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Small Town Taylorville Looks Back on Eventful August

Small Town Taylorville has been host to many great events this summer that have created community engagement and family fun. Recent successful events for Small Town Taylorville were the Meet the Machines event at the Christian County Fair Grounds, the Fall Shopping Open House, and the Car Cruise. These events have brought thousands of citizens from other cities and even states.

Steve Craggs with Small Town Taylorville couldn’t be happier with the momentum the group has gained, getting local retailers involved, providing activities for all ages, and bringing visitors into the city of Taylorville.

Craggs began by remembering the successful Meet The Machines event, saying that activities like these could spark future career paths for young attendees.


The weekend of September 1st and 2nd a fall shopping event took place that involved many Taylorville retailers in conjunction with the farmers market and Car Cruise. This made for tons of traffic to Taylorville and a booming business opportunity for the local stores. Craggs names the businesses involved in the successful open house shopping days.


Craggs attributes some of this newfound traffic to Taylorville to the live stream videos Small Town Taylorville Produces on their website. This gives local citizens a live look at what is happening in Small Town Taylorville. Craggs calls these streams “live events.”


Craggs thanks contributors like Brent West Trucking in Taylorville, the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce for their support, and the community members who come out to these great events.

Visit their website at smalltowntaylorville.com/ for live events and information on upcoming gatherings.

Steve Craggs appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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