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Letters Archives for 2022-03

Letter to the Editor on Proposed Taylorville Schools Fine Arts Center, Sports Complex


Posted March 23, 2022


Dear Editor:


 Over 24 million dollars is earmarked by the Taylorville School Board to build a fine arts center and a sports complex for a community that is unable to attract good paying jobs and businesses to justify such wants. 

Several years ago the school district pursued a referendum to subsidize the educational monies that were being withheld by the state.  The referendum passed with no clause stating that should the state funds be released that the required tax incurred by the tax payer due to the referendum be rescinded.  Remove a tax that is no longer needed.  Imagine that!!

My last real estate tax bill shows that nearly 50 percent of what I pay goes to the school district.  To add to the burden of the taxpayer, the City of Taylorville continues to support development of government subsidized housing.  These properties bring little to the financial bottom line of the school district, the City of Taylorville and Christian County however the city, schools and county are still required to provide services. 

The taxpaying residents of the City of Taylorville should be allowed the opportunity to decide what their tax dollars are being used for.   At this time there is no justification in spending money just because one wants to. 

I ask that all members of the Taylorville School Board consider major expenses other than those that are considered a “need” to be placed on hold.  Those who read this letter and are reluctant to be vocal about what is going on within the school district, the City of Taylorville and Christian County……..  “Silence is Consent”.


Martin Vota

Taylorville, IL


Station Editorial on Greater Taylorville Chamber Banquet Celebrating WTIM's 70th Anniversary


Posted March 17, 2022


This is a station editorial, I'm Randal J. Miller, station president.

I'm here to invite you to the 115th Annual Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce Banquet on Friday, May 6th at the Pillars Event Center.  Social hour starts at 5:30, dinner at approximately 6:30, and the program follows featuring Chamber president Sarah Van Huss giving remarks and announcing the awards for Boss of the Year, Citizen of the Year, and Volunteer of the Year.

Following the awards, you'll be treated to a video myself and lots of other people have worked on for months, to celebrate WTIM's 70th Anniversary on-the-air.  The station signed on January 20th, 1952, and this year we're not only celebrating with lots of features being heard on WTIM with those that were part of the station's past, but on May 6th, we're footing the entire bill for the Chamber Banquet so it'll be turned into a fund-raiser for 3 important local non-profit organizations.

Local performer Gracia Harrison will perform during both the social hour and during dinner.

And, it'll be a delicious plated dinner with desert, all provided by Angelo's Catering.

50-percent of the ticket sales will go to the Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce, to continue their work in being the Gateway to the Community, promoting local business on a daily basis.  25-percent of ticket sales will go to the Taylorville Public Schools Foundation, helping acquire, develop and distribute financial and other resources to enhance the quality and effectiveness of education for all students, staff, parents and the community at large in the Taylorville School District.

And, 25-percent of the Chamber Banquet ticket sales will go to the great work done by the Taylorville Food Pantry.

Tickets are 50-dollars each, or a table of 8 is 360-dollars, and can be purchased at the Chamber office on the 2nd floor of U-S Bank on the south side of the Taylorville square. Only 175 tickets are available, and as of March 17th, almost a quarter of the tickets have already been sold!

It'll be a great evening of celebrating the Chamber's work in the community, and to WTIM's 70th Anniversary.  I hope you'll get your tickets as soon as possible to help WTIM and the Chamber raise money for these great local non-profit organizations!

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