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Edinburg 6th Graders Engaged and Tested at Recent Science Fair

6th graders from Edinburg Middle School recently put their science skills to the test at a regional science fair. Students, Laken Joanne, Harper, Cally, and Maddie began displaying their projects at a district fair in Edinburg, and fielded questions from younger students, preparing them for their time at the regional fair where they would be asked questions about their projects and findings.


Students, Laken and Joanne ventured into the field of water filtration and what materials best clean water.


Harper chose to test the sensitivity of homemade slime and the effects of heat on the color of that slime.


Cally presented an experiment involving batteries, magnets, and copper and silver wire to get a reaction.


Maddie wanted to test the growth patterns of plants that were played different types of music. Maddie found that plants actually do have a musical preference.


Educator and Sponsor Peggy Brown couldn’t be more proud, seeing her students engaged and passionate about their science projects and their future in the STEM fields.

Laken, Joanna, Harper, Cally, Maddie, and Peggy Brown appeared as guests on the WTIM Morning Show

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