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New Bill Promotes Cancer Screening Coverage

In a bid to combat the severe impact of cancer, State Senator Julie Morrison has introduced a new measure aimed at expanding insurance coverage for preventative cancer screenings and genetic testing. Under Senate Bill 2697, individuals with a family history of cancer would have access to crucial preventive measures without financial barriers.


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Senator Morrison, an advocate for cancer prevention, spoke on the significance of early detection in improving survival rates and reducing healthcare costs. The proposed legislation seeks to broaden coverage beyond age-based requirements, ensuring that all types of cancer prevention and susceptibility screenings are included.


The bill illustrates the importance of prioritizing prevention strategies, citing early screenings and genetic testing as key components in saving lives. By mandating insurance coverage for these essential services, lawmakers aim to strengthen individuals to take proactive steps in managing their health.


Senate Bill 2697 has already made significant progress, clearing the Senate Insurance Committee and advancing to the full Senate for further deliberation. If passed, the legislation could serve as an advancement in the ongoing battle against cancer, offering hope for improved outcomes and reduced mortality rates.

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