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Christian County Board Meets Tuesday Evening

The Christian County Board met Tuesday evening for their regular scheduled monthly meeting.  The Board heard from Christian County Health Director Dr. Chad Anderson.  Anderson spoke about an up and coming food class that will teach those wishing to start either a restaurant or food truck what steps need to be taken to do that. 



Dr. Anderson also gave an update on what the health department has been doing and says that they are adapting to the new building and enjoy it. 


During committee reports, the board approved the car cruise, farmers market, fourth of july parade and luncheon,  and a Small Town Taylorville Halloween event to be held. Some flood lights for animal control were approved along with some safety equipment from the safety grant funding. 


 Chairman Bryan Sharp says that the County is working hard on fixing some of the safety issues going on at the courthouse and in government buildings.



Under new business, the board heard from Dan McNeely from Dimond Bros who discussed cybersecurity insurance.  The board approved a $500,000 plan to cover the county in case of a system hack. 


The next county board meeting is Wednesday, March 20th, 2024.  

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