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Central Counties Health Center Welcomes Family Medicine Specialist

Central Counties Health Center is welcoming a new specialist to their team. Dr. Alicia Altheimer is a Family Medicine Practitioner, meaning she has the ability to care for people from infancy to the end of life. Dr. Altheimer’s services are available now along with the many other services CCHC offers like vaccinations, behavioral specialists, and different types of healthy living assistance.


Dr. Altheimer describes the benefits of having a family medicine practitioner and one that would stay consistent with a patient through their entire life.


Heather Burton, CEO of Central County Health Center, explains that CCHC provides help to citizens that extend much further than just getting a vaccination or going in for a check-up.

Burton describes CCHC’s partnership with the Central Illinois Food Bank.


Visit www.centralcounties.org for information about services or visit the Taylorville CCHC Facebook page for updates.

Central Counties Health Center is located at 1141 North Cheney Street in Taylorville.

Dr. Alicia Altheimer and Heather Burton appeared as guests on the WTIM Morning Show.

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