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Tuesday night, the Taylorville City Council held their second monthly meeting at Taylorville City Hall. First, the committee re-appointed Don Farrimond to the Library Board, and then unanimously carried 6 motions. Following that was the Mayoral update from Mayor Bruce Barry who commented on the Taylorville’s progress on the new water treatment plant, Business Development District, and the new Steak N’ Shake and HSHS buildings. Barry says the new water treatment plant is coming along nicely.



The committee reports followed, and all motions were cleared from the Lake and Airport, Water and Environmental, Ordinance, and Finance committees. Before the public portion of the meeting closed, Barry address the need to do something with the flagpole that was bent from the December 1st tornado at the Oak Hill cemetery. In the coming weeks, he and the Alderman will come up with a plan as to what could be done to possibly preserve a flag pole that helps symbolize how Taylorville responded to the catastrophic storm. Barry would also like to get the public involved.



Following that, the meeting entered a close door session.


The Taylorville City Council meets on the first and third Monday on every month. However, this month was Tuesday due to Martin Luther King day on Monday.

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