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Shelby Electric Cooperative Donates To Autism Movement Project

Shelby Electric Cooperative will soon be making a heroic donation to the Autism Movement Project. This initiative involves the CoBanks Sharing Success Program. The Autism Movement Project has grown from 6 to 137 children since its beginning in 2012.


Erica Frailey-Matthews leads the therapy-based training these children with disabilities are taught providing the skills it takes to interact with everyday life. With the underfunded nature of disability education and constant efforts from educators, Shelby Electric Cooperative will be donating $20,000 to the Autism Movement Project on Tuesday, Sept. 18th.


Kevin Bernson, Vice President of Media and Public Relations says that part of the cooperative's core principles is the commitment to their community. This year the cooperative was given the reigns to select where donation funds land. Bernson notes that schools have put forth great efforts to ensure the care of children with special needs but struggle financially to fill their classrooms with proper equipment. Bernson says the Autism Movement Project checks all the boxes for this donation.


The donation will not only go towards the facility for the Autism Movement Project, but also toward a coffee shop in which these people with disabilities can work, and a sensory garden. Bernson shared one of many success stories that come from the Autism Movement Project.


Bernson says Frailey-Matthews has done an excellent job getting these people with disabilities engaged in social living and is grateful to be part of Shelby Electric Cooperative as they inspire change with a large financial contribution.

Kevin Bernson appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show from Shelbyville.

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