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Taylorville City Council Approves Dispensary License, Modifies Tobacco/Vape Licensing

Taylorville City Council approved a cannabis dispensary license and changes to the cigarette/tobacco licenses at the first regular March City Council meeting.  The council voted 6-2 in favor of approving a cannabis dispensary license for Dan Schmalshof with High Harbor Dispensary.  The dispensary had been looking at setting up shop over in the industrial park of Taylorville. Alderman Chris Skultety said he would vote Yes if they had proof that that was where the dispensary was going to go, but Alderman Randy Mitchelson was hesitant to add it to his motion, so he left it as is.



The motion passed 6-2 with Aldermen Kathy Driskell and Skultety voting no. The council also approved amending the Legendary Small Town Trading Company liquor license to a Class A. A small discussion took place concerning licenses for cigarettes/tobacco, and what fines will be placed for those selling before opening a business.  A limit of 20 cigarette/tobacco licenses to be issued at one time without full city council approval and a $750 fine to any establishment opening and selling tobacco or vape products without obtaining said license before opening their business passed 8-0. 


Taylorville Mayor Bruce Barry praised the School Musical actors and actresses, recognizing the cast for their efforts and proclaiming April 1st as 42nd Street Cast Day. 



The Council approved the Ridge Manor Subdivision Final Plat 8-0. They also approved several other BDD agreements including Christian County Farmers’ Supply Company, McClure Funeral Home and SSB Lakeview Properties, CTI property on 803 E Franklin, and reclassification of zoning for 601 North Webster Street.


The meeting was approximately 28 minutes long and all Aldermen were present. The next Taylorville City Council meeting is set for April 15th. 

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