion of the bridge. Funding for the project is coming from both Taylorville, Pana, and a grant. The renovations look to be completed by Spring.


Taylorville enterprise zones will soon be updated as legislation has ended zone benefits to solar farms. A $15,000 donation was given by Peoples Bank and Trust to the Christian County Economic Development Council, which will benefit many surrounding communities.


Mayor Bruce Barry looks forward to the upcoming Taylorville events like Chillifest and the Car Cruise as many new visitors can witness the improvements that come to the city every month.

Mayor Barry appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Taylorville City Council Meets; September 18th Named Olivia Hammac Day

Despite some technical issues, Regional Radio News was on hand to cover the Taylorville City Council meeting on Monday evening. Randy Mitchelson was approved as the appointment for Ward 1 Alderman.  Mitchelson says he is very excited to be on the board.  He was on the board during the 1980s.  He says it’s too early to set goals for himself but is excited to get to work.



Olivia Hammac was recognized by the council. Hammac was the winner of the Super Street Ladies division in the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) for 2023 and is a Sophomore at Taylorville High School. 


An ordinance approving and authorizing the execution of a BDD agreement between Taylorville and the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce was approved.  The council also approved pushing for a new part-time crossing guard position and the special events permit for Faith Bible Christian Academy Sports Boosters at West Main Cross and Webster Streets on October 13-14, 2023. 


The Council approved hiring a replacement police officer from the police eligibility list. The council approved a quote for block 41 from Windell Surveying and approved a new F250 truck.  The council approved paying bills.  


Regional Radio News was unable to get any audio from this meeting due to technical difficulties. There was a heated debate in public comments concerning closed sessions.  Alderman Megan Bryant and Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry discussed supposed conversations that took place concerning raises.  Bryant wanted to make sure that anything the council agreed to as a group would then be done by the Mayor. 


The next city council meeting is set for October 2nd. 

Illinois Deer Donation Program Looking For Help

On average, deer yield about 60 pounds of meat which can feed 240 people.  Illinois Deer Donation Program is returning to help those who need it.  October 1st will be the beginning of the second donation cycle ready to support food pantries in East-Central Illinois.  The program connects hunters and meat processors to bring venison to food pantries.  


Hunters can donate a deer for free as the program covers the processing fees when deer are brought to meat processors.  Community members who don’t hunt but want to support in their local area can donate as well. 


A $100 donation will process one deer and go directly to the program’s partnering meat processors, which also help support small businesses.  Donations are tax-deductible and processed through the University of Illinois Foundation.  For more information, visit go.illinois.edu/deerdonation.  


The program is providing donated meat to food pantries in 16 counties, including Effingham, Fayette, Macon, Moultrie, and Shelby.  During 2022, the program helped fund the processing of 202 deer, which yielded 8,414 pounds of ground venison that was available at area food pantries. Find out more by visiting the Illinois Deer Donation Program’s Facebook page.  

Taylorville City Council Set To Meet This Evening

The Taylorville City Council will meet on Monday evening. Olivia Hammac will be recognized by the council.  The council will also approve minutes.  There is a motion on the floor to approve the appointment of Randy Mitchelson to Ward 1 which would replace Larry Budd, who recently retired. There are a few motions on the table for the council to review including a BDD agreement, a letter of engagement memorandum for the Taylorville Christian County Enterprise Zone Amendments, a part-time crossing guard position, and a special events permit for the Faith Bible Christian Academy Sports Boosters on October 13th and 14th.


Under committee reports, the council will look at a motion to hire a replacement police officer from the Police Eligibility List, the cemetery board of managers has a motion out to approve a quote for the survey of Block 41 and to approve the purchase of a 2024 ¾ ton F250 truck.  Under lake/airport, the council will look to update the current lake lot and campground lease with a “nonrefundable regardless of self-termination of lease agreement” verbiage. The council will also look to approve changes to the Cabin and Camping reservation process.


The council will hear from the City Attorney, Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry, and the public.  Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more following the conclusion of the event.   

Shelby Electric Cooperative Donates To Autism Movement Project

Shelby Electric Cooperative will soon be making a heroic donation to the Autism Movement Project. This initiative involves the CoBanks Sharing Success Program. The Autism Movement Project has grown from 6 to 137 children since its beginning in 2012.


Erica Frailey-Matthews leads the therapy-based training these children with disabilities are taught providing the skills it takes to interact with everyday life. With the underfunded nature of disability education and constant efforts from educators, Shelby Electric Cooperative will be donating $20,000 to the Autism Movement Project on Tuesday, Sept. 18th.


Kevin Bernson, Vice President of Media and Public Relations says that part of the cooperative's core principles is the commitment to their community. This year the cooperative was given the reigns to select where donation funds land. Bernson notes that schools have put forth great efforts to ensure the care of children with special needs but struggle financially to fill their classrooms with proper equipment. Bernson says the Autism Movement Project checks all the boxes for this donation.


The donation will not only go towards the facility for the Autism Movement Project, but also toward a coffee shop in which these people with disabilities can work, and a sensory garden. Bernson shared one of many success stories that come from the Autism Movement Project.


Bernson says Frailey-Matthews has done an excellent job getting these people with disabilities engaged in social living and is grateful to be part of Shelby Electric Cooperative as they inspire change with a large financial contribution.

Kevin Bernson appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show from Shelbyville.

Taylorville Kiwanis Club Holds Final Drive-Thru Donation Day

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club once again held their drive-thru donation day benefiting the Taylorville Food Pantry at the Miller Media Group front parking lot on Saturday, September 16th.


Kiwanis Club member Randy Miller says the donation drive is answering the call for the need for donations for a very busy Taylorville Food Pantry. Serving over 500 families in August, the Drive-Thru Donation Days provide that extra assistance.



Kiwanis member Alec Myers says that monetary donations for the Taylorville Food Pantry give them the freedom to stretch that dollar in as many ways as needed.



This was the last Kiwanis Club Drive-Thru Donation Day here in front of our studios at 918 East Park in Taylorville. The Taylorville Kiwanis Club and the Taylorville Food Pantry thank the local community who have come out and donated non-perishable foods and monetary donations to benefit the Taylorville Food Pantry.

Today is Last Kiwanis Drive-Thru Donation Day to Benefit Food Pantry at Miller Media Group Studios

Today from now til noon, is the last day the Taylorville Kiwanis Club is holding their Drive-Thru Donation Day for the Taylorville Food Pantry, in front of our studios at 918 East Park in Taylorville. 


The Kiwanis Club and Food Pantry both encourage you to drop off your non-perishable food or monetary donations between now and noon to help the over 5-hundred families that were served by the Taylorville Food Pantry in August, with the need continuing to grow.   


Kiwanis members Alec Myers and Randal J. Miller are manning today's Kiwanis Drive-Thru Donation Day benefiting the Food Pantry.

Shelbyville Emergency Preparedness Presentation

A community's response to natural disasters can be a paramount factor for the integrity of the town or city. The city of Shelbyville recently made some efforts to its action plan when bad weather strikes to avoid injuries and chaos. A presentation will be held at the US Army Corps Of Engineers Visitors Center, on November 8th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, to inform and answer questions about emergency weather scenarios.

Brenda Elder, Director for Shelby County Economic Development explains the details of the presentation.


Elder was surprised by businesses' responses to natural disasters as many do not have the insurance coverage to handle weeks with no income. Elder says this information will be valuable for the public.


Shelbyville does have a disaster preparedness plan in place in accordance with state law. Still, Elder notes that many local community members might not know this information or where to find it.


Elder says there will be a question and answer portion of the presentation following the words from Emergency Management and first responders.

Brenda Elder appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show from Shelbyville.

Litchfield Fire Respond To Grease Fire; Offer Safety Tips

An unattended grease fire in Litchfield sent one person to the hospital on Thursday.  The fire occurred at 416 North Madison Street at 4:$6 PM.  When fire crews arrived, they found a two-story house with smoke showing.  The occupant was located and was found to have second-degree burns and soot on his face.  He was transported by personal vehicle to the hospital. 


Litchfield Fire Department is asking the public to remember that grease fires can be very dangerous because the fuel source is a liquid that can easily splash and spread to cabinets or other flammable areas of the kitchen. Residential cooking fires spread beyond the cooking vessel and can cause significant damage and injuries about 10% of the time.  Grease fires happen when oil, grease, or fat on a stovetop, oven, or deep-fat fryer gets hot enough to ignite.  These fires can burn very hot and spread if not handled properly. 


To put out a grease fire, turn off the stove, cover the pot, pan, or fryer with a lid, and douse the fire with baking soda, salt, or a fire extinguisher—never water. The Litchfield Fire Department thanked Mount Olive Fire and Raymond Harvel Fire for their response to the request for mutual aid, along with Hillsboro Ambulance. 

People's Bank and Trust Donates $15,000 to Christian County Economic Development Corporation to Begin Work on Changing Enterprise Zone Boundaries

People's Bank and Trust on Friday presented a check for 15-thousand dollars to the Christian County Economic Development Corporation, to pay for Phase One of consulting work to change the Christian County Enterprise Zone boundaries helping communities thru-out the county in economic development.


C-C-E-D-C is the governing body for the Zone in the county.


P-B-T President and CEO John Gardner said a change in state law governing solar projects, allowed ongoing solar projects in the county to no longer need to be included in the Zone.



Gardner said the donation will help spur economic growth in Christian County.



C-C-E-D-C Treasurer Mike Blakeman said the P-B-T donation would ultimately benefit all communities in the county due to the boundary change.



Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry stated the change in boundries will help grow the city as well as other communities in the county.



Jeff Torricelli of Rochester is again the consultant to C-C-E-D-C in the Enterprise Zone boundary change.

Get Certified With U of I Extension's Food Protection Managers Class & Exam

It may be time for restaurant owners to review the Illinois Department of Public Health Food Sanitation Code, as the University of Illinois Extension in Christian County is set to offer the Certified Food Protection Managers class and exam. This course is a mandatory requirement for food service establishments, ensuring they have a certified food protection manager on-site during operational hours.


Under section 750.540 of the Food Sanitation Code, these certificates need to be renewed every five years. To sit for the exam, attendance in the course is obligatory. The upcoming two-day course is scheduled for October 14 and 15, running from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day. The venue for the course and exam is the Christian County Extension located at 1120 N. Webster St., Taylorville.


It's important to note that participants are required to attend both days of the course. The certification exam will be conducted on the second day, and individuals must bring a valid photo ID to the examination.


Lisa Peterson, an Extension Nutrition and Wellness Educator for U of I Extension, will be leading the course to offer the essential classroom instruction that prepares test takers for the National Certification Examination. The course curriculum will encompass crucial topics such as foodborne illnesses, safe food handling, cooking and storage, employee health and hygiene, facility safety and maintenance, and cleaning and sanitization.


To enroll in the course, there is a fee of $100, which includes the cost of the textbook, class materials, and the examination. Given the high demand, classes fill up rapidly. Interested participants are advised to register by October 9. 


This is a crucial opportunity for those in the food service industry to ensure compliance with certification requirements or to renew existing certifications. The last class for 2023 will be held in December, so individuals with expiring certifications should register promptly.


The University of Illinois Extension emphasizes equal opportunities in its programs and employment. For participants requiring reasonable accommodations to engage in the programming, they are encouraged to contact 217-287-7246. Early requests are recommended to allow adequate time for meeting participant needs.


Registration is mandatory and can be completed online at go.illinois.edu/foodmanagers or by calling Christian County Extension at 217-287-7246. For any queries or concerns, the same contact number can be used.

Pawnee To Host Evening Of Community Building

The Pawnee Fire Department will be holding an evening of community building when they bring out the vehicles of the Pawnee Fire/EMS and the Pawnee Police Department.  The event is set to take place from 5-6:30 PM.  The event will take place at the Pawnee Fire Department at 711 8th Street in Pawnee.  Parking will be behind the Fire Department and surrounding streets.  Kids can get a close up look at fire trucks, ambulances, squad cars, and lifesaving equipment. 


Taylorville Square Improves In Time For Fall Events

As the Taylorville Chillifest nears, one prominent community member is thankful for the work done to the Taylorville Square, providing clean and new areas to host an amazing event. There will be many opportunities for shopping with the vast number of vendors that have signed up, many citizens traveling far and wide to experience Chillifest, and of course some great chilly tasting.

Craggs gives thanks to the efforts of the maintenance crews who work tirelessly to provide a clean Taylorville Square to present to all the visitors.


Craggs calls the event a special one that brings thousands of visitors into the city of Taylorville. The parking spaces surrounding the entirety of the Taylorville Square have been repaved. Craggs appreciates the Taylorville City Council and Mayor Barry for their efforts in making the high-traffic areas on Chillifest Weekend smoother and cleaner.


Making the situation even sweeter, Craggs explains, the Business Development District (BDD) paid for these road enhancements. A 1% tax is placed on Taylorville retailers to go into this fund to support needs like improvements to the Taylorville Square. Recently Small Town Taylorville hosted the Fall Shopping Open House where most Taylorville businesses participated and saw an increase in traffic and sales in their establishments.


With many groups and people to thank for their efforts in beautifying the Taylorville Square, Craggs is grateful to have these diligent workers and an engaged community for events like Chillifest to shine.

Steve Craggs appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Do Your Own Research With The University Of Illinois Extension

Doing your own research on the web could produce information that is not from experts or give data that is flat-out wrong. That's why the University of Illinois Extension Office is providing many informational webinars covering topics from wind and solar, to economic developments of communities and local government. The University of Illinois Extension prides themselves on providing research-based and useful knowledge, as they utilize experts in their respective fields.

Valerie Belusko, Community and Economic Development Educator for the University of Illinois Extension Office says these information-packed webinars often require viewers to review the content multiple times as the quantity and quality of information are both at high levels.


The webinars can be viewed live or at your leisure as the live recordings are posted to the Extensions website following the event. Belusko explains that there are playlists full of relevant videos for many topics. Belusko mentions energy transition, energy production, and community planning are just a few of the many relevant topics.


Belusko focused on the local government playlist of videos and brought up a point that was interesting to her. There has been a lack of interest in young people motivated to work within their local governments, Belusko attributes this to a lack of general knowledge on the subjects. The U of I Extension video series will be there to educate anyone willing to learn.


Local young people can utilize these information webinars to begin engaging with the topics they want to be well versed in to inspire change at a local government level.

To find the many informational webinars visit, extension.illinois.edu/global/statewide-webinars.

Valerie Belusko appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

LLCC Livestock Judging Team Honored

Lake Land College’s Livestock Judging Team was named the Overall Reserve Team at the 2023 National Barrow Show in Austin, Minnesota. The team finished the competition tied for the best score and ultimately placed second with a tiebreaker. Anchoring the team’s success were students Cooper Bertolino, Nokomis, Illinois; Ashtyn Harvey, Straughn, Indiana; Paige Lemenager, Hudson, Illinois and Skyler Ward, New Paris, Ohio, who each placed in the top ten for overall individual performance.


The following students competed at the event as members of Lake Land’s Livestock Judging Team.



Cooper Bertolino

Nokomis, IL

Luke Brinskeader

Arcanum, OH

Reese Brock

Arpin, WI

Hannah Buse

Ellisville, MS

Brandtly Cooper

Paoli, IN

Kara Freebarin

Ottawa, IL

Cara Greiner

Connersville, IN

Gabe Hanson

La Porte City, IA

Ashtyn Harvey

Straughn, IN

Tyler Lee

Durand, IL

Paige Lemenager

Hudson, IL

Jackie Shertz

El Paso, IL

Weston Tharp

Newton, IL

Tucker Walton

Loogootee, IN

Skyler Ward

New Paris, OH


One of the most historic livestock shows in the country, the National Barrow Show is centered around swine judging. Participants in the event judge eight classes of breeding and market hogs, providing four sets of oral reasons and answering one set of performance questions. Since its creation in the 1970s, Lake Land’s Livestock Judging Team has attended the contest every year that it has been held.


The team’s success at the National Barrow Show supplements its rich history of excellence. Recently, the group was also named the Overall Reserve Team at the Top Notch Collegiate Contest in Paragould, Arkansas. Ashtyn Harvey, Straughn, Indiana and Gabe Hanson, La Porte City, Iowa led the team to success at the contest by both finishing in the top five for overall individual performance.


The Lake Land College livestock judging team will return to action at the Flint Hills MidAmerica Classic in Hutchinson, Kansas in late September. By the season’s conclusion in March, the team will have competed in over a dozen major events throughout the country.


To learn more about Lake Land’s livestock judging team, visit https://www.lakelandcollege.edu/student-life/livestock-judging/. Prospective freshmen interested in joining the team can contact coach Hayden Wilder at 217-234-5360 or at hwilder@lakelandcollege.edu.

Two Taylorville Schools Receive Water Bottle Filling Stations

Seventy Illinois Schools, including two Taylorville schools, will receive new water bottle filling stations as part of a grant program. Taylorville High School and Central Preschool both received new water bottle stations.  The program is called the H2O On the Go grant program.  This initiative was created by Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation and Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation to encourage students to drink more water. Illinois elementary, middle, and high schools selected statewide for this program will have existing water fountains replaced with new water bottle filling stations. Students will also receive toothbrushes and reusable water bottles.


H20 On the Go provides greater access to fluoridated drinking water for students and encourages them to choose water instead of sugary drinks like soda, juice, and sports drinks.  According to Delta Dental of Illinois’ 2022 Children’s Oral Health Survey, 62% of Illinois parents reported that their child currently has or has experienced dental issues, with the most being cavities.  A recent study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that increasing water also enhances energy, improves attention spans, and helps learning. 


In addition to providing access to drinking water, the water bottle filling stations are certified to reduce lead and other harmful contaminants from water, as well as help to reduce waste and promote conservation efforts.  To see a full list, visit www.deltadentalil.com/hto-on-the-go-recipients.

Road Tips For Harvest Season

The Illinois State Police is reminding motorists and farmers about traffic safety as Illinois enters the fall harvest season.  Agriculture is one of the leading industries in Illinois and farmers across the state will be moving equipment along roadways during the harvest season, which typically begins in early September and can last into November.   


As farmers are traveling between fields, ISP is reminding motorists and farmers alike to share the road to help reduce crashes involving tractors, implements, and other farm equipment.  ISP encourages motorists to share the road and be patient, allow extra travel time during harvest season, don’t pass until it’s safe and legal to do so, use extra caution around tractors and slow-moving vehicles, and adjust to a greater following distance to increase sight lines when following behind wide, slow-moving vehicles. 


ISP encourages farmers to also do their part by taking time to wipe off reflectors, flashing lights, and other warning devices, understand motorist sight lines are reduced and look for opportunities to move over right when possible, pay attention to traffic backing up while traveling between fields and look for opportunities to ease them, reduce the width of combines by removing harvesting heads, and remember farm machinery cannot be driven or towed on controlled-access highways. 


By sharing the road and making safety a priority, motorists and farmers can work together to ensure a safe fall harvest. 

Senator Doris Turner Urging Applications To LIHEAP

State Senator Doris Turner is encouraging all eligible people to apply to this year’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program or LIHEAP to help with utility costs.  Applications are going to be accepted from October 2nd, 2023 through August 15, 2024. Senator Doris Turner says “Energy bill assistance is vital as utility costs continue to rise.  No one should have to decide if they can heat their homes in the winter or put food on the table.” 


Energy bill assistance is offered through the Help Illinois Families Program in program year 2023.  This program will provide $237 million to eligible families to assist with natural gas, propane, and electricity bills.  This previous session provided help to 311,214 households. 


October 2nd, families can apply to this year’s program by visiting helpillinoisfamilies.com or by visiting their local agency.  Families can also call 1-833-711-0374.  All families who meet the qualifications and provide proper documentation will receive support until funding is gone.  Families who earn up to two times the federal poverty level are eligible to receive support through LIHEAP. 

Small Town Taylorville Looks Back on Eventful August

Small Town Taylorville has been host to many great events this summer that have created community engagement and family fun. Recent successful events for Small Town Taylorville were the Meet the Machines event at the Christian County Fair Grounds, the Fall Shopping Open House, and the Car Cruise. These events have brought thousands of citizens from other cities and even states.

Steve Craggs with Small Town Taylorville couldn’t be happier with the momentum the group has gained, getting local retailers involved, providing activities for all ages, and bringing visitors into the city of Taylorville.

Craggs began by remembering the successful Meet The Machines event, saying that activities like these could spark future career paths for young attendees.


The weekend of September 1st and 2nd a fall shopping event took place that involved many Taylorville retailers in conjunction with the farmers market and Car Cruise. This made for tons of traffic to Taylorville and a booming business opportunity for the local stores. Craggs names the businesses involved in the successful open house shopping days.


Craggs attributes some of this newfound traffic to Taylorville to the live stream videos Small Town Taylorville Produces on their website. This gives local citizens a live look at what is happening in Small Town Taylorville. Craggs calls these streams “live events.”


Craggs thanks contributors like Brent West Trucking in Taylorville, the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce for their support, and the community members who come out to these great events.

Visit their website at smalltowntaylorville.com/ for live events and information on upcoming gatherings.

Steve Craggs appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Decatur Area Arts Council's 'Arts in Central Park' This Weekend.

Decatur Area Arts Council's 'Arts in Central Park' This Weekend.


If you're an art enthusiast interested in seeing what your local art scene has to offer, an event this weekend in downtown Decatur is for you.


The Decatur Area Arts Council is hosting its annual 'Arts in Central Park' this weekend in downtown Decatur. Executive Director Jerry Johnson says it's a free event and a great opportunity to see the talent of local artists.



While you're there, Johnson hopes those can, will purchase some art from artists at the event. He says that makes the time and travel of those artists worthwhile and reminds this isn't a fundraiser for the Arts Council, so all proceeds go to the artists themselves.



Johnson calls it a fun, relaxing weekend with great artwork and music while you stroll. 


Visit decaturarts.org for more information on this weekend's event or find the Arts Council on Facebook. 

Ameren Illinois Competing In 2023 Natural Gas Rodeo

Gas workers from East St. Louis, Peoria, and Springfield are gearing up to represent Ameren Illinois at the highly anticipated 2023 National Gas Rodeo, a thrilling two-day competition set to take place on September 14-15 in Springfield, MO. The Gas Rodeo is a prestigious event that draws the finest natural gas workers from across the nation to compete in a series of challenges rooted in traditional tasks and skills.


Ameren Illinois will be sending its top teams to the competition, where they will face off against their counterparts from Ameren Missouri, who will be fielding six teams. The Gas Rodeo is likened to the Olympics for gas journeymen and apprentices, as participants showcase their skills while following strict safety standards. 


Amaren Illinois natural gas workers from Springfield that will be competing include Captain Justin Langley, Zach Roberts, Jason Bardwell, and Lance Alaria. 

Eric Kozak, Vice President for Ameren Illinois says, “It’s all about competing to the best of their abilities in a safe manner. It also gives family members an up-close look at what it takes to do this type of work on an everyday basis.”


The competition comprises several events, each designed to test the participants' expertise and precision in the field. These events include:


A meter set, where competitors must assemble a meter set to "Rodeo standards," ensuring that all components, including fittings, service regulators, meters, meter gaskets, and wrenches, are properly configured. The meter set must be wrench tight, level, use correct fittings, and have the regulator correctly oriented. Judges will evaluate the assembly, and the meter set must accommodate the placement of a judge's box.


A service installation, where teams are tasked with installing a service line with tracer wire from a two-inch plastic main to a service riser bracket. This involves laying out 60 feet of half-inch plastic pipe with tracer wire, inserting it through a 20-foot section of two-inch plastic pipe, attaching the riser to the bracket, and connecting the pipe to the riser using half-inch Permasert. The service tee must be tapped, the service cap installed, and the service pipe purged to complete the installation, all in accordance with "Rodeo standards."


A pipe cut, where Competitors must cut a six-inch 250 Grade B wall pipe using only a mechanical 4-wheel cutter, without any modifications to the cutter.


And a hand dig, where teams are challenged to excavate a 3' x 4' x 3' box filled with a mix of sand and pea gravel. The goal is to expose five green dots painted on the bottom of the box. In this event, two-person teams will dig out a box measuring 3' × 4' × 18 inches.


With the Gas Rodeo just around the corner, Ameren Illinois is eager to demonstrate the exceptional skills and dedication of its natural gas workers. Stay tuned for updates on this thrilling competition as the teams from East St. Louis, Peoria, and Springfield embark on their quest for victory at the 2023 National Gas Rodeo in Springfield, Missouri.

Master Gardeners Warn Of Plant Threatening Fungus

A common landscaping plant has recently fallen victim to a fungus that is easily spread to other plants in the yard by latching itself onto gardening tools. The boxwood is the household name for the small leafed, bushy plants that spruce up the front of anyone's home, but maintaining these bushes is contaminating clippers and other tools, spreading that fungi to the other plants.

The Christian County Master Gardeners have seen cases sprout up recently that will require action to end the dying of the boxwoods. Linda Smith, a Master Gardener says that boxwoods’ purchased within the past five years are susceptible to this new fungus.

Volutella blight is the browning stems that protrude from the boxwood that carries the fungus. Master Gardener Gwen Podeschi says the browning will spread until the fungus has affected every part of the plant. Podeschi also mentions that boxwood blight could spread more aggressively.

The Master Gardeners' advice would be to disinfect your gardening tools. The tedious process would require the gardener to wash the tool in a mixture of ten parts water to one part bleach between every cut.

Linda Smith says sprays can be used as a preventative measure. Smith continued by saying an uptick has been noticed by area farmers and Master Gardeners of fungi traveling through the air, infecting flowering plants. This has brought more labor and guidelines for cultivators to watch out for.

The Master Gardeners Gwen Podeschi and Linda Smith appeared as guests on the WTIM Morning Show.

Taylorville School Board Meets For First September Meeting

 The Taylorville School Board met for their first September meeting, last night at 6:00 PM. All board members were present with the exception of Dr. Mizer. The Approval of minutes from past August meetings were passed with no additions or corrections. The treasurer's report and review of claims were approved, and the overnight trip request for the Taylorville cheerleaders to attend the Florida trip with the football team was approved. The consideration and adoption of Press Policy 112 was also approved.


New board member, Tom Finks was welcomed to the board by reading the Administration of Oath to the office.


Under focus committee update, discussion, and direction for the Taylorville High School construction project, Deborah Philpot, Interim Superintendent said after two meetings with the focus group, a third meeting will take place next week. Superintendent Philpot says the board has not thrown anything out of the picture yet, but the concern is funding.



The search for a permanent superintendent will be tackled by using surveys taken from staff, board members, parents, and community members to single out the most important attributes of the next superintendent. The summarization of comments and thoughts from shareholders centered around a leader who can understand and develop projects that benefit the students of the Taylorville School District. Dates and times for future interviews have been set along with requirements and preferences for candidates, like residence and experience.


The next Taylorville School Board Meeting is set for September 20th for a focus group meeting and to address an addition to last night's agenda.

Taylorville Kiwanis Hear About Greater Taylorville Chamber Chillifest, Honor Community Heroes of the Month at Weekly Meeting

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club honored their September “Community Heroes of the Month”, and heard about the upcoming Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chillifest, their club’s weekly meeting on Tuesday at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.


Long-time chilli cookoff chair for Chillifest, Tom Calvert, shared how the event first got started in 1985. 



Since its inception in 1985, the Chamber’s Chillifest has been held in multiple locations before coming back to the Taylorville Square around 20 years ago.   


Chillifest is also a sanctioned cookoff event by the International Chilli Society, with Calvert being the long-time chair of the 2 days of I-C-S judging in chilli, verde, and salsa.  Chilli cooks from nearly a dozen states have competed for cash and an opportunity to cook in the World Championship.


Calvert added that the Chamber also cooks and serves chilli as a fund-raiser.  Last year, Chamber chilli went thru 40 cases of Bush Beans, 775 pounds of ground beef, and the chilli cooked weighed some 31-hundred pounds.  


Calvert also told Kiwanis members this year’s Chillifest October 7th and 8th will also include over 100 vendors, pageants, and 2 stages of entertainment both days.



The Taylorville Kiwanis Club also at their Tuesday meeting honored Steve (right) and Sheree (center) Craggs as their September “Community Heroes of the Month” for founding and operating the Furlove Charitable Resale Shop at the corner of West Main Cross and Webster.   Kiwanis member Adam Jeffrey (left) who nominated them, presented their certificate.  The shop’s goal is to raise over 400-thousand dollars for a badly needed addition to the Christian County Animal Shelter.  The Craggs’ opened the shop this summer and have already raised some 110-thousand dollars.


The public is reminded the Kiwanis Club’s final Drive-Thru Donation Days this year at the Miller Media Group parking lot, to benefit the Taylorville Food Pantry, is this Saturday from 8:30am to 1pm.   Non-perishable food and monetary donations for the Food Pantry are most appreciated as the need continues to grow.


And, don’t forget the annual Kiwanis Kids Days at the corner of West Main Cross and Webster, as well as at the 2 doors at Wal-Mart, on September 22nd and 23rd.   All monies collected will go toward local Kiwanis projects for children and youth.


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.   

Taylorville Home Source Design Center Named Miller Media Group September "Business of the Month"

The Miller Media Group has named Taylorville Home Source Design Center on East Park, as it's "Business of the Month" for September.

Owner Rick White, a Taylorville native, came back to town after living in Florida for many years.   He and wife Kathy opened Taylorville Home Source on West Spresser almost 19 years ago.

They moved to a larger location just under 3 years ago, offering Taylorville and south central Illinois a greatly expanded selection of in-stock product.   

They also do in-house design for every customer.  

The Miller Media Group congratulates Taylorville Home Source Design Center for their commitment and investment in the Taylorville community, and for being named our September "Business of the Month."

Illinois Department Of Natural Resources Hosts Youth Deer Hunt

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has announced an exciting opportunity for young hunters in the state. Three lucky youths will have the chance to participate in the Illinois youth firearm deer season at Coffeen Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area in Montgomery County from October 7th to October 9th.


To determine the participants, IDNR will conduct a drawing on Friday, September 29th, at 10 a.m. The drawing will take place at Coffeen Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area, offering a fair selection process for young hunters interested in the special youth hunt. This unique hunting experience will be held in the park's upland management area.


To be eligible for the drawing, interested youth hunters must possess a valid Montgomery County youth firearm deer permit. To enter, participants need to submit a 3-inch-by-5-inch postcard containing their name, date of birth, IDNR customer number (if available from their hunting license), mailing address, and contact phone number. These postcards must reach the Coffeen Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area office by close of business on September 28th. Late entries will not be accepted.


Successful applicants selected in the drawing will have until October 5th to apply for and report their Montgomery County youth firearm deer permit number to the Coffeen Lake site office. Failure to meet this deadline will result in forfeiture of the special youth hunt spot, and an alternate will be chosen to fill the spot.


This initiative by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources aims to provide young hunters with a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of deer hunting in a controlled and educational environment, fostering a love for conservation and the great outdoors.


Youth hunters interested in entering the drawing by mail can send their postcards to Coffeen Lake SFWA, P.O. Box 517, Coffeen, IL 62017.


For further details and information, individuals can contact the Ramsey Lake State Park office at 618-423-2215 or email adam.hayes@illinois.gov.

Master Gardeners Prepared For Kehias Arboretum Tree Walk

The Christian County Master Gardeners are gearing up for a Tree Walk, taking place October 21st, from 2:00 P.M. to 4:00, at Linda Kehias’s 75-acre arboretum. The tree walk has become something of a tradition for the Master gardeners as this will be the third consecutive year of education and enjoyment on the grounds of the Kehias property.

Linda Kehias is a Master Gardener graduate and now cares for the landscape of trees and gardens, giving the local community an opportunity to witness the best that nature has to offer.

Speaking about the upcoming tree walk was Master gardeners, Gwen Podeschi and Linda Smith. Smith says that Kehias has stuck to her goal of planting and cultivating trees that are native to Central Illinois.


Leading the tree walk tours will be Master Gardener, Gwen Podeschi. Podeschi provides insight into the wide variety of trees attendees will be able to view.


Podeschi continues saying the Kehias property is not a mono-culture, many different species of trees reside within the 75-acre arboretum.


Kehias Farm is located at 2152 Illinois Route 16 in Pana.

Registration for the tree walk is required and will be due October 16th. For tree walk sign-up visit, go.illinois.edu/cjmm, or call 217-287-7246.

Gwen Podeschi and Linda Smith appeared as guests on the WTIM Morning Show.

Taylorville School Board To Meet This Evening

The Taylorville School Board is set to meet on Tuesday, September 12th, at 6:00 PM for their regular board of education meeting. The Meeting will take place at the Taylorville District Office located at 1100 North Sportsman Drive in Taylorville.

After roll call, words from visitors, and receiving communications, an administration of oath to the newly appointed board member Tom Finks will take place.

Approval of minutes will take place for meetings that took place August 3rd, and 23rd, concerning the Focus Committee meeting, August 8th, Regular Board Meeting, and August 14th, a Closed Session.

A review and approval of claims will follow, then a review of the treasurer's report and an overnight trip request.

Under old business, the board will consider the adoption of the Press Policy Update 112. Then a Focus Committee Update, Discussion, and direction for the Taylorville High School building plans will take place.

Under new business, a discussion will take place for the amendment to the joint agreement of the NPT special education cooperative. Superintendent Deborah Philpot will give her report and the meeting will close with an executive session.

Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for updates following the event.

Boil Order Issued In Taylorville

The City of Taylorville has issued a boil order starting Tuesday morning.  The boil order is from West Market Street between Cheney Street and Houston and South Houston Street between Franklin and Main Cross.  Boil orders are generally issued when there is an interruption in water flow due to a water main break, accidental cut, or required maintenance.  


Residents are advised to boil all water used for drinking, preparing food, beverages, ice cubes, washing fruits and vegetables, or brushing teeth for five (5) minutes prior to drinking it.  This is a precautionary measure for residents’ protection.  It is not necessary to boil tap water used for household purposes, such as showering, bathing or laundry. 


Explosion Rocks ADM In Decatur

An explosion rocked ADM at the East Plant on Sunday evening.  At 7:11 PM, an explosion at the East Plant within ADM’s industrial complex in Decatur sent several to the hospital.  Five employees are still receiving treatment for their injuries.  ADM says their priority is providing injured colleagues and their family support. 


The main fire was extinguished overnight, and ADM says they are continuing to closely monitor and assess the extent of the damage to the complex as they continue to investigate the cause of the accident. The East Plant produces soybean oil and white flake for soybean protein production.  It is currently down and the adjacent corn processing plant is also temporarily down until it is deemed safe to resume operations. 

Central Illinois CASA Merging

Children need advocates and the Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children or CASA are there to help during times of difficulty or when dealing with court issues. CASA of Effingham County along with CASA of South-Central Illinois (Clinton and Marion counties) have announced that they will be merging programs to create CASA of the Fourth Judicial Circuit and expand into more counties across the circuit with assistance from a federal grant received by Illinois CASA through US Senator Tammy Duckworth’s office.  Libby Moeller, new Executive Director, explains that CASA is there to help children overcome obstacles.



Moeller says that the merge is important to reach more people.



Moeller is taking over as executive director and says she is excited for the position.



Moeller says that CASA is a non-profit, but they are looking for volunteers.



For more information call CASA at 217-342-2266.

Franks Announces Run For Christian County Circuit Clerk

A Taylorville resident has announced her candidacy for Christian County Circuit Clerk.  Jessica Franks has lived in Christian County for the last five years after relocating to the area with her husband from Tennessee. She will be running on the Republican ticket.  Franks is currently serving on the board of the Christian County Housing Authority, but has also served as an election judge, precinct committeeman, and participated in various fundraisers, and has helped support other elected members of the Republican Party. 



Franks has over 15 years of experience in an office setting with several of those spent as a legal assistant. She also is currently employed as a Regional Manager overseeing employees at several major retailers throughout Central Illinois. Franks says that she wants to make sure that she continues running things the way that they have been run. 



Franks says it would be a major honor to represent the people of Christian County through the Circuit Clerk's Office. 



Find out more information by visiting Jessica Franks for Christian County Circuit Clerk on Facebook. 

Concert Series In Shelbyville

A new concert series is making its way to Shelby Christian Church. This series looks to be a monthly event with family-friendly bands performing for the community. The Shelby Christian Church looks to host these performances on Fridays or Saturdays. Shows usually begin at 6:00 PM.

Nickie Beyers, the Family Ministry Coordinator for Shelby Christian Church reminds the local community to check their website at, //www.shelbycc.org/events.


Beyers describes that there are new and returning bands coming to the stage of Shelby Christian Church.


Seating is first come first serve so Beyers notes to get there early. Beyers also mentions that the event is free for the public to enjoy.


Beyers notes that doors open an hour before the event starts and is excited to have the community enjoy some family fun.

Nickie Beyers appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Getting Active With Shelbyville High School

Shelbyville High School students have a unique opportunity for extracurricular activities as they reside near a great outdoor recreation park, Lake Shelbyville. Through partnership with the US Army Corps of Engineers and an organization titled Backcountry Hunters and Anglers have gotten not only the students involved but also the local community.

Kyle Ladd, Principal of Shelbyville High School, explains the opportunities that Shelbyville High School students can participate in. An archery park will be utilized by families and students near Possum Creek.


A new challenge is being presented to the students as Ladd looks to get kids active even during school season. Ladd says connecting with nature is beneficial for students.


Ladd says that time in nature has proven to help with physical and mental health. Ladd says the constant technology usage has left students craving connection.


For information on Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, their website can be found at, https://www.backcountryhunters.org/. Or contact Shelbyville High School at, 217-774-3926, and ask for Kyle Ladd.

Kyle Ladd appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show From Shelbyville.

Taylorville Kiwanis Club Accepts Donations To Assist Taylorville Food Pantry

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club once again held their drive-thru donation day benefiting the Taylorville Food Pantry at the Miller Media Group front parking lot on Saturday, September 9th.


Kiwanis Club member Jeff Grimmett says the donation drive gives Kawanis members an opportunity to directly benefit the Taylorville community.


Kiwanis member Adam Jeffery says the organization is service-based and often benefits the youth population of Taylorville.


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club will hold their next Drive-Thru donation day next Saturday, September 16th from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM with donations going straight to the Taylorville Food Pantry. 


End Of Summer Additions To Lake Shelbyville

The Lake Shelbyville Project Office along with the US Army Corps of Engineers have been making additions to Lake Shelbyville that are useful to the community. New kayak launches, paddle-board opportunities, and even trail extensions have made their way to Lake Shelbyville this summer.

Freddie Fry, Director of the Office of Tourism for Lake Shelbyville says the visitors can expect new attractions every year for Lake Shelbyville. Fry says that a dog park will be coming soon to the grounds of Lake Shelbyville.


Fry says that Christmas events are already being accepted at the Shelby County Office of Tourism. Information about events is better turned in early than later. Fry and the office of tourism promote these events to the community.


Balloon Fest is an event that Freddie Fry says you will not want to miss. Balloon Fest appears October 6-8.


The Shelbyville Office of Tourism is located at 315 East Main in Shelbyville.
For information about Lake Shelbyville or the Office of Tourism make sure to visit, http://www.lakeshelbyville.com/, or https://www.visitshelbycounty.com/.

Freddie Fry appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

TPD And CAT Team Announce Successful Methamphetamine Bust

Seven Christian County residents were arrested following a search warrant on Thursday. Michael L. Droke of Edinburg, Bill J. Ward of Pana, Caleb Reber of Taylorville, Anthony M. Holmes of Taylorville, Aubrey Smith of Taylorville, Brian Dailey of Taylorville, and Ashley Rynders were arrested following a CAT Team investigation. The CAT and ERT Team viewed plans to conduct arrests and a search warrant was issued.  


Taylorville Police Chief Dwayne Wheeler says that no officers nor subjects were injured during the arrests despite a couple of close calls, including a police chase.  


Droke was charged with aggravated fleeing and eluding, aggravated battery to a police officer, and aggravated assault to a peace officer using a motor vehicle, obstructing justice, possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, and criminal damage to state-supported property. Bond was set at $150,000 with 10% to apply. First appearance is set for September 21st. 


Ward was charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver and obstructing justice. Bond was set at $25,000 with 10% to apply. 


Reber was arrested for delivery of methamphetamine.  Bond was set at $250,000 with 10% to apply.  

Holmes was arrested for delivery of methamphetamine.  Bond was set at $35,000 with 10% to apply. Holmes was found in contempt but it was wiped after he apologized.


Smith was arrested for delivery of methamphetamine. Bond was set at $15,000 with 10% to apply.  

Dailey was arrested for possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver.  Bond was set at $75,000 with 10% to apply.  


Ashley Rynders was arrested for possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver.  Bond was set at $75,000 with 10% to apply.


Chief Wheeler says he is proud of the CAT Team saying that members are from Taylorville, Kincaid, Morrisonville, Edinburg, Stonington, and Assumption, and they are all needed to be effective. 


All subjects first appearances are set for September 21st. 








Greater Taylorville Chamber Hosts Seminar on Consumer Fraud and Identity Theft

The Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce sponsored an consumer fraud and identity theft seminar over the noon hour Friday at Angelo's Pizza.   Lunch was provided by F-N-B on Spresser, and the seminar featured Heather Calcara from the Illinois Attorney General's Office.


Calcara told the over 20 people in attendance, that consumers should allow any phone call they don't recognize, to go to voicemail so you know whether or not they are legitimate.   She added the scammers are always one step ahead.  Calcara told Regional Radio News scammers were busy in 2022.



Chamber Executive Director Linda Allen said the seminar happened after the Attorney General's Office reached out to her.



Find out the many hotline numbers consumers can report scammers to the Attorney General's office, here.

Get Involved During Hunger Action Month

September is Hunger Action Month and food banks like the Central Illinois Food Bank, ramp up communication and inspire passion for the issue of food insecurity. Feeding America is a nonprofit organization that partners with their involved food banks to bring awareness to a topic that affects many people in Christian County and beyond.

Brooke Dunn, Public Relations Manager for the Central Illinois Food Bank says, that if there is any month to get involved in your local food bank or pantry, September is the time to do so.


Food pantries are seeing unprecedented traffic to their facilities, supplying food to more and more families that are in desperate need to get food on the table. While donations have increased in areas like fresh produce, volunteers, and coordinators are struggling to keep up with the ever-expanding needs of the community.


The Central Illinois Food Bank is getting involved by giving tours of the massive warehouse that stores the food being served to the food pantries. This is an effort to increase awareness of the food bank process, and what goes into food coordination, to understand the efforts of workers in the food bank industry.
Dunn will be hosting the tours and will be available Monday and Thursday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM or 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM.


For information about the Central Illinois Food Bank, you can visit their website at, https://www.centralilfoodbank.org/.

Brooke Dunn appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.


September Is Food Safety Education Month

The five-second rule is not protecting your food from bacteria. The second that potato chip hits the ground a food-borne illness could already be attached to it. This is just one of many myths that need busting in the world of food.


Helping to get to the bottom of these common food misconceptions, Lisa Peterson, a University of Illinois Extension Nutrition and Wellness Educator came by to share her expertise. A perfect way to enter September, as it is food safety education month.

Peterson began by explaining food-borne illnesses which can lead to health scares like food poisoning. Peterson says the illness, most times, is not from the last meal you have eaten contrary to popular beliefs. Peterson continues that this illness can be felt up to three weeks after eating the contaminated food.


Food-borne illnesses are an odorless, tasteless, and colorless contaminant. Peterson says the best way to ensure your food is safe to eat is by keeping track of when you bought the product. Peterson gives an example of raw chicken, as the raw meat will only be good for about 3-4 days in the fridge. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) utilizes the FoodKeeper App which acts as a reminder system for your food, letting users know when that food item is ready to be thrown out.


A popular myth that Peterson addressed is the differences between local, organic, and natural foods. Peterson says simply, there is no difference in nutritional quality. The difference, Peterson notes, is the better environmental effects that these food items possess.


For information about food safety, you can visit the U of I Extensions website at, https://extension.illinois.edu/cjmm.

Lisa Peterson appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Meet The New Sparklight Internet General Manager

Sparklight Internet here in Taylorville has a new General Manager who is also a new community member. Ann Lewis, Director and Field Operations Manager for Sparklight in Taylorville and a Sparklight employee for 14 years, has not wasted any time getting involved with the local community. Traveling out to the Christian County Fair, donating backpacks and school supplies, National Night Out, and the Pana Labor Day Parade, tossing out some goodies for the kiddos.

Some of the services provided by Sparklight may not be well known by the surrounding community. Home and cellphone services are provided along with up to one gigabyte of internet for residential households. Lewis explains the basic coverage of Sparklight.


Lewis had a nice introduction to the community through Sparklight’s involvement in various programs and events. Lewis praises her staff who have made the transition smooth and says she is happy to be a part of the team.


Sparklight’s services can be reached 24 hours a day by phone and by personalized in-person assistance in their office Monday through Friday 8:00 PM to 5:00 PM, closed from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM for lunch. Lewis notes that office workers and in-home installers are great at their jobs and strive to find the right options for all customers.


With even more community involvement, Sparklight has been named the Ghost Pepper Sponsor for the 2023 Taylorville Chillifest. Lewis says that she and the team at Sparklight are excited to be involved in such a great event.

24/7 internet help services can be reached by calling 877-692-2253.

Ann Lewis appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Over 180 Attend Loving Arms Pregnancy Center Fund Raising Banquet Thursday Night

Over 180 people attended Thursday night’s annual Loving Arms Pregnancy Center fund raising banquet at the Pillars Event Center in Taylorville.


The event included dinner, remarks from executive director Cathy Coker, and guest speakers Derrick and Julie Tennant.


Coker told Regional Radio News the message presented to Thursday night’s crowd was one of hope.





Derrick Tennant told Regional Radio News he shared with the crowd they have superpowers.



The banquet is among the biggest fund-raisers that Loving Arms has during the year supporting their faith-based ministry.  During 2022, Loving Arms, with centers in Taylorville and Pana, served over 60 individuals and families, had over 400 in-person or virtual appointments, completed over 800 parenting and life-skill lessons, and presented an abstinence message to over 400 students in 6 schools thru-out Christian County.  Find them on-line at lovingarmsillinois.com.

Austin Peters Announces Run For Christian County Coroner

A Taylorville resident has thrown in his hat to the race for Christian County Coroner.  Austin Peters has announced he will be running for County Coroner in the 2024 election. Peters graduated from Taylorville High School with the class of 2012 and Worsham College of Mortuary Science in September of 2014.  Peters has served as a funeral director for eight years and Deputy Coroner in Christian County for nine.  


Peters says that he has worked alongside local police departments, fire departments, and EMS workers for several years and other local officials.  He has also completed the 40 hour coroner certification through the Illinois Coroner’s and Medical Examiner’s Association. He says to be named Christian County Coroner would be a great honor. He says he wants to keep up the integrity of the position of Coroner and looks forward to helping the residents of Christian County in the near future. 


Find out more information by visiting: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61550951061965  

Christian County Genealogical Society Celebrate 40 Years Of Service

The Christian County Genealogical Society is celebrating 40 years of service this Sunday from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the Pence Building on the grounds of the Christian County Historical Society. To celebrate, the Genealogical Society will open their doors for an open house. Enjoy cake and refreshments while taking a journey through the halls and library, filled with Christian County history. A guest speaker, Stefanie from the Sangamon Valley Collection in the Lincoln Library will come out to share some history of Central Illinois.

Vauna Crowder and Jeanine Biondolino have worked tirelessly to ensure the collection and filing of one-of-a-kind documents that will mean the world to a family member trying to uncover their history. Biondolino got her start with one of the first classes of genealogists in 1984.


1983 was the first year of service for the Christian County Genealogical Society. Jeanine Biondolino was one of the trailblazers who looked to preserve the history of Christian County.


The hard work of collecting, sorting, and investigating the many historical documents that link community members to their past is what has kept the Christian County Genealogical Society useful for so long.

Head to the Pence Building and join the Christian County Genealogical Society, located near Illinois Route 29 and 48 on Morrison Drive in Taylorville to celebrate their 40 years of service, preserving the history that would be forgotten without the diligent work.

Vauna Crowder and Jeanine Biondolino appeared as guests on the WTIM Morning Show.

Effingham Fire Department Earns Prestigious Workplace Safety Recognition

The Effingham Fire Department (EFD) has earned a prestigious accolade for its dedication to workplace safety. The Illinois Department of Labor's (IDOL) On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program (On-Site) proudly announces that EFD has achieved certification in the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP).


Under the leadership of Chief Brant Yochum, EFD embarked on a safety improvement journey from October 2022 to June 13, 2023, ending in the coveted SHARP approval on June 26, 2023. This process places small businesses and public agencies in a select group nationally that demonstrates a commitment to worker safety. The Effingham Fire Department becomes one of only 34 Illinois employers to join this elite SHARP achievement.


SHARP acknowledges small business employers with exemplary injury and illness prevention programs, designating them as models for workplace safety and health. This recognition also comes with significant benefits, including exemption from OSHA inspections and enhanced safety management systems, all contributing to a safer and healthier workplace.


Chief Yochum expressed his gratitude: "The safety of our members and the community we serve is paramount. Partnering with the On-Site Consultation Program provided invaluable insights that fortified our commitment to excellence in safety. Earning the OSHA SHARP Award is a testament to our dedication and the profound impact of this collaboration."


The On-Site Consultation Program offers free and confidential safety and health consultations to employers with up to 250 on-site employees and 500 nationwide. It serves as a vital resource for Illinois businesses seeking to meet federal OSHA regulations and pursue SHARP status. For inquiries about the program, you can call 800-972-4216, send an email to dol.consultation@illinois.gov, or visit their website for more information.

Central A&M Superintendent Gives A Back To School Update

First-year Central A&M School District Superintendent Sacha Young has the first three weeks of school under her belt as she leads her staff into a successful school year. Young’s primary goal for the school year was to stick by the school district's mission, “Empowering and celebrating excellence in each of our students.”

Young recognized the well-oiled machine she has stepped into with the Central A&M School District and saw not much needed changing. Communication and relationships with not only students but also parents have created a good atmosphere for students' success.


Young says that one of the many great practices of Central A&M School District is the way they celebrate their students. Recognizing accomplishments on social media and to parents, praising students when a goal has been reached. Also keeping staff and parents updated on current events and information is another factor that has worked well.


Central A&M School District is making a push for more social-emotional and mental health support. There are upcoming professional and development programs on the way to provide skills and tactics to handle and address social-emotional learning and mental health first aid. Josh Shipp, of Kemmerer Village will be presenting on October 6th with the presentation titled, “Every kid is one caring parent away from being a success.” Central A&M staff have been invited to come out to hear these meaningful words.


Young continues to be a leader for the staff of the Central A&M School District. With the tall task of Superintendent in front of her, Young has met the responsibilities with grace, guiding staff and students to a successful 2023-2024 school year.

Sacha Young appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Assalley Announces Candidacy For Christian County Coroner

The race for the Coroner’s office position was opened immediately following the announcement that Coroner Amy Calvert Winans would not seek reelection. Michael A. Assalley announced his candidacy for Christian County Coroner. Assalley is seeking the Republican nomination for this office in the Primary Election which will be held on Tuesday, March 19th, 2024. 


Assalley says he’s excited to announce his candidacy and that it has been a privilege to serve Christian County families for many years as a funeral director, deputy coroner, and community volunteer.  He says he has the experience it will take to serve as the next coroner. 


Assalley has already completed the necessary hours of required coroner’s training and has served as a Christian County Deputy Coroner for the past year.  “Throughout my time as a funeral director and deputy coroner, I have counseled families through some of the most difficult times. As Coroner, I will bring professionalism to the office that matches the serious nature of the office’s duties.”  


Mike Assalley is the owner of Assalley Funeral Homes in Taylorville, Morrisonville, Greenville, Panama, and Sorento.  He is a licensed funeral director and embalmer, a certified celebrant, and a licensed advanced planning consultant.  Mike has voluntarily served and was recently elected the president of the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce.  He also voluntarily serves on the boards of the Taylorville Public Schools Foundation, Taylorville Ducks Unlimited, and Taylorville Kiwanis Club, and is a past member of the Downtown Taylorville Board. 


Assalley resides in Taylorville with his wife, Lauren and their three children.  He is an active parishioner of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Taylorville and a 4th Degree Member of the Knights of Columbus Council 2120. 


Find out more by visiting Mike’s campaign on Facebook by visiting www.Facebook.com/assalleyforcoroner. 

A One-On-One With Comptroller Mendoza

Current Illinois State Comptroller, Susana Mendoza took the office in 2016 with much work to be done, fixing the issues that past comptrollers neglected to complete. Illinois has ended its FY 2024 in a position that in decades past would not have been reached. All States General Revenue Fund Vouchers have been closed out, meaning there are zero bills on hand to pay for the State of Illinois. But this was not always the case. Mendoza says Illinois was a unique entity, continuing that the state of Illinois had the worst fiscal condition in the United States and in recent state history upon her arrival.

Mendoza talks about these milestones that the Comptrollers Office has accomplished that have not been reached in decades. Mendoza Mentions that Accounts Payable, (the costs of running state government), usually sit at around $3 Billion, AP for this fiscal year sits at a low of $528 million.


When Mendoza took the Comptroller's Office in December of 2016, the state of Illinois owed vendors and providers almost $17 billion in unpaid bills, some over two years overdue. This left many vendors and service providers out to dry as many could not withstand the fiscal crisis without being paid by the state.


Mendoza says “That was then,” meaning the state of Illinois funds are in a much better position now. Under Mendoza, the state has eight full-credit upgrades after losing those credits and being downgraded years prior. The backlog of bills has been paid off and the state can begin healing economically under the watchful eye of comptroller Mendoza.


With years of overdue bills and an office in disarray paid and back in order, Mendoza says, rest assured your money is protected. Mentioning Illinois State Treasurer Mike Frerichs and herself are protecting the state funds.

Susana Mendoza appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Taylorville Food Pantry Serving More Families While Receiving More Donations

The Taylorville Food Pantry is currently serving over 500 families a month throughout Christian County and that number has continued to rise in the past months. Volunteers are working countless hours to sort and prepare the food for the many families and with donations of fresh produce and non-perishable foods the food pantry volunteers have their hands full. 


Pam Moses, a Co-Director for the Taylorville Food Pantry says that there is a continued need for donations. Moses mentioned that the number of families being served does not decide who the pantry helps, all families in need look to be serviced by the Taylorville Food Pantry.


Moses believes that standard costs of living for things like food will not subside anytime soon. Knowing there is a journey ahead to prepare for many food shortages for families.



An increase in fresh produce has been donated to the Taylorville Food Pantry and the Central Illinois Food Bank. This push for healthy items has seen a successful start so far. Donations of fresh produce have come from local residents' gardens, leftovers from the Taylorville Farmers Market, and through food rescue programs in which Walmart, Kroger, Aldi, and Dollar General all participate.



Pam Moses is grateful for the dedicated volunteers who ensure the food gets where it needs to and the local community for their donations, as Moses says they could not continue serving these families in need without the community's involvement.



Pam Moses says the volunteers are always being accepted at the Taylorville Food Pantry, saying just give them a call or walk in the door. 


Information about the Taylorville Food Pantry can be found at http://taylorvillefoodpantry.com/.


Pam Moses appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Today Is Deadline to Register for Free GTCC Fraud and Identity Seminar on Friday

Today is the deadline to register for the free consumer fraud and identity theft seminar being sponsored by the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce to be held this Friday from noon til one at Angelo's Pizza in Taylorville.   

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul's Community Outreach Team will make a presentation on these 2 important topics.

Lunch is sponsored by FNB on Spresser.

There is no charge to attend but Chamber officials need you to register by the close of business today so they have a head count for food.   Give the Chamber a call to let them know you're coming, at 824-4919.

Taylorville City Council Meets

The Taylorville City Council met on Tuesday evening. After approval of all minutes, the Planning Commission gave their update and encouraged the council to vote on the Stepp Minor Subdivision that will be near Hickory Court.  It was approved 7-0. The council approved the third amendment adding a retailers’ occupation tax, service occupation tax, and a hotel operators' occupation tax in the BDD No 1 Redevelopment area. 


An ordinance prohibiting feeding geese at Lake Taylorville passed 7-1 with only Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry voting no. There was some discussion over the motion for requiring 1,000 minimum square footage for residential dwellings with Chris Skultety looking for some clarification.



Mayor Barry says they wanted to stay away from tiny homes. 



The motion passed 8-0.  Real Estate Leases with Rick and Lisa Champley and with Jake Heberling passed 6-2 with both Aldermen Steve Dorchinecz and Skultety voting No. A motion to waive statutory bidding requirements and accept proposals for the municipal building parking lot replacement project was approved 6-2 with Aldermen Kathy Driskell and Dorchinecz voting no. 


Mayor Barry gave his update.



All motions under ordinances were passed unanimously.  The next city council meeting is set for September 18th. 

Taylorville Kiwanis Reviews Ongoing Programs for Children, Youth at Weekly Meeting Tuesday

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club reviewed their ongoing efforts for children and youth in the local community, during their monthly business meeting which was part of their club’s weekly meeting on Tuesday at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.


Among reports was one from Kiwanis Priority One Chair Bruce Blanshan, that next Wednesday, September 13th is the deadline to donate tissues, disinfectant wipes, and similar items to be distributed to Taylorville Schools.   HSHS Medical Group is the dropoff location.   The Kiwanis Club will then take those items, along with those it gathers, to the Taylorville School District for use by students.


Kiwanis Student Leadership Chair Will Perkins reported the Taylorville High School Key Club, under the leadership of senior Sophie Robinson, met with over 45 members attending.   Perkins added the Key Club is planning several community projects this school year, including helping with the September 23rd clean-up at Kiwanis Park.


Kiwanis Park Co-Chair Duane Stock reported on that scheduled clean-up day, as well as doing work on the playground timbers and the merry-go-round.  It was also learned that the City of Taylorville will replace the Kiwanis Park sign just off of Illinois Route 29.


Blanshan also reminded club members of the upcoming Kids Days when Kiwanis members will be at the corner of West Main Cross and Webster, as well as at the 2 doors at Wal-Mart, on September 22nd and 23rd.   All monies collected will go toward local Kiwanis projects for children and youth. 


The public is reminded that the Kiwanis Club’s final Drive-Thru Donation Days this year at the Miller Media Group parking lot, to benefit the Taylorville Food Pantry, are this Saturday, September 9th and next Saturday, September 16th, from 8:30am to 1pm.   Non-perishable food and monetary donations for the Food Pantry are most appreciated as the need continues to grow.


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.   

Christian County Coroner Announces She Will Not Seek Reelection

The Christian County Coroner has announced she will not be running for reelection.  Amy Calvert Winans announced she will not seek reelection in the 2024 election.  Winans was first elected in 2004 and will complete her term as the longest-serving Christian County Coroner with over 20 years of service and the first woman ever elected to the position. Winans says she is very appreciative of the people of Christian County for entrusting the work of the coroner’s office to her leadership. 


Winans says that serving and caring for the citizens of Christian County has been one of the greatest honors of her life and that it is a very difficult decision.  She also says that the 24/7 on-call schedule and increasing workload has been challenging.  


“My husband, Ben, and our children Eric, Travis, and Lilly have sacrificed so much over the years, and the time has come for me to give more of my time and attention to them.  Serving as coroner, our family has realized more than any that life can change in an instant.  I have met so many families over the years experiencing their most difficult moments and I experienced it with them.  My commitment was always, care for the deceased and concern for the living.  I am humbled to have been able to serve Christian County alongside my deputy coroners.  Together we worked through our everchanging world and I am proud of the work we have done.”


Winans’ last day will be November 30th, 2024.  The 2024 election is set for November 5th, 2024. We here at Regional Radio News salute you Amy Calvert Winans for all your years of dedication towards the people of Christian County. 

IDOL Recognizing Labor Day Achievements

The Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) is recognizing and celebrating the achievements of working people, in Illinois and across the country this Labor Day, while also highlighting the important work done statewide by the employees of IDOL.


“We are particularly proud of IDOL’s significant focus this year on reaching communities across the State to increase awareness of employment protections and strengthen enforcement,” said Illinois Department of Labor Director Jane Flanagan. “We look forward to continuing our work on behalf of working Illinoisans in the year ahead, including implementing the Paid Leave for All Workers Act, administering a Women Building Infrastructure grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, and the continuing to expand IDOL’s strategic enforcement efforts.”


Read the report by clicking here.

Taylorville City Council To Meet

The Taylorville City Council is set to meet Tuesday evening at 7 p.m.  The meeting will start following a public hearing for a third amendment to BDD #1 and a planning commission look at a Stepp Minor Subdivision.  Under the ordinance, the council will look at the amendments for not feeding geese, the rule on requiring 1,000 square feet for residential dwellings, and imposing a retailers occupation tax, service occupation tax, and a hotel operators’ occupation tax in the BDD #1 redevelopment area. 


The council will look at resolutions for real estate leases with Rick and Lisa Champley and Jake Heberling and approve the 120 Water Master Services Agreement.  There is a motion to waive statutory bidding requirements and accept proposals for the Municipal Building Parking Lot Replacement Project, a motion to bid for a replacement laborer position in the street department, and a motion to approve a closure permit for the solar project at the water treatment plant. 


Under committee reports, the council will look to approve additional work for Safe Routes to School Pavement Replacement Improvements at the intersection of Main Street and Adams Street.  The Council will also look at payment for work on the North Main Street Improvements Project, parking lot and alley improvements, and pay bills.  The council will hear from the City Attorney and Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry. 


Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more following the conclusion of the meeting. 

Taylorville Kiwanis Grant Funding Application Deadline September 15th

The deadline is September 15th for local non-profit organizations that provide programs and activities for children and youth in the Taylorville community, to apply to the Taylorville Kiwanis Club to receive grant money. 


The Club already funds high school and YMCA scholarships each year, but many times there are other requests for funding that come to the Kiwanis Board at various times of the year.


This effort is to request those organizations and events, to formally apply for funding.  Any application must be centered on how local children and youth will benefit.


This year’s September 15th is an earlier deadline than past years.  The application can be found by going to taylorvillekiwanis-dot-com, or can be requested by e-mail’ing Kiwanis Funding Committee Chair Randal J. Miller whose e-mail address is sales@randyradio.com.


This is the third consecutive year that the Club is accepting applications to provide grants to other non-profits in the Taylorville that have a similar mission to the Kiwanis Club, to benefit local youngsters.  


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.     

Pana's Jack Flash Truck Stop Nearing Completion for Fall Opening


Pana's Jack Flash Truck Stop at Illinois Route 16 and US Highway 51 is taking shape and nearing completion.


Officials previously had announced a fall opening for the business, which will include gas and diesel pumps, a c-store, and some type of fast food restaurant.   


The new truck stop will provide a host of new jobs for Pana and the area.

End of Summer Update for Lake Shelbyville

Lake Shelbyville covers a wide range of areas and has been bombarded with tasks to keep the surrounding lake area fresh and new. Taking care of old facilities to modernize them has been a full-time job for the park rangers this summer.


Ashley Florey, with the US Army Corps of Engineers, has called it a stressful summer of keeping the park updated and clean for the patrons.


Florey calls for an increase in traffic to Lake Shelbyville this upcoming weekend for the unofficial last weekend of summer.



Florey notes that there have been zero drowning incidents this summer. Reminding all water enjoyers to be safe during the final weeks of summer. 


Available for boaters this weekend, a vessel safety check at Dam West boat ramp will take place at 8:00 AM. Florey notes that these checks will not result in a citation if one does not pass, this is an educational opportunity for boat owners to always have their boat prepared with the necessary items. Boats that pass come with a sticker that shows that the boater has all the essentials.



September 1st was the start of the dove hunting season. Florey explains permits for tree stands are available now. There are many locations to buy permits, like the Lake Shelbyville Project Office.



Florey and the US Army Corps of Engineers' main goal is safety for all patrons enjoying their park and facilities. Hunting permits will become available for the Lake Shelbyville Grounds in the coming weeks and can be found on their website at www.mvs.usace.army.mil/Missions/Recreation/Lake-Shelbyville/


Ashley Florey appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show from Shelbyville.

Mental Health And Back To School Season

Back-to-school time for the students brings about mental health complications for many kids adjusting to new places and responsibilities. Homework, schedules, and sleep regimens are all coming into play as students look to have a great year in the classroom.


Ed Lacheta is the Clinical Director for Shelby County Community Services, with an emphasis on mental health. Lacheta gives some advice for parents and students to consider while getting back to school.


Lecheta says that the environment in which students do homework will be a huge factor in their success.



Setting goals prior to the school year will allow that student to know what is expected of them. 



Lacheta notes that it takes time for students to get used to new people. Young students who know their teachers and classmates and are familiar with them prior to incidents will make conflict resolution easier. Lacheta says building these relationships is a skill that is learned.



The 988 system is an emergency mental health line. This will have a live operator that will guide one struggling with mental health to the proper channels.


Ed Lacheta appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show from Shelbyville.

Small Town Taylorville First Friday Cruise Draws Big Crowds, Raises $1400 For Food Pantry

Small Town Taylorville's First Friday Cruise again drew big crowds to the Taylorville Square.   



Organizers had previously announced each month's cruise starting with the September First event, would help collect non-perishable food and monetary donations for the Taylorville Food Pantry.



Friday night's Cruise collected some $1400 in donations for the Food Pantry.



2 volunteers from the Food Pantry accepted the donation from Friday night's Cruise.   From the left:  Rich Payne, Vice President of Downtown Taylorville; Mayor Bruce Barry; Steve Craggs, President of Small Town Taylorville and Downtown Taylorville organizations; Linda and Harold Baldock, volunteers at the Taylorville Food Pantry.


October's Small Town Taylorville Cruise Night will be Friday, October 13 due to October 7 and 8 being the weekend of the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Chillifest.  The October 13 Cruise Night will be the last one of the season.



Greater Shelbyville Chamber Of Commerce Golf Outing

On September 22nd the Greater Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce will hold a golf outing at Eagle Creek Golf Course in Findley. 9:00 AM breakfast will be served to participants for the 10:00 AM start.


Teams of four are $250. That fee will include breakfast, lunch, and 18 holes of golf. Regina Agney is the Operations Director for the Greater Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce and could not be more excited to host the yearly outing. Not only will the outing be on a beautiful course but all profits go to 3-D mammography equipment for the HSHS Good Shepherd Hospital. 



Agney talks about the food options that will be available at the Eagle Creek Golf Outing, serving breakfast and lunch this year.



Returning hole sponsors are $100 and Agney says the participants are great and expect more great sponsors at this year's outing. Agney was a hole-in-one watcher for the special hole-in-one sponsor prize at the last outing. 


For information or questions call 217-774-3961, and ask for Regina.

Regina Agney appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show from Shelbyville.

Scooters Coffee Donates To Sports Boosters

Scooters Coffee was on hand to donate a check to the Tornado Sports Boosters for $1,462. Scooters Coffee supports Taylorville athletics and the Boosters as Marcus and Lauryn McGlasson were there to present the check to the Boosters.  Leroy Kleimola, voice of the Taylorville Tornadoes for WTIM, was also there as a cosponsor. The Taylorville Tornadoes won their football game on Senior night against the Robinson Maroons 35-13. 

Bridge Replacement Project Beginning On Illinois 16 In Montgomery County

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has announced an upcoming infrastructure improvement project on Illinois 16 between Nokomis and Ohlman. Starting from September 5, the project will focus on replacing three bridges and repairing a box culvert, resulting in traffic adjustments to prepare for the construction.


Motorists should expect a reduction in traffic lanes, with one lane being open during construction. Additionally, a width restriction of 9 feet and 6 inches will be enforced. The project aims to enhance road durability by replacing aging bridges and improving drainage systems, thus enhancing public safety.


To facilitate smooth traffic flow and ensure safety, message boards, temporary traffic signals, barriers, and flaggers will be strategically placed within the project area. The bridge deck reconstruction will take place in two phases, maintaining one lane of traffic during the process.


The project, budgeted at $4.8 million, is slated for completion by November 2024. While the construction offers long-term benefits, motorists traveling through the work zones should expect delays and allocate extra time for their journeys.


Safety remains a top priority during the construction phase. Drivers are strongly advised to pay attention to altered road conditions, obey speed limits, refrain from using mobile devices, and exercise vigilance in the presence of workers and equipment.


The Illinois Department of Transportation's initiative is part of the larger Rebuild Illinois capital program, which is investing $33.2 billion into upgrading transportation systems across the state. Over the next six years, IDOT plans to enhance over 3,000 miles of highways and nearly 10 million square feet of bridge decks.


Year Four of the Rebuild Illinois program has already seen remarkable achievements, including approximately $12.1 billion of improvements statewide on 5,339 miles of highway, 533 bridges, and 762 additional safety enhancements.


For real-time updates and information about IDOT District 6 projects, the public is encouraged to follow @IDOTDistrict on Twitter or explore the traveler information map on GettingAroundIllinois.com.

LLCC Welcomes New Vice Presidents to Leadership Team, Strengthening College's Vision for the Future

Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) has taken a significant step in strengthening its leadership by appointing two new vice presidents to key positions. Dr. Jason Dockter has been named Vice President of Academic Services, while Shanda Byer assumes the role of Vice President of Student Services. Both individuals have demonstrated their dedication and expertise by serving as interim in these roles since January.


"I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. Jason Dockter and Shanda Byer as Vice President of Academic Services and Vice President of Student Services, respectively," shared LLCC's President, Charlotte Warren, Ph.D. She commended their familiar presence on campus, highlighting their readiness to step into interim positions when called upon to contribute to the college's progress. President Warren expressed confidence that they will continue to greatly benefit the institution and play pivotal roles in its future endeavors.

Dr. Dockter, who previously held the position of Associate Vice President of Academic Services, brings a wealth of experience to the role. He has served as an interim dean for multiple academic departments and has held various roles within LLCC's Arts and Humanities division. On the other hand, Byer's extensive background includes roles such as Associate Vice President of Enrollment Services and Director of Financial Aid. Her long-standing commitment to the college since 1998 has made her an integral part of LLCC's growth. The appointments were officially endorsed by the LLCC Board of Trustees and came into effect on August 23rd.




IDOT Urges Motorists To Prepare For Delays

In an effort to ensure smooth travel during the upcoming Labor Day holiday, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) has announced the temporary reopening of construction lanes.


Non-essential closures will be lifted from 3 p.m. Friday, September 1st, until 11:59 p.m. Monday, September 4th. However, a few essential lanes will remain closed, potentially causing delays. Travelers are advised to plan accordingly and allow extra time.


The IDOT emphasizes safety, urging drivers to stay attentive to changed road conditions, follow speed limits, and avoid mobile device usage. Workers and equipment will still be active in some areas.


The IDOT also reminds all travelers to buckle up and stay sober behind the wheel. The agency's initiative aims to provide a smoother holiday travel experience.


Christian County roads that will be affected during the Labor Day Weekend include, Illinois Route 29 on the southeast edge of Taylorville, lane reductions will continue. And Illinois Route 29 northwest of Pana, lane reductions will continue here as well.


Macoupin County: Illinois 16 about one mile east of Illinois 111, lane reductions continue with traffic controlled by temporary signals.


Macon County: William Street (over Lake Decatur) lane reductions continue.


Sangamon County: Illinois 29 over the South Fork Sangamon River near Rochester, lane reductions continue.


Effingham County: I-70 between Effingham and the Cumberland County line, lane reductions continue. And Fayette Avenue between the I-57/70 frontage road to Henrietta Street, lane reductions continue.


With an extensive $33.2 billion investment over the next six years through the Rebuild Illinois capital program, IDOT aims to enhance highways and bridge decks across the state.


Motorists should expect delays and plan extra travel time for these areas. Whenever possible, consider alternative routes to avoid work zones. Adhering to posted speed limits and staying alert to changing conditions and construction signs are crucial for safety.


The IDOT's accomplishments in the initial four years of Rebuild Illinois include $12.1 billion of improvements across highways, bridges, and safety enhancements.


For ongoing project details, visit IDOT's website.

Shelby County State's Attorney Announces Court Updates

The Shelby County State's Attorney Robert Hanlon, has announced sentencing in some different cases. Richard Gordon was sentenced to the Department of Corrections for a term of 18 months for driving while their license was revoked.  Gordon had over 15 different previous charges, which is what led to the sentencing by the Honorable Judge Ade-Harlow.  His case was investigated by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. 


On Friday, August 25th, Shelby County State’s Attorney Robert Hanlon authorized the ISP to arrest Clinton G. Miller III of Tower Hill on three criminal sex charges.  The victim was ten years of age at the time of the acts.  According to Hanlon, Miller reported his most recent employment was with the Tower Hill Township Road District.  The court found probable cause, and Miller was charged with two counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child and one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.  In total, based on the current charges, the defendant faces 134 years of incarceration as a potential sentence.  Bond was set at $500,000 with 10% to apply. 

Hanlon also announced 51-year-old Susan Brooks of Windsor, Illinois, pleaded guilty to one count of bringing a controlled substance into a penal institute, two counts of possession of methamphetamine less than 5 grams, and one count of possession of methamphetamine between 5 and 15 grams. Brooks is set for sentencing on October 25th at 1:15 PM and faces up to 32 years in prison on the charges.  



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