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A Christian County man is out on bond again after the court ruled he didn’t violate his probation. Robert Hodson made his first appearance in court on Monday morning. Hodson appeared with his attorney John Sharp. He had been arrested on a probation violation and was in custody on a no-bond hold until they could meet in court. Both sides made their arguments, with Sharp arguing for the defendant that Hodson missed his appearances due to being in the hospital and due to unforeseen circumstances. He also argued that when the warrant was issued, Hodson turned himself in. After both arguments were heard Judge Brad Paisley said that while he understood the State’s motion for modifying bond, it was going to be denied.


Judge Paisley continued by specifying that the court didn’t find that the defendant willfully failed to comply with the conditions of the bond, it was just an unfortunate error in communication. The same conditions applied to his release that was there before and he needs to meet all the conditions set forth in his original bond.


Hodson waived his preliminary hearing and first appearance with counsel continued and is set for July 29th as the court is waiting for an accident reconstruction report. Robert Hodson is being charged with Aggravated DUI resulting in accidental death after a crash left two people dead and one person critically wounded in April.

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