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What To Know About The Outdoor Weather Sounder

With soundings of the severe weather sirens across Central Illinois this spring, the Emergency Management Agency wants the community to understand what this siren means and how to react when they hear it.

Jeff Stoner, Director of the Christian County EMA says that the loud and distinctive wail of the siren means the threat of a tornado is in the area, not that a tornado is touching down in the city. Nevertheless, Stoner says when the community hears that siren, seeking shelter in a safe structure is the priority.


Stoner says the “tornado” siren is a preventative measure to keep people safe and informed.


Having battery-powered devices like flashlights and radios will withstand power outages says Stoner.


To reach the Christian County Emergency Management Agency 217-561-1197.

Jeff Stoner appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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