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Community Leaders Meet To Discuss Business Marketing

A group of leaders in Christian County gathered on Thursday afternoon to discuss planning and preservation of the downtown of Taylorville. Led by Cindy Frisina, of Heartland Development, the group met with Quinn Adamowski, a Regional Advocacy Manager with Landmarks Illinois. Adamowski met with the group that included many business owners, city and county officials, and other locals. Landmarks Illinois is a group that is dedicated to preserving older buildings and helping cities preserve their downtown areas. 


Adamowski urged leaders to take a look at special tax incentives that would help revitalize the downtown area. 



Adamowski encouraged hard looks at how TIF and BDD money was being utilized.



He also says that communities need to find their identity and figure out their strengths and weaknesses. 



Some of the group leaders that attended included Cindy Frisina, Mayor Bruce Barry, Dick Breckenridge, Gary and Brenda Spurling, Joe Curvey, Matt Hart, Kirby Casner, Megan Bryant, Jennifer and Ken Franklin, Jeff Peabody, and many others. For more information on Landmarks, visit https://www.landmarks.org/who-we-are/. 


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