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Letters Archives for 2018-03

Letter to the Editor: Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp March 2018


By Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp


See Something Say Something


The Christian County’s Sheriff Office would like to bring attention to a topic that’s being heard around the nation – school shootings. Such a difficult topic needs our local attention to make sure we’re not the community on the news. In the recent Florida school shooting, instances have emerged in which state and federal officials missed opportunities to stop the alleged killer. As a community, we must act flawlessly to prevent this in our area. We will be giving our full attention to all warning signs shared with us. And, we expect our students, teachers, parents, community members to do the same. We will also be reviewing our processes to ensure we are prepared at the highest level for an effective response to potential violence that comes our way. Recently local school superintendents and principals, all police chiefs in Christian County and Sheriff Personnel from Christian, Montgomery and Shelby County, the State Police, FBI and Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards meet to discuss what we can do to keep our students and school personnel safe.


For you to help us, below, we’ve listed warning signs and facts to consider when you feel something or someone is being suspicious. Please know that a single warning sign by itself usually does not warrant direct action, but it does, however, attract the attention of the person seeing the signs to look for other possible warning signs.

  • A fascination with and possession of firearms – this gives the person capacity to carry out an attack. But, if the person simply possesses firearms and has no other warning signs, it is unlikely that he or she represents danger.

  • The person is a loner and shows interest in past shooting situations. And, has possession of firearms.

  • The person exhibits different behavior, has a history of mental illness and refuses counseling and has possession of firearms.


The following are warning signs associated with school shootings in the United States:

  • Violent fantasy content: writings, drawings, reading and viewing materials

  • Anger problems: difficulty controlling anger, loss of temper, impulsivity

  • Fascination with Weapons and Accoutrements: especially those designed and most often used to kill people

  • Loner: isolated and socially withdrawn, prefers own company to the company of others

  • Suicidal ideation: depressed and expresses hopelessness and despair

  • Imitation of other murderers: appearance, dress, grooming, possessions like those of violent shooters in the past


Again, it is our responsibility as a community to be on the lookout for one another, especially as this is, unfortunately, becoming a tragic reality in our nation and we plan to learn from the tragic consequences of the failures others have made. Please contact your local school and law enforcement authorities if you see or hear anything that maybe a warning sign. If you have any questions or suggestions about this topic call me or contract your local law enforcement agency.



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