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Perhaps the most abnormal school year ever is coming to a close. Rebecca Livingston, Ag in the Classroom Coordinator for Christian and Montgomery County for the University of Illinois Extension Office, had to spend most of this year teaching online. With summer programming coming up, however, she will be doing more in person. 



Because of the online platform, Livingston was able to reach 15,000 students this year. She was amazed by that number, but she’s also ready for next year to come.



As Livingston starts to plan for next years in person lessons, she wants to start with an old reliable, which is pumpkin pie in a bag. She also is planning to add a new game that is essentially agriculture related Uno.



Being mostly virtual has given Livingston a few new methods she can take with her once in person classroom learning resumes.



Livingston appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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