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Pana Police Chief Speaks on Current Operations

New legislation has altered the way policing is handled in the state of Illinois. Rural areas are feeling the effects differently than the states in more densely populated areas. Daniel Bland, Pana Police Chief, has been working for law enforcement for over 25 years and says legislation recently passed like the SAFETY Act applies added pressure to officers, judges, and state attorneys.

Chief Bland spoke on the adaptations that must be made by rural police departments as cash bail has been eliminated, all in an effort to create more fairness.


Successful operation has continued with the Pana Police Department amid the changes in legislation, says Pana Police Chief Bland. Chief Bland says accountability is emphasized for both the person being arrested and the officer making the arrest.


Chief Bland speaks on the upsides of a tight-knit community that allows the officers and the community to have open communication and trust, ultimately cutting down on re-offenders In the city.


To contact the Pana Police Department, their non-emergency number is 217-562-2141.

Chief Bland appeared as a guest on the WTIM Morning Show, live from the lobby of Peoples Bank and Trust in Downtown Pana.

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