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Response To State Of The State Address

Multiple politicians and organizations have responded to the State of the State address issued by Illinois Governor JB Pritzker on Wednesday.  The Governor outlined his plan for $53 billion in spending, $2.29 billion more than last year. The governor focused heavily on education, immigration, and taxes. 


State Senator Doris Turner says that she wants to see continued strides in agriculture and education.  She says that education is the foundation on which we build community and that parents want to see politicians do the right thing when it comes to the state budget. She stressed that agriculture drives the state’s economy and she hopes to see continued investments in the ag industry. 


The Illinois Education Association is encouraged by the budget as IEA President Al Llorens says that educating students earlier helps students succeed in both school and life.  The IEA says they appreciate the governor praising teachers as an investment that we make in schools.   Llorens says the additional $30 million proposed for higher education is a step in the right direction to cut down on student debt and make education more accessible for all Illinoisans, though they acknowledge that much more is needed to shore up Illinois’s long-underfunded higher ed systems.


State Senator Steve McClure says despite declining state revenues, the Governor proposed the biggest budget in state history and says it’s disappointing.



State Representative Brad Halbrook says that Governor Pritzker’s views do not reflect the overall priorities of Illinois taxpayers. 



House Republican Leader Tony McCombie says that priorities include no tax increases and fix agency dysfunction. 



Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton says she is pleased with the budget calling it a historic day in Illinois.  She says she is proud of the work they've accomplished for the Fiscal Year 2024 budget which she believes will build on their commitment to empower communities to be healthy and safe in Illinois. 

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