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Taylorville Aldermen Table Motion On Saying No To Cannabis; Delays Vote

The Taylorville City Council met this evening, and one of the big topics of discussion didn’t even get voted on. Earlier in the year, the City Council voted on a city tax on cannabis IF the city was going to allow the sale of it. Tonight, the motion that was on the table was centered around an earlier ordinance committee meeting, where most city council members were against it. This motion was that the city aldermen would vote NO on cannabis being sold in the city of Taylorville. City Attorney, Rocky Romano advised the council to table the motion.



Aldermen Ernie Dorchinecz and Lee Lanzotti put the motion into effect to be tabled. The council wasn’t allowed to discuss it since it was a tabled motion. The motion passed 5-3 in favor of tabling with Aldermen Megan Bryant, Larry Budd, Ernie Dorchinecz, Lee Lanzotti, and Jim Olive, voting yes on tabling it and Aldermen Shawn Burtle, Chris Skultety, and Kathy Driskell voting no. Alderman Shawn Burtle was puzzled as to why the council voted on something earlier that the majority of the council was eventually going to say no too. He questioned City Attorney Rocky Romano in the public comments section of the meeting.


Romano explained that the Illinois Municipal League had most cities put forward the motion for taxing cannabis with the understanding that if cities opted out they could just rescind it. Alderman Burtle said it just seemed like a lot of extra work for nothing. Burtle didn't understand the need for tabling the motion.


The motion will get sent back to committee for more discussion on whether or not Taylorville will allow cannabis to be sold in the city. Even if the city is allowed to sell cannabis most likely it wouldn’t be for quite a few years, as cities that already sell medical marijuana would have first priority.


Taylorville Kiwanis Hear About Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum At Weekly Luncheon

The Taylorville Kiwanis Club heard about the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library, during their weekly luncheon Tuesday at the club’s new meeting place, the Taylorville Moose Lodge.


Joe Crain (right) is the museum’s new Director of Public Programs and Community Development, and spoke to Kiwanis Club members about the many things the campus in Springfield offers to the public.  Kiwanis president Sarah Van Huss (left) presided at today's meeting.


Crain said the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, now 15 years old, is a unique approach to story-telling, with its many exhibits that show Lincoln at different times in his life.



 Crain added the campus is two-fold:  The museum which tells about Lincoln’s life, and the Lincoln Presidential Library which includes over 172-thousand books and documents dating back to the late 1880’s.


Crain told the Kiwanis Club that an on-going project is called “Lincoln Papers On Line”, whereby Lincoln’s thousands of presidential documents and letters are being preserved then scanned to be available on the World Wide Web.


Kiwanis member Martin Vota (right) was formally presented with his “Kiwanian of the Year” plaque by former president Michael Evanchak (left).


Kiwanis member Tim Sutton (right) was honored by Kiwanis president Sarah Van Huss (left) for his 40 years of membership in the club.  Kiwanis officials had found a 25-year plaque presented to Sutton in 2004, which she presented to Sutton on Tuesday marking his 40th anniversary in the club. 


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at their new meeting location, the Taylorville Moose Lodge.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.


Pana Community Hospital Hosts Join The Journey Wellness Event

Many people struggle when it comes to losing weight. John McQuillan, the Fitness Wellness Manager at Pana Community Hospital discusses an upcoming event that can help you get motivated to start you on your weight loss journey.



The event will take place on November 7th from 5-6 pm at the Pana Junior High School auditorium. There will be a guest speaker that you will not want to miss.



McQuillan said that starting with an exercise program is the best way to get your weight loss journey started.


John McQuillan was a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show


Taylorville Mayor Discusses Hathaway Homes

Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry discussed the proposal to build 48 additional Hathaway Homes in Taylorville



This project has many potential benefits according to Mayor Barry.



Finally, Mayor Barry discussed the tornado recovery and the upcoming 1 year anniversary of the Taylorville Tornado.



Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry was a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Christian County Sheriff Talks Halloween Safety

October can be a scary month. With Halloween right around the corner, some scares are all in good fun, but others are very real.


Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp talks about a very real fear during this time of year.


Some of the more popular safety tips are to make sure children wear reflective clothing and they are supervised while trick or treating. Sheriff Kettelkamp shares some other helpful tips that you might not think about.


In the spirit of being prepared, Sheriff Kettelkamp says it’s important for children to be able to say ‘No.’



Sheriff Kettelkamp appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Taylorville City Council Meets; Comes To Agreement On Lake Lot Lease Fees

The Taylorville City Council held its bi-monthly meeting on Monday evening and discussed business for over an hour. Aside from the cannabis vote that ended up being tabled which you can read about here, there were quite a bit of other discussions that happened as well. The Hathaway Houses were approved to go to the next phase of planning.  The city approved payments for the sidewalk project for the First National Bank with funds from the Fifth Fund Utility Tax Ward money. Alderman Shawn Burtle and Jim Olive expressed their gratitude and publicly commented that they hoped this would be a start towards expanding and beautifying the downtown area. Lake Lot Lease Fees were increased $50 for a total of $550 per season.  Campground Lease Fees of $70 for a total of $805 per season or $115 per month was approved 8-0 by the Aldermen.  Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry said in his comments that the council can listen to both sides and reach an agreement. He also had a message for the Aldermen concerning revenues.


A motion was also put forward to approve Tornado Siren Relocation. City Attorney Rocky Romano explained why they needed to approve it.



Megan Bryant who leads the ordinance committee recommended the city council to direct the city attorney to prepare an ordinance to allow for No Parking signs located in the first three parking spaces of the 100 block of West Franklin Street from 8 AM 3 PM Monday through Friday. The city also approved a motion to amend the city code to allow a two way stop sign at the intersection of the 800 block of North Silver and Pauline Streets.  This would effectively make this a four-way stop. A motion was also approved to recommend approval for beginning the formal legal process for the demolition of 215 East Park Street and a motion to approve increasing the fee for all liquor/gaming license holders to $3,000 per year with the exception of Clubs.  This motion passed 8-0.  The city also thanked Mike Crews and honored his service to the city. Mayor Bruce Barry announced that Matt Adermann as acting Fire Chief. Mayor Barry hopes to have a new Fire Chief announced in November. Tommy O’ Brian and the Junior High Cross Country team was honored at the City Council Meeting as well.




Shelbyville Trail Haunt Scares For A Cause

It’s a season of frights all around the country as Halloween draws near. There will be an opportunity for a fright or two coming up with the Trail Haunt in Shelbyville.


Abby Hinton with Trail Haunt explains what it is, and how they scare with good intentions.



As with any scaring event, knowing what will happen defeats the purpose. Hinton says they avoid that by changing things up from year to year.



Hinton appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from our Downtown Shelbyville Studios.


Shelbyville Festival Of Lights Brightens Up The Season

One of Shelbyville’s biggest events is coming up quickly. It’s called the Festival of Lights. Bill Bly is the Operations Director of the event, and he explains what it is and what to expect.


This year it’s more than just a lights display. Bly says there has been work put in to animate a lot of things on the drive.



Bly appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show live from our Downtown Shelbyville Studios.


Tips For Celebrating Halloween And Eating Candy In Moderation

With Halloween coming it may seem strange to talk about healthy eating, but there are ways that you can eat healthily and still have a great time. Lisa Peterson, nutrition and wellness expert with the University of Illinois Extension Office says that the key to eating around Halloween in moderation.



Peterson says there are other ways other than candy to make Halloween fun as well.


Peterson says there are other things that you can do to be healthy for Halloween as well. One idea is to have the kids sell their candy to the grownups in a way to save for something they want.



Peterson says that keeping candy out of sight or putting it on a high shelf, will help limit how much kids eat at one time.


Sheriff Kettelkamp Discusses Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which is something that might go unnoticed, but it shouldn’t.


Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp says that domestic violence is very prevalent in Christian County, and he as some staggering statistics.



Anyone can be subject to Domestic Violence as a victim or perpetrator, and it isn’t always physical. Sheriff Kettelkamp says there are many different forms domestic violence can take, and there are many signs to watch out for.


Sheriff Kettelkamp understands that it is a tough situation, but he says that the best thing to do is to report domestic violence.



Kettelkamp appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


HSHS Good Shepherd To Get New APRN To Orthopedic Center

HSHS Good Shepherd will be getting a new family nurse practitioner to the orthopedic center.  Sarah Massey began practicing on October 15th. She will see patients twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Massey says she is excited to be there.  



Massey says it’s nice to be able to be closer to her patients.


Massey also wants to thank Dr. Tracy Painter, who will be Massey’s collaborating partner.



To set up an orthopedic appointment call 217-774-4405. the clinic is in the medical office building at 207 South Pine Street in Shelbyville.


Taylorville City Council To Meet, Discuss Business

The Taylorville City Council will meet this evening at 7 PM at the municipal building. One of the main topics will be a motion to not allow the sale of recreational use cannabis in the city. There will also be a motion to approve the Tornado Siren relocation. Another big topic of discussion will be a motion to approve the increase of Lake Lot Lease Fees of $50 for a total of $550 per season and campground Lease Fees of $70 for a total of $805 per season or $115 per month.


Under committee meetings, in water and environmental, construction payments for the new water treatment plant will be authorized. For the Lake and Airport, real estate lease agreements will be resolved. A motion will be voted on to have someone inspect the cabins for repairs needed and approving applications for boat dock and jet ski lifts. Under ordinance, there will be a motion to amend the city code for no parking signs located in the first three parking spaces of the 100 block of West Franklin Street from 8 AM- 3 PM Monday through Friday, a new stop sign at the intersection of the 800 block of North Silver and Pauline Street, and an increase for the fees for all liquor/gaming license holders to $3,000 per year with the exception of clubs for the May 1, 2020 renewal. There will also be finance motions as well. 


The city will honor retiring Fire Chief Mike Crews and name an acting Fire Chief. The city attorney and mayor will both have updates, and a volunteer of the month will be recognized. 


Palmer Man Sentenced For Battery Case

A Palmer man was sentenced on Thursday afternoon for aggravated battery to a child. 20-year-old Darrel Hunter Sanders was sentenced to 18 years with three years of mandatory supervised release, the maximum that the state asked for.  In court, Special Agent with the Illinois State Police, Deanna Horton talked about her interview with Sanders, in which he first said that sometime between February 15th and the 19th that the one-month-old squirmed out of his hands and fell and hit a music box in her play area. After more of the interview, Horton testified that Sanders said there were 3 more incidents as well including one where the baby pinched Sanders' neck and Sanders was surprised and dropped the baby who hit the metal strip separating the rooms. Horton also testified that Sanders confirmed that his emotions got the best of him and that he was covering it up because he didn’t want people to think he was a bad father. Sanders also said in his interview that he was alone with the child each time and that it was intentional and on purpose. State Attorney Mike Havera, says that he is pleased with the sentence.



Havera went on to say that they always confirm with the families as well.



Sanders will have to serve at least 85% of his sentence.


Blue Mound Resident Killed In Taylorville Train-Vehicle Crash

The Christian County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that one person was killed in a train-vehicle car accident in Taylorville. Thursday evening at 9:33 PM, Christian County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a vehicle/train crash on South Shumway Street at the crossing near West Calvert Drive. A 2019 KIA Sportage was northbound on South Shumway Street when the crash occurred.  The driver, 52-year-old Pamela J. Mcpherson of Blue Mound was transported from the scene to Taylorville Memorial Hospital. Christian County Coroner, Amy Calvert Winans confirmed Pamela McPherson was pronounced dead at 11:03 PM. The Christian County Sheriff’s Office along with the Christian County Coroner’s office is handling the investigation. Coroner Calvert Winans said an autopsy is scheduled for later today. Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more updates.





Peterson Takes A Bite Out Of National Apple Month

October is National Apple Month and that means it is time to spread the word about the fruit in the spotlight.


Nutrition Wellness Educator with the U of I Extension Office Lisa Peterson is doing that by sharing why an apple a day really can keep the doctor away.


Moderation is key, but with caramel apples being in season that isn’t as bad as it may seem.



Apples can also be killers to other fruit when left in a refrigerator, Peterson explains why.



Peterson appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Masonic Group Headed Down to St. Louis To Donate To Children's Hospital

A Group of Shriners and Masons from Central Illinois is heading down to St. Louis to donate money towards the St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Greg Gadberry, who is spearheading this effort talks about how this whole thing came together.



Gadberry says that this is just something that he feels they need to do.


Gadberry says the group will meet in Taylorville at Wit’s End on Saturday before they head down to St. Louis.



Gadberry asks that you pay attention to motorcycles on the road. The group leaves from Wit’s End in Taylorville Saturday morning around 9 AM.


Hornbuckle Talks About Upcoming CEO Murder Mystery Event

There are events happening all over the Taylorville area. One of the upcoming events is being put on by the local CEO students.


CEO of the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Patty Hornbuckle explains what to expect from the upcoming CEO Murder Mystery Night.


While Hornbuckle hasn’t attended a murder mystery event before, she hears only good things about them. 



Hornbuckle appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM morning show.


Taylorville Superintendent Concerned About Attendance Levels

For students to get a well-rounded education, teachers can’t teach if the student isn’t at school. Dr. Chris Dougherty, Superintendent of Taylorville School District says she’s worried about student attendance levels in the Taylorville School District.



Dr. Dougherty says that the State is very interested in attendance levels, and while there are plans in place for when kids do miss, the Superintendent says that any more than 4, and they can look at truancy.



Dr. Dougherty says while attendance is slightly down, she says it’s an exciting time to be a Tornado.



According to the Illinois State Board of Education, in 2016-17, Taylorville School District had a 93% attendance rate.


Christian County Animal Control To Host Pet Parade

The Christian County Animal Control will be hosting a Pet Parade called the Bark-A-Boo.  The event will be held on Saturday, October 26th from 10-1. Vince Harris, with animal control, says this is an event that will feature some of the best looking cats and dogs in Christian County.


Harris says there will be plenty of vendors there with food, raffles, and other giveaways as well. 


Harris says they will have awards for best dressed for dogs and cats. Harris says for more information you can visit their Facebook Page at Christian County Animal Control.


Octoberfest Upcoming In Sullivan

Fall festival season is in full swing and Sullivan is no different. They will have their Octoberfest this weekend, and it starts tomorrow.


Laurie Minor details some of the events going on at Octoberfest.



On Saturday morning there will be a pancake breakfast at the Fire Department, which is something Sullivan Mayor Richard Glazebrook is looking forward to.



Glazebrook and Minor appeared as guests on the Newstalk WTIM morning show live from the Moultrie County Senior Citizens Center.


Superintendent Walk Talks Events At Sullivan Schools

Education takes a village because every person has their own small part in creating success among students. That extends into the families of the students as well. Superintendent of Sullivan Schools Ted Walk talks about an event they just hosted called Grandparents Night, and the success it had.



Sullivan schools are always open to adapting and improving. One way they’ve done that is in their handling of parent-teacher conferences, which are coming up soon.



Walk also talked about some upcoming events for the middle school.


Walk appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning show live from the Moultrie County Senior Citizens Center.


Taylorville School Board Announces Clean Audit

The Taylorville School District met Monday evening for their monthly board meeting. Regional Radio News sat down with Superintendent Dr. Chris Dougherty to discuss the Taylorville School District and everything that is going on. Dr. Dougherty put out some communications, thanking those who have helped or provided good deeds to the School District including honoring Tyson Mendoza, the child that was killed in the bus accident in Sullivan.


The School board also honored Stephen Turner who was recognized for his board leadership at the recent IASB Regional Fall Dinner.  The school also had a successful college and career night as well.


Taylorville School District also had its audit and discussed it at the board meeting. Dr. Dougherty says things are in good order.


Dr. Dougherty also says that they are improving the playground at North Elementary.



Dr. Dougherty says they are going to start working on the playground right away.


Congressman Davis Speaks On Events In Syria

Things are hectic in Washington right now as legislators are just getting back to the Capital. Something that is a major source of turmoil is happening overseas.


Congressman Rodney Davis represents the 13th District of Illinois and he says President Trump might have made a mistake with how he handled the events in Syria.



Moving forward there will be action regarding Syria. Davis outlines what he thinks that will be.



Davis appeared as a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Bohannon Concerned About NBA And China

Many people turn to sports in an effort to get away from politics, but due to ongoing protests in Hong Kong against the Chinese, the NBA has found itself at the forefront of political talk. Jim Bohannon, host of the Jim Bohannon Show on Newstalk WTIM says that the NBA may have bitten off more than it can chew.


Bohannon says a lot of these issues start with the NBA commissioner, Adam Silver.



Jim Bohannon was a guest on the Newstalk WTIM Morning Show.


Macon County Conservation District Hosting Candlelight Tour

Macon County Conservation District will be hosting an annual candlelight tour at Homestead Prairie Farm on Saturday, November 9th. Brent Wielt, who is the Historic Sites Manager says they have been doing this for over 15 years.



Wielt says to dress warmly as there are stoves, but you can see what a night in the 1860s would have been like in November in central Illinois.



Wielt says the session goes from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM and he says the best time is to come after 7:30.



For more information visit the maconcountyconservation.org. Homestead Prairie Farm opens for tours every Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 PM in June through October. The site includes an heirloom vegetable garden, herb garden, and a woodworking shop. 



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