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Letters Archives for 2023-03

Letter to the Editor: What's the Position of Taylorville School Board Candidates on CRT?



Posted March 29, 2023


Dear Editor:


Will S.B. Candidates scrap CRT, which teaches children to hate?  

What about encouraging a child’s  transgender worries, even to the point of arranging for students to have surgeries without informing parents?  Will they, as board members,  prevent teaching of explicit sex to kindergarteners and early grade school students?

Will the candidates vote to teach our true history, and not the 1619 crap that proclaims a group of enslaved Africans founded our country starting in  1619?

Will they stop scaring children that the world is doomed without government  climate control?  Do they agree a good education has a strong emphasis on reading, history, and technology?  And will these school board candidates pledge to make parents important partners in the education of their children?


Betty Harryman



Letter to the Editor on Taylorville School Board Elections



Posted March 28, 2023


Dear Editor:


I notice a few “Vote for Me” yard signs around posted by school board candidates. I ask you and hope that you will publish statements from the various candidates, new and those seeking reappointment, that explain their positions. 
We had a flurry of coverage when the new auditorium and gymnasium project was being considered but most of that discussion was about spending money. While the buildings are important, we also need to hear about what is being taught in our schools. Since our U.S. President has declared any citizen who voices an opinion at a school board meeting as a “terrorist” and becomes subject to examination by the FBI, we don’t hear much about the curriculum being taught.
Public news talks of teachers Grooming, that is convincing young students that they need to change their gender (and not allowing them to discuss it with their parents). There is a lot of discussion about teaching youngsters, first, second, third grade about sex. We hear of text books that if an adult had them, the adult would be arrested for possession of pornography. Some schools are teaching that the United States was started in 1619 by slaves and  whole populations have been abused for years. And then there is Critical Race Theory that drives a wedge between races and teaches hate.
I would like to see the candidates address these “modernizations of teaching” before we have to vote and your stations are the perfect venue for this discussion. It will be much easier to not elect someone than to fight with them for an entire term about things we don’t want our children exposed to.
And no, I don’t believe there is any reason the children, including high school, need to see a Drag Queen performance, especially in school.  Stick to the basics.
Dr. William Harryman



Station Editorial: Vote YES on Taylorville Park District Pool Referendum



Posted March 16, 2023


This is a station editorial, I'm Randal J. Miller, station president.   The Taylorville Park District Board will put on the April 4th ballot, a referendum to provide some 6-point-5 million dollars towards the construction of a new outdoor swimming pool facility for the Christian County seat.

Park District officials put together a Pool Committee consisting of Taylorville citizens.  That committee worked with an architect specializing in pools on a design concept that would best benefit Taylorville.  They then took that design and finance plan to the Board that approved the design.  A Pool Referendum Committee was then organized to help promote the design and proposed referendum. 

The Pool Referendum Committee is also hoping to raise one-point-5 million dollars locally, to go with the 6-point-5 million that would come from passage of the April 4th ballot initiative.

Park Board officials tell us that if the April 4th referendum passes and the one-point-5 million are raise locally, construction would be at the end of this swim season, with opening day being the start of the 2024 swim season next year.

The Manners Park Pool is one of those quality of life issues for Taylorville.  It's used by those young and old, with people of all abilities including children who learn the skills to safely and responsibly enjoy the water.

Bottom line for a homeowner inside the Taylorville Park District that owns a house assessed at 150-thousand dollars, is an increase of just over 100-dollars per year, and when you break it down, it's just under 9-dollars a month, or just over 2-dollars a week.

I'm voting YES on this Taylorville Park District Manners Park Pool project, and I hope those of you inside the Park District do, too.  

Whether to just swim, or making it part of their reason to move to Taylorville, the Manners Park Pool is truly an asset we need to keep.   The current pool is over 60 years old, and pool officials have gotten all the life they possibly could out of it.

Vote YES for the pool to benefit our town and area for generations to come.

That's our opinion, we welcome yours.   Our e-mail address is editorial@randyradio.com.

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