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Saturday Deadline for Memorial Health's Community Health Needs Assessment Survey

There is still time for local community members to share their thoughts and opinions concerning the health needs in Taylorville and Christian County by filling out the Community Health Needs Assessment Survey. The survey is distributed at all Memorial Health locations and every three years professionals with Memorial Health compile this data from the community and provide services to aid in the newly recognized deficiencies.

Jay Boulanger, Community Health Coordinator for Memorial Health spoke on the need for this assessment and said that the community has until Saturday, February 24th to complete the survey.


Boulanger breaks down the three main takeaways from last year's survey that gave Memorial Health a direction on how to help citizens.


Initiatives are sparked because of the health needs assessment like the community garden behind Taylorville Memorial Hospital and anti-vaping programming for junior high students.


The Community Health Needs Assessment Survey can be found at memorial.health/community-health-needs-assessment-a-survey.

Jay Boulanger appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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