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Litchfield Fire Respond To Grease Fire; Offer Safety Tips

An unattended grease fire in Litchfield sent one person to the hospital on Thursday.  The fire occurred at 416 North Madison Street at 4:$6 PM.  When fire crews arrived, they found a two-story house with smoke showing.  The occupant was located and was found to have second-degree burns and soot on his face.  He was transported by personal vehicle to the hospital. 


Litchfield Fire Department is asking the public to remember that grease fires can be very dangerous because the fuel source is a liquid that can easily splash and spread to cabinets or other flammable areas of the kitchen. Residential cooking fires spread beyond the cooking vessel and can cause significant damage and injuries about 10% of the time.  Grease fires happen when oil, grease, or fat on a stovetop, oven, or deep-fat fryer gets hot enough to ignite.  These fires can burn very hot and spread if not handled properly. 


To put out a grease fire, turn off the stove, cover the pot, pan, or fryer with a lid, and douse the fire with baking soda, salt, or a fire extinguisher—never water. The Litchfield Fire Department thanked Mount Olive Fire and Raymond Harvel Fire for their response to the request for mutual aid, along with Hillsboro Ambulance. 

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