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Taylorville Park Board Approves Budget, Discusses Dog Park, and Concert

The Taylorville Park Board met for their regular board meeting on Tuesday night. The annual financial report, the golf course, and a potential modification to the overtime policy were discussed.

The independent auditor’s report, conducted by Sheridan Pulley, was completed as required annually. Sheridan concluded that the park district was in good shape financially.


Jason Boldig from Lakeshore Golf Course addressed the board to request improvements to the well system at the course.



The Department of Labor is looking to increase the minimum salary for excluding employees from overtime pay from $684 a week to $844 a week. This would affect the salaried employees working for the park district.



There were discussions about adding an option other than the $20 per year fee for the dog park, but after consideration, the board decided that due to the cost of the card, it was more logical to stay with the $20 per year option as the only option.


The budget for fiscal year 2024 was passed after going through final tweaks over the past few months.


There was discussion about members of Red Bland Little League wanting to keep the league being played at Don Bragg instead of Manners Park, where the games were previously held. This was the first year for the change due to concerns over safety at Manners Park.


Marlene Miller, Park Board President stated that there was nothing wrong with Manners Park after results came back three weeks ago deeming the park safe.



The board heard from Recreational Director Jessica Franks, who mentioned that the pool needed new audio equipment due to the previous system being outdated. The main concern was not being able to make announcements to the people inside the pool. This was approved, and it was stated that this equipment could be transferred to the new pool once built. There was also discussion about a concert coming to the park this summer, but no official action was taken.


The board then heard from the Maintenance Director and reviewed the Treasurer's report. The board approved the minutes and adjourned.


The next park board meeting is scheduled for June 24th.

Taylorville Kiwanis Holds Annual Cookout At Kiwanis Park; Awards Scholarships

The Taylorville Kiwanis held their weekly meeting as a cookout Tuesday evening at Kiwanis Park.   The cookout is an annual affair held at the Park that the club, in cooperation with the City of Taylorville, began developing in 1995.


The Kiwanis Club announced the winners of five-hundred dollars each, to 2 deserving Taylorville High School seniors.  Ella Goodman (second from left) will be continuing her education at SIUE majoring in Pharmacy. Ella will also compete on SIUE’s NCAA Division 1 track and cross country teams.  She was a 4-year Kiwanis Key Club member in her years at T-H-S.  Ella was present for the award along with her parents Jared (first from left) and Paula (third from left) Goodman.  Kiwanis Club Scholarship committee chair Dick Wamsley (right) presented the scholarship award.


The other Taylorville Kiwanis Club scholarship winner, Drew Mickey, was unable to attend and will be presented his award at an upcoming Kiwanis regular meeting.


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club is part of a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time.  Weekly meetings are held Tuesdays at noon at the Taylorville Moose Lodge.  For information on the club, go to taylorvillekiwanis.com.

New Legislation To Help Those With Bleeding Disorders

New legislation would make it easier for those with bleeding disorders to receive medical care without the delay of insurance preauthorization.  State Representative Bill Hauter’s new bill is putting patient's needs at the forefront as it would remove the emergency room visit requirement for insurance preauthorization.  This would ensure patients with bleeding disorders would get the prompt acute care they need.



After passing the House of Representatives, State Senator Dave Koehler sponsored the legislation in the Senate receiving unanimous support.  


The bill awaits Governor JB Pritzker’s signature.

Representative Halbrook Talks Sequestration And Carbon Capture

Carbon capture and sequestration projects have continued to be talking points in central Illinois.  Lawmakers in Illinois passed legislation on Saturday afternoon with hopes of dealing with the issues. Senate Bill 1289 includes companies needing to prove their project will catch carbon and not store it underground.  There will be more stringent rules carbon dioxide pipeline projects have to follow versus other carbon sequestration projects.  The bill also puts a moratorium on all multi-state pipelines. 


Many oppose this bill including State Representative Brad Halbrook and the Illinois Farm Bureau.  The IFB says companies can use a version of eminent domain, even though companies have to complete multiple steps first before just claiming a farmer's land. 



The bill passed 78-29 in the House. 

Illinois State Bean Passed by Senate

The Illinois Senate has passed House Bill 4439, which designates the soybean as the official state bean. State Senator Doris Turner (D-Springfield) hails this as a significant designation, noting Decatur, Illinois, as the "soybean capital of the world" and emphasizing the economic impact and job creation associated with the soybean industry.


Illinois leads the nation in soybean production, contributing 15% of all U.S. soybeans, according to the Illinois Farm Bureau. The bill received bipartisan support in the Senate. Illinois Soybean Association Chairman Ron Kindred praised the move, recognizing its alignment with the 60th anniversary of the association and the state's prominent role in agriculture.

TJHS Recognizes Students For Outstanding Character

Taylorville Junior High School Principal Eric Bruder recognized TJHS Students for their outstanding character throughout the month of May. Congratulations to all of the students!


Front Row 1: (L-R) Prem Patel, King Franks, Ally Koniak, Reagan Smith, Keefer Herzog, Logan Stearns, Lily Jones

Row 2: (L-R) Madison Roberts, Aislinn Bouvet, Carrigan Boykin, Emily Brown, Camri Phillips, Linus Melton, Keagan Heimsness, Amber Achenbach, Lydie Reber, Whitt Brown, Alaina Hogge 

Row 3: (L-R) Mia Willis, Sam Wagner, Miles Mateer, Parker Moses, Ethan Hosto, Bryce Houston, Aulon Letniku, Reagan Wiley, Isla Wareham, Amya Lin Chen, Easton Hemkin

Back Row 4: (L-R) Tanner Clayton, Fallon Turner, Benito Gonzalez, Nikyla Lawrence, Ella Mills, Briella Castle, Hannah May, Daisie Williamson, Hadlee Christopher, Savannah Whittaker, Jayda Hay, Brayden McClure, Lyzze Harden, Kenzley Heimsness, Jack Michel

Ameren Illinois Stresses Safety Near Downed Power Lines

In preparation of severe weather, Ameren Illinois is emphasizing safety around downed power lines. Ameren urges the public to stay away from downed lines, warn others, and report their location to Ameren immediately. Key safety tips include never driving over or touching downed power lines, keeping family and pets away, and not attempting to remove tree limbs or objects from power lines, as electricity can travel through them, especially when wet.


Rick Johnson, Vegetation Manager for Ameren Illinois, describes the fast-acting linemen that will be at the scene and reinforces the need for action and awareness near downed power lines.



Johnson notes that even experienced linemen have been hurt or even killed while handling these live wires, emphasizing the need for citizens to exercise extra caution.



Ameren Illinois also advises against attempting to rescue anyone in contact with a downed power line, instead calling 911 for assistance. It is crucial to treat any line as potentially energized and dangerous, as it is difficult to distinguish between electrical, telephone, and cable lines.


More information and safety tips are available in Ameren Illinois' digital media kit, which can be found here


Remember to call 911 or Ameren Illinois at 800-755-5000 to handle downed power lines.

State Bill Set To Create New Funeral Home Regulations

State lawmakers are sending a bill that would create a plan to create new funeral home regulations to the Governor’s desk in an effort to respond to the mishandling of human remains at the Heinz Funeral Home in Carlinville. 


Senate Bill 2643 is the Integrity in Death Care Act and would create an identification system for all human remains to ensure that funeral homes never mishandle human remains.  Anyone intentionally violating preparation room procedures and rules could face a Class 4 felony. People engaging in funeral directing or embalming without a license would be charged with a Class A misdemeanor.  State Representative Wayne Rosenthal co-sponsored the legislation.



Senate Bill 2643 passed unanimously out of the Senate on Friday and had previously gained unanimous support in the House. It heads to the Governor’s desk for signature. 

State Senator Pushes for Healthcare Accessibility

State Senator Robert Peters has advanced the Healthcare Protection Act through the Senate with bipartisan support. The legislation, House Bill 5395, looks to address issues in health insurance, such as "ghost networks," which list providers who are not accepting new patients or do not take certain insurance plans. The bill also extends the ban on unjustified insurance rate hikes to large group plans, ensuring affordable care access.



Key provisions of the bill include banning prior authorization for mental health treatments, requiring public disclosure of treatments needing prior authorization, and prohibiting short-term, limited-duration health plans that often exclude pre-existing conditions. 


Senator Peters stated it would reduce costs and save lives by making health care more accessible and reliable. House Bill 5395 now awaits the governor's approval.

Taylorville Park District To Meet

The Taylorville Park Board is set to meet Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. at the Manners Park Dining Hall in Taylorville. After reviewing minutes and the treasurer’s report the board will receive updates from the Maintenance Superintendent, Office Administrator, and Recreational Director. The board will approve the payment of bills and potentially hold an executive session. All are encouraged to come to the meeting.
Stay tuned to Regional Radio News for more on this meeting after the conclusion.

Social Security Administration Highlights Benefits for Veterans

The Social Security Administration is honoring veterans and their families this Memorial Day by highlighting the benefits offered to wounded service members or families who have suffered the loss of a loved one who served.

Jack Myers, Public Affairs Specialist with the SSA reminds families who have lost loved ones that Social Security benefits may be made payable to surviving family members including spouses and children.


Veterans who were wounded in battle also have an opportunity to receive benefits to help financially if the veteran is unable to return to work.


Myers says to visit www.ssa.gov/survivors or www.ssa.gov/people/veterans/ for more information.

Jack Myers appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

Severe Weather Possible Tonight into Sunday

Potential severe weather is predicted by the National Weather Service in Lincoln, for all of Central Illinois, tonight into Sunday.

NWS officials say a couple periods of strong to severe storms are expected over the Memorial Day weekend.

Strong storms will move into west central Illinois late tonight and move across the state through the morning hours. At this time, these storms should be weakening as they move into the area.

Another round of of storms will occur Sunday afternoon into Sunday evening as a strong front moves across the area. Large hail of 1-2 inches, damaging wind gusts of 60-70 mph, and tornadoes will be possible.  Locally heavy rainfall will also be a threat.

Lightning will be a threat during both rounds of thunderstorms over the Memorial Day weekend.

Stay tuned to Regional Radio for the latest watches and warnings as this severe weather event unfolds this weekend.


State Senator Advances Healthcare Accessibility

State Senator Robert Peters has advanced the Healthcare Protection Act through the Senate with bipartisan support. The legislation, House Bill 5395, looks to address issues in health insurance, such as "ghost networks," which list providers who are not accepting new patients or do not take certain insurance plans. The bill also extends the ban on unjustified insurance rate hikes to large group plans, ensuring affordable care access.



Key provisions of the bill include banning prior authorization for mental health treatments, requiring public disclosure of treatments needing prior authorization, and prohibiting short-term, limited-duration health plans that often exclude pre-existing conditions. 


Senator Peters stated it would reduce costs and save lives by making health care more accessible and reliable. House Bill 5395 now awaits the governor's approval.

4-H Stockman Contest Testing Announced for Three Dates

The busy 4-H season is just about underway and with county fairs to attend and projects to complete there are still events and programs offered by the Christian County Extension that sharpen 4-Her’s skills and bring some summer excitement. To prepare livestock exhibitors for their rigorous showing season, the Stockman Contest Testing will cover all livestock animals and their features.


There are three separate dates for the Stockman Testing, May 29th, June 11th, and June 24th, all from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 


Taylor Pope, 4-H Youth Program Development Coordinator, says the difficult level of the test can be extensive.



Pope says that Christian County in particular has a strong livestock culture that has risen to the top in popularity in past years.



To allow ample time to complete the Stockman Testing participants must attend the contest before 3:00 p.m. 


Find more information by clicking here.


Taylor Pope appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

North and Memorial Schools in Taylorville Talk Transition Days

As the academic year for students at Memorial and North Elementary Schools comes to a close, those young learners looking to make a jump to the next building will not be met with any surprises. Principals Karen Kuntzman of North School and Michelle Reiss of Memorial Elementary speak on the planned days they have for students to venture into their new building prior to the upcoming school year to learn the lay of the land, meet some fellow students and ease the nerves of the location change.

Kuntzman says North School will be welcoming preschoolers from Head Start to begin the smooth transitions early in the student's careers, and the second graders will make their way to Memorial.


Reiss, Principal at Memorial Elementary says the third-grade students who are coming off some leadership practice during their year will be able to test those skills out to bring some clarity to the incoming students.


Even the fourth graders who will move to junior high school will have the same transition treatment.


The principals say these initiatives not only help the students, but also the parents, since the COVID-19 pandemic many activities and trips were halted and now Taylorville Schools are working back to normalcy with efforts like these.
Karen Kuntzman and Michelle Reiss appeared as guests on the WTIM Morning Show.


Representative Caulkins Urges Freeze Of Gas Tax Hike

State Representative Dan Caulkins held a press conference on Wednesday to discuss halting the cost of living increase on motor fuel for two years. 


Since Fiscal Year 2019, the gas tax has more than doubled, increasing from $0.19 to $0.454, which it sits at currently. July 1, 2024, the beginning of FY 25, the gas tax is set to increase.


Representative Caulkins says that HB5852 is a result of Governor JB Pritzker’s proposal of taking $175 million from the Road and Construction Fund to help balance the budget.  Caulkins says that the Governor believes that road projects are funded so taking that money wouldn’t affect any proposed projects.  Representative Caulkins argued saying if it isn’t needed for projects, shouldn’t the taxpayers get it back? 


After 2019 without needing legislative approval, the gas tax has increased annually with inflation, following the Consumer Price Index. This year’s increase is set at another 3.5% increase.


Caulkins continued by saying that Republicans want to suspend the increase for two years.  He says Illinois has been aggressive in fixing roads and bridges, but the Road and Construction Fund has increased from $839 million in 2020 to an estimated almost $5 billion this year. Representative Caulkins believes those $5 billion are tax dollars that have not been used, despite an aggressive road and bridge repair plan by IDOT. 


HB 5852 was filed this week, but with adjournment scheduled for Friday, action on the bill is limited. To follow the bill, visit the ILGA website. 

Sloan Implement Co. Donates Tractor To Lincoln Land Community College

Sloan Implement, Co., Inc. donated a 2023 John Deer 6R 130 tractor, valued at more than $175,000, to the LLCC diesel technologies program at Lincoln Land Community College.


Jeff Gardner, Program Director for LLCC Diesel Technologies thanked Jeff Sloan and his company for the donation.  He says the tractor has been used to teach students about electronics, air conditioning, and fuel and emission systems.  He stressed that it is an incredibly valuable teaching tool.  The current tractor will be rotated out this summer, for another one.


LLCC Diesel Technologies is a two-year, associate degree program training students for well-paying jobs in the diesel industry. “The lack of trained technicians has reached a crisis level both locally and nationally,” said Gardner. “This severe lack of workers is leading to higher wage offers.” 


LLCC’s diesel technologies program combines classroom and hands-on learning experiences to train students to diagnose, service, and repair diesel-powered equipment. More information is available at www.llcc.edu/diesel-technologies. 

Taylorville Man Arrested For Criminal Sexual Assault Of A Child

A Taylorville man has been arrested for predatory criminal sexual assault of a child.  56-year-old Bradley C. Rost of Taylorville, was arrested on May 21st, in the late night hours, after an investigation was made concerning alleged sexual assault.  


This isn’t the first time that Rost has been arrested, he was also arrested in 1998 for the same crime. He received a 17-year sentence in the Illinois Department of Corrections.  Rost was in court Thursday morning with a detention hearing set for Thursday afternoon.  Regional Radio News has reached out to the Christian County State’s Attorney’s Office for comment. State’s Attorney John McWard says that Rost has been detained and his jury trial is in August. 

McLane Food Service Hosts Annual Greater Taylorville Chamber Membership Appreciation Cookout

It was a beautiful day Thursday for McLane Food Service to host the annual Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Membership Appreciation Cookout. 



A steady crowd attended the eleven to one event enjoying hamburgers, hot dogs and all the trimmings.


Chamber Executive Director Linda Allen told Regional Radio News the event was re-started last year after a hiatus.



Allen said McLane Food Service was a great host again this year.



McLane Food Service Taylorville manager Lou Johnson told Regional Radio News the company was delighted to host the Chamber Membership Cookout again this year, as another way to show the facility’s commitment to the community.



For more information on the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce, go to taylorvillechamber.com.

TJHS And Miller Media Recognize Junior High Students Of The Month

WTIM and People’s Bank and Trust in Taylorville have announced their junior high students of the month for May. The program recognizes one outstanding student from each of the four classes. Students of the Month for May are Ally Koniak, Morgan Likes, Kenzley Heimsness, and Benito Gonzalez. Regional Radio News salutes all of our junior high students of the month.




Social Security Warns of Fraudulent QR Codes

Quick Response Codes or QR codes are a convenient way to access menus at restaurants, find information on an event, or send the user to a link of the business or organization that they please. One professional has seen reports of fraudsters taking advantage of these QR codes by covering up existing, legitimate QR codes with one that would send an unsuspecting person to a link that could release their personal information.

Jack Myers, Public Affairs Specialist with the Social Security Administration says citizens must stay vigilant to this new type of scam as social security numbers and other sensitive information can be used against you.


Identity theft can be a result of falling victim to a QR code scam, among the other scam methods, Myers describes the frightening power scammers hold when they get this information.


Myers says the first action once a person believes their identity has been stolen should be to visit ftc.gov, or identitiytheft.gov, to find a game plan on how to recognize and recover from the throws of identity theft.

Jack Myers appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.  

Sangamon County Urges "Click It Or Ticket" For Memorial Day Weekend

Summer is just around the corner, and while travel plans may vary, one thing remains constant: the need to wear your seat belt. With this in mind, the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office today announced that now through Memorial Day weekend it is stepping up enforcement efforts to remind motorists to “Click It or Ticket.”


Sheriff Jack Campbell says that it doesn’t matter how far you are driving, you should buckle up every time.  He says the Click It or Ticket campaign is about preserving lives. He urges seat belt use to be second nature for all drivers and passengers. 


The consequences of not wearing or improperly wearing a seat belt are clear. In 2022, Illinois had 300 fatalities involving unrestrained passengers. Seat belts only save lives when they are used. Unfortunately, some still don’t like to buckle up.


Nationally, it is estimated that 91.9% of people use seat belts, while Illinois boasts a 93% seat belt compliance rate. The simple click of a seat belt can limit injury or save your life during a crash.


Remember to “Click It or Ticket” day and night, every trip every time.


The “Click It or Ticket” campaign is funded with federal highway safety funds administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

TCCU Awards Scholarship Winners

Taylorville Community Credit Union has announced the winners for their $1,000 scholarship awards as part of the “Stop.Shop.Vote!” Campaign. Eight graduating seniors, two from Taylorville, Hillsboro, Litchfield, and Pana High Schools recently received $1,000 checks towards continuing their education.  In Taylorville, Jay Bliler and Kyndall Hoy were awarded. 


Bliler says he will pursue a degree in Ag Business at Lake Land College.  Hoy plans to major in Business Management and Marketing at Indiana University. TCCU President, Will Perkins, says that they are proud of the local graduating seniors and wish them success in whatever their endeavors might be.  He also thanked the many businesses who support the students and the people who shopped and cast votes. 


31 Taylorville businesses participated this past year.  In Taylorville alone, 2693 ballots were filled out with 20,135 votes cast.  Perkins says this shows that people our spending a lot of money locally and in the community itself.  


Any senior at the four high schools who plans to continue their education is eligible to participate.  Perkins says you can attend a trade school, 2 or 4 year community college or university. Winners are determined by votes cast at participating businesses displaying promotional posters and ballots. 


Taylorville businesses that participated this year include: Amenities on Main,  Anderson Jewelers, Angelo’s, Audrey’s Boutique & Luxuries, Battery Specialists, Country Kitchen, Florinda’s Pizza, Fur Love, Glik’s, Hair Studio, Happy Baked Goods, Hello Beautiful, JMA Pawn Jewelry & Loan, Karma, Kompliments Salon, Little Luxuries, Lock Up Gym, Nesty’s Burger Joint, Powderkeg Outfitters, Shadow Box, Shoe Sensation, Southern Belle Florist, Suessie’s Resale, Sydney Lynn’s Little Book Shop & Vinyl, (The) Upper Cut, Uprooted by Willow & Birch, Vintage Dresser, (The) Wooden Flower, Wright Furniture, and Zone Nutrition.


Registration for the 2024-2025 Scholarship program will begin in August, following the resumption of classes.  Students will be able to register through Friday, October 11th.  To register, students must provide TCCU with their name and photo and a signed parental permission slip.  


Taylorville Community Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, founded in 1956 to serve the financial needs of residents throughout the tri-county area. Membership is open to anyone who lives or works in Christian, Shelby or Montgomery Counties, as well as their family members. 


For more information about TCCU’s money-saving services and products, or to learn how to join, visit www.TCCU.org, or stop in or call the local TCCU offices: Taylorville – 422 W. Main Cross (217-824-9658); Hillsboro --  138 E. Wood (217-532-5300); Litchfield – 801 W. Union (217-324-7496); Pana – 101 E. Fifth (217-562-2516).




State Representative Halbrook Concerned Over Property Taxes

While debating a property tax-related bill Monday afternoon, State Representative Brad Halbrook said that Illinois is the first or second highest taxed state in the nation.   Numbers continue to roll in that people are “voting with their feet” and by that, he meant, people are leaving the state of Illinois.



Senate Bill 3455 amends the Department of Revenue Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois. It provides that the Department of Revenue, in consultation with the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, shall conduct a study to evaluate the property tax system in the State. Something that Representative Halbrook says was done 5 years ago.


In his debate on the bill, Halbrook brought up the 2019 task force that was established to do the same thing but property taxes continue to climb.  Halbrook suggested bringing taxpayers off the street, asking them what should be done and the problem could be taken care of the next day.   


SB 3455 passed and moved to Governor JB Pritzker’s desk for approval. 


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