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Republicans continue to push for more work completed during the session in what they see as a midnight hour push for legislation getting done. Representative Dan Brady says that they haven’t been included at all, despite Democrats talking about unity. Redistricting of course still remains a heavy topic of discussion. 



Representative Jackie Haas continued by stressing that another largely ignored incident is the LaSalle Veterans Home.



Representative Chris Bos says that Ousted Speaker of the House Mike Madigan is still very much in charge.



Representative CD Davidsmeyer says that FOID card issues are still an ignored issue that he says seems like beating a dead horse, but nothing is being done about it. Right now it takes about 127 days to get a FOID card but Representative Davidsmeyer says some of his constituents have been waiting longer than 13 months. He shared a story.     



The Legislative Session is still going for another week. 

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