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Shelby Electric's Kevin Bernson Wins Distinguished Service Award

Kevin Bernson, the Vice President of Media and Public Relations at Shelby Electric Cooperative, has been honored with Touchstone Energy's Distinguished Service Award. The award was presented to Bernson during the 2024 National Rural Electric Cooperative Association PowerXchange event held in San Antonio, Texas.


With 35 years of experience with Shelby Electric, Bernson's dedication and contributions to promoting the Cooperative Difference have been recognized. He played a large role in shaping Touchstone Energy into the robust brand and national network it is today.


Shelby Electric Cooperative, which serves communities across multiple counties in Illinois, takes pride in Bernson's achievements. His quarter-century tenure with Touchstone Energy showcases his unwavering commitment to the cooperative's mission.


Cooperatives like Shelby Electric are organized by their non-profit status and member ownership, reflecting a community-focused approach to delivering important services.


Bernson's recognition shows the significant impact individuals can make within the cooperative sector, delivering a sense of pride and camaraderie among member-owned utilities nationwide.


Touchstone Energy Cooperative was established in 1998 and encompasses more than 700 local, consumer-owned utility cooperatives across 46 states. The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, representing over 900 electric cooperatives nationwide, commends Bernson's exemplary service.

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