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Taylorville Square Improves In Time For Fall Events

As the Taylorville Chillifest nears, one prominent community member is thankful for the work done to the Taylorville Square, providing clean and new areas to host an amazing event. There will be many opportunities for shopping with the vast number of vendors that have signed up, many citizens traveling far and wide to experience Chillifest, and of course some great chilly tasting.

Craggs gives thanks to the efforts of the maintenance crews who work tirelessly to provide a clean Taylorville Square to present to all the visitors.


Craggs calls the event a special one that brings thousands of visitors into the city of Taylorville. The parking spaces surrounding the entirety of the Taylorville Square have been repaved. Craggs appreciates the Taylorville City Council and Mayor Barry for their efforts in making the high-traffic areas on Chillifest Weekend smoother and cleaner.


Making the situation even sweeter, Craggs explains, the Business Development District (BDD) paid for these road enhancements. A 1% tax is placed on Taylorville retailers to go into this fund to support needs like improvements to the Taylorville Square. Recently Small Town Taylorville hosted the Fall Shopping Open House where most Taylorville businesses participated and saw an increase in traffic and sales in their establishments.


With many groups and people to thank for their efforts in beautifying the Taylorville Square, Craggs is grateful to have these diligent workers and an engaged community for events like Chillifest to shine.

Steve Craggs appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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