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Social Security Administration Looks to Slam the Scam

The Social Security Administration is working to “Slam the Scam” as various impostor scams have grown in popularity where scammers pretend to be from a government agency, asking citizens for money. Staggering statistics show the vast amount of funds lost by Americans in 2023.

Jack Myers, a Public Affairs Specialist with the Social Security Administration says these impostors are good at what they do, and cause unsuspecting people to send money to scammers that they will likely never see again.


Identifying the scam is the best practice to avoid having your money stolen says Myers.


Payment options are often requested as E-gift cards or through an online transfer service. Myers says no government agency will request this form of payment, he says it will be abundantly clear when the Social Security Administration or the Internal Revenue Service needs to get in contact with you.


For more information about scams, to report a scam, or for more details visit www.ssa.gov/scam/resources.

Jack Myers appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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