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Senator Turner's Food Desert Bill Heading To House

State Senator Doris Turner's initiative to combat food deserts in Illinois gained momentum as Senate Bill 3219 cleared the Senate with bipartisan support. The bill is championed by Turner and aims to extend grants to farmer-owned grocery stores and markets, building on the Illinois Grocery Initiative of 2023.


Turner recognizes the importance of supporting small-scale farmers who play a large role in ensuring access to fresh, nutritious foods. By expanding grant eligibility to farmer-owned establishments, the legislation seeks to address the scarcity of healthy food options in underserved areas across the state.


The proposal was inspired by conversations with Jenny Sauer-Schmidgall, founder of Grab 'n' Go Greenhouse in Riggston, who promises to create locally sourced food hubs that offer affordable and nutritious products to consumers. Sauer-Schmidgall calls the bill a catalyst for practical rural development and commerce, emphasizing its potential to keep food and revenue within local communities.


Senate Bill 3219 now moves to the House for further consideration, signaling a step forward in the ongoing battle against food insecurity in Illinois.

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