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Shelby County Election Results

Shelby County saw many contested races in the March primary on the 19th. 


On the Republican ballot, Donald J. Trump secured the nomination for the Republican Party. 


Three seats were up for grabs for Delegate to the National Nomination of the 15th Congressional District, winning was Mary E. Miller (3239), William J. Graff (2624), and Joseph D. Alexander(2585).


Three seats were also available for the Alternate Delegate to the National Nomination of the 15th Congressional District, Winning were, Chris G. Miller (2907), Steven R. Drake (2786), and Mechtild Kosin(2502).


Marsha Webb takes the position of General Assembly Representative of the 107th district, defeating Incumbent Brad Halbrook(2273-1918).


Dennis Atteberry secured the 4th Judicial Circuit Judge over Douglas C. Gruenke (2301-1197)


Brad Phegley won the Coroner position over Richard A. Moon (2549-1461).


In the Shelby County Board races, in District 4 Christy A. Wafford won over Clark Amling (176-169). In District 5, Larry D. Syfert won over Annette Martin (210-137). In District 7, Robert C. Orman won over Tricia Faye Miller (207-140). In District 8, Christine L. Matlock won over Mitchell Shuff (335-155). In District 9, Gene Price won over Cody Brands (338-140). In District 10, Jeff B. Gregg won over Martha Fernhaber (366-142). And in District 11, Carol Cole won over Nick Fiala (225-90). 


Jacob Cole secured the Precinct Committee person for Shelbyville over Nick Fiala (106-30).


The Republican Proposition to dissolve the Lake Mattoon Public Water District Passed.


On the Democratic ballot, Joseph R Biden Jr. secured the nomination for the Democratic Party.


Crystal J. Eilers was selected over James Caputo (20-5) for the Precinct Committee Person for Tower Hill. 


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