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Taylorville Police Department Releases 2023 Final Report

The Taylorville Police Department released their 2023 annual police report and Police Chief Dwayne Wheeler praised his department for the work they did this last year. Wheeler says that he acknowledges work needs to be done but is ecstatic with the progress and the direction the department is advancing.  The report breaks down internal affairs, calls for service, investigations, new hires, retirements, awards, programs & community events, traffic citations, calls reported, and goals for 2024. 


Under internal investigations, four officers were investigated following complaints. Three complaints were unfounded and one written warning was issued.  Under calls for service, numbers were way down this year and have continued to fall over the last four years.  In 2020, there were 16,427 calls for service.  In 2021 there were 11,104, in 2022 there were 9108, and last year there were 8,192 calls for service.  


The most frequent calls of 2023 were traffic stops (1,557), lockouts (490), traffic crashes (418), and welfare checks (313). There were approximately 425 FOIA requests in 2023.  Some new hires for the Taylorville Police Department include Officers Troy Kissel and Lindsey Coy. Dispatch hires included Kendra Fisher and Kaci Devore, who joined Andrew Borders, Jack Greene, and Caitlyn Klein.  The Taylorville Police Department recognized Detective Evert Nation who retired this year and praised Officers Hannah Coleman and Rachel Priddy and Dispatcher Andrew Borders and Kayleigh Boston as officers of the quarter.  Officer Priddy was named Officer of the Year. 


Under traffic citations, citation numbers are down in 2023 from 828 in 2022 to 724 in 2023.  The numbers had been steadily increasing from 2020-2022 but were down this year to their lowest since 2020. Under the number of calls, the most calls were for suspicious people/vehicles and traffic crashes.  Domestics, juvenile problems, and sex offenders were the 3rd through 5th amount of calls. 


To see the full report, click here

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