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Local Funeral Home Urges the Importance of Pre-Arrangements

Shafer-Perfetti and Assalley Funeral Homes is a family-serving-family institution that has been providing funeral arrangements since 2010. Recently, Taylorville lost a community leader in Mike Assalley, who had been operating the business and running for the county coroner position before his passing.

Lauren Assalley, wife of Mike, will be picking up where Mike left off, bringing comfort and options to families dealing with the loss of loved ones.


With unexpected deaths in a family, arrangements are the next steps to be taken but many questions concerning the deceased may be unanswered. Assalley urges the community to have the tough conversations about afterlife arrangements before a death takes place.


Assalley wants the community to know that all operations are running as normal at Shafer-Perfetti and Assalley Funeral Home, and Lauren thanks the Taylorville community for their unwavering support in her and her family's time of loss.


For services offered by Shafer-Perfetti and Assalley Funeral Home, contact 217-824-3311 or visit assalleyfuneralhomes.com.

Lauren Assalley appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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