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Protecting the Investment with M&J Home Inspections

One of the most significant investments that citizens can make is the purchasing of a home. Protecting that investment means getting professionals involved when dealing with the needs of the home that are not common knowledge to the community members.

Home inspections are imperative when considering laying down a hefty financial sum because those inspectors will scan for safety concerns, electrical system issues, plumbing work and more. All to ensure the investment will be worth the buyer's while.

Mike Laurenzana is a Certified Professional Inspector for M&J Home Inspections, Mike serves Christian and Sangamon Counties and preaches the importance of having all bases covered before it's too late.


Laurenzana has 30 years in the industry and has worn many hats, working as an HVAC technician, plumber, and other trades, Laurenzana says that experience makes inspections more comprehensive and trusted.


M&J Home Inspections offers a buy-back program. Laurenzana explains that if an issue arises from the home inspection he completes, a buyback can be in order to help the buyers get back on their feet.


Those interested in home inspection services offered by M&J Home Inspections, visit their website at www.safe2guard.me, or call 217-693-9530.

Mike Laurenzana appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show.

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