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Letters Archives for 2017-03

Letter to the Editor Endorsing Rob Heberling for Taylorville Mayor

Letter to the Editor


Posted March 27, 2017


Dear Editor:

Over these past weeks, the citizens of Taylorville and I have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the perspectives and agendas of the various candidates in the upcoming election.   On Tuesday, April 4th, Taylorville will be electing a new mayor.  While attending the recent mayor’s forum and hearing each of the candidates it became obvious that only one mayoral candidate stands out as having knowledge of and has been actively engaged with City issues.   That candidate is Rob Heberling.   While serving as Alderman for Ward 2 over the past eight years Rob has shown leadership in action.  As an Alderman, Rob has always placed the City first when looking at needs of the community by providing the best services while utilizing tax dollars in the wisest manner.  He has shown that he will not move forward on any issue without having a plan to provide support and a source of revenue.  Rob is always professional in his thinking and decision making, and acts in the best interest of our citizens.  He has the vision, maturity, wisdom and courage to lead the City of Taylorville into the future.
Rob Heberling is a man of high integrity who values God, family and community.  He is a natural leader who has gained experience and knowledge through his eight years as an Alderman.   As a City, we have some issues which require continuity during transition from the current Mayor to the next.  We need a mayor with experience who is current on city issues.   Someone who can lead the effort and make the learning curve as short as possible.  Someone who has been a part of the City Council who knows the background of current issues – some of which we have been working on for years.  I have watched his thoughtful and seasoned approach to issues, both large and small.   He has shown that he has the knowledge that is needed at this critical time to provide the leadership this City needs.
Rob Heberling’s experience and understanding of the issues involved in our community’s economic and financial development makes him an exceptional choice for mayor.  He is always working on creative solutions which reap positive impacts for the City.
Taylorville is at a critical time in its history, and this election has the potential to define our future for this generation as well as future generations.
There is only one candidate running for mayor who has the community and business experience to lead our City immediately and that candidate is Rob Heberling.  I have evaluated all mayoral candidates very carefully with much thought, prior to and during the mayoral forum.  As a result I am stongly endorsing Rob Heberling for mayor of Taylorville during this election and ask you to join me in voting for Rob on Tuesday April 4th.
Thank you for your consideration.
Martin Vota
City of Taylorville Alderman


EDITORIAL on Taylorville School Referendum

Posted March 4, 2017


This is a station editorial, I'm Randal J. Miller, station president.  The Taylorville School District has placed on the April 4th ballot, a referendum to increase the property tax rate.  If passed, it would be the first time the tax rate for the Taylorville School District has been increased since 1979.

The District announced proposed cuts should the refrendum fail, in their February 13th meeting. The cuts include non replacement of 4 retirements, teaching and other staff reductions, Madrigals, Scholastic Bowl, FFA, Journalism, Spring Musical, all school athletics, music, and art among other cuts by the 2018/2019 school year. The cuts would reduce the district’s expenses by nearly two million dollars.

Should the referendum pass, it’s projected to raise enough money to allow the district to continue with the programs cut. There would be a period of time before the district begins to receive the funding from the referendum, and the Taylorville School District said they would have to bridge the gap before they started to see the funds generated by the referendum.

The way we see it, passage of this referendum is a "quality of life" issue.  It was the Taylorville Schools that was part of my family's decision to buy WTIM back in the fall of 1992 and move my family to town.  All 3 of my girls graduated from Taylorville High School.  Schools continue to be one of the major reasons why families decide to locate to the community.

And, with the completion of the 4-lane Illinois Route 29, families looking to locate in a more affordable community, are looking at Taylorville as a town to move to.

The future of the Taylorville community is at stake with this April 4th Taylorville School referendum.  My wife and I are voting "YES" on April 4th to support our community's future.  We hope you will do the same.  Let's keep Taylorville the great community that it is...for our children now and in the future.

That's our opinion....we welcome yours.  Our e-mail address is editorial-at-randyradio-dot-com.

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