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Do Your Own Research With The University Of Illinois Extension

Doing your own research on the web could produce information that is not from experts or give data that is flat-out wrong. That's why the University of Illinois Extension Office is providing many informational webinars covering topics from wind and solar, to economic developments of communities and local government. The University of Illinois Extension prides themselves on providing research-based and useful knowledge, as they utilize experts in their respective fields.

Valerie Belusko, Community and Economic Development Educator for the University of Illinois Extension Office says these information-packed webinars often require viewers to review the content multiple times as the quantity and quality of information are both at high levels.


The webinars can be viewed live or at your leisure as the live recordings are posted to the Extensions website following the event. Belusko explains that there are playlists full of relevant videos for many topics. Belusko mentions energy transition, energy production, and community planning are just a few of the many relevant topics.


Belusko focused on the local government playlist of videos and brought up a point that was interesting to her. There has been a lack of interest in young people motivated to work within their local governments, Belusko attributes this to a lack of general knowledge on the subjects. The U of I Extension video series will be there to educate anyone willing to learn.


Local young people can utilize these information webinars to begin engaging with the topics they want to be well versed in to inspire change at a local government level.

To find the many informational webinars visit, extension.illinois.edu/global/statewide-webinars.

Valerie Belusko appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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