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Christian County Chief Deputy Brings Attention to Possible Damaging Legislation

A new piece of legislation will soon be up for decision that prohibits law enforcement and intelligence agencies from obtaining information from cell phones and laptops. The law would also block such records and information from being used in a trial, hearing, or proceeding. House Representative Bill 4639 will not allow law enforcement to gather evidence from technology, taken by a search warrant for crimes such as terrorism, grooming, drug-related offenses, and possible school threats.

Chief Deputy Jim Baker of the CC Sheriff’s Office expresses concern over this legislation, in line with the National Sheriffs’ Association, strongly opposing the bills. Law enforcement agencies now call on the community to get in touch with their Illinois U.S. Senators, Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth to vote “No” on House Representative Bill 4639 and its companion in the Senate S. 2576. 


Multiple search warrants have been carried out by the Christian County Sheriff’s Office in the past weeks that have found evidence of child pornography, weapons, and grooming.


Visit www.congress.gov/bill/118th-congress/house-bill/4639 for information on this piece of legislation and to get in touch with the two US Senators for Illinois, go to www.duckworth.senate.gov/connect or www.durbin.senate.gov/contact.

Chief Deputy Jim Baker appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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