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State of the State and Budget Breakdown with Political Science Professor

Illinois State Governor J.B. Pritzker gave his State of the State and Budget Address at the Illinois Capitol one week ago. In this address, the governor set spending plans and revenue projects that will run from July 1st,  2024 to June 30th,  2025. Education was a focal point as 400 million dollars have been added to the fund, the process of handling asylum seekers entering Illinois, and eliminating the 1% grocery tax in the state.

Illinois is in a better financial position than in the Rauner years says Dr. Kent Redfield, Professor Emeritus of Political Science for the University of Illinois. Illinois continues to play catch-up while introducing a new factor such as the elimination of the grocery tax, a move the Redfield says will come with consequences.


Dr. Redfield says the tax relief from groceries will ultimately apply pressure to local governments.


The decision will affect education, children and family services and more government-funded programs budgets, explained Redfield.


Governor Pritzker’s $53 billion budget has mixed reviews from both sides of the aisle but Dr. Redfield believes the state is moving in the right direction overall. Dr. Redfield states that in 2015 the state owed over 16 billion dollars in bills at the end of the year and in 2024 Illinois is down to 23 million dollars owed.

Dr. Kent Redfield appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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